Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer : Everything You Need To Know

kagaya ubuyashi demon slayer

Kagaya Ubuyashiki, a key supporting character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. He is the 97th leader in the Demon Slayer Corps, known by his peers as Oyakata–sama. He is also the head Ubuyashiki Family.

Appearance Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer

Appearance Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer

Kagaya is a light-skinned man with long black hair. Kagaya has a curse mark on his skin that slowly kills him. This curse makes his skin look rotten and covers his eyes, making it difficult for him to see. By the time he died, this curse had spread throughout his body making it nearly impossible to move. Muzan at Kagaya described his death as having the smile like a Buddha.

He often wears a black Kimono over a white one with a long white haori and a pink flame-like pattern. This starts at the furi in his calves and ends at the fuki in his hem.

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Personality Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer

Personality Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer

Kagaya is calm and shows genuine concern for the Demon Slayers. Kagaya is able to take criticism well and is open about his flaws. One of his weaknesses is his inability as a Demon Slayer, despite being their leader. To make up, he keeps a record of every member of the corps. He visits their cemetery daily until he can no longer move because of the curse.

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Although he might seem gentle, he is thoughtful and gives consideration to reason. This was evident when he accepted the situation of Tanjiro, and Nezuko via a letter from Sakonji Uokodaki and even defended their cause when others thought differently. 

Personality Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer

Although his style is fluid and easy to understand, he uses words and intonations so that the listener will pay attention. His charismatic and tactful speech can even make Muichiro Tokito, an initially passive person, and Sanemi Shinazugawa, an impulsive person listen without saying anything that could rile them.

Kagaya’s cursed family makes him strict towards his own children. However, he still displays the same gentle demeanor and aura towards them.

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Kagaya was just 4 years old when he became the leader the Demon Slayer Corps. Also, Kagaya met Amane for the first time when he was just 13 years old. 

He selected her to marry him because he needed her to take care of his medical issues. However, he was only willing to marry her if she took care of him free will.

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Abilities Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer


Kagaya and the Ubuyashiki families have a high level of foresight which helps them avoid disasters and has helped them accumulate a lot of wealth and fortune. Kagaya was able to accurately predict many things without knowing the facts. He correctly predicted that Muzan’s last weakness would be the sun, and that he would not be killed by decapitation.

Soothing Voice:

Kagaya has the ability to make others feel at ease by his tone of voice and the rhythm of his actions, as he did with Tanjiro Kamado or even the blood-lusty Hashira. This attribute, known as 1/F Fluctuation in modern times, is described as being possessed by charismatic people who have the power of presence to move large audiences.

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