How Strong Is Orange Piccolo?

How Strong Is Orange Piccolo

We know very little about Orange Piccolo at the moment. The movie leaks are all we have. Orange Piccolo, Piccolo’s most powerful transformation and an evolution from his Potential Unleashed state, is Orange Piccolo. Piccolo’s Potential Unleashed form is this: he becomes taller, bulkier, and his eyes turn red. His skin also becomes orange, and his arms are still free from the lines.


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals Orange Piccolo – Who is He?

Many leaks began appearing online, giving fans a glimpse at what to expect from the 21st Dragon Ball movie. Some leaks were completely unexpected and have not been disclosed via press releases. One of these was Piccolo’s Orange Piccolo form. We will be sharing everything we know about Orange Piccolo in this article.

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Piccolo’s most powerful transformation, Orange Piccolo, is an evolution of his Potential Unleashed nature. Orange Piccolo is Piccolo’s most powerful transformation and was made possible by Shenron’s wish. Piccolo defeated Cell Max in this form.

This article will reveal all known information about Orange Piccolo. This article may contain spoilers. However, on a basic level, we don’t know much about Orange Piccolo.

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To fully comprehend Piccolo’s Orange form we must explain what the Potential Unleashed is. After performing the Old Kai’s Unlock Ability, the Potential Unleashed state is one that an individual can reach. This ability is used by Gohan. This form is known as Ultimate Gohan. This Gohan form is different from the Super Saiyan ones because his eyes and hair are the same color.

Gohan’s most noticeable changes include a large black lock on his forehead, his eyes that are marked and accentuated musculature. It emits a similar aura to its base form, but the aura remains unchanged. Although this appearance is not permanent, Gohan can activate it whenever he wants.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals Orange Piccolo - Who is He?

In the case of Gohan, the fundamental point of this state is the release all the forces that a Saiyan could provide to the Super Saiyan Transformation. Therefore, Gohan does not need to transform to achieve a certain level in fortress. It is a natural state but it requires regular mental and physical training in order to perform at its best. Otherwise, the person will lose their ability to access the state.

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Once he has reached this state, Gosen Zosama tells Son Gohan to use the same process that he used to transform into a Super Saiyan (feeling an intense sensation in his back after concentrating his energy on that part of the body), and throw a Kiai.

This state increases the user’s power to an exponentially greater and unimaginable extent. This unlocks all the potential of the warrior that he could not use without resorting in anger. In the case Son Gohan’s case, it gives him incredible powers that exceed the level of Super Saiyan 2 which is his maximum transformation up to that point. Even with a strength that is superior to Goku’s Super Saiyan 3.


Gosen Zosama has completed the potential unlocking ritual on Sacred Planet. The Kaioshin tells Gohan that he can test his power by trying transform into a Super Saiyan. Gohan is thus expelled of ki and receives the Potential Unleashed. Gohan is thus teleported to Earth via Kibito to fight against Super-Boo.

Super-Boo is about to win a battle against him. The latter absorbs Gotenkss and Piccolo. This greatly increases his power and surpasses Gohan’s. Gohan, despite having obtained the final form of the beast, is unable to use it because he left the training. Piccolo is preparing for the Tournament of Power and Gohan trains with him to be a Super Saiyan. However, Gohan forces himself to awaken Piccolo’s Potential Unleashed.

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Gohan was able to quickly get the upper hand over his teacher by doing this, but he loses his guard and is defeated later. After training, he goes against his father and fights him in Super Saiyan Blue. (Just like Krillin with No. 18 and No. 17 in their respective fights), after which he insistently requests Goku to show his power. It is then that Gohan uses the Kaioken, and Gohan is clearly defeated.


It was a blessing that he was able to regain his fighting spirit and desire to improve. Son Gohan is a different person in this state than usual. He fights against his enemies with no mercy, but he also becomes confident. This confidence is evident in the battle against Super Boo.

This is very similar in nature to his transformation into a Super Saiyan 2 during the Cell Game. He underestimated Cell and nearly lost the battle. He can transform into a Super Saiyan 2 in this state but his power doesn’t increase, which causes an unnecessary energy drain.

From Dragon Ball Super to before the Tournament of Power, and Dragon Ball GT, you can see that Gohan’s power has decreased and he decides to transform into Super Saiyan. This implies that he has lost his Ultimate Status. After unlocking his power for a long time, Gohan’s aura in Dragon Ball Super is surrounded by white luminous particles that are emitted by the flash of electricity. This element was not seen again in their subsequent encounters.

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Conceptualization and creation

Piccolo’s first “proper”, and he did not have a hair-change to signify the transformation. He was made musculare and orange.


Conceptualization and creation Orange Piccolo

The Orange Piccolo’s gi symbol is the pride symbol for the Namekian race. The outer orb and connective parts represent Shenron while the circle represents Shenron.

Orange Piccolo Appearance

Appearance Orange Piccolo

Piccolo’s height and bulk increase, his skin turns orange and his eyes turn red. His antennae point upwards, rather than downwards as in his previous forms. He also retains the lines that remained from his Potential Unleashed form. Piccolo’s facial features are also altered by this form. His cheekbones become more prominent and his jawline is more defined. Piccolo gets the Namekian pride symbol branded on his gi in White during the transformation. Piccolo’s ki explodes so strongly that it looks like a huge fiery geyser. 

It retains Piccolo’s change from red to black in the film, but it retains its red coloration in the artwork by Toriyama.

Power and usage

Orange Piccolo, an evolved form Piccolo’s Potential Unleashed State and his strongest transformation at the moment, is Orange Piccolo. Piccolo can now use this form to get the same power as Goku and his co-workers.

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Power and usage Orange Piccolo

Piccolo obtained both his Potential Unleashed and this higher-level form in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. This was due to Shenron’s wish to unlock his potential. He grants Piccolo the latter as an additional boost to his strength. Piccolo’s Ultimate form does not allow him to make headway against Gamma 2 and Orange Piccolo turns the tides of battle in his favor and knocks Gamma 2 out with one punch. Piccolo manages to grab Cell Max’s foot as he attempts to strangle Gamma 2’s body. Later, thanks to Krillin’s reminder, Piccolo uses his Great Namekian form along with his Orange form to defeat the giant-to-giant Cell. Piccolo, who is the only one capable of fighting Cell Max, is defeated and badly injured by a barrage ki. This causes Piccolo to revert back to his Ultimate form and triggers Gohan to enter his Beast form. Piccolo later recovers his Orange Great Namekian Orange form to hold Cell Max down with Demon Hand. This gives Gohan an opportunity to penetrate Cell Max’s weak points with one final Special Beam Cannon.

Orange Piccolo Enhancement

Orange Piccolo Enhancement
  • Piccolo, a Great Namekian, can use his gigantification ability in his Orange Piccolo form.
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Orange Piccolo Trivia

  • Piccolo chose the name “Orange Piccolo” because he is not good at naming things.
  • The red-eyed Namekian form of the transformation’s characteristic of having red eyes is similar to its.
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