How Do You Get The Wind-up Anima Minion? (FFXIV): Everything You Need To Know

Anima Minion FFXIV

Anima Minion FFXIV. This Wind-Up Anima Minion can be obtained very rarely from the last coffer within the “Tower of Babil” Dungeon. It is an Level 83 Dungeon in the Endwalker expansion.


The dungeon has been unlocked an element of Main Story Quest “Gateway of the Gods”.

The best part is it’s irresistible and you don’t need to go further to locate it.

The problem lies in the fact that it is quite uncommon. It is necessary to queue up in line for Dungeon through Duty Finder and Party Finder or to use the Trust System.

In between and the Trust System, among them, the trust System might be the best chance of getting an Wind-up Anima. This is due to the fact that your NPC Party Members don’t roll to get loot.

If your Minion gets hit it, you’re almost guaranteed to receive it.

The disadvantage is that dungeons may take some time when using NPCs.

If you’re not able to find a group of close friends or FC friends who are willing to aid Trust System Trust System is a solid alternative.

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Anima Minion FFXIV: Powering Through the Tower of Babil

Anima Minion FFXIV: Powering Through the Tower of Babil

Fandaniel and Zenos’s army of Garleans who are enthralled are hard at work.

When you enter the ruinous Garlemald, you’re welcomed by this unattractive tower.

Unable to instantly determine what the purpose of this massive structure, here you go.

Similar to most Dungeons there are three bosses that you must take down in the quest to get your Minion.

Enjoy your train ride and get ready for battle by following these steps:

Anima Minion FFXIV: Barnabas

  • Ground and Pound – A line of AOE that is targeted at an unidentified player. The first will focus on Lugae as well as cause an electric rings to appear in the arena. Do not stand in the front of Barnabas or within the Ring.
  • Dynamic Pound The boss is positioned North and triggers the line to AOE that is polarized. Polarity. Anyone who holds the same polarity as the line will be pulled away, while the other being pulled into. Place the Line either in the middle or at an edge to prevent injury.
  • Shocking Force An Party stack AOE to reduce and heal as required.
  • Dynamic Scrapline – Barnabas performs a point-blank AOE yet again, this time with Polarity. You can place him close or far from the Boss to minimize injury.
  • Thundercall Thundercall Barnabas summons five AOEs that are circular. Do not stand in them.
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  • thermal suppression room-wide AOE (unavoidable) to reduce and repair as required.
  • Magitek Missile – Two players are hit (completely random) by AOEs. Then, they get out of the way.
  • Magitek Ray – The Boss will then turn around and shoot an AOE at an unidentified player.

Lugae is now performing an unidirectional mechanic, using the plates that are on the floor in the arena. They can be used to solve the issue.

  • Magitek Chakram Magitek Chakram Sawblades appear along the edge of the arena. It is necessary to walk on the Purple plate to obtain Minimum and avoid the AOE.
  • Downpour The arena begins to fill with water and players are struck with heavy and breathless. You have to get on the Green plate to gain Frog status and live.
  • Magitek Explosion 3 bombs fall in the arena. After they explode, they’ll trigger the formation of a cross-shaped AOE. Place yourself in a place in which there aren’t any bombs crossing.

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Eikon is the name of Eikons: Anima

  • Lunar Nail Nails fall into the arena and tie to one another. The areas that are tether-bound are likely to explode, so it is best to move into a block with no the tethers that surround it.
  • Phantom Pain – The Phantom Pain triggers The Lunar nails to burst.
  • Mega Graviton – Unavoidable room-wide AOE. Reduce and heal as needed.
  • Pater Patriae — A large line AOE across in the center of the stadium.
  • Ethereal Pull The player will be tied by one of the corners AOEs that are part of Mega Graviton. Transfer to the opposite edge to the area until the Tether’s shape changes in order to avoid injury.
  • Boundless pain Boundless Pain Anima draws players to the center, creating an ongoing AOE. Every second of the AOE is a source of damage, which rapidly increases. Get towards the edge of the arena while the AOE grows.
  • Imperatum players are dragged into the second Anima arena and it is where the Chaos Gauge fills up. Inability to defeat Anima there will trigger wipes, so hammer him.
  • Obliviating Claw Nails will sprout on the edge of the arena prior to when the line AOEs start to fire. The left-hand side Nails are the first to shoot, just run around these to stay clear of the next set.
  • Oblivion Casts after Anima defeats or Chaos Gauge fills. After that, you’ll be returned the arena you first entered. Relieve and treat as needed.
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After you’ve eliminated Anima then put your fingers in your pockets and get the coffer open.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find the size of a pint of Wind-up Anima, which you can complete your collection.

If not, you’ll need to repeat this procedure until he coughs it up.

Best of luck on your quest!

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