Love After World Domination Characters : All Characters Ranked

Love after world domination characters

Love After World Domination is a Japanese manga series written by Hiroshi Noda and illustrated by Takahiro Wakamatsu. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Magazine since October 2019, and has been collected in five tankōbon volumes. An anime television series adaptation by Project No.9 premiered in April 2022. And so we bring to you the All informations About Love After World Domination Characters.

Who Are The Most Popular Characters Of Love After World Domination ?

Love After Domination Characters Voice Actor By JPAnimeTips

1. Desumi Magahara

Desumi Magahara Love After World Domination Characters

Despite being feared by many, she is not bad at all, on the contrary, she always sacrifices herself for others, her father was the reason to ally herself with Gekko. Many of her subordinates makes egregious and derogatory comments about her, and despite being strong on the outside, deep down, she is just like any other girl.

She is prone to getting jealous, as shown when Fudo garnered much attention from numerous women on different occasions. However, she admits that she knows better than anyone that Fudo wouldn’t cheat on her and it’s more so that she’s afraid whether someone like her is suitable for him. She couldn’t continue hurting him any longer and it was only until he hugged her and declare that his love only for her that could finally stand strong again.

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Love After World Domination Characters

She is kind and lovable, but because of her absurd strength, many at Gekko finds her scary. She is also accommodating to Fudo’s quirks such as his first date plan and training mindset. Whenever they are together, it is as if they are in their own dimension. They understand each other so well that to others, it may look like they’re communicating telepathically.

2. Fudo Aikawa

Fudo Aikawa

Fudo is a high school student who loves muscle training. In the eyes of his team, he is an honest and dependable leader of the Gelato 5 who has spent his life fighting for peace. However, once he found his soulmate, he went on many surreptitious dates with her and tried to keep it clandestine as long as possible, despite her being an enemy on his group.

After he met Desumi, he has become more receptive to things that’s unrelated to training. He transmitted his hardworking nature into impressing her, planning for dates and above all, ensuring that she’s having fun. He never fails to compliment her which would invariably make her blush, though he would states that he’s only saying the truth.

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Love After World Domination Characters

Being inexperienced in technology and dating in general, he bought many books in hopes to get better in them. He was disheartened when he wasn’t able to give Desumi a normal ‘couple date’ and vows that he’ll do better in subsequent dates. He is also extremely loyal as he resolutely declares that in his lifetime, he’ll only ever love and dedicate himself romantically to one person, that being Desumi, which in turn alleviated her anxiousness and jealousy.

3. Haru Arisugawa

Haru Arisugawa

Haru is bright and energetic. She is active in battle despite being a newcomer to the squadron for about six months.

At some point, she was attacked by some hoodlums, but Desumi Magahara saved her and told her to get stronger. Haru would eventually join Gelato 5 because she really liked Fudo Aikawa.

4. Misaki Jinguji

Misaki Jinguji

Misaki is a mood maker, dependable, and the older sister figure of Gelato 5. She loves to drink and gossip.

5. Anna Hojo

Anna Hojo

She is often shunned at school because of her flamboyant appearance and her many violations of school rules.

By direct orders of Gekko, all members of the Princess Series attend the same high school, including Anna. However, due to her “delinquent” appearance, people were afraid of approaching her. Despite this, Desumi Magahara gave her a warm smile and befriended her, causing Anna to fall in love with her.

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6. Kiki Majima

Kiki Majima Love After World Domination Characters

Kiki Majima is the Beast Princess. Along with Desumi Magahara and Kyoko Kuroyuri, she is part of Gekko’s Princess Series.

Kiki is serious about the work of Gekko and is often disappointed at Desumi for not taking it seriously.

7. Daigo Todoroki

Daigo Todoroki Love After World Domination Characters

Daigo is a taciturn karate expert and the spiritual pillar of Gelato 5. Typically he presents himself as the most stern, serious and calm of the five, rarely ever getting rattled no matter the circumstance. However, this persona falls apart when in the presence of Desumi, who he is utterly terrified of due to her defeating him constantly as a child.

Due in part to his background in karate Daigo has a great amount of pride in his fighting skills and refuses to show weakness. This in turn is why he refused to ever admit that Desumi was stronger than him during the periods in which they trained in spite of how much pain he had to endure because of it.

Daigo Todoroki Love After World Domination Characters

In spite of his cold exterior, Daigo does have a kinder side to himself, ironically best shown with Desumi who he is terrified of. After their dojo closed and he saw Desumi upset of seemingly destroying something important to her again, he willingly took on the role of her instructor despite knowing full well how much pain he’d likely suffer as a result, all to make Desumi happy.

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8. Urami Magahara

Urami Magahara

Urami Magahara is Desumi’s younger sister.

As a result of being in the shadows of her more successful older sister, which was exacerbated by their dad’s constant reminder of it, Urami’s admiration towards Desumi turned into an unhealthy sister complex. She believes that Desumi should be cold and strong, and is very hostile against those who threatens the ideal image of her older sister.

Urami Magahara

Urami also seems to be traumatized by bullying, as calling her “gloomy” reminded her from a past experience and caused her to have a panic attack.

Love After World Domination Characters’ Heights and Ages

Fudo Aikawa (Red Gelato)~5 ft 10 in~18 years old
Desumi Nagahara(Reaper Princess)~5 ft ~18 years old
Professor Big Gelato~4 ft 10 in~60 years old



First, we determined Fudo’s height. On the Escape to Asia website, we have read that the average height for Japanese men is 172 centimeters or 5 feet and 8 inches.

However, we estimated that Fudo could be taller than the said height, considering his health-conscious lifestyle. 

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As for Desumi’s height, she appears to be a head shorter than Fudo when she is placed beside him.

Lastly, Professor Big Gelato appears almost to reach Fudo’s shoulders; hence, we estimated that he is 4 feet and 10 inches tall.



In chapter 7 of the manga, Desumi is revealed to be a 3rd-year high school student. According to K12 Academics, 3rd-year high school students are mostly 18-year-old. 

With that, we based Desumi’s age to be 18.

Since Fudo appears to be in the same year, we assumed he is also 18 years old.

Lastly, based on Professor’s appearance, he could be in his 60s.

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