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Although Son Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball, it may surprise you to learn that he has been killed many times. Continue reading to learn how many times did Goku die and how.

Son Goku has been killed seven times in Dragon Ball. This includes movies, anime, and video games.

We will continue the article to tell you about Son Goku’s death and his circumstances.

How many times has Goku died?

Every Time Goku Died In Dragon Ball By LaughingstockMedia

It all depends on what you consider canon. Goku has been killed 7 times, taking into account movies, video games, manga, and main series.

Who killed Goku?

1. Demon King Piccolo

1. Demon King Piccolo How Many Times Did Goku Die

Goku’s heart is not stopped for long. Demon King Piccolo looked like an unstoppable legend demon, leagues above all the martial artists and mercenaries that Goku had faced up to that point.

2. Raditz

Raditz How Many Times Did Goku Die

Raditz was technically not the one who killed Goku. Raditz was Goku’s brother. This revealed that they were part of an alien warrior tribe who conquered and then traded planets.

3. Heart virus

Heart virus

It’s not a who but a what. Goku is infected with a deadly heart virus, both in the alternate timeline as well as the main series. Super Saiyans are also susceptible to the virus.

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4. Cell


Cell was created from almost all of the great warriors and races from the series. He has a genius-level intellect, incredible power, and an amazing regeneration factor.

5. Zamasu


A rogue God is disgruntled by mortals’ failings and steals Goku’s body to kill him.

6. Hit


Hit, a sleek assassin who has time-altering capabilities and promised to be Goku’s main rival.

7. Vegeta


The timeline derived from Dragon Ball Online MMORPG shows that Vegeta and Goku decided to end their stories in style. They ascended into space to fight one last battle, which they neither won.

What happened to Goku?

Against the Demon King Piccolo

Against the Demon King Piccolo

The stakes weren’t that high at Dragon Ball, so it seemed more like an adventure series. Demon King Piccolo, the first real existential threat to Earth, had a godlike power.

The fight quickly changes from a masterful martial arts battle with fluid movements, acrobatics, to a brutal slog filled with elbow bashes and biting. Piccolo kicks Goku around like an soccer ball.

Even taking a Kamehameha, the demon doesn’t even blink. Finally, he responds with a Ki blast which temporarily stops the heart of the monkey boy.

Against Raditz


Throughout the series, many mysteries were uncovered about the young monkey boy Son Goku. He was a dog-level savant with a tail and superhuman strength. He was also a where-ape and could transform into a building-sized ape whenever he saw the full moon.

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Our hero turned out to be a Saiyan alien. Saiyans, who are naturally-born warriors, have a superior physiology and an instinct for fighting and competition. These races conquered other planets and sold them to buyers, becoming planet pirates.


Raditz revealed all this to Earth and expected his brother Goku would have conquered the small blue world. Piccolo and Goku are humiliated by Raditz, who then kidnaps Goku’s infant son to try to blackmail his father. Piccolo’s genius-level mind realizes that it is futile to confront Raditz alone, so he proposes a team-up.

Raditz was only playing with them, so even the Piccolo-Goku combo’s planet-shattering might wasn’t enough. Piccolo was frustrated by their futility and decided to use his secret weapon to kill Goku.

The Makankosappo or Special Beam Cannon, is an extremely concentrated beam of concentrated energy that has enough power to kill Raditz. It takes a long time to charge.

After several tries and a bloody battle, Goku realized that they only hope was to immobilize their brother. He held on to him, letting go of the attack. Piccolo is rewarded with respect for his noble deed.

Heart virus

Heart virus

Goku is still a human being at the end of it all. His loved ones and he can still experience the problems of regular mortals such as family dysfunction, driving license issues, money problems, or even death. His Godlike body seems to conceal the fragility of his heart, which is a mortal man’s.

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After the Frieza saga, a deadly virus infects Goku and kills him. This virus takes Earth’s greatest defender away just before the Apocalyptic crisis almost ends the world. The virus is still being transmitted to “Our” Goku (the Goku in the series). Vegeta’s son Trunks saves him. He travels from the future to give him an antibiotic.



Fear the fury of a patient person. Red Ribbon Army’s mastermind devised a secret program to create godlike artificial people.

Cell, which was not a robot at all, was the pinnacle of his creations. He was a genetic combination of stollen cells that was created to destroy Goku.


Cell’s sadism causes Goku’s younger brother Gohan to rise to a higher level of power. The bio-android lost complete control of the fight and reverted back to his previous level of power. He was humiliated.

He didn’t know what to do so he decided to take over the world and kill himself. Goku was the only person who had a chance to do something about it. He used a technique to teleport himself and the detonating beast away from Earth.

Goku was unable to escape the blast and died as a result.

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Zamasu was the epitome of arrogance, species-ism and a pinnacle in arrogance. He was a hateful mortal and wanted to destroy the multiverse’s entire population of mortals. Super Saiyan was a far better performer than him.

He then used the Super Dragon Balls for a body-swap against Goku and then killed him and his entire family.



Hit was more than a brute power fighter. Hit was fast, precise, and had more to his side than Ki manipulation. He was also a great hire.

Goku was so impressed with this assassin’s abilities, he signed a contract to allow Hit to fight the Saiyan once again. Goku’s heart stops for a while, much like the Demon Piccolo fight. Our hero had planned this and fired a Ki blast into the air. He was expecting Hit to fall on him. This defibrillator shocked Goku’s heart and made it beat again.



These two characters deserve a better ending. Dragon Ball Online MMORPG takes place years after the main Saiyans have long since died. Legends tell us that they went into space to fight one final battle when it was time. They can go all-out in space without worrying about breaking the Solar System.

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They may have met at the pinnacle, and then had a mutual blast. A massive Supernova could be seen even from Earth.

These noble warriors are crowned with a moment of triumph.

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