My Hero Academia Arcs : How To Watch My Hero Academia in order ?

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My Hero Academia or (僕 の ヒ ー ロ ー ア カ デ ミ ア) or (Boku no Hīrō Akademia) is a Shônen type manga and genre (s): Nekketsu, action, science, fantasy, superheroes. Kōhei Horikoshi is both the writer and the designer of this work. July 7, 2014, is the day that the manga has its first release. So a great succes accompanies there with today more than 50 million specimens in the world. In addition, with the animation released on April 3, 2016, the success of the manga is even greater. In addition, the article written will serve as a summary of My Hero Academia arcs. Hope you enjoy this article!

My Hero Academia Arcs : How To Watch My Hero Academia in order ?
My Hero Academia arcs

I/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: ENTRY EXAMINATION (chapter 1 to 4 of the manga & episode 1 to 4 of the anime)

This is the first of the My Hero Academia arcs, we are in the presence of a world where 80% of the world population has superpowers called “Alters”. It is in this context that a young boy named izuku midoriya dreams of becoming a superhero like his idol. Given such a society where superpowers are the currency, becoming a hero is not impossible. But Izuku’s dream is unrealizable because he is unfortunately part of the 20% of the world population who has not possessed alter and this since his birth. However, this situation is likely to change very quickly.

The meeting with All might

I/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: ENTRY EXAMINATION (chapter 1 to 4 of the manga & episode 1 to 4 of the anime)
All Might saves izuku

One Day, the number 1 of the heroes defeats a villain by the name of : “le Gluant“. Given his defeat, the villain fled through the sewers with stolen money then He met Izuku and decided to attack. But the surprise is great because it’s All Might who comes to the rescue with his famous attack “the Texas Smash”. Subsequently All Might discovers that Izuku admires since his childhood and wants to become a hero as strong as him but that unfortunately he has no Quirks. That’s when All Might asks him to drop the idea of ​​becoming a hero and focus on a more achievable dream.

Katsuki Rescue

Katsuki Rescue mha arcs
Izuku trying to save bakugo

Izuku runs towards his house, however he sees the same villain attacking his childhood friend and executioner: KATSUKI BAKUGO. Indeed, the sticky seeks to seize the body of Bakugo in order to be able to use his Quirk to take revenge on All Might. Bakugo’s Quirk consisting in creating explosions with the sweat emitted by his hands. On the other hand, professional heroes can’t do anything about this atrocious scène. That’s when Izuku ran to save his friend by throwing his schoolbag. Thus Bakugo could breathe a little, then All Might came to slay the villain again for good.

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Birth of a new hero

Birth of a new hero mha arcs
Izuku training

With Katsuki’s rescue over, All Might asks Izuku to follow him. It was then that he confessed to having been fascinated by Izuku’s gesture towards his friend, an act that he describes as that of a “real hero”! He also offered to impart his power called “One For All” to izuku. One For All is about transmitting your power from one person to another in order to make it more powerful. All Might seriously injured since his confrontation with a villain from which he now has a frail and puny appearance concealed by the use of a One For All. Nonetheless note that as it is, passing One For All to Izuku would destroy his body as he could not stand it.

So All Might then decides to undergo an intensive 10 month training to Izuku named “American Dream” so that his body is ready during the transmission of One For All. After the 10 months of training are over, All Might decides to explain to Izuku how to get the One For All. At the time, Izuku shocked but he accept and this is how One For All comes to him.

The entrance exam

The entrance exam mha arcs
Izuku discovers Yuei

Some time later came the entrance exam to Yuei (UA), the most prestigious hero training school in Japan! And Izuku decides to join. The UA exam divides into two parts: THE WRITTEN EXAM AND THE PRACTICAL EXAM.

The second is obviously the more difficult of the two. Indeed, the exam candidates face robots in an urban combat simulation. The principle is to immobilize the naughty robots in order to score points and that in ten minutes depending on the value of the robot’s points! The more points you score, the more chance you have to succed. Candidates don’t fight during the simulation, those who do will be disqualified. In order to avoid any possible cooperation, pupils coming from the same middle school are placed in different zones. In addition to score “villain points”, judges monitor reward points for heroic acts, however, this criterion is unknown to candidates so that it is motivated only by their altruism and not by the scoring bait in addition.

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Conduct of the examination

Conduct of the examination my hero academia arcs
Robot simulation

Each villainous robot is worth a certain number of points depending on their difficulty level.

  • 1point: Easy robots
  • 2 points: Intermediate (or medium) robots
  • 3points: Difficult robots
  • 0 point: Arena trap

Moreover, arena traps are massive robots scattered around city aftershocks in order to trap and eliminate people to get high scores. They are not meant to be fought, which is why they are not worth any points. As the time for the practical test draws to a close, students at Yuei’s faculty use the “Yakuri Switch” to free the giant robots worth no points. Their objective was to see how the students would react to a desperate situation created by the giant robots, the occasion for some candidates to really shine.

This is how the situation quickly becomes unmanageable but izuku shows his heroic nature by saving OCHACO URARAKA from a giant robot in a single shot. Finally Izuku had no points and was sorely lacking in time, but his sacrifice to Ochaco, even if it meant breaking an arm and a leg, impressed the examiners who then decided to grant him 60 rescue points! What allowed them to pass the UA exam

Results of the entrance exam

Results of the entrance exam mha arcs
Izuku and his classmates

One week later, the results come out and reach everyone’s ears :

  • 1st: Katsuki bakugo (77 points 0 heroic point)
  • 2nd: Eijiro Kirishima (39 points 35 heroic points)
  • 3rd: Ochaco Uraraka (28 points 45 heroic points)
  • 4th: Ibara Shiozaki (36 points. 32 heroic points)
  • 5th: Itsuka Kendo (25 points. 40 heroic points)
  • 6th: Tenya Iida (52 points 9 heroic points)
  • 7th: Izuku Midoriya (0 point 60 heroic points)
  • 8th: Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu (49 points 10 heroic points)
  • 9th: Tokoyami Fumikage (49 points 10 heroic points)
  • 10th: Yosetsu Awase (50 points 6 heroic points)

Thus began the adventure of our little hero in the realization of his greatest dream. That’s it for the first of the My Hero Academia arcs.

II/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: ALTER EVALUATION TEST(chapters 5 to 7 of the manga and 5 to 6 of the anime)

II/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: ALTER EVALUATION TEST(chapters 5 to 7 of the manga and 5 to 6 of the anime)
Bakugo uses this alter

This is the second of the My Hero Academia arcs and is surely the shortest in the manga. Professor Shota Aizawa decides to evaluate the Quirks of the new students of Yuei High School. And this, with the revelation that if a student finishes last, he is immediately expelled from Yuei because he is unfit to become a hero. Nevertheless, it is rumored that he has already kicked an entire class out because he was not happy with their final results. He therefore evaluated the new ones on tests

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Sports exam

  • The 50-meter race
  • The showdown
  • Long jump
  • The repeated chase step
  • The ball throw
  • A distance race
  • A stretching and sit-up test


The final results are as follows:

  • 1st: Momo Yaoyorozu
  • 2nd: Shoto Todoroki
  • 3rd: Katsuki Bakugo
  • 4th: Tenya Iida
  • 5th: Fumikage Tokoyami
  • 6th: Mezo Shoji
  • 7th: Mashirao Ojiro
  • 8th: Eijiro Kirishima
  • 9th: Mina Ashido
  • 10th: Ochaco Uraraka
  • 11th: Koji Koda
  • 12th: Rikido Sato
  • 13th: Tsuyu Atsui
  • 14th: Yuga Aoyama
  • 15th: Hanta Sero
  • 16th: Denki Kaminari
  • 17th: Kyoka Jiro
  • 18th: Toru Hagakure
  • 19th: Minoru Mineta
  • 20th: Izuku Midoriya

Although Izuku is last, he is not kicked out.


  • Katsuki learns that Izuku has an Quirk and thinks his friend has always cheated on him
  • The author introduce new characters.

III/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: TRIAL OF THE BATTLE (8 to 11 from the manga and 6 to 8 from the anime)

III/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: TRIAL OF THE BATTLE (8 to 11 from the manga and 6 to 8 from the anime)
The costumes of the apprentice heroes

After spending some time at Yuei, the new students finally on their hero costumes! But an ordeal will quickly erase their joy, especially that of Izuku. The pupils separates into 2 groups and placed on one side in the villain camp and on the other in that of the heroes. Each student will have a judgment on their ability to adapt and collaborate with unknown heroes in a team combat simulation.

Izuku teams up with Ochaco, his new friend, their opponents are Tenya and Bakugo, Izuku’s childhood friend is now furious. The simulation continues and Izuku struggles to fight off Bakugo’s devastating assaults on him, thus leaving Ochaco with Tenya. He then decides to use his Quirk against Bakugo but changes his mind and hatches a plan that will see them win. Having lost to Izuku in the simulation, Bakugo observes his classmates in turn and realizes that he still has a long way to go. Especially if he wants to stand above his peers. This is the third of the arcs My Hero Academia arcs.

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  • Costume Revelation.
  • Bakugo receives complaints from his new comrades because of his violent behavior towards Izuku.
  • Katsuki begins to no longer see Izuku as a weak person.
  • A new mysterious character appears.

IV/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: SCA (chapter 12 to 21 of the manga and 9 to 13 of the anime)

IV/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: SCA (chapter 12 to 21 of the manga and 9 to 13 of the anime)
All Might face to Brainless

After the Quirks are judged, Yuei’s students leave for a training area. Why ? In order to improve their rescue capabilities. However villains suddenly appear during one of the trials. The students then lead their first real fight with real villains ready to kill. Then follows a fight between number 13, shota Aizawa (aka Eraser Head), Yuei’s students and professional heroes against the alliance of villains. The enemy is formidable, several protagonists have injuries. One of the members of the Black Mist alliance wounds Number 13. Also the leader of the villains alliance (Tomura Shigaraki) and Brainless seriously wounds Aizawa. The brainless is an artificial human who, according to Shigaraki. Additionally, he can withstand 100% of All Might’s physical strength and is capable of assassinating him. When All Might arrives, a fight ensues between All Might and Brainless. Over time, Shigaraki’s words seem more and more true.

But as Yuei’s slogan says: “BEYOND LIMITS! MORE ULTRA! “. All might then pushes its limits and puts 100% of its strength into each of its blows. It is then that the defeat of the Brainless is indisputable and the alliance of villains flees in the sight of this spectacle.This is the fourth of the arcs My Hero Academia arcs.


  • Students face their first real villains.
  • We realize that All Might is really starting to weaken.
  • One of the main antagonists of the manga introduces himself: Tomura Shigaraki.
  • New characters such as: Shigaraki, number 13, tsukaoshi and Brainless are revealed.

V/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: CHAMPIONSHIP OF YUEI (chapter 22 to 44 of the manga and 14 to 25 of the anime)

V/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: CHAMPIONSHIP OF YUEI (chapter 22 to 44 of the manga and 14 to 25 of the anime)
Yuei Championship Stadium

After the incident against the alliance of villains, Yuei High School organizes an annual championship with the aim of showing the alters and the abilities of the students to professional heroes looking for acolytes. Thus yuei’s championship begins. Shortly before the start of the tournament, Todoroki confesses to Izuku that he wants to face him. Students from Yuei’s 3 streams: General, Heroic and Assistance participate in an obstacle course. During the obstacle course, Todoroki remained in the lead followed closely by Bakugo but at the last obstacle, izuku passed in front of them and finished 1st. But his happiness is short-lived when he learns that being the first, he is the target of all the candidates.

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The Battle of the Horsemen

Battle of the horsemen
Battle of the horsemen

This is the next round, the battle of the riders. Izuku teams up with Ochaco, tokoyami and Mei. Being the team with the most points, they just passed this test. The other 16 students participate in the last event which is an individual fight but shortly before, todoroki has another discussion with Izuku in which he reveals that he thinks that Izuku is the son of All Might and that as the son of Endeavor, the 2nd best hero of Japan, he intends to defeat Izuku. He also explains why he hates his father so much and why he refuses to use his left side, which is that of the flames inherited from his father.

One For All VS Brainwashing

Izuku and shinso
Izuku and shinso

In the 1st round, Izuku faces Hitoshi Shinso and his alter Brainwashing. The fight is intense and izuku is about to leave the arena and thus be eliminated. However, he sees a glow and strange silhouettes that wake him up! He uses the One For All to regain control of his body and defeats Shinso. He thus qualifies for the next round which takes place against Shoto who showed his power by defeating Sero in a single attack !


Fight between Bakugo and Ochaco
Fight between Bakugo and Ochaco

Then comes the turn of Ochaco who must face the formidable Bakugo. Ochaco uses various strategies in order to defeat Bakugo and fill his weaknesses. But despite all his efforts, bakugo wins after the fall of debris from Ochaco who has no more strength and faints. Behind the scenes, Ochaco is called by her parents who try to reassure her, to no avail. Tetsutetsu and Kirishima having tied a tie make a tug-of-war over who will be the winner, kirishima wins and the similarity of the alters of Kirishima and Tetsutetsu ends up making them friends.

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Shoto Todoroki’s past

Shoto's childhood
Shoto’s childhood

The fight of Izuku and Todoroki finally arrives. Izuku in this canvas tries to win and tries to bring Shoto to reason so that they can give 100% to both of them. It is then that a flashback to Shoto’s sad past is revealed. We learn more about his tyrannical father who made live a hell to the Todoroki family and especially to Shoto. Indeed Shoto’s father never managed to match All Might regardless of his power. However, Shoto, who possesses both the powers of his mother and his father, represented Endeavor’s last hope in order to satisfy his thirst for revenge.

We also learn that the mark on Shoto’s face was caused by his mother when she poured boiling water on his face because his face reminds him of Endeavor’s. It was then that izuku, over the course of the fight, managed to remind Shoto of a sentence that his mother had told him. She tells him that using his left side is not bad, especially if he wanted to become a hero. It was there that his flames appeared to the delight of his father! Cimentos and Midnight, who fear that the two children will be seriously injured. So they decide to intervene but to no avail. The shock is extremely violent and Izuku finds himself out of the arena with shoto still standing as the winner. Then comes the final between Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki.

The final

Katsuki Bakugo determined
Katsuki Bakugo determined

Some time before the start of the final, Katsuki went to see shoto backstage but the latter ignored it. Katsuki goes on and tells him about Izuku, which annoys him even more. In the final, it’s a magnificent fight that takes place. Each of the two fighters shows what he can do but Katsuki is not satisfied. He wanted just like with Izuku, shoto to use his flames. Clearly moment when Bakugo uses his technique “Howitzer Impact”, shoto does not retaliate with his flames and what costs him the victory. Shoto ends up unconscious. Bakugo an angry screams at him when Midnight put him to sleep. When he wakes up, bakugo sees the ranking of the best students :

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Bakugo: 1st

Shoto: 2nd

Tokoyami: 3rd

Medal presentation

All Might gives Bakugo's medal  my hero academia arcs
All Might gives Bakugo’s medal

All Might presents everyone’s medals with some tips to back them up, with the aim that they improve. But for Bakugo this victory is worth: “piss!” In addition, note that there is a 3rd and a 3rd tied which is Tenya Iida. Unfortunately this one is already far away. Indeed he leaves hastily after his fight because something happened to his big brother, tensei lida alias Ingenium. Thus ends the fifth of the My Hero Academia arcs.


  • Izuku’s personality grows.
  • Introduction of Endeavor into the story.
  • Revelation of Shoto’s past.
  • All Might was a sans-alter like Izuku.
  • Izuku beats for the first time another student of his high school in 1 vs 1 (excluding simulation).
  • A mysterious villain kills the heroes and attacks Tensei Iida.
  • L’alliance des vilains s’intéresse à Katsuki Bakugo.
  • Apparition de tels que: Nemuri Kayama(Midnight), Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Ibara shiozaki, Yosetsu Awase, Juzo, honenuki, itsuka kendo, hitoshi shinso, mei Hatsume

VI/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: STAIN (chapters 45 to 59 of the manga and 26 to 33 of the anime)

Stain, the hero killer
Stain, the hero killer

Yuei’s championship is now over with Katsuki Bakugo as the winner. The head teacher of the second A of Yuei High School, shota aizawa, informs the students of the various recommendations they have. Indeed following their different performances during the championship, the professional heroes offer internships in order to do to the students. They will have to find a hero’s name under the supervision of the heroine not recommended at least 18 years old: MIDNIGHT!

It is also a fairly important course but with names all more far-fetched from each other. Later, the time to choose the place of internship approaches, Tenya Iida chooses an agency in the city of Hosu. This is the city where his older brother known as Ingenium is attacked by Stain, the hero killer. A recent villain who attacks professional heroes.

Gran Torino

Gran Torino attacks Izuku
Gran Torino attacks Izuku

Meanwhile, izuku can’t choose which agency to go to. This is how All Might intervenes, He declares that his master “Gran Torino” is ready to take care of Izuku for his internship. Something that izuku accepts. Arriving in the Gran Torino agency, izuku realizes that this one is far from being as he had imagined until then. When all of a sudden, gran torino uses his alter to attack izuku. Then follows a fight between Izuku and Gran Torino, where he learns more about the One For All.

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The invitation of the alliance of villains

Alliance of villains
Alliance of villains

The alliance of villains, echoing Stain’s actions, the alliance then offers him to join their ranks. Something he refuses elsewhere. Then he returns to Hosu to kill even more heroes. Izuku masters his power better with the learning of Gran Torino. He trains hard in order to improve when Gran Torino decides to take him to the Shibuya district.Shigaraki goes to Hosu to let go of his Brainless. One of them attacks the train taken by Izuku and Gran Torino. Gran Torino then decides to confront him in order to protect civilians. For his part, Izuku worried about Tenya since his sudden departure for Hosu after Yuei’s championship, decides to go and help him so that he is not in danger.

The sense of justice

Iida & Izuku vs Stain
Iida & Izuku vs Stain

Tenya has been pursuing Stain for a long time and finally finds him in an alley as Stain prepares to kill a professional hero. From then on, a fight ensues between the one who came to do justice to himself and the one who wants to kill the heroes. But in the face of Stain’s terrible abilities, Iida is no longer likely to make him worse. The rather strange alter of stain paralyzes tenya and he can no longer move. Stain is ready to shoot him down but Izuku intervenes !

However, against all odds, Iida is against Izuku’s intervention. Tenya then realizes that doing justice yourself is not worthy of a hero. In addition, if he is in danger, he will always be able to count on his friends. Izuku confronts Stain but after a while he too is fooled by Stain’s alter. Stain is about to eliminate them when suddenly, Shoto intervenes! It is then that it is discovered that before the beginning of the confrontation of Izuku and Stain, izuku sent his position to Shoto. While the latter fought the nomu (brainless) with the help of his father and other professional heroes.

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The alter of coagulation

Shoto and Izuku fight stain 
The alter of coagulation My hero academia arcs
Shoto and Izuku fight stain

He then hypothesizes that stain’s alter (coagulation) has a different duration of action from one blood group to another! In the sequel, Izuku manages to move entirely in order to help Shoto in his fierce fight against this fearsome and bloodthirsty villain. However, despite their efforts, stain remains a formidable opponent! Iida still under the effect of Stain and in tears can only watch helplessly in the face of the sacrifice of her two friends. That’s when Iida surpasses her limits! And used his new technique: RECIPRO BURST! In order to defeat Stain, the hero killer. Finally Endeavor and Gran Torino arrive.

The end of the hero killer

Stain Unconscious
Stain Unconscious

Stain the hero killer, whose real name is CHIZOME AGAKURO, is subdued and arrested. When he regains consciousness and begins to advocate “the renewal of superheroes”. He also adds that a true hero should not seek rewards or compensation and that the title of HERO. That’s when it came Endeavor and Gran Torino who had been looking for Izuku in Hosu. Stain, the hero killer of his real name CHIZOME AGAKURO, is subdued and ready to go to prison when he regains consciousness and began to advocate “the renewal of heroes” saying that a REAL hero should not seek rewards or compensation. Also, the title of hero should be reserved for those who are ready for the ultimate sacrifice!

In the sequel, Stain’s speech is viewed hundreds of thousands of times and makes a big buzz on social networks. The video goes viral and is immediately removed from interest. However, Stain’s speech changed the mentality of many people towards heroes. This also benefits Tomura Shigaraki. What for? Because two new members join the ranks of the alliance of villains. One more step for the destruction of the society of heroes as we know it.


  • Introduction of new villains into the story. They will certainly join the ranks of the alliance of villains. NB: it’s likely to be thrilling!
  • More information about hero agencies
  • The discovery of the famous “Gran Torino”, mentor of All Might
  • Izuku’s progression in mastering One For All
  • Use of shoto’s flame side
  • Revelation of the origins and motivations of the villain of this arc: Stain
  • All For One, as responsible for All Might’s injury
  • Tenya character development
  • Apparition de personnages such as: Gran Torino-Stain-Kenji Tsurugamae-Crematorium-Himiko Toga-Mustard-Best Jeanist-Gun head- Red Skin-Uwabami
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VII/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: END OF QUARTER REVIEW (manga chapters 60-69 and anime 34-38)

Some time after the confrontation against Stain the hero killer, the quarterly exams are approaching. As a result, Yuei’s second A prepares for practical and written exams. That’s when Neito Monoma of the second B intervenes who heard about the exploits of our young heroes. Moreover, they do not hesitate to let them know that their moment of glory has passed! But Itsuka also a student in Second B quickly calms his ardor. She then reveals that the practical exam is a fight against simulator robots. How did she find out? Because she simply asked a student of higher class. Something that surprises Izuku and that he tries to analyze. Eventually he comes to the conclusion that doing this is not cheating. Rather, this is “the acquisition of prior knowledge […] integrated as an essential part of the examination.” All the students are therefore surprised, finally, except Katsuki Bakugo who is venerated on the other hand. Because he finds that Izuku uses some of his movements through the one for all route.

Reversal of the situation

Reversal of the situation
Yuei’s headmaster

After 3 days of written exams, the students of the second A have the certainty that they are facing robots. But in reality, they are surprised to learn that the exam is not against robots but rather against their teachers! By the way, in a flashback to a meeting related to the practical test, we learn that the choice of the test is about robots. But superhero “Snipe” protests and says: «company fights against robots don’t come close enough to real-world combat». Thus, following a discussion, Yuei’s headmaster comes to the conclusion that for the improvement of their level, it is necessary to have examinations focused on combat activities in 1 vs 1. And this by the emphasis on a slightly more realistic teaching environment!

Fight students vs teacher

Fight students vs teacher my hero academia mha arcs
Team Asui & Tokoyami

This is how the pair training is carried out. And so we can see:

  • Midoriya & Bakugo Team
  • Team Todoroki & Yaoyorozu
  • Koda & Joro Team
  • Team Asui & Tokoyami
  • Mineta & Sero Team
  • Team Uraraka & Aoyama
  • Team Iida & Ojiro
  • Ashido & Kaminari Team
  • Kirishima & Sato Team
  • Hagakure & Shoji Team
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Results of the fights

After several fights, the results of most pairs are:

  • Team Todoroki & Yaoyorozu: Victory
  • Team Koda & Joro: Victory
  • Asui & Tokoyami team: Victory
  • Team Mineta & Sero: Victory
  • Uraraka & Aoyama team: Victory
  • Team Iida & Ojiro: Victory
  • Ashido & Kaminari team: Victory
  • Team Kirishima & Sato: defeat
  • Team Hagakure & Shoji: victory

The surprise of the exam

Midoriya-Bakugo vs All Might
Suprise exam my hero academia arcs
Midoriya-Bakugo vs All Might

Then comes the turn of the most unpredictable pair: Midoriya-Bakugo vs All Might. Facing the number 1 hero is not an easy task for our pair. Especially when you have a Katsuki Bakugo who doesn’t seem to be willing to cooperate. However, in the end, they manage to defeat All Might and consequently pass their practical exam.


  • We know the alters of some heroes such as: Rikido Sato, Midnight, Ectoplasm and Koda
  • New method of learning our heroes which will allow their promising future development!

VIII/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: SUMMER CAMP (manga chapter 70 to 83)

Izuku use of One For All: 1000000% 
Izuku vs Muscular
Izuku use of One For All: 1000000%

In the eighth of the My Hero Academia arcs, Yuei’s students go to a training camp to perfect their Quirks. The exercises are difficult and for those with more deficiencies than the others, they are entitled to intensive courses. While a test of courage is underway for the students, a squad named Genesis attacks the students and kidnaps Katsuki Bakugo. The latter had been interested in the Villains Alliance for a while. During this time, Izuku meets Toka, a child who hates heroes. During the attack, he encounters Muscular, a villain in the pay of the Villains Alliance who killed his parents earlier. Izuku comes to save him and a difficult fight follows for our little hero. Finally he wins the fight with the use of One For All: 1000000% !!!


  • Izuku beats his first villain on his own.
  • Fumikage Quirk appears under the power of darkness for the first time
  • The Society of Heroes is starting to crack and the Villains Alliance wants to take advantage of it.
  • New characters: Twice, compress, mustard, magnet, mandalay, vlad King, ragdoll, tora, spinner, moonfish, kota izumi, pixi-bob
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  • Shota Aizawa vs Crematorium: Interrupted
  • Izuku Midoriya and Kota Izumi vs Muscular: Victory
  • Tora and Mandalay vs Magnet and Spinner: Defeat
  • Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki vs Moonfish: Interrupted
  • Fumikage Tokoyami vs Moonfish: Victory
  • Tetsutetsu and Itsuka kendo vs Mustard: Victory
  • Ochaco Uraraka vs Atsui vs Himiko Toga: Loss

IX/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: RAID AGAINST THE ALLIANCE OF VILLAINS (chapter 84 to 97 of the manga and 46 to 50 of the anime)

Hideout raid team
Hideout raid team

Yet another of My Hero Academia arcs. The ninth. Which the Genosis squadron that has affiliation with the alliance of villains proceeds to kidnap Katsuki Bakugo at the summer camp. The heroes plan to infiltrate the hideout of the criminal organization. At the same time, Izuku, eijiro, shoto, tenya and momo decide to take matters into their own hands and save their friend themselves. Thus, to achieve their goal, they pretend to be “Kamino’s Pizza”. All Might and the heroes destroy the lair, their raid is perfect and Bakugo is saved.

However, the symbol of fear: ALL FOR ONE appears. He is the true leader of the alliance of villains, the sworn ennmi of all and the one responsible for All Might’s injury. This is followed by one of the most intense fights of my Hero academia. In the intensity of the fight, All Might pushes to his limits and uses his most powerful technique. A technique capable of creating hurricanes: UNITED STATES OF SMASH!!! This is how he terraces All For One. Kamino is almost completely destroyed in this fight, this fight between the symbol of peace and that of fear.

After the raid against and All Might’s fight

After the raid against and All Might's fight 
All for one vs All Might
All Might weakened

During fights, All Might is so weakened to the point where he can’t keep his muscular form for very long. Thus, the frail and puny form he hid from the world is revealed and in order to further destroy his morale, All For One reveals that Tomura Shigaraki is nana Shimura’s grandson. Nana Shimura is the sensei of All Might, he believed in his disciple and he transmitted the One For All to him as with Izuku. Although his secret is in everyone’s eyes and ears, the world believes in him and he defeats his greatest adversary.

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Later, all might retires as a hero and decides to devote himself to his teaching career in Yuei. A new boarding project is being set in Yuei High School and Endeavor, Shoto’s father, is now the number 1 hero. Elsewhere Izuku’s mother is worried because her son only hurts himself with each mission. She sets out to remove him from Yuei. That’s when All Might kneels down to beg Izuku’s mother for everything that has happened so far. He also promises to watch over his son and make him a healed hero.

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  • All Might uses the last embers of his power to defeat All For One. His hidden appearance is in the conssaince of the world and he decides to retire.
  • Tomura loses his mentor without being able to help him. Which devastated him by the way.
  • All For One gets arrested.
  • Katsuki’s release.
  • Endeavor becomes the number 1 hero.
  • All For One reveals that Shigaraki is the grandson of Nana Shimura, All Might’s mentor.

X/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: INTERIM LICENSE EXAM (Chapters 98 to 121 and 51 to 61 of the anime)

X/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: INTERIM LICENSE EXAM (Chapters 98 to 121 and 51 to 61 of the anime)
the boarding school heights Alliance

We are at the tenth My Hero Academia arcs. Yuei’s Second A students go to a boarding school called heights Alliance to improve their Alters. In other words, since they have not finished training because of previous events, they will have to train in the boarding school. And this, in order to be ready for the provisional examination. In other words, since they have not finished training because of previous events, they will have to train in the boarding school. And this, in order to be ready for the provisional examination.


  • The world is starting to feel the effects of All Might’s retirement.
  • New criminal organizations are appearing and the crime rate is on the rise.
  • All Might reveals the secret of One For All to Bakugo, Bakugo in turn promises to keep it secret.
  • The pupils of the second A create their own special techniques.
  • Appearance of new high schools.
  • Izuku has a new fighting style.
  • Appearance of the merry partners of Gang Orca.
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XI/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: EIGHT PRECEPTE OF DEATH (chapters 122 to 162 of the manga and 62 to 78 of the anime)

XI/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: EIGHT PRECEPTE OF DEATH (chapters 122 to 162 of the manga and 62 to 78 of the anime)
Chisaki Kai

In the eleventh My Hero Academia arcs, Shota Aizawa learns in second A that they will resume normal classroom activities. He also adds that this training will be tougher than last semester. That’s when Tsuyu asks Shota for information about hero internships done off campus. Shota in turn explains that this is a more formalized version of the training camp and will be done with the professional heroes.The management of hero internships is done without the knowledge of the students themselves until today. This is because in the past, each office conducted personal recruitment efforts, hence the obligation to fight against Yuei’s students. So, since most of them have a provisional permit, the second A can participate in more formal and longer-term activities.

Back at Heights Alliance, the girls in Second A discuss internships and Momo means they have the green light for internships. On the side of Gran Torino, he is unable to accept Izuku because he has a lot of work. That’s when he asks Izuku to go and ask his sensei, All Might, for advice. Izuku decides to use the contacts he has obtained thanks to Yuei’s championship but Gran Torino offers him to do his internship only with people who have direct contact with All Might.

In addition, he tells her that the only person who has direct contact with All Might is the latter’s former sidekick. Therefore the person with whom he can do his internship is the former sidekick of All Might.Also, shortly after, a man behind a computer is shown. This man learns that the man they are tracking (Overhaul) has come into contact with the alliance of villains thanks to Twice.


  • Exploitation of the character ofMirio Togata alias LeMillion.
  • New protagonists thanks to the alliance between Shigaraki and Overhaul.
  • Discovery of the power of little Eri.
  • Izuku uses 100% One For All.
  • The death of the former Alcolyte of All Might, Sir Night Eye.
  • Prophecy about the future death of All Might.

XII/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: RATTRAPAGE (chapters 163 to 168 of the manga and 78 to 80 of the anime)

Endeavor and all Might discuss
Endeavor and all Might discuss

We are now at the twelfth of the My Hero Academia arcs. Shoto and Katsuki, having both failed the last test of the provisional permit exam, will therefore have to catch up. There they find the shiketsu students: UTSUSHIMI CAMIE AND INASA YOARASHI. All 4 must win the hearts of children of the new generation of alters. Meanwhile, Endeavor questions All Might about the heavy responsibility of being the number 1 hero, the symbol of peace.

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  • Following her identity theft during the exam, Himiko Toga is presented in her true appearance.
  • Revelation of information about Aoyama’s past as well as his alter
  • New characters: Komari Ikoma, the real Camie, the students of Masegaki Primary School, Tokuto
  • A new alter: GLAMOUR. An alter that Camie uses to create illusions that come out of her mouth.

XIII/ MY HERO ACADEMIA ARCS: HEROES PRO (chapter 184 to 193 of the manga and 87 to 90 of the anime)

All Might’s retirement causes a drastic increase in crime in general and criminal organizations in particular. In addition, for some time, a rumor is gaining momentum. Indeed it runs the noise that, an intelligent and active Brainless walks around the country. Meanwhile, Endeavor is the new number 1 according to the annual ranking of Japanese heroes. As such, Endeavor and Hawks decide to meet over a good meal to discuss the brainless rumor. After finishing their meal, the Brainless our two heroes were talking about launches an attack on them, he answers the name of HIGH END.

Start of the fight Endeavor vs High End

Endeavor is standing
Endeavor is standing

Hawks then evacuates the civilians and Endeavor takes care of the Brainless. But this Brainless is extremely strong and the fact that he is gifted with intelligence makes him even more dangerous. Very quickly, Endeavor is overtaken and the Brainless injures him by the seriously. The Brainless therefore managed to bring down new number one. Nevertheless Endeavor decides not to give up and to give everything he has to defeat this enemy in his capacity as number one. He then pronounces the sentence he hates sleep and already: MORE ULTRA! Then shouted the name of his technique PROMINENCE BURN !!!!! He then knocks down the Brainless and raises his fist as a sign of triumph.

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Crematorium enters the scene


Suddenly crematorium, a member of the alliance of villains creates a circle of the blue flame and claims that he did not come to fight. However, he wants to recover his Brainless, but against all odds he attacks Hawks and Endeavor. This is how Miruko comes in. So he decides to leave without forgoing to tell Endeavor not to die until their next meeting. Later, at the villains’ lair, hawks and crematorium quarrel. Crematorium believes that Hawks did not respect the agreed agreement. Hawks, on the other hand, claims that he belongs to the league and that he is not a traitor. Later, it is learned that Hawks works for the government and is an undercover spy in the league. End of the thirteenth My Hero Academia arcs.


  • Hawks mentions Fumikage’s internship at his home and Shoto’s failure on the exam.
  • Destro’s book, “Principle of the Superpower Liberation Army” is being evoked for the first time. As well as the influence of content on certain people.
  • Endeavor is trying to change his image with the public.
  • Endeavor seeks to atone for what he has done to his family in the past.
  • Shoto’s mother’s name is now known: Rei Todoroki.
  • We now know the name of one of Shoto’s brothers: Natsuo.
  • The name of shoto’s brother is now known is revealed (Touya). We also learn that an unknown tragic event has happened to him.
  • Brainless seriously injures Endeavor.
  • Recovery Girl manages to save Endeavor but he still retains a scar on his face.
  • Crematorium knows Endeavor’s real name and wants to meet him again.
  • Shoto can believe in his father.
  • Ujiko, a new member of the alliance, appears with his alter: Teleportation.
  • Izuku has a vision in which he sees All For One with an unknown person.
  • Izuku seems to be the only owner who can interact with the former bearers of the One For All.
  • New characters appeared: Yoroi Musha, wash, crust, miruko, hawks, high end, teruo Kazukashi, natsuo Todoroki, Ujiko.

XIV/ ARCS OF MY HERO ACADEMIA: COMMON TRAINING (chapter 194 to 217 of the manga and episode 91 to 100 of the anime)

Common training is the fourteenth My Hero Academia arcs. Where winter is approaching and izuku is having more and more dreams. This time, he sees All For One and another person who seems to be All For One’s little brother.

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Izuku uses Black Whip
Izuku uses Black Whip

Meanwhile, seconds A and B go to train together for 5 matches in which Shinso Hitoshi will be added. Shinso wants to enter the heroic sector especially since he has a major asset: THE PERSOCORDES. This asset allows him to copy anyone’s voice, as long as he wants. The fights begin and Izuku who does not completely control his alter, calls on another alter much more dangerous than his own and this during the ordeal. It is in another dream that we learn that the alter he has shown is that of a former holder of One For All with the “Black Whip” as his alter.

Izuku then learns that he will inherit 6 other alters! Since its existence, one for all has never stopped evolving and Izuku seems to be the one who will complete this! But does the appearance of this alter have anything to do with All For One? Or is it just an evolution? No one knows at the moment.Yuei’s second A wins the event against Class B and Aizawa tries to learn more about Eri’s alter with Neito’s help, unfortunately to no avail. Then we learn that training between seconds A and B is a test of whether or not Shinso is fit to join the heroic chain finally.


  • We now know the level of the pupils of the second B.
  • Shinso wants to become a hero.
  • A flashback shows Fumikage’s internship with Hawks.
  • Midoriya awakens the alter of a former porter and 6 others will awaken in him!

XV/ ARCS OF MY HERO ACADEMIA: SUPERPOWER LIBERATION ARMY (chapter 218 to 240 of the manga and 108 to 112 of the anime)

Liberation Army of the superpowers my hero academia arcs
Liberation Army of the superpowers

In this fifteenth My Hero Academia arcs, the Alliance of Super-Villains is at its worst, it is weak and without money. So, the Liberation Army of the superpowers wants to take advantage of it in order to declare war on the villains and in turn to put itself forward. This army is under the command of Re Destro. Clearly, its objective is to overthrow the current system in order to give everyone the opportunity to use their alter 100%. For his part, the mysterious doctor of All For One decides to help the Alliance through the granting of new opportunities. The Alliance of Super-Villains is therefore forced to train if it hopes to achieve its goals.

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In another setting, the CEO of Detnerat meets with his collaborators to discuss the main issue of organizations threatening to go beyond the name of Destro. Thus, the destruction of these organizations is necessary, for example the Alliance of Villains.

Chitose vs Himiko

Chitose targets Himiko
Chitose targets Himiko

The army’s plan is set in motion. First, she captures the league broker and then Re destro issues a declaration of war against the alliance of villains. In order to force the coming of the alliance to Deika City and proceed to their elimination. Indeed, Deika City is the perfect place for the Liberation Army because of its location. Roads entering and leaving the city are easily manipulable. Deika is a district where the majority of the inhabitants align with the Liberation Army. In addition, one of the army agents, Slinding Go, escorts the Alliance of Supervillains into the city. This city where leaders Koukuu Hanabata and Chitose Kizuki announce the beginning of the Celebration of Renewal.

From there, dozens of citizens like warriors for liberation, attack the six members of the alliance. Finally indifferent to the other five villains, Chitose confronts Himiko Toga and demands an interview covering her descent into madness. Against all odds, Chitose goes so far as to use his own subordinates as human bombs. What for? In order to further corner Himiko and prevent him from transforming by exploding their ingested blood in his body in the absence of disturbances of the “interview”. However, Himiko uses his alter to transform into Ochaco who catches Chitose off guard. When Himiko activates Zero Gravity to levitate it in the air alongside his minions. Stunned, Chitose supposes that fear death allowed the spontaneous evolution of alter Himiko. On the other hand, Himiko replies that she is wrong and that Himiko only wants to “love” even more.

The Alliance on the margins

Twice and his clones
Twice and his clones

Chitose begins to say that this is his best interview before Himiko disables Gravity Zero, which sends Chitose and his minions crashing to the ground. For his part, Tomura disintegrates a swarm of warriors. He annihilates several members and his alter while Chitose’s death later relates to the rest of his comrades who mourn him. In order to take revenge on Himiko, Skeptic watches the battle, waiting for twice to meet Himiko. At this time, Apocrypha engages Dabi in the battle to keep him in the occupation. As soon as Twice and Himiko come into contact, Skeptic sends twice puppets to ambush him. And besides, he tries his puppets to kill Himiko and capture Twice for future plans. However, his actions allow Twice to defeat his inner demons and overwhelm the puppets.

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Re Destro’s strategy

Clone of Twice comes to Re-Destro
Clone of Twice comes to Re-Destro

The streets soon fill up with clones of Twice. Re destro is therefore shocked that Twice tames his trauma. Also he commented on the circumstances of Skeptic’s failure failed and adds that this is rare. However, the latter claims to have a plan and then leaves while Giran notices their loss of number because of Twice. Rikiya admits that he is right on the one hand but reveals on the other that he has an asset to help. With that, he wishes good luck to his comrade Apocrypha in his efforts.

Subsequently, Re-Destro finds himself facing the clones of Twice and they taunt his bald head. Bored, Re-Destro notices that Twice’s puns lack comedy. Two clones attack him but he uses his alter to defeat and repel them. Re-Destro also reveals that he never intended to kill Giran, but promises to do so if he continues to stand up against him. Re-Destro also reveals the origins and goals of his father’s ambitions and how he intends to make them a reality.

The Confrontation of the Leaders

The Confrontation of the Leaders
The leaders’ fight begins

Re-Destro then asks if he really thinks they will beat him. Then he hears Tomura’s clone say that disaster is coming, when suddenly the real Tomura reaches the tower and destroys it in one fell swoop. Re-destro survives the fall and eventually meets Tomura who recognizes him from Detnerat’s commercials. And Re-destro replies that he won’t get his answer until he prepares for a fight. The two leaders clash. By activating his alter, Re-destro increases his size while Tomura taunts him and asks him where his bravado went when he called the league. In response, Re-Destro expresses his anger before he and Tomura begin to fight with Re-Destro who begins to grab Tomura’s hand and destroy it for killing several of his subordinates.

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Thus, by taunting Tomura in turn, Re-Destro untnowingly destroys some hands on Tomura’s costume. This triggers Tomura’s instincts, allowing him to break down part of his opponent’s hand using just two fingers. This phenomenon surprises Re-Destro and makes him throw Tomura immediately, Re-Destro is surprised by the erroneous information he received about “Disintegration”. Because according to the hypothesis, Tomura needs his five fingers to activate it.

Yet, he realizes that Tomura is fully awakening his powers. Just like his subordinate Apocrypha at a previous event. Suddenly Tomura rushes towards him, Re-Destro also realizes that the latter is much more agile and fast than when he was in Kamino. And as such much more dangerous. In order to put an end to this situation, Re-Destro believes that he has finished playing and proceeds to inflate his body to 80% release. Thus his body contorts and swells until he becomes demonic. He then releases his Special Technique: Stress Relief. This then tears several blocks with the intention of killing Shigaraki.

Shigaraki Tomura: Origins

Shigaraki Tomura: Origins
Tenko alone

Shigaraki remembers his past, when he was Tenko Shimura and living with his family. However, one often sees the punishments of his father Kotaro Shimura because his son has a fascination for heroes. His father responds in parallel, thus forcing the young tenko to live outside. Tenko does not seem to have an alter but he suffers from unknown physical changes. However, his mother and grandparents are still there for him and encourage him. Just like her sister who shows her a picture of their father and grandmother, and they learn that she was a heroine. Unfortunately, Kotaro discovers this and gives his son another punishment. Not to mention humiliating the heroes to protect others and leave their families in abandonment. Tenko’s other parents, on the other hand, observe his suffering, which he begs to help.. But they can only witness in horror.

While outside, Tenko confides in the family dog how much he hates everyone for letting him suffer.

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Back in the present: the arrival of Gigantomachia

Back in the present: the arrival of Gigantomachia
Gigantomachia attacks

In the present, Re-Destro’s surprise is more or less great. Indeed he sees Tomura not only survive, but also having no physical alteration despite his technique. He then finds with shock that before the attack hit him, Tomura has touched and destroyed him. On the other hand, when this happens, Gigantomachia attacks several members of the army, which assumes that the league was hiding him. Skeptic then tries to contact Re-Destro, but because of the fight against Tomura, he ignores Skeptic’s warning.

Back to the past: involuntary slaughter

Tenko uses "Disintegration" in spite of itself
Tenko uses “Disintegration” in spite of itself

In another flashback, a young Tenko clings to his dog, when suddenly “Disintegration” activates. This causes the dog to crumble in his hands. Later, a sad Hana comes outside to apologize to Tenko for her reluctance, but she eventually runs away in fear. On the other hand, a frantic Tenko tries to catch up with her and he ends up disintegrating her by accident.

Tenko’s grandparents and mother go out to see what’s going on and Tenko ends up killing them when his alter spreads in his panic. Kotaro also goes out and sees the chaos, Tenko runs to him for help, however he scares his father. So he takes some garden tools to protect himself and order him to stop. This turns out to be a mistake, as a Tenko enlists and charges his father with the intention of killing him. Finally he touches his father’s face and then the decomposing spreads and destroys the whole house. Tenko finally appreciates the act that now puts an end to his father’s abuse. This is the birth of Tomura Shigaraki.

All For One, the benefactor

All For One, the benefactor
All For One

After the murder of his family, the new orphan turns himself in the street. Tomura then remembers that people often passed by him but never offered him their help, due to his menacing appearance while assuming that a hero would take care of it. Tomura begins to think that this is a punishment for his actions. Eventually, a man named All For One saves him, he blames society since he was no one did it instead. All For One therefore uses this incident as a way to stimulate Tenko’s new hatred for the heroes. He also begins to groom him as an adopted son. Tenko receives his own room. In addition, Kyudai Garaki “decorates” the young boy with the disembodied hands of members of his former family.

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The successor

Tenko is now Tomura
Tenko is now Tomura

First, All For One teaches Tenko to accept what he feels and his new personality. Then All For One later renamed Tenko as Tomura Shigaraki. All For One elaborates that “Tomura” comes from the word “Tomurau” which means “to cry”. While “Shigaraki” is the real last name of All For One. Finally, he raises Tomura as part of the Alliance of Supervillains. So that he finally becomes his successor within the organization.

Back in the present: an intense fight

Tomura walks towards Re-Destro
Tomura walks towards Re-Destro

Re-Destro then attempts to finish Tomura with 100% of his power activated. However, Tomura retaliates and disintegrates his energy tendrils with ease. This destroyed almost the entire city of Deika, crumbling most of the surrounding buildings. Re-Destro therefore receives ridicule from Tomura by telling him that he understands to destroy everything that bothers him for pleasure. Re-Destro begins to panic as Tomura walks towards him with the intention of killing. Admittedly, Re-Destro refutes Tomura’s claim and proceeds to invoke his support article to amplify his stress. However, Re-Destro realizes that he feels fear towards Tomura and briefly recalls his childhood past. Now armored, Re-Destro prepares to use 150% of his power, by which Tomura does not seem disturbed at all. Elsewhere, Twice and her clones move through the chaos, hoping to regroup with the other members of the Alliance after this conflict.

The power of Gigantomachia

Compress witnesses the power of Gigantomachia and heads towards Dabi. Dabi tells Compress that he almost burns Apocrypha, who decides to call Daruma Ujiko to teleport the Alliance to safety. However, Daruma refuses since Johnny seems to have limits to his alter. He also adds that he has no intention of associating himself with groups ready to reveal their position to their enemies.

Tomura’s victory

Tomura laughing in his victory
Tomura laughing in his victory

Tomura blithely unleashes all his power, with nothing left to hold him back. Meanwhile, one of Twice’s doubles escorts Giran to safety and Skeptic heads to Re-Destro’s location with Apocrypha seriously injured. Tomura remembers the words of All For One and realizes that the combination of hatred and anger is the key to true freedom. Tomura begins to laugh euphoricly in his victory.

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Re-Destro struggles to resist Tomura’s sheer power as his Krestro armor begins to break. Re-Destro deduces that Tomura must have unlimited range in his attacks. He then tries to launch his arsenal of missiles but does not notice the effects of Tomura’s alter who exceeds his limits.Eventually, forced to evacuate, Re-Destro deactivates his decaying armor and testifies to the total chaos that Tomura has inflicted on his beloved city. A desperate Re-Destro tries to escape but falls straight to the ground with nothing to support him. When this happens, Tomura laughs triumphantly with the desire to destroy everything on his way.

The final outcome

Re Destro bows to Tomura
Re Destro bows to Tomura

Re Destro kneels before Tomura. However, Re-Destro barely survives because he is forced to cut off his legs with a piece of his armor to prevent the Disintegration effect from spreading. Now in the losing camp, he witnesses Tomura’s approach. And the latter tells with irony that he remembers the reason for this battle, just a challenge. On the spot, Trumpet, Spinner and the other soldiers of the Superpower Liberation Army arrive on the scene. Trumpet orders his soldiers to attack Tomura but they stop immediately as Tomura gives them an icy smile. Surprisingly, Re-Destro keeps his subordinates at bay not wanting to bring more unnecessary losses. Re-Destro admits that his people are not actually following his will but rather Destro’s command. He then realizes that Tomura’s leadership skills are better suited to lead his army.

The advent of the next symbol of fear

The advent of the next symbol of fear
Paranormal Liberation Front

That being said, Re-Destro surrenders and gives the strength of his army to Tomura’s league. In turn, survivors of the battlefield witness the scene with astonishment. Spinner notes how beautiful the destroyed landscape looks. Looking at a victorious Tomura, Gigantomachia cries for joy as Tomura is definitely the successor to All For One. Satisfied with Re-Destro’s decision, Tomura asks him if he has enough money to make the Alliance lunch.

Then the Paranormal Liberation Front was formed. Subsequently, the news of the attack on the city was covered by the Liberation Army. The Alliance recovers from his wounds in a mansion before being called by Skeptic and Twice.Then a rally, where Re-Destro addresses the crowd of Liberation Warriors and Alliance affiliates. He claims that the army will be reborn and especially since he admits his errors of judgment on Tomura.In addition, Re-Destro persuades the crowd that Destro’s desire for freedom is Tomura. He also added to the crowd that he gave his position as Grand Commander to Tomura Shigaraki. So the army and the League are joining forces to seek “a deeper path to liberation.”

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The society of heroes on alert

My Hero Academia Arcs or MHA Arcs Order

Tomura presents the new organization as the Paranormal Liberation Front. He states that the nine members (Re-Destro, Trumpet, Skeptic, Apocrypha, Spinner, Twice, Himiko, Dabi and Mister. Compress) on stage are the officers of the Front. And they will form squadrons to meet their needs. The crowd rejoices. Meanwhile, in the aftermath, Hawks analyzes the gravity of the situation. He realizes that it is too late and wants the neutralization of the League instead for the good of innocent civilians. He also realizes why Dabi allowed him to enter easily despite his suspicions about Best Jeanist’s body. Hawks deduces that with an army like that, the feel Good Inc network, the influence of Detnerat’s industry and perhaps several Brainless, Tomura gains power equal to or superior to the heroes.

The speech ends, as Tomura and his lieutenants leave Re-destro applauds Tomura for his speech and tries to kiss him. But Tomura told him to get out. After Re-Destro’s obedience, a Tomura collapses from exhaustion because of his injuries. Daruma Ujiko comments on the new name. Tomura reminds him of his promise. Doctor Ujiko replies that with the appearance of Tomura’s memories and the evolution of his alter, he grants power to Tomura. However, Ujiko has one last request. Elsewhere, Dabi meets Hawks among the crowd. Hawks wonders about getting some information. Also noting that there is still an unknown pipe that deserves revelation. Especially before the heroes can make a move.


  • Destro has a son who is unbeknownst to the world.
  • He begins his movement after the murder of his mother.
  • Destro was rejected because he owns an alter.
  • Destro’s son, Re Destro takes over the Superpower Liberation Army. And also seeks to destroy the alliance of villains to make known the legacy of his father.
  • Katsuki bakugo and Shoto Todoroki get their provisional hero licenses. Then make their public debut by defeating a group of thieves.
  • The Superpower Liberation Army captures Giran.
  • The Alliance contacted Gigantomachia and Daruma Ujiko a month after Kurogiri’s arrest.
  • Tomura Shigaraki accidentally kills his entire family with his alter when he first shows up. Also the hands he wears on his body with his outfit of villains belong to them.
  • The heroine Nana shimura is definitively Tomura’s grandmother.
  • Tomura and the Alliance, with the exception of Dabi, have been fighting for more than a month against Gigantomachia to try to subdue him.
  • The Liberation Army reveals the extent of their forces and directly threatens the Alliance with destruction.
  • Himiko Toga can use the alter of the person into whom she transforms thanks to her alter.
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  • The Disintegration of Tomura is able to spread beyond the initial target. Or even without touching that specific target.
  • After his significant injuries, Twice finally realizes that he is the original and is no longer afraid to use his alter on himself.
  • Twice doubles are able to create multiple clones of itself at once.
  • Dabi cannot handle the heat of his alter and the marks on his skin are burns from previous times.
  • Best jeanist loses a lung after the events of the Arc raid against the alliance of villains.
  • Best Jeanist disappears because of Hawks.
  • The Alliance defeated the Liberation Army and won its first major victory.
  • Re-Destro loses his legs to Tomura’s alter and concedes defeat.
  • The Alliance of Supervillains takes control of the Superpower Liberation Army.
  • Gigantomachia recognizes Shigaraki as the worthy successor of All For One.


Izuku reading
Izuku reading

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