Ugly Anime Characters : Our List 30 + That You Need To Know

ugly anime characters

It’s unfortunate, but anime doesn’t need to have 10/10s wandering around.

Some characters are just less plain than other characters.

Other characters are attacked with the stick quite hard.

As this isn’t something you’d consider (or look at often in the world of community) Let’s take a look at the most ugly characters are from all of the anime. I’ll tell you what I’m ugly, and I’m proud of it!

30. Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist

Gluttony is an horriblecharacter due to a variety of reasons. The name is exactly what it suggests, in reality.

He’s an overgrown, big character who eats and consumes everyone or anything he gets to his feet… in cold blood.

The appearance of the man is threatening and unsettling to be relaxing.

29. Ryuk (Death Note)


Ryuk is Shinigami (death god) and, as one would expect from such a animal: there’s nothing pleasant about him.

His appearance is a symphony of ugly, death and generally a sour environment that gives you chills. There is nothing positive to gain from being caught in his prescience all the time.

If the Grim reaper were in fact real Ryuk may be an exact description of whatthe grim reaper could appear like.

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28. Masao Murasako (Shiki)

Masao Murasako

Masao Murasako seems disgusting to the center. It’s like he’s a personification of a demon,but in human form.

His sexy, creepy look is an indication of how he is feeling about the world and people who are inside.

One illustration is the time a character dies in Shiki in the beginning the game, and he remembrances the death of that person and ridiculesthem in funerals.

He’s the kind of person who complains about every issue and point fingers at anyone outside of himself and take outyou to prove it. If he gets the chance to do it, he’d get away with it, he would.

Because he’s a vile teenager in the inner.

27. Marechiyo Omaeda (Bleach)

Marechiyo Omaeda

Marechiyo can be described as a deplorable the character. He’s a coward who talks so much** to nietback up and isn’t the most confident character in Bleach.

If you’re a soul reaper, as well as an officer in the rank of Soi Fon Marechiyo, an individual you’d feel bad for.

Because of his weight, the fact that he’s scrutinized and selectedon even by his rivals such as Baragganlater in the show.

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After the dust settles the character of Marechiyo is more real, because not every man has a “perfect physique” in reality.

26. Buppa (Tokyo Tribe)


Buppa is a fictional character from the Monrak luk thung universe appearing in novels version manga and anime.

25. Gordon Agrippa

Gordon Agrippa

Animation: Black Clover

I am not happy about placing this person on the list since he’s quite likeable and compassionate however, he’s in no way doing his self any favours.

If you’re planning to go for the Marilyn Manson vibe, you definitely need a backbone to support it. Since he’s very quiet and only speaks in mumbled voices and he makes use of curses in all sorts His look appears strange and scary more so than a sexy and original.

It is especially important if he does take an image of his family. This would look the point of.

24. Kouji Kouda

Kouji Kouda

Anime: My Hero Academia

To this day , I not be able to comprehend how this man was able to get into the U.A.

I’m also unsure why he’s looking like an frightened rock.

Quirks may alter your appearance, as in the case of Tokoyami’s, but they usually enhances your strength in a certain way. How is it that being tall tofu blob can help him communicate with animals I’m not sure. At least the guy is nice.

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In addition, he has bunnies. Therefore, I doubt that he’ll struggle in the world of dating.

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23. Biwamaru


Animation: Dororo
The aging process affects us all. As it turns certain gentlemen into sophisticated gentlemen and beautiful beauties, it transforms others into troll-like pieces of flesh.

I love my boy Biwamaru. However, he appears to have was hit with a steel bat on his back and head, and then thrown into the jungle for 10 years.

His body has gotten in such a bad shape that it’s hard to think of a time when the young man was an attractive man.

He would never be told these things in person , however since the old man still has enough bite to break a couple dozen bones.

22. Suika


Animation: Dr. Stone

This is a strange one, considering that Suika can be described as the most adorable and beautiful character that has ever existed.

It’s true that in the age of modern, Suika would have been the most sought-after real estate in the world. However , in the past, it isn’t the case.

Because she is unable to see clearly when she puts on her helmet, she needs to look up and down to really discern everything. Trust me when I say that her face that is squinting quickly makes you think about why she picked the Melon in the initial in the first.

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21. Babidi


Animation: Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z has been uncompromising in the way they depict villains. They definitely predated the hot villainous bad boy archetype.

Just take a look at Babidi.

He resembles a mix of rotting beans catfish, and fly.

He’s got every characteristic men fear He’s short, basically hairless, scrawny with a bright orange, suppose.

The eyelashes of his like they’d be sucked from his skull with a quick hit is not helping his cause.

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20. Bonolenov Ndongo

Bonolenov Ndongo

Animation: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

If a person completely covers their body from top to bottom they’re either extremely beautiful or extremely ugly.

Our good friend Bonolenov definitely falls into the last category.

The reason is that the second that he removes the bandages and we can see several things. He’s totally hairless, lots the teeth are gone, he has bones and skin as well as his body is constructed as an instrument.

In the sense that huge pieces of the body have gone missing.

There’s something apprehensive about his eyes.

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19. Hand Demon

Hand Démon from demon slayer

Animation: Demon Slayer

Let’s face it The majority of the Demon Slayer’s demons Demon Slayer are lowkey extremely hot.

This is until we get to Hand Demon. Hand Demon.

The fact that this is a thing, in addition to appearing to be Shigaraki Tomura on steroids is also a bit frightening to see. Perhaps it’s because of the numerous arms and hands that wrap around him, or perhaps because we’ve become accustomed to his voice being tied to a more sexy man. It’s actually a reference to JoJo and he’s giving me the Heebie-jeebies.

18. Ekaterina and Elizabeth

Ekaterina and Elizabeth

Animation: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

I would like to connect these two films together, since they were both filmed to play the same gag, and have the exact identical face.

After Interspecies Reviewers, I was thinking that there was nothing that came out from a brothel would shock me.

Yet here I am corrected.

The fact that they were employed in two different entertainment establishments and for two numerous influential individuals suggests that they have to be skilled in their craft or at least something.

There isn’t an environment where people receive this much attention for their appearance.

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17. Teruki Hanazawa

Teruki Hanazawa

Anime: Mob Psycho 100

This man is only on the list because he had the longest and most terrible bad hair day of all time.

He was initially just getting an ear-lobe cut. The contemporary status image Danny Devito rocks that hairstyle.

However, his hair was taking a bizarre path in which it kept growing bigger, and my son was looking more like an English Imperial guard on duty. The hairstyle made him look silly and, if you’re being honest I believe the bold cut would have suited his style better.

16. Rock Lee

Rock Lee

Naruto: Naruto

Okay, let’s take a second to forget how amazing a character Lee is or was.

Then look him up physically.

You must admit that If you saw someone sporting eyebrows that were thicker than Snickers and a green jumpsuitand orange leg warmers You probably wouldn’t think “oh what a gorgeous sexy beast!”

The reality that Guy is a person I enjoy, is exactly the exact the same and is often with Lee isn’t helping. Particularly when someone is aware that Guy is not his father.

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15. Carnage Kabuto

Carnage Kabuto

Animation: One Punch Man

The One Punch Man has seen quite the odd villains. It’s true that the final boss of season one is a typical Yu-GiOh card, but they always have a unique design.

Kabuto is the size of a cockroach who somehow was infected with steroids.

He earns some cool points after He goes into his carnage mode.

However, if we’re considering just his basic appearance it’s clear that he’s one of the most ugly character types.

Maybe on the same level as that crab from episode 1.

14. Entoma Vasilissa Zeta

Animation: Overlord

Entoma was not a good choice to be included on this list. She’s amazing..

You can imagine my surprise when we meet her in battle and find out she doesn’t have actually a facial expression at all.

I can see why that might give her an advantages in combat. But I was not aware of what was underneath the mask.

Just for the sheer shock factor and also because bugs can be described as ugly in their entirety, Entoma has to be present.

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13. Tomoko Kuroki

Tomoko Kuroki

Animation: WataMote

There’s a reason glow-ups are a rage trend in the world of social media, because puberty can be a messy time often.

However, for the majority of the time the anime industry ignores this fact and creates every high schooler into model with the perfect face and body.

Then we have Tomoki.

She’s not sure what to wear, style her hair, rest for enough time so that bags don’t develop beneath her eyelids, stroll, and say”hello!… She’s an uninvolved victim.

All of this can lead her to look rather shabby that is worse when she tries to appear attractive.

We’ve every one of us been Tomoki at one point or another. It gets better.

12. Berocas


Animation: The Rising of the Shield Hero

I do not know about you however, when I hear the word “slave trader” I can’t think of a handsome, dapper young man.

Actually, Berocas fits very nicely in my mind. It’s a Monopoly Man encounters the Dr. Penguin hybrid with very lavish pockets and no morals.

His style is somewhat out there, with his hat twice as big as his head and so on.

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However, I think it’s the false smile and his dreadful glasses that make him look unattractive in my eyes.

11. The Titans Titans

Snk titans

Anime: Attack on Titan

I’m not able to pin an identity on the Titans since all of the referred to Titans(or would I rather suggest Titan users) seem pretty nice.

The background Titans are ugly.

It could be because they don’t show any emotion on their faces or their facial expressions are bizarre. It’s not like I’ve ever seen a beautiful named Titan.

They also operate in the most funny manner, and are always naked but don’t have Genitalia, just makes their appearance completely messed up.

Okay, let’s get rid of that last part and it’s a good thing they do not have Genitalia.

10. Yoshinobu Kubota

Anime: Sakamoto Desu ga?

I’m not able to be able to explain what I think Yoshinobu looks ugly because I’ll just share my personal concerns.

Therefore, I’m going to put it in this way that everyone in the show is a roaring dumpster fire when compared to the supremely powerful God, Sakamoto.

It’s so cute that Yoshinobu’s mother isn’t just in love with the guy, but I would bet that she’d sell her son for an evening with Sakamoto.

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9. Nendou’s mom

Nendou's mom

Animation: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Do I look sexist when I have criticized Nendou’s mom but the other way around? Nendou himself? I don’t know.

However, Nendou is unable to even manage the look he’s going on, but I think that’s because Nendou is that archetype of the funny/bro bro type.

His mom, on other hand, is, if you don’t know, looks exactly like his is a completely different set of toxin.

Even though a number of men have fallen in love with Nendou’s mother, I need to follow the headcanon and add her to this list.

8. Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti

Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti

Animation: Re: Zero

Petelgeuse is a beautiful face that even a mother cannot be proud of, regardless of the amount he’d wish to believe otherwise.

The green bowl-cut trend is the fashion of the moment. The reason for this is that white hasn’t been fashionable since the Victorian period.

The reality that the bags beneath his eyes appear straight-up bloody and that the skin he tears frequently, doesn’t aid in reducing the problem.

A bad skin care routine is one issue. However, eating it is an entirely different kind of no-no.

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7. Melody


Animation: Hunter x Hunter

The fact that it is female is what ensures her place on this list.

Don’t get me wrong, different strokes for different folks. But if I had an Tinder dating session with female , and then was confronted by one who looks like the forty-year-old mole who is balding I’d run towards the hills.

Her voice is amazing and she’s an extremely nice person.

If we’re talking about her looks, it’s more beneficial to keep your eyes on the road instead.

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6. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Animation: Fairy Tail

I’m not sure if I want to feature Big Ed here just because he’s got an ebullient and confident style that he’s almost able to persuade me to believe that he’s an attractive man.

However, as we short kings understand being 6’0″ or less could be considered a death penalty even if you’re under 5 feet.

His head is also amazingly large to the point that I am amazed that he is able to walk with ease and have features that are so powerful and yet not fitting that it is almost comical.

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5. Witch of the Waste

Witch of the Waste

Animation: Howl’s Moving Castle

Oh my god, I do not like her. I’m not in a position to be ashamed of my body but when your face is reminiscent of a large blanket, there’s no way to be attractive.

This is when she’s calm, composed and calm.

When she finally breaks in, her jaw expands to the thousands, her face begins exuding sweat, the wrinkles begin to appear… And, oh my God, I don’t want to discuss this any more.

4. Dodoria


Animation: Dragon Ball Z

Thank God Dodoria does not stay around for long as a villain since I’m never used to seeing this particular face.

Just making characters that color of pink is already an indictment. The fact that they have made him look like a walking illness does him no favors.

He doesn’t have an impressive six pack or awesome power that could keep us from seeing the way the way he appears. He’s going to just stand in front of us and make us look at him until the end of time.

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3. Linlin Charlotte

Linlin Charlotte

Animation: One Piece

In the spirit of pink, over weight and a literal dagger in my eye Linlin.

One Piece has quite the some unique characters, there’s no doubt about it. However, Linlin has always scared me the most.

She resembles Black Beard’s wife who has a paddle in her possession and shouts at young employees in the retail industry. She’s literally like the ultimate leader Karen from The One Piece universe.

She’d probably launch an uproar over the word “pirate” since it’s historically offensive. It’s a pretty clear picture.

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2. Pesci

Pesci from Jojo's adventure

Animation: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Golden Wind

This is the reason Ferb was never created as a character in an anime It’s completely disgusting!

My husband has an entire head that resembles a plant and is practically completely neck-deep.

I cannot emphasize enough just how badly it frustrates me that this man does not have a chin at all.

Why is he styling his hair this way? It’s like he’s trying to get us to imagine the image of a fruity pineapple on upper part of his shoulder.

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In terms of JJBA goes, his brain and style are pretty normal. But it’s his head that’s alarming me.

1. Shigekiyo Yangu

Shigekiyo Yangu

Animation: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Diamond is Unbreakable

Let me be honest about it I’m not happy with the appearance of this man.

He resembles Dodoria however, he’s more terrifying because he’s not an alien.

What are those horns that hang on his head? Are they ever explained?

It’s not surprising that he’s crying or is an unrestrained money-sucker only gives the impression of “please stay out of my view”. God I am extremely angry.

Kira has definitely been a top A- antagonist in my opinion.

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Guess we'll never know
Guess we'll never know
8 months ago

Shouldn’t have done SHIGEKIYOYANGU like that lol but he don’t look ugly to me tbh.