Is Genos Dead In One Punch Man Chapter 166 & 167? : All informations

Is Genos Dead In One Punch Man Chapter 166 & 167?

One Punch Man continues to whack us with thrilling plots (literally). Because of One Punch Man being one of those manga series that is renowned that are known for their crazy plots, it should be considered second-nature. Mangaka Yusuke Murata is leading us on a wild rollercoaster adventure. In the latest chapter, we witness Genos losing to the powerful Garou. We are left with this question : Is Genos dead? In a sense, Genos was killed by Garou but there’s an enormous doubt if the authors decide to keep it this way.

The One-Punch Manga is in an unpredictability stage, in which anything can happen. It’s like being hit by Saitama himself.

Who is Genos?

Who is Genos?

Before we begin this article. Let’s take a look at the person Genos is. He is a 19-year-old Cyborg who is Saitama’s adored pupil. Genos is a young cyborg who strives to be a good citizen while seeking to enhance his authority. Genos is currently the SClass Rank 14 cyborg. Class rank 14 and is known under the name of Demon Cyborg in the Hero Association. They share a special bond, and he’s extremely guardian of Saitama.

Demon Cyborg Genos Origins

Demon Cyborg Genos Origins

In the year 2004 when Genos was a fifteen-year-old old human Genos was a teenager, a cyborg attacked his home town and destroyed everything around including his parents, but Genos managed to survive.

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Fortunately the doctor. Kuseno was walking by and spotted Genos in a bad situation. Genos asked the Dr. Kuseno to transform him into a cyborg . He assured him that he would discover the cyborg responsible for his town’s destruction and then take revenge.

Since the time of Genos’ birth, Genos as well as the doctor Dr. Kuseno have been very close. Thanks to Dr. Kuseno’s expertise, Genos received unparalleled strength and power thanks to his new cyborg body as well as various modifications.

Explaining How Genos Is STILL ALIVE | Garou Hasn’t Killed Yet | One Punch Man Chapter 166 Analysis By Anime Anxiety

One-Punch Man Chapter 165 Recap

One-Punch Man Chapter 165 Recap

It was finally the time to fight the long-awaited fightthe long-awaited battle Saitama Vs Garou. Who could have imagined that Garou could transform into an indestructible creature. The fans witnessed the impossible i.e. Garou’s punch to Saitama. 

Garou is even able to achieve Saitama’s Continuous Normal Punches. At this point Garou has reached the next level, making use of Garou’s Gamma Ray Burst attack (surpassing Boros). Chapter 165 also featured the battle with Garou with Garou and the S heros of the class. It also shed the light on Garou’s new appearance known as Cosmic Garou.

Chapter 166: Is Genos dead?

Saitama Reaction To Genos Death Fan Animation By Alain Bowe

To unleash Saitama’s full power, Garou reaches out to take Genos up, and then pulls his core away, and kills him right there. We don’t know whether he’s actually dead or it’s possible to bring him back to life, as it was a Cyborg.

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Did Garou Kill Genos?

Chapter 166 & 167 Review : Is Genos dead?
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Garou recently got a boost that gave him a ferocious attack which was not previously seen during the film One Punch Man. Garou also been granted God’s power and elevated him at the top of the list of formidable opponents that Saitama or Genos have ever faced.

Blast even admitted to Garou that his power have gotten out of control that he might end the world with just one strike, not to mention the fact that he’s increasing radiation at a rapid enough rate to cause harm or kill human beings in the end.

The power of Genos is you can even go about attacking portions of Genos because Genos has the power of a computer,, he is able to repair damaged components and keep running. Genos appears to not be a threat to Garou at all therefore his return won’t be able to frighten Garou’s soul.

Did Garou Kill Genos?

A classic seinen ploy typically includes a character such as Genos returning stronger following his defeat , and gaining knowledge from the experience , only to defeat Garou however, the apparent demise of Garou is likely to cause this storyline to be difficult to achieve.

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For instance, previous fights between Genos as well as Genos and the Deep Sea King saw Genos severely injured. However the fact that Kuseno sensei managed to restore Genos due to the in place connection between Genos’ brain and Genos brain.

Did Garou Kill Genos?

Prior to the death by Garou, Genos was also engaged in a major battle in Genos was also involved in a massive fight with the Monster Association which saw Genos lose all of his legs.

Many may be asking the reason Genos chose to fight, but the reason is due to the fact that Genos is among the few characters who can endure the radiation from Garou.

Did Garou Kill Genos?

Genos also lost a portion of his brain during the battle, meaning that it’s not just that the connection cut between the brain and the core and the brain is also damaged. This could suggest that Kuseno sensei may have an alternate source to restore Genos from, however because of the damage to his brain, it is possible that Genos will not be exactly the same.

It is possible that Kuseno may have various other methods not yet disclosed that could help bring Genos back, if he’s in fact dead, given that repair techniques in the past and the capabilities of Kuseno sensei haven’t been revealed as of yet.

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Is Genos Dead in the Webcomic?

Is Genos Dead in the Webcomic?

One Punch Man manga is drawn by One Punch Man manga is drawn by the mentioned Yusuke Murata. It differs than the first webcomic that was created and written by ONE.

It is crucial to remember that there have significant changes made from the webcomic to manga, including the fight in which Genos appears to have died.

Saitama and Garou initially fought, and they ended the battle later than in the manga. Garou did not get the power-up. The webcomic is significantly more developed than the manga and Genos is an important character in The One Punch Man arc.

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