Neito Monoma : Everything You Need To Know

Neito Monoma

In Mha, Neito Monoma is a Grade 1B student at U.A. High School



Neito has a short, blonde hairstyle with bangs on the right side. She also has gray eyes and white pupils.

His outfit consists of a tuxedo and several pocket watches. He also wears a polka dots tie.

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Neito is composed, calm, and intelligent. He is the most hostile of the 1-A classes out of all the 1-B classes. He is loud and sarcastic, as well as being very hostile to the 1-A class. He seems jealous of Class A’s popularity. For example, when he hears someone fail at something, he mocks them and asks why.

Monoma appears to have an inferiority complex. He will use every opportunity to ridicule or provoke anyone in Class 1-A. The rest of the students have called him a mentally unstable individual, but this is more a joke.

He was overconfident, but he was relieved to not have to fight Class A during the temporary hero licensing exam.



Since he was a little boy, Neito wanted to be a hero. People kept telling Neito that he couldn’t do anything on his own because of the nature of the gift, and he was mocked for it. He didn’t let this stop him from aspiring to be a hero. However, he realized that he needed to use non-heroic tactics and behaviors to accomplish his goal.

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SKILLS About Neito Monoma


Although Neito might not be able to fight in close quarters due to his lack of fighting skills, he is proficient with his gift. Neito’s copied gift has all the same benefits and drawbacks as the original gift owner. He is also able to switch between gifts making him an unpredictable opponent in group battles where he can copy more gifts from friends or foes.

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GIFT Monoma Meito


Copy (kopi Kopi), when you contact another ability holder, can copy their gift and freely use it for five minutes.

10 Facts About Monoma Neito

10. Low Melee Skills

Low Melee Skills

Some heroes are able to make use of melee skills, with or without their quirks. This includes Ochaco, Mashirao Ojiro and many others. Shoto and Fumikage are two examples of heroes and students who rely on their quirks in combat.

Neito is the second case. He uses his quirk only to fight and not any advanced martial arts. His Copy quirk allows him to control up three borrowed quirks at once, which has been a great help so far. He is not strong or fast, but he can compensate.

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9. His fancy speech style

9. His fancy speech style

Subtitles may not capture the subtle differences between formal Japanese speech and casual speech, but it is still an expression of Neito. His complex mind is evident and he uses polite language even when speaking to his enemies.

This is similar to the way Seiji Sishikura, Shiketsu high, speaks. It seems like both boys are trying to keep up the prestige of their schools by making impressive speeches. It’s important to also walk the talk.

8. Monoma Neito is secretly intimidated

8. Monoma Neito is secretly intimidated

Neito, despite his loud and passive-aggressive comments about hero class 1A, is actually quite intimidated by them all and wouldn’t mind facing them in combat. Although he can manage himself, he would rather avoid them.

This is evident in the relief he felt when he learned that he wouldn’t have to face hero-class 1-A during his provisional license exam. There are other schools that can be very powerful, like Shiketsu and Neito.

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7. He’s like a younger brother

 like a younger brother

Although this is not to say that Neito has a lack of maturity for his age, he is a real ruckus when he talks about class 1-A vs 1-B. Itsuka Kendo is a big sister to Neito, and this shows in the way that it treats him.

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He is loud and boastful and eager to compare himself with others. You’ll see!” You’ll see!

6. His unwelcome support role

 His unwelcome support role

Neito’s competitive and constant bragging is not due to his insecure about his quirk. Neito, like Yuga Aoyama and Eijiro Kirishima, believes his quirk isn’t well-suited to be a front-line hero.

Copy, his quirk, would be better off in a supporting role. Neito is disappointed that he cannot be the star of the show, with a specific quirk like Dark Shadow, Explosion, or Explosion. He can’t be the hero in his own hero story and that makes him angry.

5. He supports his classmates

He supports his classmates

Neito does not treat his classmates in the same way that he treats the students of class 1-A. Neito is competing with students in class 1-A and tries to represent class 1-B. He believes that class 1-B would be doomed if it had internal division.

Neito does not want to compete against his classmates nor put them down. In fact, he loves them very much and will always support them. Setsuna Tokage was cheered by him when her practice team lost against class 1-A.

4. Get polished looks

4. Get polished looks

Neito, who is among the most well-dressed of all the hero students at UA has a reputation for being a true professional. His uniform is neatly folded and crisp. He also takes care of his hair and styles it to make it look great.

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His hero costume is also black, with a light blue tie, and white coattails. Although he looks like he is ready to go to a cocktail party, or even a recital of piano music, that’s actually his combat costume. He wants everyone who sees him to be amazed. That suit must have been a lot of work.

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3. His Personal Name

3. His Personal Name

Nearly all the characters in My Hero Academia have names that are written with kanji. Neito Monoma’s name, for example, has many meanings. For example, “Neito” is written with “serenity”, and “person”.

Monoma is his last name. It comes from the words “mimicry”, and “imitation”. It forms “among other things” when written out, which is a fitting description of his fighting style. Curiously, the English word Monomania sounds like “Monoma”, which refers to Neito’s singular focus on taking down class 1A.

2. Neito Monoma is quite smart

 Neito Monoma is quite smart

Neito is flexible because he can mimic up to three quirks and then use them himself. He is able to imitate up to three other quirks and use them himself.

During the UA sports festival, he was a brilliant strategist. He asked his 1-B classmates not to reveal their quirks to observe others’. Ochaco’s clever plan to defeat Katsuki Bakugo was also revealed by him. It involved falling debris.

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1. His Hero Name

1. His Hero Name

Every student hero must choose their name. Neito chose to call himself “Phantom Thief” for his own. He’s clever and can borrow quirks. Kind of like a thief. However, he doesn’t steal as much as All For One.

This name is a fitting fit for the literary archetype of an phantom theftist, a character that isn’t completely evil. This type of character is more upright and does good deeds, but may also have a nice calling card.

Our Opinion on extreme personality from Monoma Neito

Our Opinion on extreme personality from Monoma Neito

Tokage tried to apologize to Monoma following the defeat of Class 1-B by Bakugo’s team. Monoma’s unidirectional competition against Class 1A was officially over. Tokage refused to apologize.

Monoma gave another of his lofty speeches. He stated that his real goal was to get the public to understand that Class 1-B is the right path. Class B has received very little media attention, positive and negative, compared to Class 1-A which is always at center of one conflict or another. They remained calm and concentrated on their Quirks and skills to become better heroes.

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Monoma may be obsessed with following the “correct” path because he is insecure about what people think of him. His polished speech and neat appearance are a bit out of place for students, but it pays off. Monoma looks flawless in any outfit, no matter what it is. His hero costume (a real tuxedo) seems to be designed to impress anyone who sees it.

Our Opinion on extreme personality from Monoma Neito

This complex and his Quirk are not a good combination. Quirks are a unique gift that My Hero Academia considers a person to be, and something that makes them stand out. Many would consider someone who can copy something so personal to be a bit creepy. Monoma’s Quirk doesn’t appear to be suited for hero-work at first glance. Monoma’s quick-wittedness, experience with “Copy”, and his combat skills make him a formidable opponent (especially when partnered with others). However, against pure destructive power, he would have few options.

Monoma’s aggressiveness toward Class 1-A and his determination to follow the “right way” might be a way for Monoma to overcome his insecurities. He and his classmates can be heroes if they outdo Class 1-A, which is a student body that is known for its powerhouses.

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Our Opinion on extreme personality from Monoma Neito

Monoma also avoids rule-breaking, which can cause negative feelings about himself. Like Shinso’s Quirk, Monoma’s nature makes others question his character. His reputation would be tarnished if he was mistaken for any of these rumors.

Monoma could feel resentful towards Class 1-A. Monoma must feel like he is being slapped by their constant rule-breaking without any apparent consequences. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that his rivalry with them has become ill-tempered. Monoma was able to get along well with Kirishima as they watched their classes compete head-to-head. He even complimented Bakugo for his growth after the match. These incidents prove that Monoma recognizes Class 1-A as peers, even though he may not always be able to show it. Monoma is a gentleman, and his unsportsmanlike behavior would not make him the hero he hopes to be.

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TRIVIA About Neito Monoma

  • The source of his name is:
  • “Wu Zhen Si” (monomane), which means “mimicry”.
  • Furthermore, the word “Wu Jian” (monoma), means “in between things”.
  • “Zhu” (nei), which means “peaceful”, or “calm”
  • “Ren ” (hito) means “person.”
  • Neito enjoys French food and French-Belgian comics.
  • Neito was modeled after Hirokoshi’s real-life friend.
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