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Future Android 18

The Alternate Future Android No. 18 (未来の人造人間18号, Mirai no Jinzōningen Jū Hachi-Gō), known as Lazuli in her human version, makes her first appearance in 🐲 Dragon Ball Z Episode 164The TV special’s main antagonists are her brother and her sister: Dragon Ball Z: The Despair ChallengeThe super warriors that remain: Gohan and Trunks.

This 👾 Android Number 18 is identical in appearance with its present counterpart but in terms of power is somewhat different, as it is weaker (this is verified by Trunks, as in his timeline, he could face this android resisting and in the present he was defeated with only two blows) besides being much more cruel and bloodthirsty.



Android Number 18, like her brother, has shoulder-length hair, but hers is blonde. She also has blue eyes, and wears earrings in both earlobes. When initially activated, she wears a denim jacket and skirt (with the Red Ribbon Army logo behind the jacket) with dark blue colored tights, brown boots, and a black T-shirt that has black and white striped sleeves.


Initially cool and confident, 18’s sarcastic humor is the most prominent feature of her personality. An example of this can be seen when her past counterpart is asked if “18” is her real name. Even so, No. 18 exhibits some of her sensitivity, especially towards her brother, and she is, in the words of Alternate Future Trunks himself, more evil than her past counterpart.

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Android 18, along with his brother, number 17, are dedicated to destroy cities and kill their inhabitants slowly for fun. Thisis because Dr. Gero of the future 🪐, seeing that Goku had died, changed his objective and now his mission was not only to kill Son Goku, but to kill and cause terror in humans, which is why in this era he is more sadistic and Cruel than his counterpart of the past.

In this alternate timeline, Goku died from a virus he contracted on his return from space,And was unable to fight them. Vegeta, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Krilin, Chaoz, Yajirobe,And Piccolo tried to stand up to them, though in vain; as they were all eventually killed by The androids. Piccolo’s passing rendered the Dragon Spheres inoperable and the Z Warriors couldn’t come back to life. Only Gohan TrunksAnd YajirobeThey survived.

Future Android 18
Years later, numerous battles ensued between Gohanboth the two androids. Trunks attempts to help his mentor but is brutally beat by Android #18. Gohan observes this and comes to Trunks’ aid. He loses his arm. Later, #18 and #17Gohan visits them, and starts a fight against them both. The battle ends with the warrior’s execution. Trunks witnesses this and decides to unleash his fury. Super SaiyanFor the first time. Gohan is killed by the Androids.

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Two years later, both AndroidsTrunks continued to create terror and mayhem, until they were able to conquer the Super Saiyan state to defeat them. Trunks thought they had killed him, but the Androids proved too strong to defeat Trunks. However, The SaiyanHe survives and returns in time to deliver Goku the heart medicine and warn him. Androids.

His training with his father was completed. The Room of Time, Trunks gains much greater power and returns to his timeline, where he destroys 👾 Androids #18Assassinates, #17 and #17 CellIt restores peace.

Cell’s Timeline

In Timeline of CellTrunks comes from the future and uses the remote controller to turn off androids in order to kill them. CellHe could not absorb the contents so he was killed Trunksand used his time machine for a trip to the time that the androids were still able to absorb him.


TrunksHe explains that the androids in the present are stronger than those in the future. In his timeline, he could face either one of them and be able defend himself, but in the present, he was defeated by very few hits. According to the manga logic, we can be certain Android No. 18Of The FutureWe can infer that he used only half his power to defeat an opponent. Ordinary Super SaiyanWith effort. If we follow the logic of anime, however, it is possible to make this work. Number 18In his normal state, he can defeat many warriors easily. However, if they use Super Saiyan, it takes a lot of effort to defeat them.

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  • Villain Mode: In 🐲 Dragon Ball XENOVERSE, Towa uses her dark magic in 18 and her Increased powerTowa can control her mind. Her eyes turn red, and her aura is dark. Under the Villain Mode, number 17 and 18 Androids are affected.


  • Fly
  • Power Blitz
  • Finger Flash Lightning
  • Maximum Power Energy Ball
  • Infinite Bullet
  • Non-Stop Violence
  • Sadistic Dance

Future Android 18

Voice Actors

  • Region Actors
  • Japan Miki Ito
  • Latin America Cristina Camargo

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