How To Get The Sanuwa Mount in FFXIV: Everything You Need To Know

The Sanuwa Mount

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By SnowdropRaccoon

The Sanuwa Mount is purchased for 200,000 Gil from The NPC vendors Luna Vanu (The Sea of Clouds (Ok’ Gundu Nakki, X:7 Y.14). Luna Vanu is a member of the Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe in Heavensward.

The Horn is only accessible from this vendor once you’ve reached the rank seven (Sworn) in the Vanu Vanu.

The good news is that building a reputation with Vanu Vanu is a good thing. Vanu Vanu is a pretty easy process.

You’ll have the opportunity to start a friendship with them after you defeat the monstrous Primal Bismarck.

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Friendship is For The Birds

Friendship is For The Birds
The Vanu Primal Bismarck, summoned out of fear due to the Garlean incursion

It is the Vanu Primal Bismarck, summoned by fear in response to the Garlean invasion

The Quest “Bolt Chain as well as Island” is an Level 57 Quest, and part of the Heavensward Expansion.

Then you’ll talk to Garlond Ironworks to cobble together an approach to combat the enormous Primal.

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After you’ve heard the harpooned sound of this frightful sea creature within The Limitless Blue, you can sign “A Different Opinion”. The Garleans are then forced to leave to Sea of Clouds in search of Azys Lla.

After you have them gone With those out of the way, pick up ” Three Beaks to the Wind” from Sonu Vanu (The Sea of Clouds – Ok’zundu, X:12 Y.14). Linu Vali of the Gundu in Ok’ Gundu Nakki

After you’ve taken a look at Ok Vundu Mak and then you meet Linu Vali to protect them from the hostile Vundu. After securing her from threats She explains her need to ensure the independence of her tribe.

Friendship is For The Birds
Linu Vali of the Gundu in Ok’ Gundu Nakki

After a brief conversation, you’ll be riding your new Sanuwa to clean Midge clouds.

After that After that, after that, the Gundu will move to Western Blue Window and become available as an Beast Tribe.

Vanu Vanu Reputation & Rewards

Your rank with Vanu Vanu begins at Rank 1. Vanu Vanu begins at Rank 1 (Neutral).

There are three daily Quests that are available, each one awarding 50 Reputation.

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It will take you 12 days total to attain the rank 7 (Sworn) If you take on these 3 quests every time they’re available.

The Daily Quests themselves can vary in many ways in terms of riding on a Sanuwa and removing the frightful swarms, or acquiring foods to feed the Tribe. While they provide decent experience for levels 51-60 along with Gil, Poetic Tomestones, and Vanu Whitebones.

Vanu Whitebones is the currency of the Tribe that can be used to buy a variety of goods by Luna Vanu.

If your Rank changes the services they provide also change:

ItemReputationCost (Whitebones)
Birch BranchRecognized1StarflowerRecognized1WhitebloomFriendly1Birch SapFriendly1Vanu Vanu HeadBloodsworn9Vanu Vanu BodyBloodsworn9Vanu Vanu ArmsBloodsworn4Vanu Vanu WaistBloodsworn4Vanu Vanu LegsBloodsworn4Zundu HeadAllied9Zundu BodyAllied9Zundu ArmsAllied4Zundu WaistAllied4Zundu LegsAllied4Coming Home OrchestrionFriendly3

The Zundu costume helps make the moonlift dance is more effective.

Luna Vali also has a separate store, though. It is powered by Gil rather than Whitebones.

This inventory includes:

ItemReputationCost (Gil)
Cold Knight’s CookfireFriendly9,772gShaded VisorTrusted7,955gWind-up Gundu WarriorTrusted30,000gWind-up Zundu WarriorSworn30,000gSanuwa HornSworn200,000gVanu Vanu HeadBloodsworn40,000gVanu Vanu BodyBloodsworn130,000gVanu Vanu ArmsBloodsworn30,000gVanu Vanu WaistBloodsworn70,000gVanu Vanu LegsBloodsworn30,000gZundu HeadAllied40,000gZundu BodyAllied130,000gZundu ArmsAllied30,000gZundu WaistAllied130,000gZundu LegsAllied30,000g

This Reputation grind for Vanu Vanu. Vanu Vanu is among the shortest grinds in Heavensward.

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Keep completing your daily tasks and you’ll be able to get you’re Sanuwa Mount in no time.

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