Isagi Vs Nagi Blue Lock : Who Would Win ?

Isagi Vs Nagi

In Blue Lock, Nagi is a far better player than Isagi, right? That’s exactly what we will discuss today. It’s Isagi vs Nagi time…

Isagi challenged Nagi shortly after his introduction. The challenge that began as friendship has evolved into rivalry and friendship. Here we are comparing them.

Let’s start with a brief introduction. Now let’s get into the debate about which one is better.

Is Nagi A Prodigy?

Is Nagi A Prodigy?

Yes, Nagi is a prodigy at football. Reo, who unconsciously saw his potential and convinced him to consider football, was the reason. Reo was looking for someone to play football with when he met Nagi.

Nagi outperformed Reo, despite him playing football since childhood. That’s also how prodigies in real life are!

Is Nagi A Prodigy? Blue Lock

How can we forget the most well-known manga cliche? A highly intelligent or polished character can be insanely lazy. Nagi is an example of this. As the chapters progress, Nagi slowly takes an interest in football.

This was possible because Isagi’s determination to win every match.

Isagi vs Nagi

Isagi vs Nagi Blue Lock

It’s now time to choose who is better! I could give a more diplomatic answer and say that “both of them” is a good answer, but that would be an insult to you and all things related to the series.

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There is no one person who can do the same thing in any sport. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for skills or any other aspect of the sport!

We read in the previous section that Nagi is a prodigy. But even prodigy is not impossible. Hard work can surpass it, and that’s exactly what Isagi is. Isagi, the classic manga protagonist, has nothing to offer but to “hardwork” and earn all the rewards.

In short, we have prodigy (Nagi) and hard work (Isagi).Isagi Meeting Nagi First Time

Isagi vs Nagi Blue Lock

At the time I write this post, Nagi was WAY ahead Isagi in terms skills. This makes Isagi “Dark Horse” and Nagi the “Best.”

Each character in the manga has a unique skill. Nagi is able to control the ball and pass it with great accuracy. Other characters like Bachira have incredible dribble skills. What is Isagi’s talent? You shouldn’t think that Isagi is “talentless.”

Isagi vs Nagi

Isagi’s greatest ability is “Adaptation.” This is why he is the Dark Horse in the series. This is the thing we lack if we can see it in our own lives. Adaptability.

I believe that Isagi will quickly adapt to surpass Nagi, even though Nagi is the superior player at the moment.

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Conclusion About Isachi Yoichi And Seishirou Nagi

Isagi is more skilled and technically proficient than Nagi at the moment. He is also less brute than Isagi. You’ll quickly see that Nagi uses his “ultimate strength” only when absolutely necessary.

We’ll be watching to see if Nagi’s growth continues or if it gets exponentially faster, as he is a football prodigy.

Nagi badass

What is your opinion? It’s not surprising that the mangaka would try to portray Nagi the secret character who wins Blue Lock. However, it’s not something I can see happening right now!

Isagi vs Nagi Who is the better striker?

Nagi is better than Isagi as a striker. However, Nagi is a better striker than Isagi and has a greater control of football.

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