How Strong Is Shang Chi ?

Shang Chi

Shang-Chi introduced the power set of the titular character in the Legend of the Ten Rings. Here’s how it compares to some of the Avengers from the MCU.

Shang Chi

Shang-Chi, the latest superhero to join Marvel Cinematic Universe — this is how his power compares to the Avengers. Shang-Chi’s MCU debut was in ShangChi and the Legend of the Ten Rings where he eventually claimed the power of the Ten Rings from the father he had lost. Shang-Chi, who had been trained as a fighter since birth, was quite powerful before being gifted with the magical bracelets.

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Although Shang-Chi might have been a valet, he displayed his Kung Fu skills early in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He was able, on his own, to eliminate a group assassins (and even while in a moving bus). He was a martial artist from his youth, including Wing Chun and Bajiquan. He could also assassinate targets and had a lot of energy. His mother passed on his mystical abilities to him, which eventually led to him connecting with the Great Protector, who boosted his strength, agility, and intelligence. Shang-Chi has the Ten Rings and is now more powerful than ever. He could easily surpass even the most formidable Avengers.

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Shang Chi

Shang-Chi’s Kung Fu skills are all that distinguish him from Black Widow . She had superior combat and tactical skills which allowed her to take down assailants while quietly killing people as an assassin. Shang-Chi’s training is far superior to that of Black Widow’s Red Room instruction. This didn’t include the magical. Shang-Chi has the Ten Rings power, which gives him super strength, advanced reflexes and energy manipulation, as well as longevity and life expectancy. While he’s more powerful than Iron Man or Hawkeye, he doesn’t possess any supernatural abilities that enhance his archery skills. Captain America is one the most powerful Avengers. However, his abilities won’t be able to beat Shang-Chi’s long-term. Cap is more of an archer and traditional combatant while Shang Chi has other skills.

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Shang-Chi’s connections with the mystical side puts him on par to Doctor Strange’s powers. However, his ability to tap into Ten Rings’ power and the vital energy his mother gives him the potential for greater strength than the Master of The Mystic Arts. There is definitely some competition. ShangChi and the Legend of the Ten Rings hint that there’s much more to the Ten Rings then what was presented in the movie. The Ten Rings are so old that Wong’s archives did not contain any information about their origin. This means that there is still a lot to be discovered about their power and what Shang Chi can do while wearing them.

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Shang Chi

Shang-Chi currently holds the Ten Rings and has extensive training in martial arts. He is also in the same league with the elite superheroes, namely those with superhuman and cosmic powers. This is impressive, considering Shang-Chi has just become a superhero. However, he has had years of training to improve his skills so that even without the Ten Rings, it would be a formidable fighter. Although he hasn’t yet worked with the Avengers, there is potential for him to showcase his abilities and skills alongside the best superheroes after the end of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.


Shang Chi POWER

Ten Rings Empowerment: Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings give him a range of powers including superhuman strength and durability as well as the ability to manipulate the Rings. Shang-Chi is able to fire the Ten Rings and move them about as modes of transportation.

  • Superhuman Strength : Shang-Chi’s superhuman strength is increased when he wears the Ten Rings.
  • Superhuman Durability : The Ten Rings protect Shang-Chi against attacks that could seriously injure, or even kill, a normal person. 
  • Superhuman stamina: Shang Chi’s stamina increases when he wears the Ten Rings. He is able to work for long periods without feeling tired or fatigued. 
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Shang Chi POWER
  • Flight Shang-Chi is able to fly and levitate with the Ten Rings.
  • Transformation. When Shang-Chi took on the Ten Rings’ power, he was able to look like Zheng Zu. He inherited his father’s robe, glowing red eyes, and a robe. Shang-Chi’s personality is akin to Zu’s and he becomes more violent and bloodthirsty when using the Rings. Shang-Chi is able to overcome the influence of his father without reducing the power and effectiveness of the Ten Rings.

Psionic Abilities : Shang-Chi was the son of the Qilin Rider Jiang Li. This gave him the ability to communicate with his relatives mentally. Shang-Chi has the ability to feel and sense the pain of anyone to whom he is mentally connected.

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Master martial artist: Shangchi is one of the most renowned martial artists on Earth. He has been trained since childhood to be the ultimate warrior. Shang Chi is proficient in many martial arts, with a specialization in Chinese martial arts. He has been seen defeating superhumans and multiple skilled opponents simultaneously. He has been shown defeating multiple highly skilled opponents simultaneously as well as superhumans.

  • Chi Manipulation: Shang-Chi has shown the ability to manipulate his own emotions chi (qi) For many purposes.
    • Chi-Enhanced Strength ShangChi is able to use his chi to strike with an inhuman force, breaking down barriers like brick, concrete, and iron
    • Chi-Enhanced Durability. ShangChi is able to use his chi almost to a human level to resist physical impacts and to ease any form of pain or discomfort.
    • Chi Detection. ShangChi is in tune to all living things’ chi, and was able to sense Jean Grey’s energy to detect her psionically disguised.
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Skilled Gymnast It has been demonstrated that he is very proficient in gymnastics. 

Peak Physical Conditioning. Shang has worked hard to develop the best strength, speed and stamina a human can achieve without artificial enhancements. This includes the ability to withstand even the most intense physical training, and to react quickly enough to avoid gunfire and catch any weapons that are thrown at him by his enemies. 

Skilled Marksman Shang can throw ranged weapons like shuriken (throwing star) with pinpoint accuracy.


Weapons Proficiency. Shang has a high level of proficiency with all forms of martial arts weaponry, including the Chinese double-edged sword (jian), butterfly blades, staves and both single nunchaku and double nunchaku. He also uses makeshift weapons, such as metal pipes and tree trunks.

Nervous system Control: Shang is able to control his nervous systems. This allows him to stop physical pain, resist poisonings and drugs, slow down the spread of toxins, and even slow down the rate of his bleeding. 

Pressure Point Locator He is able to locate pressure points in a person’s body and incapacitate, paralyze or severely injure them or even kill them. 

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Espionage Although not as prominently discussed in recent appearances Shang has been trained during his time at MI-6 and is well-versed in many espionage techniques and methods. 

Philosopher Shang Chi is an expert in Eastern philosophy.

Patient Fisher: Shangchi is a highly skilled fisherman. 

Multilingual Shang-Chi can speak many languages, including English, Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as ancient Mandarin. Shang-Chi is also fluent in French. 

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