SEIJI SHISHIKURA : Everything You Need To Know


In MHA, Seiji Shishikura  is a second year student at Shiketsu Academy.



Seiji is proud and dignified. He is proud to be part of the Shiketsu Academy. Seiji uses dignified language and despises anyone he considers unworthy or useless. Seiji considers himself worthy to be a hero, and often fails see his own mistakes and struggles with reflection. He is very fond of the U.A. Academy, but believes that the students he witnessed tarnish its image.

His prideful nature has led to him having an impulsive mind and a tendency respond to simple provocations.

Seiji is very insecure about his eyes. Seiji is very sensitive to being teased about his slanted eyeballs.

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Seiji’s most distinctive feature is his slanted, angular eyes. Seiji also has straight, lavender-colored hair. Seiji is wearing the Shiketsu Academy school uniform. It consists of a white button up shirt, black pants and a patterned belt. A cap featuring the Shiketsu Academy logo.

His hero costume is a black coat with sleeves that are rolled up to his elbows for the use of his Gift. He also wears black boots, a black butcher’s jacket, white gloves covering his thumb, first two fingers of each hand and a red mask on his upper half.

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Provisional Hero License Examination Arc

Seiji, Kemy and Nagamasa are first to arrive at the hero licensing exam. Inasa watches the U.A. students. Inasa watches the students of U.A. cheering on each other and exclaiming the motto “Plus Ultra”, which Seiji reprimands. He then tells Inasa to go along with Seiji.

Seiji later encounters participants during the examination and transforms them into lumpy mass of meat. Finally, Seiji’s Gift affects Katsuki and Denki. Seiji confronts the duo and mentions his great respect for U.A. Seiji mentions that he has lost respect for the U.A. after seeing Class 1-A. Katsuki, fed up, decides to attack him. Denki, in turn, throws a disc at Katsuki which is easily avoided by Seiji. Seiji then sets a trap to hit him with his Gift. The damage caused by the electrical shock nullifies Seiji’s Gift and returns Katsuki to normal. Seiji is thus eliminated from the exam.

Seiji later observes Inasa use his Gift to clean up debris. His teacher then criticizes him and reminds him that he has been the only person to have been disqualified. Seiji’s teacher warns him that he is driven by hatred and repudiation. He also compares him with the behavior of Stain. His teacher also warns him that Seiji is driven by hatred and disgust.

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Meatball (Jing Rou Seiniku ?) He can manipulate human flesh, including his own, to completely alter his appearance. The amount of damage that he has sustained will affect the effectiveness of his Gift. [2].


  • General Skills: Seiji proved to be a strong competitor. He was able fight on the same level as Katsuki and Eijiro, while Denki had to fight alongside him (all of whom were strengthened). Seiji was defeated by Katsuki and Eijiro together. Inasa Yoarashi was another Shiketsu Academy student who was shocked to see Seiji fail the first test of his Provisional Hero Provisional License Examination.



Kemy Umtsushimi
Katsuki Bakugo

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Provisional Hero License Examination

  • Seiji Shishikura vs. Denki Kaminari, Katsuki Bakugo & Eijiro Kirishima: Defeat

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  • His name includes the kanji “meat” (Rou Shishi?) , “storehouse” (Cang kura ? ), “refined” (Jing sei ? ), “refined” (Jing sei? ).
  • He is the only Shiketsu Academy graduate who failed the first test.

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