How Do You Get The Griffin Hatchling Minion in FFXIV ? Everything You Need To Know

Griffin Minion FFXIV

This Griffin Minion FFXIV can be available for purchase at 400 Centurio Seals from Ardolain (Foundation The Forgotten Knight (X:13 Z:12).


Centurio Seals are awards for killing any Hunt that is Heavensward and Stormblood. There are a variety of methods to obtain these, starting with A and S rank Hunts, and daily and weekly Bills.

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Clan Mark Bills are Daily and Weekly Hunts available in Ishgard (Foundation Saint Valeroyant’s Forum, X:13 Y12).

Griffin Hatchling Minion in FFXIV

There are four levels of Bills:

  • level 1 clan Mark This reward an amount of 15 Centurio Seals
  • Level 2 Clan Mark This reward is 20 Centurio Seals
  • Level 3 Clan Mark This reward 75 Centurio Seals
  • Elite Clan Mark is rewarded with 100 Centurio Seals

Similar to that, Veteran Clan Mark Bills are also available in Othard (Kugane Shiokaze Hostelry X:11 10 Y:10).

They offer the same amount of Seals similar to previously mentioned in Hunts from Ishgard above. (c) SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Apart from Daily as well as Weekly Hunts you’ll also have the chance to kill A or A or Rank hunts.

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The frightful beasts are a part of the Land and are accompanied by a timer for respawn. There are two or three within every Heavensward as well as Stormblood Zone.

The Rank of Heavensward Hunt can reward you with the winner with up to Centuro Seals 30, 30 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics along with 10 B-tier Tomestones.

S Ranking Heavensward Hunts can reward you with the winner with up to 100 Centurio seals 100 Allagan Tomestones of Poetry along with 30 B-tier Tomestones.

B-tier Tomestones are the second Tomestone that are part of the present Patch like The Aphorism.

Stormblood’s A as well as S rank Hunts have the same rewards, but in addition to the tokens you can exchange for different Battle Materia.

Be aware that for you to be able to take on your Daily Hunt Bills, you’ll be required to complete all the prerequisite quests. This includes the ones that were back in ARR with the Grand Company regarding Allied Seals.

When the Hunt Boards don’t show up, head the other way to GC to see if Blue Quests are on the market.

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Griffin Minion FFXIV: The snares of The Hunt

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Each of Ardolain as well as Yolaine (Foundation Yolaine (Foundation – Forgotten Knight and X:13, Y:12) provide a range of prizes for the precious Allied Seals.

With rewards that range from old equipment that you might have overlooked to a stunning Mount There’s plenty to explore.

Venture4 Allied SealsAetheryte Tickets5 Allied SealsGriffin Hatchling (Minion)400 Allied SealsBehemoth Heir (Minion)400 Allied SealsIshgardian Barding (Chocobo)350 Allied SealsOld World Striking Dummy (Outdoor)300 Allied SealsStuffed Tonberry (Indoor)200 Allied SealsMuch thinner than a Knife’s blade (Orchestrion)300 Allied SealsClan Mark Log500 Allied SealsRiding Map (Heavensward)250 Allied SealsDoman Gear (DoW & DoM)20 to 70 Allied SealsArtifact Gear (DoW and DoM)40 – 140 All Seals

(c) SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

This Clan Mark Log that is listed above is the ticket for a brand new Mount.

Bertana (Idyllshire – – Rowena’s Center for Cultural Promotion, the X:6 and Y:5) will exchange an Wyvern Horn for 6 Clan Mark Logs under “Uncanny Knickknacks”.

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After you’ve gotten you Griffin Hatchling Minion there’s plenty other things to look for!

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