Where To Farm Adamantite Ore in FFXIV (Location + Uses): Everything You Need To Know

Adamantite Ore FFXIV

Adamantite Ore FFXIV is obtainable by miners using the level 60 unspoiled node that is located in Azys Lla known as “Beta Quadrant” (X:24.1, Y:6.4). The node is visible between the hours of 12 AM and 12 PM Eorzean time.

Azys Lla is a zone which is accessible in The Heavensward Level 59 Main Scenario Quest “The First Flight of the Excelsior”. This area is full of floating islands dotted with Allagan ruinage.

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To reach the island that has the unspoiled node , which contains the mineral adamantite, you need to first be able to fly which is the reason you have to open all the aether currents that are on this map.

The process of playing all the way through MSQ until you reach the level quest “Fetters of Lament” should be enough to solve this.

This is also the home to a handful of Allagan remnants known as “Clockwork Bits”. These tiny drones flail around with glowing blue lights that can be hostile towards adventurers who are not aware of them So, be sure that you must keep you “Sneak” ability up while waiting for the node that is unspoiled to appear.

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Alternatives to collecting your own adamantite include:

  • Complete the levequests
  • Desynthesizing catfish
  • You can also have your retainers extract it for you.

From these choices mining the ore could be the most efficient method to farm it, whether it’s through you or your employees.

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Adamantite Ore FFXIV: Food from the Unspoiled

Adamantite Ore FFXIV: Food from the Unspoiled

Gathering nodes that are unspoiled differ from the ones typically found in the Eorzean outdoors due to two reasons.

The first thing to note is that they only show up at specific time of the day and you have to activate the feature “Truth of Mountains” activated.

A few spawn every day (Eorzea moment) while others appear two times a day.

Another feature that differentiates the nodes apart is the fact that when they collect information from them (or in the event that they are left unattended for a long time) they’ll vanish.

If this happens it will be necessary be patient until scheduled time to allow them to spawn again. © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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Adamantite Ore FFXIV: Relying on retainers

Remainders, like players, can be assigned to a particular class, except those that are classed as Disciples of Hand.

If you want your retainers to mine adamantite ore with you You must first make sure that their class is set to miner at a level of at least. Your retainer’s level will be set to the current level in that same course.

As the level 60 miners, retainers can be sent out in Mining Exploration Ventures to gather the adamantite ore that is specifically.

This venture takes about 60 minutes to complete, and could yield you up to 9 ore.

Achieving a higher retention rate can reduce the amount of duration of the task by as much as 20 minutes. Additionally, improving their perception can help them produce greater ore for each run.

Highland Exploration Venture XIX for retainers of 60 and higher could also create Adamantite ore.

But, they are not particularly efficient in the field of agriculture as they require an average of 18 hours to complete and the thing that’s returned is random.

These kinds of ventures are designed than just a way to increase the level of your retainers because they give lots of points of experience.

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Voyages operate the same way as retainer ventures, however instead of sending NPC assistance, Free Companies send out submersibles, airships and even aquatics.

The most popular destinations for adamantite ore can be found is in the Fringing Deep along with Zozonan’s North Isle of Zozonan.

Adamantite Ore FFXIV: Cutting up Catfish

Adamantite Ore FFXIV: Cutting up Catfish

Perhaps the most interesting method of obtaining adamantite mineral is by desynthesis.

The quest can be completed by completing the quest level 30 “Gone to Pieces” from Syntgoht in Ul’dah: Steps of Thal (X:14, the Y:10).

The fish you’re looking to catch is known as that of the Oven Catfish, the mythical fish that was found in the Lakes of lava that lie in Mourn located in the Dravanian Forelands (X:13, and Y:13).

To capture this species, known as the Oven Catfish, you would have to be an experienced Level 55 angler employing mooch as bait.

To de-synthesize the catfish, you’ll have to level your culinarian to minimum 30.

Levequest Luxuries

Level 58 tradecraft quests offer the possibility of distributing Adamantite ore for compensation.

These quests are offered by Eloin within his Foundation (X:10.2, Y:10.4).

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Below are a list of levequests that have a possibility of giving you adamantite ore:

  • Take a Look Before Leap (Armorer)
  • Men are Adamantite (L) (Armorer)
  • Negative Positive, They Are Meat Popsicles (L) (Blacksmith)
  • Patience, Young Grasshopper (L) (Armorer)
  • Piercing Eyes Need the best Piercing Shafts (L) (Blacksmith)
  • Sir! Dost You Even Have Heft (Armorer)
  • Blades to Plowshares (Blacksmith)
  • Mast Chance (Armorer) Mast Chance (Armorer)
  • It’s the Nightsoil Is Dark and Full of Terrors (L) (Blacksmith)
  • The Rose and the Riveter (L) (Armorer)
  • Through Thick and Thin (Blacksmith)
  • Winter Weather Conditions (Blacksmith)

Crafting using Adamantite

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Adamantite ore is used by blacksmiths and armorers to create Adamantite nuggets at the level 58.

To create one nugget you’ll require:

  • x5 adamantite ore
  • x1 darksteel ore
  • 5 crystals of ice (armorers) or five sparkle crystals (blacksmiths)

The adamantite nuggets are utilized for a variety of items that vary from household furnishings to armor, weapons, and other items.

One of the most notable pieces of armor made using adamantite nuggets is an armor piece called the Chivalric Coat of Fending, which I’ve seen a lot as a fashionable fashion item.

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