Bombers Mha : Everything You Need To Know

In Mha, The bombers were the name of a group comprised of New Type Villains in My Hero Academia Vigilantes Monsters designed to function as suicide bombs under the supervision by the Villain Factory. Number 6 utilized them to attack specific targets.


APPEARANCE Bombers mha

The Bomber all looked alike They were massive and round, with a snake-like head , which was devoid of facial features, except for a large smiling mouth with a bizarrely fleshy lip. Their backs had two huge bat-like wings. their stomachs were bulging with explosive energy, which turned Bomber Villains into walking bombs.
If you consider that a Bomber was constructed and designed to a specific opponent, then its appearance differed from other. Its High Speed Bomber had a slimmer body and more power from electromagnetic sources as well as The Giant Bomber was huge, capable of producing larger explosions than normal and the 6-Armed bomber was bigger and had larger arms to deliver powerful punches.

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CHARACTER Bombers mha

The Bomber lack personality and appear to be incomprehensible as they are built to obey orders with no hesitation. Since Bombers are Bomber can be considered suicidal they lack survival instincts or fears.

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SKILLS Bombers Mha

SKILLS Bomber Mha
  • Extreme Power: The Bomber can lift as much as cars in their entirety, and still flying without any issues.



Flight All Bombers have an ability that grants them wings to fly on.

Bomb All Bombers are blessed with a Quirk that provides them an explosive energy from their stomachs. They Bomber can activate this emergy , and then detonate it at any time they like. It was the Giant Bomber had a larger quantity of energy and created more explosive explosions. the 6-Armed Bomber put powerful power into their hands of the user to deliver devastating punches.

High Speed Bomber
Electromagnetic Pulse A High-Speed Bomber could generate an electromagnetic pulse that could block out all systems around it.

6-Armed Bomber
Six Arms Six Arm Bomber fitted with three arms.

Super Regeneration the 6-Arm Bomber can rebuild arms that were destroyed by explosive blows.

Duplication The 6-Arm Bomber may develop different forms from one of his.


  • Bomber Cluster Combining Regeneration and Duplication processes, fragments of an exploded Bomber combine to form one huge mass which rather than exploding releases at most 200 mini Bomber.
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