How Strong is Naruto Without Kurama ?


Naruto Uzumaki is ninja from the hidden village of konoha, hero of the great ninja war IV and current seventh hokage. He is one of the main major figures in the ninja world and his prowess has propelled him to the top.
To this end, he had a strength that has grown over the years and memorable techniques. Also, what makes him the most feared ninja in the universe is his possession of the nine-tailed fox demon.
However, the loss of the fox demon, kurama, following the fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki raises many questions. Especially, about Naruto’s strength without Kyubi. So how strong is naruto without kurama?
We will analyze this question more closely.

Naruto’s overall strength with kurama

We will first see here the abilities of naruto uzumaki as a host of kurama.


As kurama said to shukaku, it is the number of tails that determines the strength of the tailed semon. In this sense, we can well understand that Naruto used this great strength in many ways.

A large reserve of chakra

Naruto with Kurama has a huge amount of chakra and the largest reserve in the manga outside of otsutsuki.

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Naruto belongs to the Uzumaki clan, a clan known to be endowed with large chakra reserves at birth. For this purpose, they were commonly used as vessels for tailed beasts like the spirit of the nine-tailed fox.
Added to kurama, these reserves expand. Since kurama is a tailed beast, Kurama has huge reserves of powerful chakra. Said reserve which must be sealed last in the demonic statue of the Outer Way to avoid overloading it.
He can also accumulate a huge amount of chakra soon after depleting most of his own. And enough to be transmitted to all of the allied shinobi forces and to be felt abroad by nonsense.


Also, Naruto’s compatibility with Kurama’s chakra, any chakra he possesses is limited to his jinchūriki alone, unless it has been molded to fit the recipient’s unique chakra signature. When used by others, the chakra becomes dense enough to be seen as a visible shroud that can protect the jinchuriki. And that’s what we see with naruto following the signing of the pact.
Using his chakra, Kurama can envelop himself in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode to increase his power.

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physical strength


Naruto shows a high level of physical strength. During the Chūnin Exam, he stops a giant snake from Orochimaru using Kyūbi’s chakra. Thus, kurama aims to increase physical abilities during its progression. Because basically it never was.

the Coat of the Demon Fox


As nicknamed by Jiraiya, it is a dense form of chakra around the jinchūriki that is Naruto. The sheath, translucent red with chakra bubbles covering the entire length, provides a degree of physical protection. But can also harm the user if used to some extent. Also, it brings big physical changes to the host and remember that this is common to other jinchurkis.

Kyūbi’s Chakra Mode

Kyūbi’s Chakra Mode is a unique transformation granted to kurama’s jinchūriki.


First, Naruto’s use of Kurama’s chakra gives him speed, power and agility. His speed surpasses that the Fourth Raikage. His attacks are even more powerful and devastating. He can sense the negative energies, hatred and urge to kill. He could identify the White Zetsu among alliance shinobi thanks to this ability.

Naruto can then transform into a tailed animal by using the Tailed Beast Orb. He can then launch the Tailed Beast Orb. This is enough power to deflect five tailed animals together. Kurama’s incredible power. Naruto is now able to stand on Kurama’s skull, which is protected by a chakra shield. To grab onto Tailedtail’s neck, he can transform his tails into chakra arms.

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Kyūbi’s Chakra Mode + Senjutsu


Naruto can combine his Kurama Chakra Mode with Hermit Mode to further enhance his abilities with the power of senjutsu. For this purpose, his pupils become a combination of both forms. Namely, the vertical slats of the fox with the horizontal slats of the toad. Finally, Naruto finds that he can absorb natural energy faster than usual while in Kyūbi’s Chakra Mode.

Rikudō Hermit Mode


Rikudo Hermit Mode, a form that significantly increases Naruto’s ability to use Rikudo’s Senjutsu, is called Rikudo Hermit Mode. Hagoromo Oksutsuki offers this divine state to those with a strong will and the ability to never give up. Naruto’s eyes are made yellow by crossing the horizontal slats from the toad and the vertical slats on Naruto. His eyes are clear and there is no pigmentation. Thanks to Rikudo’s Chakra Senjutsu, Naruto can still enter Biju Mode.

baryon mode


It is about the nuclear fusion of the chakras of Naruto and Kurama to produce a new type of energy. The increase in chakra was large enough to shock both Isshiki Ōtsutsuki and Sasuke. The latter noting that it was a monstrous chakra. This mode greatly increases Naruto’s reflexes, speed, and power to such an extent that it even surpasses Isshiki’s abilities, allowing him to tear off the black rods of the Ōtsutsuki. As well as dodging and parrying its attacks effortlessly. But this mode can significantly reduce the life of the opponent.

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Naruto’s overall strength without kurama


Now let’s see what happens to a naruto without kurama.

Largest chakra pool

Naruto without kurama is four times the minimum chakra.


Although this is only an estimate. And as Kakashi said: Naruto with Kurama already has a large amount of chakra but his own mixes with Kurama’s and weakens him. While without Kurama he would have four times more chakra.
As a result, in terms of endurance, it will still be strong.

A more powerful hermit mode


Naruto having more chakra, if he manages to knead it, he will be able to last longer in hermit mode and improve the abilities that this mode offers him.
If we make a theory, it is possible for him to now use Shima to make his hermit mode more powerful. Because when he had tried the fusion with Fukasaku and Shima, Kyubi had rejected them but Kyubi not being present anymore, this fusion should be possible.

More resistant but less powerful techniques.


With four times the minimum chakra, Naruto would be able to multi-clone with more clones. As seen when he confronted Kyubi to take his Force Chakra (Kyubi’s Chakra Mode 1).
To all this, can be added the power of the hermit mode, therefore rasengan. Thus they become larger therefore having a greater impact. But are they more powerful? we doubt it

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Naruto with Kurama was able to 80% destroy a continent, 100% he and Kyubi die. But now that he no longer has Kyubi, he’s seriously diminished and would barely be able to destroy Konoha. encounter(Code, Eida, Daemon etc…) will become a serious problem. Because he will not be able to inflict considerable damage on them.

Inability to regenerate


In the manga like the anime Naruto or Boruto, Naruto never needed to worry about the injuries inflicted on him. And it never affected his abilities from a young age thanks to Kurama.
As a result, Naruto no longer having Kurama, he will find himself exposed to the same dangers as any ninja, not having the habit of worrying about injuries. This could work against him in the event of a fight to the death.

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In conclusion, we will remember that although having a panel of techniques still interesting, the loss of Kurama greatly weakened Naruto at all levels. We achieve an improvement with possible training but for the moment, this leaves a veil of uncertainty on the next fights of our hero.

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