Tserriednich Prince : Everything you need to know

Prince Kakin

Hunter x Hunter is a highly-popular series, both in Japan and abroad. Despite its discontinuation and long hiatus, Hunter x Hunter has been a very popular shounen series. The manga has recently introduced the succession arc in the black whale as well as the princes of Kakin of which Tserriednich is part

In this blog we will introduce Prince Tsierrednich and the impact he could have in the succession war.

Hypothesis on Darc continent Arc

Hypothesis on Darc continent Arc

For us the Dark continent is only an excuse. Because, we won’t see him and he wouldn’t be present in the manga. It’s only used to explain the reasons and motivations of the king of Kakin who is going to lock 200 000 people in a boat to develop his rite of the jar.

It is the jar that gave the nen beasts to the 14 princes of Kakin who are going to participate in the war of succession.
All the interest of this arc would be then to see how the characters will evolve in this chaotic situation locked in a boat which risks to explode from the inside. In this universe of chaos that the author tries to present us who is the black whale. Yoshiro Togashi introduces an antagonist who would not only reflect the chaos in this arc but also be on par with the other antagonists (psychologically) especially Mereum.

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Why are we sure that the Sucession Arc is the last arc?

If you’ve noticed, not every character in hunter X hunter has the real goal of getting to the dark continent.

Goal Kakin family

  1. The king of Kakin who is the organizer tries to use the black whale for his sacrifice.
  2. The princes of Kakin are fighting a war of succession but none of them has an interest in the Dark Continent.

Goal Phantom troup

  1. The Phantom Brigade want to kill Hisoka and steal a treasure from the king
  2. Hisoka wants to kill the members of the brigade

Goal Hunters or protagonist arc

  1. Kurapika wants to get back the eyes of his clan and try to see Tserriednich
  2. Ging aims to annoy Pariston more than the Dark Continent itself
  3. Beyond Netero is the only one who really wants to go there but the objective of the Zodiacs is to stop him.

Tserriednich Personality

Tserriednich, a calm, refined, and erudite Renaissance gentleman, has interests that range from philosophy to football. In more, he is very proud of his sharp intellect. Tserriednich, despite his calm smile and gracious mannerisms is actually sociopathic and inhumane. He indulges in the brutal killing of humans and the collection and sale of body parts. Tserriednich sees himself as an artist who seeks out pieces of art from young, beautiful people when they are faced with extreme situations. However, he insists that they have a suitable level of culture or he will consider them subhuman. He is also excited about the possibility of killing his siblings.

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He seems to get along well with Halkenburg, who posted in his Facebox that Tserriednich is the only sibling that accepts him. At the Black Whale social party, he is attentive to Halkenburg. He used to feel that dishonest women were the most hateful in the world, but this sentiment changed to fondness after Theta attempted murder.

Togashi is strong in building complex characters. We could see it in his previous manga Yu Yu Hakusho

Dark Continent Expedition arc

Dark continent arc hxh

While Kurapika obtains information about him, Tserriednich sends his subordinate Mark to lure two women in his room. Tserriednich attempts to engage the women in intellectual conversation but then brutally slaughters them. Later, he contacts Mark to complain about Mark’s inability to think. He then spits blood out of his body and says that the women only care about shopping and sex. Mark is interested in beautiful people who are able to see the future and not “animals.” He is still disappointed and orders his subordinates to bring in the next two girls.

Benjamin, his brother, informs him of the Succession War. This would determine the next king from Kakin following the expedition to Dark Continent. Tserriednich is delighted by the news, as he wants to kill his siblings. Tserriednich responds sarcastically to Benjamin’s threat of murdering him. He focuses his attention upon a tattoo artist and a woman after the call.

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 As one of his bodyguards calls him, he takes a photo of the tattoo. Theta reports that five of his bodyguards passed the Hunter Association’s test. Tserriednich orders her to gather as much info as possible about the Black Whale and hangs up. He decides that no fool will sit upon the throne.

Succession war arc

Kurapika war succession

Nasubi‘s personal butler informs him of the rules of the Succession War: only the legal children of the King can participate, and only the ones who will attend the sailing ceremony of Black Whale. Participants’ identities and numbers will not be disclosed. If any potential heirs die before the whistle blows, war will be stopped. This will sound when a ship calls. From that moment on, all measures taken to survive war will be legalized. The messenger presents an urn used in a traditional Kakin ritual.

Tserriednich inserts his hand and places a droplet of blood inside. A fairy opens the Urn and gives it a small egg. The fairy then disappears. Tserriednich is not a Nen-user and doesn’t notice the incident. He asks the messenger about it. To receive special powers, anyone can put his blood into the Seed Urn if he wants to be a king according to rumours.

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Tserriednich later takes part in the ceremony marking the beginning of the expedition. He boards the ship and silently insults the observers while smiling and waving his hands and he takes part in a formal event, where he talks to Halkenburg. Then, he will continue to live on the 1st Deck with the Black Whale as his family. In more, he attends another party, where he meets Benjamin. Tubeppa approaches him, and he agrees with him to form an alliance against the older princes.

After hearing Kurapika’s announcement, he starts to inquire about the nature of Nen beasts, but the only one who can answer him is Theta. He then asks her if she can use Nen herself, which she confirms.

Is Tserriednich the strongest human in HxH?

Exploit and type nen of Tserriednich

With this skill, he managed to gather enough aura around his hands to perform Water Divination, which revealed him as a Specialist. ⬇️⬇️

Tserriednich divination water

Over the next few days, he managed to reach such a proficiency in Ten and Ren that Theta had him perform advanced exercises.

Evidently, he already has a lot of aura and is terrifying. Evidently, he also has a large amount of aura and terrifying.

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nen of Tserriednich

He also succeeded in closing the Aura Nodes in his hands at the first try, as well as to perform a perfect Zetsu for one hour on the third try despite the many disturbances.

He summoned a fully-fledged Nen beast, even more impressive, without being conscious of it. Even more impressive, however, he summoned a fully-fledged Nen beast without even knowing it.

Tserriednich nen

He therefore now boasts two Nen beasts.


Later, he showed that he had unconsciously acquired a Nen ability. It was not an average one but a time-ability, future-sight, and a time ability. Later, he demonstrated that he unconsciously had a Nen ability. It was not an average one, but a time-ability and future-sight.

nen of Tserriednich

The dude is way too overpowered, like really.

He is a Nen genius with prodigious talent. His ability to think of multiple scenarios is amazing, even in a field that he only has a basic understanding of like Nen.

prince Kakin nen

He is known to have astounding visualization and concentration abilities, which contribute to his prodigious talent for Nen. ⬇️⬇️

4th prince kakin

As far as we know, Tserriednich doesn’t have innate superhuman traits.

He is a formidable threat because of his mental abilities, Nen Beasts, and powerful, crafty Hatsu. After gaining more Nen mastery, experience, and growing his Nen skills, he could be one of the most important Nen users. 

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Tserriednich could quickly become a dangerous threat with his mental abilities, his Nen Beasts and his skilled Hatsu. And after gaining greater mastery of Nen, more experience and growing in his overall Nen abilities, he might already be one of the greatest Nen users.

Tserriednich nen

Hell, his talent and learning ability are nearly on par with the Royal Guards.

nen Tserriednich

Our personal comparison Tserriednich vs Top hunters

He’s not. He isn’t. Ging or Beyond is currently the most powerful person.

But could Tserriednich eventually become the most powerful human? Yes, definitely.

Tserriednich vs Ging

Tserriednich’s talent and potential are off the charts, even with prodigies like Killua and Gon around. ⬇️⬇️

adult gon hxh

Ging too seems like a freaking joke next to the Prince…

Ging is one of the best Nen users and can imitate other people’s striking abilities.

ging vs pariston

Well, Tserriednich raw talent is godlike in comparison.

Tserriednich was capable of limiting the flow of his aura to a minimal degree and establishing the basic principles of Gyo in less that a day.

Chrollo and Hisoka whose talent for Nen is judged prodigious not only for their age but even by the standards of masters in the discipline, would be in utter awe in front of this guy’s talent and learning ability! ?

Hisoka death Hisoka vs chrollo

Well, to be honest, if Hisoka ever meets this character, he’ll be turned on

Hisoka Happy

Tserriednich and Kurapika

Kurapika facing Tserriednich is not a 1-on-1 match, I’m fairly certain.

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tser vs kurapika

Kurapika’s matchup with Tserriednich doesn’t look particularly promising, IMO. Tserriednich could easily evade his Chains even if he was disguised with In. You need a powerful defense against Tserriednich regardless of his position or an area effect that is hard to evade or a tricky technique that can be used to affect your opponent without him realizing.

Furthermore. Kurapika created the Dolphin after he realized that he would have to sometimes work with a Team. His character would naturally evolve to become a team player.

We haven’t had a 1-on-1 finale in HxH, except for Hisoka in HA or Genthru GI.

We know that tsier is able to manipulate the monsters he created, even if the people lie three times.

Yes. This is also true. After a while, Tserriednich will have several guardians around.

Who are Kurapika’s potential allies or enemies in the fight against Tserriednich ?

Most of Benjamin’s men will support Kurapika, even if Benjamin is dead. They could even try to take revenge on Benjamin, since he is likely to be killed by Tserriednich. It is difficult to predict which of the survivors will survive, and some could die tragically against Tserriednich.

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There are also some strange things that could be involved. Take this example:

  • Senritsu is an ally of Tserriednich. She is most likely to die before she can solve the problem. However, it would not make sense for her to not intervene if there was a chance.
  • Kachou is now a Nen Beast. Tserriednich could see her, but she may not be able to harm him directly.
  • Wobble’s Nen Beast is always a secret but he is an joker for Kurapika.
Zhang Lei Kakin prince
  • As has been hinted at a few times, the alliance with Zhang Lei will only be fully formed when he is certain that there are no other threats. This narrative means that he is likely to outlive Tserriednich unless Zhang Lei underestimates his abilities. There’s also a chance that Zhang Lei, and possibly other members of his faction (including the Xi Yu mafia), will get involved in the fight against Tserriednich.

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