Gon Vs Killua : Who Would Win?

Gon Freecs is the protagonist of the Hunter manga. Killua Zoldyck is the other. They are best friends and one of the most powerful characters in the franchise. Despite their friendship, and the fact they probably would never fight each other, we thought it would be fun to compare their abilities and that is exactly what we did in this article. To determine who would win in an actual clash, we will compare Killua and Gon.

Killua and Gon are best friends, and the protagonists in Hunter x Hunter. They are very similar in many ways, making it difficult to decide which character is stronger. Gon is the most likely winner due to his versatility and being a typical shonen protagonist. This gives him an advantage over other characters.

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This article will expand on the above-mentioned answer as we compare Killua and Gon in greater detail. You will see which one is stronger and why we think our answer is correct.

General overview

Gon was able to swing a fishing rod with incredible precision at the start of the series. He even took Hisoka’s tag while he was moving at high speed. If necessary, the fishing rod can be used as an offensive weapon. Gon was often praised during the Hunter Exam for his agility and observation skills.

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He is quick to think of alternate strategies and solutions in battle. He is an Enhancer and should balance attack and defense. However, he prefers to be on the offensive as his stubbornness can often come out of combat. He can be reckless and aggressive, but he won’t stop until he is unable to move any more.

He is skilled in hand-to-hand fighting, having been taught the basics of Shingen-Ryu Kung-fu Kung-fu by Biscuit Krieger as well as natural experience. His abilities are greatly enhanced by rage, which increases his already extraordinary aura. His most distinctive characteristic is his sinister, untapped potential.

Hisoka, Wing and Biscuit were all stunned to discover the extent of Gon’s talents, often called limitless. He can learn quickly and this is especially important in Nen where abilities such as his are very rare. He was able to use Zetsu once, even before he learned it.

Killua was a quick killer at the beginning of the series. But, after meeting Gon, his tendency to do so diminished. However, he still has the ability to use extreme measures when necessary. Killua, like his friend Gon has an extraordinary natural talent which allows him to learn at a remarkably fast and seemingly endless pace, something that caught Hisoka’s attention.

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Wing and Bisky both pointed out that Nen also has the potential to be a part of his potential. Killua fights primarily with his hands but can use any weapon. However, the only weapon he uses is his custom-made Yo-Yos. He was so confident in his strength during the chimera-ant arc that he said that tanks and fighter jets would not be able to defeat him.

Killua had a weakness that paralyzed him with fear. He couldn’t fight anyone who could pose a threat to his safety. However, his strength was greater than his. Although initially believed to be due to his training, it was revealed later that it was actually due a Nen-impregnated neoprene that Illumi had inserted into his brain.

Killua was able to free himself from his brother’s conditioning and regain full control over his mental abilities during battle by eliminating him. It also made Killua’s movements more fluid and increased his speed.

This one goes to Gon. This is because, despite having similar basic skills, Killua is a weakness that Gon can use in battle. That is why he won this point.

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Points: Gon 1, Killua 0

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Physical abilities

Gon has very sharp senses of smell and hearing. Gon’s sense of smell is very sophisticated, and he was often compared to a dog. Their evolved instinct is another distinctive characteristic of animals. Gon is strong and was able open the first test gate, which weighs 2 tonnes. He learned Nen before he could do this.

His hand can even break rock and incapacitate skilled soldiers by pushing it. After learning Nen, it is not known how far he can push. He was able to defeat Nobunaga in arm wrestle. He transforms and can launch Neferpitou into the air so high that he’s almost invisibility from the ground.

Gon showed unusual healing abilities during the first chapters. According to doctors, it should take 4 months to heal from an injury. Killua, who has a remarkable healing ability, is also surprised by this.

Killua has proven his strength at many different times. He was able to open 16-ton doors before he discovered Nen. After learning it, he can now open 64 tons. He is also able to lift rocks up to twice his size. Killua excels at hiding and spying. Senritsu, a hunter known for her keen hearing, claims that Killua can barely be heard even when he’s walking alongside her.

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He chased Machi and Nobunaga around a city, but they didn’t notice him. Killua was able to sense Meleoron’s presence despite the fact the latter being a specialist in erasing it.

Killua is the winner in this category. His physical abilities were higher than Gon’s prior to learning Nen. Killua is the winner of this point.

Points: Gon 1, Killua 1

Reflexes and speed

Gon’s speed is comparable to Killua (when he is not using Nen), and he has demonstrated great reflexes in reacting quickly to any danger. He can make many afterimages of him and vanish from view thanks to his agility and speed. Gon can attack from any location and is extremely agile. He uses his quickness to avoid enemy attacks and respond immediately after being struck.

Killua has demonstrated that he can run at the speed of Gon (when Killua does not use Nen), and that he has great reflexes, reacting quickly to any danger. He can make many afterimages of him and disappear from view thanks to his agility and speed.

According to what we could gather, Killua and Gon are almost identical in this category. Both are very agile and fast, so we decided to split points.

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Points: Gon 2, Killua 2


Gon is an Enhancer which gives him great strength and recovery capabilities. Gon is a natural Zetsu user and has the talent to one in a million. Kaito describes Gon as slow-starting, but his main strength is his ability increase the size his aura during battle. This is a completely unconscious process that greatly depends on your mental state.

Killua, for example, stated that Killua had never seen Neferupito exude such an aura as he did when they were preparing to fight Neferupito at the palace of Kimera Ants. He is blessed with incredible power bonuses due to his determination and anger. Although Killua is considered to have better control over his aura than Gon, his enemies and allies often admire him for the large amount of aura that he can unleash.

Killua, a Transformation Nen user is best at changing the form his Nen. Killua is able to transform his aura into electricity by using a Hatsu. The years of electric shocks that Killua received as a kid, both as torture training and punishment, led to this feat. Killua must first charge himself with electricity by connecting to a power outlet.

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While both Killua and Gon are powerful Nen users respectively, it seems that Gon is more versatile and more powerful than Killua. We give this last point to Gon.

Points: Gon 3, Killua 2

Gon vs. Killua – Who would win?

Now, let’s get to the most important section of the article: the analysis. We will use the information we have gathered about these characters to analyze how they would react to each other. Let’s continue.

These points support what we have said at the start of our text. Although Killua and Gon are almost identical, we believe that Killua would be defeated in a one-on-1 fight. Although it wouldn’t be an easy win, Gon would use his versatility to defeat Killua.

Gon is also a shonen fighter, which means he will have something to lift him up during the fight’s final seconds and win. Unfair? It’s possible, but that’s shonen and why we love this genre so much.

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