Rensuke Kunigami Blue Lock : Everything You Need To Know

Rensuke Kunigami Blue Lock

Rensuke Kunigami Blue Lock (Manga) is a main support character.

He is a fiery forward whose main goal is to be the best striker in the World and, in turn, a football super hero. Blue Lock was his first home. He was part of Team Z in the First Selection.

He was #50 among the 300 forwards who were selected to participate in the Blue Lock Project. However, he was eventually eliminated from Blue Lock after the final games of Second Selection By Ryusei Shidou. Instead of leaving Blue Lock, he entered a mysterious “Wild Card”, door that was available to him. Kunigami returned to the “Wild Card”, after the U-20 match was over.

Appearance Rensuke Kunigami

Appearance Rensuke Kunigami

Kunigami, a tall, fair-skinned high schooler, has bright, spiky orange locks that are styled in an undercut and auburn eyes. Rensuke Kunigami appears very muscular with broad shoulders. Also, Kunigami wore the standard-issued bodysuit (black with gray stripes) at Blue Lock. He also wore a tracksuit. Kunigami wore Team Z’s #9 blue jersey, and Team Z’s gray-capped boots during the First Selection. He wore Team Red’s #50 shirt during Second Selection.

Kunigami’s hair is more full after the U-20 match. He looks more serious and gloomy overall.

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Personality Kunigami Blue Lock

Personality Kunigami Blue Lock

Kunigami is a person of great morality. Kunigami can be serious about his football career, training, life, and lifestyle, but he also knows when to have fun and relax. Although he is calm and passionate about football, he can also be rational and cautious at times. However, a stubborn Raichi can sometimes be his partner. Kunigami is a big brother who doesn’t let people or players play unfairly get his way. He can be serious most of his life, but he can also be grateful for praises from others.

Kunigami’s outlook and method of doing things changed after meeting Ryusei Shidou. Kunigami’s moral and righteous approach to playing was overpowered by an aggressive and instinctual style of play. He left Blue Lock asking Shidou what he meant when he walked out of Blue Lock. Kunigami has a new way of playing football and is determined to keep his dominance. Kunigami has not spoken to anyone else in the stratum and barely speaks a word to Isagi.

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Abilities Kunigami Rensuke in Blue Lock



Clinical Finisher

 Clinical finishers specialize in accurate shooting. They have a “clinical” ability to place the ball precisely where it will be beaten by the goalkeeper and they require few chances to score a goal. Their high goal-to-shot ratio can help you identify them. They are usually centre forwards, but can be identified by their high goal to shots ratio .

Kunigami is a left-footed, high-powered striker. Kunigami tied for the top scorer on Team Z in the First Selection. This was only because a teammate cheated to make their goals match. He is a natural goal scorer if he’s not marked. Kunigami’s physical ability has increased since his second selection in Second Selection. Kunigami was ranked in the top three players of the entire stratum, despite the fact that he struggled to match the Germany U-20 players.

Physical Statistics

Physical ability5/5

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Finesse shot: Kunigami’s power shot from his left leg is near perfect. He uses this to score powerful shots at a distance of 28 meters.

  • Knuckle Shot Kunigami shoots from almost 40m away from the net with such force that the ball spins and the shot curves.
  • Mid Range Power Shot: Kunigami can push past two defenders while in possession of the ball. This allows him to create space for himself, and shoot a high-powered shot with his right leg, his non-dominant, almost scoring an effortless shot.
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Rensuke Blue Lock

Superior Physicality. Kunigami, one of few Blue Lock forwards with a strong and muscular physique, uses this advantage to drive the ball down the field and mark players to defend. Kunigmai has improved his ability to leverage his physique since his return from “Wild Card”, and he is now a regular player on Bastard Munchen for Neo Egoist League. He traps the ball midair between two defenders, pushing past them while keeping them back, so that he can set up his shot. Kunigami has better control over his center and upper body reflexes.

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