INTJ Anime Characters : Our Top 35+

INTJ anime characters are commonly referred to as masterminds. They are extremely rare throughout the world. But, they are more rare and are more difficult to locate for females. They can be hard to spot since they are frequently misinterpreted as being an INFJ or INTP. However, if you invest enough time studying their behavior and analysing their behavior, you'll eventually be able to determine that they're an an INTJ.
intj anime characters

INTJ anime characters are commonly referred to as masterminds. They are extremely rare throughout the world. But, they are more rare and are more difficult to locate for females. They can be hard to spot since they are frequently misinterpreted as being an INFJ or INTP. However, if you invest enough time studying their behavior and analysing their behavior, you’ll eventually be able to determine that they’re an an INTJ.

INTJs are usually referred to as masterminds. In INTJ anime, we have many popular examples like Light of Death Note and Lelouch from Code Geass. These types of personality are uncommon throughout the world. But, they’re more scarce and more difficult to identify for females. Intuitive personalities can be difficult to spot since they are frequently misinterpreted as INFP or INTJ However, if you invest enough time studying their behavior and looking at their actions you’ll eventually arrive at the conclusion that they’re INTJ.

Their ability to think quickly can help them quickly spot patterns and connect theories, possibly leading to a more concrete knowledge of our world. Let’s begin this list of the top 34 INTJ anime characters featuring Light Yagami from Death Note.

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These are the best INTJ Anime Characters

The INTJs are the logisticians of the MBTI world. They are highly intelligent and are able to solve the majority of puzzles or patterns. What is it like to be an INTJ in anime You might ask? There’s a solution if you’ve have ever wondered which the characters in anime are considered INTJs. We’ll be revealing 34 anime characters with INTJs that we are awestruck by within this post. We’ve divided them into females and males, and now let’s get started!

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INTJ Anime Male Characters

35. Light Yagami

Light Yagami

Animation:Death Note

Light Yagami, Death Note’s Light Yagami, displays Ni dominance. To protect himself Light Yagami likes to plan ahead and anticipates what might take place. Light immediately recognizes the potential of making use of Death Note to help make a difference. Death Note to make a better world.

He is quick to test its capabilities and its limits. He is quick to grasp his idea and does not take time to implement it. To guard him from himself and the Death Note, he creates traps inside traps. The victim can put this Death Note in a diary and then place it in the trap door in the drawer of his desk.

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But there is also the ability for another to activate an alarm for fire should the fire alarm is discovered. The plan has three stages of emergency contingency. The same thing happens with the doors to his bedroom. It is important to note the fact that it was all done prior to when L was identified as threat.

34. Ray

Ray INTJ Anime Characters

Animation:The Promised Neverland

Ray is an outstanding student who knows Grace Field House’s real nature more than anyone else. Ray views it as a gesture of kindness to be honest and direct in the typical INTJ style.

Also, Ray is not one who will take kindly to the snarky reaction of siblings. He is a strategic thinker and his strategic perspective is apparent when his six-year plan is devised to ensure that two of his most trusted family members can be free.

33. Hendrickson

Hendrickson INTJ Anime Characters

Animation: Seven Deadly Sins

Hendrickson can anticipate the actions of others prior to they occur. Hendrickson is the former Great Holy Knight in the Liones Kingdom, longs for his ultimate goal.

As a criminal As a criminal, he will be manipulative and lie to achieve his objective. The ability to recognize possibilities and the ability to anticipate things is an indication of his intelligence.

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His strategic thinking can be seen in his efficient and judicious use of strategies. He is professional, authoritative with a quick ability to assign other people to their most significant roles.

32. Lelouch Vi Britannia – Alias: Lelouch Lamperouge

 Lelouch Vi Britannia - Alias INTJ Anime Characters

Animation:Code Geass

Lelouche’s most prominent traits are strategic, visionary and uncompromising. Lelouche is also shown to be compassionate and skilled in executing his plans.

Lelouch vi Britannia sees life as an chess game. Much like an expert in the game who is able to see the movements of his opponents and make plans in advance. He is able to see into the future, and design long-term plans for transforming the world.

While he may appear to be cold and manipulative on the outside, he’s very concerned about the welfare of the oppressed as well as the poor and the marginalized. His tertiary Introverted Feelings (Fi) along with his Introverted Intuition(Ni) are where his true tertiary introverted Feelings (Fi) truly shine. If he’s able to defend his beliefs and values at the end of the day the person he is the one who is the bad guy.

31. Kurapika

Kurapika INTJ Anime Characters

Animation:Hunter X Hunter

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Kurapika is an incredibly visionary and committed individual. Kurapika was a fighter as well as debater when he attempted to allow him to leave his family and travel the world.

Although he appears as cold and rational on the outside, Kurapika is very committed and devoted to the family he has. Kurapika is well-known for his determination to stand up on behalf of his family members and his family.

These are the sole ones who appear to be able help him get from his angry and violent moments. The man is an analyst and reader. He does not believe in things on a whim. Instead, he asks questions about the motives of people and attempts to better understand them.

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30. Kei Tsukishima (Tsukki)

Kei Tsukishima INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Hyaikuu!

Many ways Tsukishima can be described as the master player of the Karasuno volleyball team. Sometimes, he comes up with an insight that could alter the direction of the game. He is calm and focused and has the ability to develop efficient strategies to defeat his adversaries. This allows everyone else to be productive.

Surprisingly enough, the only person who he is able to engage on with, is an INTJ player on his team. Tsukishima requires a bit of time before he feels motivated enough to participate in volleyball, since he is aware of that it is a short-term game. Once he has it, he’s determined to be creative, imaginative, and adept at overcoming any hurdles.

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29. Piccolo

Piccolo INTJ Anime Characters

Animation:Dragon Ball

Piccolo is clearly a person who plans prior to making a move. He likes to observe his opponents before engaging in battle like Goku and the other characters who use muscle brains from the show.

Piccolo is frequently seen being attentive to his surroundings, and communicating his thoughts with other characters when they fight. He’s also more vigilant than Z fighters. Also, he taught Gohan his preferences for developing strategy.

28. Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga INTJ Anime Characters

Animation:Naruto Shippuden

As a child Neji was able show his mental acuity and determination. While he was not allowed to study the latest methods of his clan, the way he learned them was through observation and determination to master them by himself.

In his nimble style, Neji employs symbolic language and metaphors to express his belief in a grand plan and destiny. The focus of his speech is on the bigger picture, and his critical thinking comes through in his clear and fact-based speech.

27. Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Ryunosuke Akutagawa INTJ Anime Characters

Animation: Bungou Stray dogs

Ryunosuke is a truly sympathetic villain. The characters’ childhood angst and suffering through the Bungou Stray Dogs series. Ryunosuke is known as”the Port Mafia “dog” and will do anything to further the goals of the mafia and to advance his personal agendas.

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Ryunosuke thinks that only the powerful should prevail as he is determined to remain emotionally detached and powerful. He’s a villain, but there are moments of humanity which make him a powerful and a three-dimensional character. His strategic nature and “ends-justifies-the-means” approach exemplify how Introverted Intuition nature can be both cunning and dangerous.

26. Kai Chisaki’s “Overhaul”

Kai Chisaki's "Overhaul" INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: My Hero Academia

Kai Chisaki, the mastermind of many bloody battles considers people than pawns to utilize to achieve his goals than as people who have emotions. Every move he makes can be seen as part of an bigger strategy. He hopes to eliminate Quirks from the world which will allow the yakuza gain their power back.

Chisaki is able to see the bigger image, anticipate how events will unfold, and adapt his strategy in line with the future. In addition, Chisaki can be open-minded and is willing to evolve and change according to the needs.

Chisaki excels in leadership even in violent ways. He is the peace and order in the face of a crisis and consider the capabilities of several people in order to create coordinated attack strategies.

25. Shun Kazami

 Shun Kazami

Animation:Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

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Shun Kazami is an avid Bakugan Battle Brawlers fan. He is among the most popular characters in the show. He is among the team members who is a thinker before playing his cards.

To defeat Shun You must be very clever. Intjs are attracted to the logic of battle. This series is all about finding your cards and characters right. Shun is an expert in this.

24. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman

Anime: Attack on Titan

If Attack on Titan is your most loved show, then you’ll probably be familiar with Levi Ackerman. Levi Ackerman is frequently regarded as the most powerful soldier in existence.

Levi uses his logical thinking and experience on the battlefield in almost everything he does. Even though he isn’t the most social however, he’s extremely social. His peers love him and his personality is that of an Intuitive. He is a smart thinker, and will often be anything to beat the competition.

23. Silverfang


Animation:One Punch Man

The Silverfang character is among the supporting characters from One Punch Man. Silverfang is an INTJ typical and is calm even when tensions are high. Silverfang is described as sharp and extremely intelligent.

He also likes reliable and skilled people. The INTJs have a similar personality. They can solve problems, even in stressful circumstances. Silverfang is without a doubt an INTJ.

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22. Kanata kamado

Kanata kamado

Image source: Zerochan

Animation: Demon Slayer

Kanata is known for his straightforward and clear communication. He is an typical INTJ and has a great deal of and logical.

The only time we can see his smiling when it’s with Toko Agatsuma. His emotions are typically hidden, like the majority of INTJs. There’s no doubt over the MBTI type he is.

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21. Teru Mikami

Teru Mikami

Animation:Death Note

Teru is evidently an INTJ. Many of the movies we first glimpse the death star of an INTJ. His thoughts are crystal clear and precise. They are generally free of any emotion.

He is presented as a person with strong beliefs and is dedicated to achieving his goals. It is a mistake to slow his advancement.

20. Thors Karlsefni

Thors Karlsefni

Animation:Vinland Saga

Though you might not know that he was an INTJ when he was a kid and yet, it’s obvious that he’s an INTJ. Thors is an extremely self-reliant person who has a number of goals he would like to accomplish. We’d wager that Thors is an INTJ manga character could be an 8w7 enneagram if we placed an enneagram symbol on the character.

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In the course of the show, he displays an unwavering dedication to his objectives.

19. Lawliet “L”.


Animation:Death Note

Lawliet offers us a peek at the best Detective in all of the universe. It’s almost as Sherlock Holmes. We believe that Lawlite has an INTJ But isn’t Sherlock Holmes.

He is a genius planner who isn’t a believer in any thing without proof. Also, He is inclined to be skeptical of human emotions. He is an normal INTJ and is extremely rational and analytical in his thinking.

18. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake

Manga:Naruto Shippuden

You’ve likely been familiar with Kakashi when you’ve watched Naruto or even if not but you should have been able to see the entire series of Kakashi memes. Kakashi is an exceptionally skilled and self-confident character. He is confident about his abilities and is self-confident.

He is known to sound very rough and unfeeling and can result in his voice sounding extremely harsh. Because of his reserved personality We consider Kakashi is an INJ. Combine this with his ingenuity and rational thinking, and you’ll identify his personality.

17. Apollo


Animation:Blood of Zeus

It’s hard to miss Apollo who is the blood of Zeus that was born of the union of wedlock. Apollo is always by Zeus’s side and is adept at thinking. Apollo has a mind of his own which is evident in his calm manner of speaking and the ability to not be frightened under pressure or when questioned. He’s serene and calm throughout the show. It’s similar to an INJ.

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16. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha

Animation:Naruto Shippuden

Sasuke’s dramatic transformation looks similar to Thors. When he was a kid Sasuke was a petty youngster. He decided to make it his goal to save his entire family.

Sasuke is a shrewd character in Naruto due to his tenacity and innate abilities. Sasuke is an unpopular character and it’s up to debate whether he’s worthy of taking on Naruto. This is a different story. Fun fact Did you know that Itachi Uchiha was an INFJ?

15. Kokushibo


Animation:Demon Slayer

Kokushibo has a role of support. Kokushibo was loyal to his antagonist of the show. His introverted personality, delicate tone, and intelligence are only some of the characteristics that led him to be an INTJ.

He was trustworthy and skilled in everything he did. Kokushibo could make a fantastic companion.

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INTJ Anime Female Characters

14. Merlin


Animation:The Seven Deadly Sins

Merlin Brittania’s most powerful mage, is often referred to as the Boar’s sin due to excessive consumption. She is an avid student and is willing to suspend her age to absorb every bit of information.

Her calm demeanor is collected she isn’t prone to panicking when catastrophe strikes. Merlin can be calmly assessing any situation and devise a strategy prior to taking the necessary action. The INTJ is a part of her due to her eagerness to improve her knowledge, her intuition and ability to recognize the consequences. Her calm, rational side also makes her a great candidate.

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13. Yako


Anime: Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun

Yako is, as you might have guessed, is an fierce character. Yako can be described as an ethereal being that assumes the human form. She is aware of her self-esteem and frequently is a snarky person who looks down on humans.

Yako However, she is extremely intelligent and is able to think before she does anything. We think she’s an INTJ.

12. Kiriya Ubuyashiki

Kiriya Ubuyashiki

Animation:Demon Slayer

Kiriya can be described as being aloof and indifferent. Kiriya is also portrayed to be a leader, who has the ability to discern and control the demon slayers when fighting.

An INTJ due to his brain’s calm, intelligent and ability to plan and execute attacks.

11. Motoko Kusanagi

Motoko Kusanagi

Animation:Ghost in the Shell

Motoko’s firm and Stoic character are famous throughout the show. She is a dedicated woman who is determined to do justice to everyone involved and is very serious about her work.

Motoko can be described as confident and confident and doesn’t appear to be influenced by challenging circumstances. She’s also a very proficient person, which is part of her confidence in comparison to the other characters in the show.

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Motoko is a skilled female with a solid understanding of hacking leadership, leadership, and other techniques of combat. She is confident, assertive and smart, and she deserves to be included on the list of ranked INTJ women anime character.

10. Teresa



Teresa is among the most risk-taking and courageous characters from both Claymore and this list.

The actress is known as a violence-prone character and is often killed without regrets or thought. She has been proven to be skilled in a variety of combat zones.

9. Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura is a smart and attuned girl. Homura’s quiet personality is a challenge for other girls to effectively communicate to her on a greater scale. Homura was frequently victimized and bullied by other students in the school she attended.

She’s quite frail as a result of her heart issues that made it hard to perform certain activities. Due to her traumas in the past her emotional state deteriorated and isolated from the external world.

8. Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise

Anime: Steins;Gate

Kurisu Makise is an INTJ and is among the top well-known Female anime character. She is very practical as well as mature and serious as we are aware of. She is smart and humorous, which is common among INTJs. Makise is a devoted enthusiast of the scientific method and experiments because of her ability to think.

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Okarin frequently refers the character Makise Kurisu as an “Tsundere” individual. Okarin often refers to her as”a “Tsundere” personality. She isn’t a fan of these comments and is often annoyed by his insipid remarks.

Makise is a straight-talker when speaking and often shares her ideas and experience to make it easier for others to comprehend. She is a great speaker and when she interacts with people she is more calm and more relaxed.

7. Shinobu Kochou

Shinobu Kochou

Animation: Demon Slayer

Shinobu is extremely deceitful. Even the most knowledgeable people will not be capable of recognizing her true personality. She’s an introvert however she is active, happy and social. She is always smiling regardless of situation.

More deeply, she is infuriated by demons due to her past dark history. Shinobu can be the deadliest of of Demon Slayer hashiras, even when she appears elegant and feminine on the outside. Shinobu is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable swordswoman. She’s not afraid of killing any demon she meets and it’s best to not bother her!

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6. Re-L Mayer

Re-L Mayer INTJ Anime Characters

Animation:Ergo Proxy

Re-L Mayer who is an edgy and reserved girl is one of an elite group of. Re-L Mayer was taught to stay neutral and not experience emotions so that she could take on enemies without hesitation.

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She’s certainly an INTJ This causes her to be extremely curious. The girl is independent as well as smart. Her zealous attitude distinguishes her from other characters on this list.

She leads a disciplined and rigid lifestyle. While she is often confused as an ISTJ she’s actually not an advocate of rules and doesn’t question these rules.

5. Lust

lust full metal alchemist INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Lust is the most popular character. Her clothes, appearance, and natural appearance makes her a favorite.

She can be quite emotional and manipulative. She can influence others with her captivating talking manner. This lets her access crucial details that can help her create a plan of attack against her foes.

We witness her serene and confident throughout the entire series. She has a superiority phobia and rants about how people are depressed because of their insidious and selfish character.

4. Yelena

Yelena INTJ Anime Characters

Anime: Attack on Titan

Yelena is calm and composed and is an original persona of Attack on Titan, right alongside Mikasa. She’s also very humorous and speaks with an oddly humorous voice.

She is a serious person and is not afraid to murder others if needed. The most notable thing about her is her devotion to Zeke.

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She believes in him as to be a god and an inspiration. Yelena is a smart, focused and focused. She can take quick, decisive decisions independently. She is a powerful leader and commander.

3. Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi Senjougahara INTJ Anime Characters


Hitagi is an INTJ typical character. Her conversations are simple, but she ultimately , she causes emotional harm to others. She is a charming girl, however she’s a little weaker since she hasn’t played in any sports at school.

Hitagi who is an INTJ is an individual who is able to store lots of data. Her knowledge of the universe is impressive. It demonstrates her curiosity and her potential for ability.

2. Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya Shinomiya INTJ Anime Characters

Animation: Kaguya-sama: Love is War

A majority INTJ people are smart and rational. This is the same for Kaguya. Kaguya is calm and collected however, her manner of speaking and behavior are more monotonous. She is courteous when speaking to other people.

The INTJs are famous for being obsessive. In this case, Kaguya is obsessed with Miyuki. She is constantly thinking of different ways to convince him to confess to her. Her dramatic method of formulating her strategies is commonly seen, which is often like a courtroom debate featuring several characters. She is also manipulative at times.

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Kaguya is a shy person who assists in planning her day. She is also casual and spends money in reckless ways. She is reserved, but she cares very much about the students’ council members. Kaguya is the most perfect model of an INTJ character and therefore she is at the top of the list.

INTJ Animation Testing

While it’s not possible to find INTJ test for anime but you could take the 16 personality test through the MBTI website. Then, visit websites like Personality database to discover what the personality traits of certain anime characters could be.

INTJ anime characters are uncommon due to the personality of INTJ. But, there are plenty of INTJ characters that you can identify with if you’re truly an INTJ.

It is also possible to consider forums or Personality Database to discuss MBTI characters and personalities. You can get a lot of insight from them that can rival any INTJ test.


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