Citrus Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

Citrus Season 2

Saburouta created and illustrated Citrus, a series of yuri manga called “Citrus”. It was serialized in Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime between November 2012 and August 2018. From January 2018 to March 2018, a 12 episode anime series was adapted by Passione. Many fans have wondered if Citrus Season 2 will be aired.

Citrus Plot

Citrus Plot

Yuzu Aihara was in her first year of high school when her mother divorced. She had to move to a different school. This inconvenient situation is for Yuzu Aihara, a socialite who loves to meet new people, fall in love and finally have a first kiss.

Yuzu’s style and dreams are not compatible with her ultra-strict all-girls school. It is filled with overachieving grade-skippers and obedient shut-ins. Mei Aihara is a beautiful, imposing student council president who notices Yuzu’s gaudy appearance and immediately begins to touch Yuzu’s body to seize her phone.

Citrus Plot

Yuzu is exhausted after her first day and returns home to discover a shocking truth. Mei is her step-sister! Yuzu attempts to be friendly initially with Mei, but Mei’s cold shoulder routine makes Yuzu start to teasing her.

Yuzu desperately tries to escape Mei’s clutches, but Mei forces Yuzu to her knees and kisses her. Mei then storms out of the room and Yuzu is left to wonder about the truth of her first kiss and the secret behind her tortured expression in her eyes.

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Citrus Season 2: When will it return?

Citrus Season 2 Release Date

Citrus Season 2 Release Date

Studio Passione hasn’t renewed Citrus Season 2 yet.

Despite the huge fanbase for the Yuri series the anime adaptation received low ratings as well as a few not-so-favorable reviews on MyanimeList and IMDB.

This may discourage studios from coming up with a second season.

Studio Passione is known for making only one-season anime titles. It wouldn’t surprise if they choose to follow the same path with Citrus. Fans shouldn’t give up. If there is enough demand, the studio may change their mind.

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Is there enough material for the second season of Citrus?

Is there enough material for the second season of Citrus?

Season 1 was concluded with the fourth volume in the original manga series. There is also the possibility of season 2 starting from that point.

There are six volumes left to explore. The original manga series had ten volumes. Citrus’s original manga series ended in October 2018. However, another source material was created for the beloved Japanese Yuri.

Is there enough material for the second season of Citrus?

Mangaka Saburouta created a spinoff manga series Citrus Plus, which was published in 2019. Citrus Plus was a big hit. Fans remain optimistic that there will be a second season of the anime adaptation, as there are many source materials.

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