Hashira Demon Slayer : Everything You Need To Know

hashira demon slayer

The Demon Slayer Corps’ highest ranking combatants are the Hashira. They are the most powerful and elite warriors in the Demon Slayer Corps and play a crucial role in the fight against Muzan Kibutsuji.

Overview Hashira Demon Slayer

Overview Hashira Demon Slayer

The nine most powerful members and combatants of the Demon Slayer Corps are the Hashira. They are often considered the best swordsmen among all Demon Slayers and protect them from more serious threats than any other Demon Slayer. Their existence is essential to the survival of the entire organization.

Due to their immense strength, the Hashira are second only to Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the Corps leader, and then Kiriya Ubuyashiki.

Overview Hashira Demon Slayer

Each Hashira is assigned a region to patrol. This is usually done to collect information about demons in the area or to improve their swordsmanship. If they are unable or unwilling to finish the mission, they are deployed.

Each Hashira has a unique and distinctive Breathing Style. Some of these styles are even their own creations. Hashira are swordsmen who can use both the Flame Breathing or Water Breathing.

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How Join Hashira in Demon Slayer

How Join Hashira in Demon Slayer

A Demon Slayer must be one of the most powerful combatants in the entire Demon Slayer Corps to be eligible for membership in the Hashira. Two methods can be used to prove one’s worthiness to become a Hashira. The first is to kill at least 50 demons or to kill a member from the Twelve Kizuki.

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This is known as the Kinoe-ranked Demon Slayer. The second and final method is to become a Tsuguko for a Hashira. This requires a lot of talent and takes effect only when the Hashira dies.

Although it takes almost five years of training to master either one of these techniques, those who are truly talented may only need two to three years.

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How Find Hashira Successors in Demon Slayer

How Find Hashira Successors in Demon Slayer

Sometimes, a Demon Slayer with exceptional talent can be designated to succeed one of the Hashira. This is known as a Tsuguko. A Demon Slayer can apply to become a Tsuguko by either being accepted or being scouted and scouted in the current Hashira.

Hashira Demon Slayer Training

Hashira Demon Slayer Training

The Hashira Training, a training session that is conducted by the Hashira for a number of lower-ranking Demon Slayers, is a special one. Hashira Training aims to improve the physical capabilities and health of all Demon Slayers, giving them a better chance at winning the war against the demons.

Each Hashira supervises a part of the training program. The training programs include: flexibility training, basic stamina, quick movement training and sword skill training.

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Hashira Training can be very strenuous. Most Demon Slayers see it as an endless trip to hell. A few exceptions, however, see it as a chance for improvement.

Hashira Demon Slayer training

In general, Hashira must participate in each other’s training sessions. Both the Demon Slayers and Hashira can benefit from this win-win situation. Even Hashira are able to learn more by being continuously attacked by juniors who rank lower than them.

This training method proved to be extremely effective in the Infinity Castle Arc, where most Demon Slayers were capable of effectively killing Lower Rank-level demons without regard to their rank.

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Hashira Demon Slayer Ranking

Hashira Demon Slayer Ranking

These pillars are always looking for a successor to pass on their skills to. This tradition is kept alive throughout history to ensure that the Demon Slayer Corps has strong fighters through the years. A Demon Slayer must defeat at least one of the Twelve Demon Moons and defeat 50 demons to become a Hashira. This is done while going through intense training, which can take up to five years for a normal person.



Mitsuri is currently the ‘Pillar of Love in the Demon Slayer World. She is known for her unique breathing technique and has been able to defeat many demon slayers. Mitsuri is very passionate and soft-spoken. She often thinks positive thoughts about others. 

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Mitsuri, despite her title of love does not hesitate when confronted with a demon. She flips a switch, and she becomes more deadly. Also, She is desperate to find a husband, but so far has failed. She is a unique combatant, with skin that is much denser than the average human. Her power also increases exponentially when she uses her Demon Slayer Mark.

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Kanae, the former Flower Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps and the sister to Shinobu Kocho, was also the Insect Pillar. In Addition Kanae, a Demon Slayer who was mentally stable, always had a beautiful smile. She is a loving, caring girl who always takes care of her adopted sisters, Shinobu (adoptive). 

Kanae hopes that humanity will be able to live peacefully with demons and humans in the future. This is despite their history of bloodshed. Kanae is not often seen fighting in the series but her place as a Pillars member is testament to her abilities.

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Jigoro, Zenitsu’s master, is also the former Roaring Pillar. His strength has significantly diminished over time as he is an older man. He is still a master of the secrets of demon slaying and has a lot of knowledge that he can share with the next generation. 

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Jigoro is a dedicated master who strives to pass his knowledge to Zenitsu. He believes that he must prepare the next generation for the challenge of Muzan Kibutsuji’s Demon Slayer experience. Jigoro was a master of lightning breathing and died from injuries and old age.

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Even among the emotionally unstable Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu is an oddball. Shinobu was the Insect Pillar of Demon Slayer Corps’s former Insect Pillar and was also the sister of Kanae Kucho, the fallen. Shinobu was not like other Demon Slayers.

Her lack of strength meant she couldn’t cut the heads demons to defeat them. She developed a fighting style that relied heavily on thrusting and piercing to compensate. This is how she injects poisons into her enemies. They often die in confussion. Her incredible medical knowledge was also a great help to the corp.

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Muichiro Tokito was the former Mist Pillar for the Demon Slayer Corps. He has been a valuable member of the Demon Slayer Corps. Also, He relies solely on logic to complete his missions. He strongly believes emotions shouldn’t play any part in Demon Slaying. 

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Although Muichiro is logical, he can sometimes act in an illogical way. He wanders off on his own, or gets lost in his own thoughts. These quirks aside, Muichiro is still a skilled fighter against demons. After awakening his Demon Slayer mark, Muichiro was strong and able to defeat an upper moon.

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Obanai, a man of strict standards, is the current Snake Pillar and adheres to the rules set forth by the Demon Slayer Corps. In addition, Obanai is known for publicly criticizing and chastising those who don’t follow the rules of Demon Slayer Corps. He encourages his compatriots to give up their lives for Demon Slayer Corps. He believes it is their duty. Obanai, despite his cruel ways has been kind to Mitsuri and Kagaya. Obanai’s snake-breathing style makes him dangerously dangerous because he can mimic the snake’s slithery tactics.



Uzui Tengen, a former Sound Pillar has retired from official service after suffering severe injury during a battle against a member the Upper Demon ranks. Tengen is a flamboyant character who is always up for something new.  Also,Tengen’s rank as a former Pillar is a testament to his strength. However, his leadership skills were a huge asset during his active service years. He is now retired, and he has a few wives. However, he continues to work hard to support the Demon Slayers in fulfilling their missions. He is a formidable foe to the strongest demons thanks to his sound breathing techniques.

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Rengoku Demon SLayer

The most recent Flame Pillar was Kyojuro. Before he died in battle, he was well-known as a Hashira with incredible potential. His parents raised Kyojuro well and taught him to always protect the weak. 

He was known for his cheerfulness in carrying out his duties as a Pillar, and was always ready and able to help those in need. His most bizarre trails sometimes leaked out, but his dedication and strength meant that no one really noticed his eccentricities. He was a master of his breathing technique and made it a formidable weapon.

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Sankonji, the former Water Pillar master and master of the Tomioka & Tanjiro, is Sankonji. He was one of the Demon Slayers’ first to be discovered. Sakonji is a master swordsman and has a lot of knowledge and experience to share. He is often a mentor for Demon Slayers. 

Also, He has a remarkable sense of smell, which is often a huge help in battle. 

Finally, he is responsible for the transmission of water breathing techniques, which have saved Tomioka and Tanjiro on many occasions. He is an elderly man, but he still has a lot of power.

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Sanemi, the older brother to Genya Shinazugawa is the current Wind Pillar for the Demon Slayer Corps. He is known for being stubborn, quick to anger, and difficult to please. Shinazugawa is extremely distrusting of demons because of trauma he has suffered. He has a deep hatred for demons after losing a lot of his family to them.

Also, He refuses to believe that the two factions can ever live peacefully. Sanemi is able to attract even the most powerful demons with his rare blood type. He often executes them by using this method to lure them in. His combination of wind breathing and Demon Slayer mark has made him one of the most promising Demon Slayers.

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Giyu is a Sakonji Urokodaki disciple, having learned water breathing techniques from the master swordsman. He used these skills to show his strength, and was granted the position of Water Pillar. Giyu has made great strides in learning these techniques.

He often overwhelms any demons that he encounters. Giyu is often reserved because he struggles to express himself. However, he is kind and sincere. His Demon Slayer Mark significantly increases his fighting power and, over time, might make him one of the strongest Demon Slayers in history.

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Kagaya Ubuyashiki recruited Gyomei to the Hashira ranks. He is now considered the strongest current Hashira. Gyomei lived as a normal blind man for a large part of his life until a demon attacked him in the temple. He then had to live with orphan children. The demon entered the temple and murdered several children who were there. Gyomei became angry at this loss and took the offensive.

This is when he discovered that he was surprisingly strong. The strength and effectiveness of Gyomei’s stone breathing technique has been recognized by even the most powerful demons. His Demon Slayer Mark, his physical strength, and this technique combine to make the most powerful Demon Slayers.

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