Denji Chainsaw Man : Everything You Need To Know

denji chainsaw man

Denji plays the primary character in Chainsaw Man. As a child He is the inheritor of his dad’s debts from Yakuza. After meeting Pochita the girl of his dreams, he is made an Devil Hunter for the Yakuza to try to pay off his debt. When the Yakuza are under the control of a Devil betrayed him they die and Pochita is his new heart. He becomes known as the Chainsaw Devil by pulling a cord across his chest. After meeting Makima and his family, he was the Public Safety Devil Hunter.

Appearance Denji Chainsaw Man

Human Form (Pre-Fusion)

Denji Human Form (Pre-Fusion)

In Chainsaw Man, Denji is a teenager with scruffy and blond hair. He has eyes that are yellow and brown, as well as bags under, which result in an exhausted and confused look. The teeth of his are noticeable sharp and sharp. Because of malnutrition during his early life, he’s got a slender build with protruding ribs.

Prior to becoming a hybrid Denji was lacking his right eye as well as various other organs that are not essential such as a testicle, and kidney. The missing eye was covered by wearing an eyepatch. He also wore the loose white tank top with a green jacket as well as black pants at this time.

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Human Form (Post-Fusion)

Denji Human Form (Post-Fusion)

After Denji signs an agreement with Pochita and his heart becomes joined to Pochita A chainsaw cord is formed within his chest, and the organs are restored to Denji.

He is now spending most of his time in the traditional Public Safety Devil Hunter uniform comprising white shirtwith a tie and slacks. He doesn’t care about the uniform with his shirt creased and his sleeves are rolled up. In Operation: Super-Smart, Denji put on a pair fake glasses.

Hybrid Form

denji Hybrid Form

If the chainsaw’s cord is pulled when he’s got enough blood to allow the transformation and his head will transform into a demon-like mechanical form with jagged, long fangs and a handle for a chainsaw in the back. Chainsaws of enormous size will appear from his arms, forehead and legs, should he desire it. If Denji’s chainsaw is pulled even though there is not enough blood, then a blade may partially pop out of his face.

Devil Form

Denji devil Form

After he surrendered him before Makima, Denji transformed into the Full Devil, completely losing his human consciousness, and the devil version of him taking control. Prior to his alteration, his intestines pop out from his stomach and are wrapped around his neck, like the shape of a scarf or collar. When he is transformed his body turns black and appears to be covered with scales or armored plates. The spikes appear on his shoulders, and on the top of his head The handle that is on the rear of his head disappears. He grows larger and bulkier, standing taller than the typical human. There are four arms, as rather than two. Each fitted with their unique Chainsaw Blade.

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Personality Denji Chainsaw Man

personality denji chainsaw man

In Chainsaw Man, Denji is both brazen and ignorant because he is incapable of receiving an academic education and to socialize because of the midst of extreme poverty. His character is brutal and rude in a way that is almost childish. However, he is an excellent sense of empathy toward others, and is eager to assist people in danger in any way he can as compassionate regardless of his flaws.

Although Denji does not necessarily have the most advanced intelligence, he’s adept at generating clever strategies to stop devils for instance, burning himself to death and using the heat to reduce the strength of Santa Claus enough so as to cause her death.

After being the Public Safety Devil Hunter and meeting his basic needs Denji is not sure of what he’s looking for in his life. Although he initially sought to fulfill his basic desires by feeling a sense of Power however, he realized the fact that the pleasure of that feeling of intimacy can be fleeting. Denji is also worried about the loss of attachment and empathy after his transformation. Denji fears losing his emotions.

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As the story unfolds as the story progresses, it becomes clearer it becomes clear that Denji is emotionally damaged and is desperate to feel affection and love from someone. He is a slave to Makima as a way to deal with his feelings and goes so far as to tell her that his goal for Makima was to become an animal that is not thinking, so he wouldn’t be hurt by losing things or people that he loved. This was a mistake, since watching Power die was enough to cause him to give himself over completely to Makima completely, effectively erasing his mental and physical state. This is apparent when Denji says to Kishibe that he didn’t intend to take down Makima however, he was part of her, allowing him to beat Makima.

Relationships Denji Chainsaw Man


Pochita Chainsaw Man

Pochita got saved by Denji when he was in a moment of need, by giving his blood to heal from an injury. This led to them becoming friends with one another Devil as well as Human alike. This helped the debt which weighed heavily on the young Denji to be paid off through the development of an aspiring demon hunter, with the aid of Pochita. Then, after becoming an Demon Hunter his whole life Denji was swindled by the collector of debts, and was brutally killed by zombie humans. The death of Denji resulted in Pochita to be Denji’s heart because of the terms of a contract that made Denji the Human as well as a Demon hybrid.

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Makima Chainsaw Man

Makima and Denji were in a relationship that was asymmetrical in that, while Denji was deeply in love with Makima and was willing to go to any efforts to help Makima, Makima saw Denji as only an animal and tool and was interested in him only for the reason there was a Chainsaw Devil Pochita resided in his heart. 

In this regard, Makima masterminded a plot to subdue The Chainsaw Devil by manipulating Denji by creating conditions which would enable Denji to feel the love and companionship as well as the comfort which he’d sought all his life. She then brutally stripping him of all the things he was passionate about in a bid to disintegrate his heart and unleash Chainsaw Man. Despite finding out her plot, her role being the Control Devil in addition to the realization that she believed that he was little to her Denji continued to be in love with Makima. For him, even though she betrayed him and brutally killed his most trusted friends however, she was only one individuals who showed his affection.

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Denji’s love for Makima and her indifference to him was the key to her loss. Makima was slain by Denji with a chainsaw when he realized she could only remember the people she was drawn to by their scent, and therefore, she would not be capable of recognizing Denji since she hadn’t remembered his scent. In the aftermath of this attack, Denji successfully killed her by eating her body. In doing this, Denji wasn’t attempting to attack Makima and was “becoming one with her” that escaped the restrictions of her agreement to the prime minister of Japan which rendered her immune to serious injuries.

After Makima’s demise, Denji would end up being her caretaker for her pets and her Reincarnation Nayuta. Being informed that by Pochita that the greatest desire of the Control Devil was to establish an equal relationship with other people, Denji dedicated himself to making the Control Devil’s dream come true by lovingly taking care of Nayuta as well as becoming her own family, in order to not be a different Makima. Makima.

Aki Hayakawa

In Chainsaw Man, Aki along with Denji initially started out as adversaries who were distrustful, and Aki was extremely disliked by Denji He hated Denji because of his Devil nature and extravagant, reckless personality. Also, Aki often stated to Denji that he would have no reservations about murdering him if he became ineffective. In turn, Denji reciprocated Aki’s hostility. Although they were hostile, they nevertheless begrudgingly work with one in the sense that they were both commanded to cooperate through Makima and Aki acknowledged Denji’s value as an instrument.

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In time however their relationship would begin to change After being made to live with each other by Makima and collaborating with one another on missions, Aki and Denji slowly became friends, and would eventually be best friends. When faced with tragedy and grief, Denji and Aki comforted each other, for instance when Denji handed Aki an apple following Himeno’s passing or when Aki offered comfort to Denji about their trip being cancelled with Makima.

Following his transformation into The Gun Fiend, during his brutal rampage and fight in the battle with Denji, Aki would end being hallucinating, seeing everything as a battle with Denji. Tragically, Aki’s love affair with Denji was the reason for his loss at the demise by Denji: Aki stopped his violent rampage by imagining Denji screaming during the fight. He stopped his avalanche of snowballs (which were actually were actually bullets) since this was the only time that he ever witnessed Denji crying. This was enough time to permit Denji to cut through Aki’s body with chainsaws, and kill him.

The loss of Aki caused Denji to plunge into a spiral of depression and grief that culminated in Denji losing the will to live, unable accept the fact that he was the one who killed his closest friend. Denji’s desperation would drive to some extreme decisions including renunciation of his freedom of choice and submitting himself to Makima in order to get away from the painful reality that Aki had died.

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Power Chainsaw Man

As partners appointed through Makima, Denji initially viewed Power as a nuisance while she tried to exploit Power to gain her own advantage. Power initially loses his trust, and tries to use him as an offer to an exchange with the Bat Devil to return her cat. After being rescued of her by the Bat Devil by Denji, she apologizes and starts to get to know him, allowing him a kiss to show her appreciation. Despite the rough beginning with their common sense, lack of empathy and hedonistic tendencies lead to their relationship grow quickly with each other, frequently engaging in games and fighting in ways that others would consider inappropriate. Denji is nicknamed “Powy” to refer to her, while she calls him “Buddy”. 

Their relationship is similar to the relationship between siblings and siblings, with Denji specifically pointing out the lack of sexual or romantic connection between them. Both are extremely protective of each other and this is evident in the instances where Denji and Aki were there for her after her Darkness Devil attack in Hell and also shielded her physically from Aki who was being possessed of Aki, who was possessed by the Gun Devil. In the same way, Power agreed to take part in the hunt to find that Gun Devil despite her apprehension in the sole reason the desire for her to keep cooperating with Denji.

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Power’s relationship with Denji is evident when she transforms to Makima’s Blood Devil against Makima, and fights Makima and her men. When Power is near death after rescuing Denji from Makima, Power forms a agreement with Denji by offering Denji blood in exchange in exchange for his finding the blood devil once more.

Abilities Denji Chainsaw Man

Supernatural Abilities

Hybrid Transformation:

When pulling the cord out of his chest Denji is able to transform himself into the bloodthirsty Chainsaw Devil. Denji requires blood to make use of his powers, therefore in the event that he isn’t getting enough, he will not be able to transform fully however he is able to manifest chainsaws, but they’re smaller and less powerful. This ability can be seen as a result his agreement with Pochita. For the sake of living an “normal life”, Pochita became the center of Denji.

Strength Enhanced:

In Chainsaw Man, Denji is strong enough to grasp a car thrown from the air without falling and then throw it back just as forcefully. He was capable of throwing his heart with enough force to travel through the atmosphere of Earth to avoid being trapped in the space.

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Improved durability:

In Chainsaw Man, Denji withstood a point-blank blast from the Bat Devil that destroyed the building that was behind his. Denji was in a position to stand and fight on despite being struck by the assault. He’s survived numerous explosions and was caught in the flames for prolonged times.

Enhanced endurance:

Denji is able to endure a fight even while being put on fire. He’s recovered from being decapitated and has nearly every single part of his body was removed some way, often.

Chainsaw Manifestation of his transformation, Denji develops fully functional chainsaws from his legs, arms, and even his head. They are very efficient in cutting through devils and are capable of cutting straight across the Bat Devil’s arms. It is possible to put small chainsaws beneath his feet. They can attach to walls and even use them to walk on. In the full devil’s form the four arms are equipped with chainsaws.

Chainsaw Retraction:

When he requires the full range of his legs and arms Denji’s chainsaws will automatically retract in his own body. It’s not observed in his complete Devil Form as of yet.

Chain Entanglement Denji can cut off his chains from chainsaws and wrap them around the body of his adversary. He does this to draw them closer to his. If the arms of Denji are cut off, but remain linked to his body it is still possible to utilize his chain as body tissue to cover his enemies.

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Devil Transformation:

Devil Transformation: Denji Chainsaw man

Following the surrender of his agreement in exchange for Pochita, Denji transformed into the form of a Full Devil. In this transformation, Denji displays incredible speed and strength, easily taking down several hybrid-devils in a matter of minutes. While he’s been reported to have suffered injuries, and even slowed down by being taken to Hell and blasting into Space However, these actions only caused him to be delayed for a short time before returning unscathed. The power of his superhuman strength is revealed in Hell which it is said that He defeated every Demon that resided there. 

Makima claimed that he murdered her 26 times while in the form he is in. It appears that the form lacks Denji’s personality or awareness however it is known to hold some memories and is often acting according to the memories. After being defeated in battle by Makima in order to rescue Kobeni and later being saved through Power, Denji transformed back to normal and regained consciousness.

The consumption of blood:

Denji is able to recover completely from almost every fatal injury and even recover from deathas long as he consumes adequate volume of blood. When he lost his arms to Bat Devil, Denji’s arm was able to reattach itself after receiving an injection of blood. As he fought Santa Claus, he consumed the blood of her doll to fight on while burning. As a fully Devil the devil regenerated just his heart after hurling it out of space. After having spotted this way to regenerate, he’s in a position to take Pochita out of his body, and then regenerate it as a separate entity , which enabled him to slay Makima.

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Blood Devil Contract:

In exchange for finding the reincarnated Blood Devil and befriending with them, Power gave all of her blood to help revive Denji.

Blood Chainsaw:

Because of the blood that is derived via Power, Denji is able to create a chainsaw out of her blood. It’s design is similar to the horns of Power. With the help of her blood manipulation abilities, Denji is able to disrupt the regeneration of Makima which enabled him to beat Makim

Skillset Denji Chainsaw Man

Skillset Denji Chainsaw Man

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Despite the transformation Denji has the ability to be an without a weapon and is a skilled fighter. In the face of the Leech Devilwho was several times larger than his weight and sizeDenji was able to quickly block her punches as he hurled headbutts and punches that had enough force to harm her. His abilities improved even more through training with Kishibe and Kishibe, where he learned to rely on strategy rather than blind strength.

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