Love & Gelato Ending Explained : What’s Happened ?

love and gelato Ending Explained

Love & Gelato , a romantic comedy-drama based upon Jenna Evans Welch’s YA bestseller, is Love & Gelato . Lina Emerson is a young woman who moves to college, but must first deal with her mother’s death. Her mother had a wish for Lina Emerson before her death. She wanted Lina to visit Rome to meet her father.

Love & Gelato Ending Explained : What's Happened ?

Lina isn’t enthusiastic about the idea because she doesn’t want someone to be with her all her life. To fulfill her mother’s dying wish, Lina travels to Italy. While there, she discovers art, gelato and some mystery about her mother’s history, her father and an unexpected romance.

It was released June 22, 2022 and is filled with romance and new adventures. Lina is a relatable protagonist because she deals with her mother’s past and embarks on a adventure to discover herself. The makers are unsure if they will adapt the books from the series or just one.

Love & Gelato Ending Explained | Netflix Review

Love & gelato: Lina will choose Alessandro over Lorenzo?

Love & gelato: Lina will choose Alessandro over Lorenzo?

Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch is an adaptation from the New York Times young adult bestseller of the name. We have Lina ( Halt & Catch Fire’s Susanna Skaggs), a young woman who is about to embark on an exciting phase in her life. Although she has been accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT), her life is not all roses. Because she has experienced a lot of trauma, she is shy and anxious. Her mother was ill for some time and died. Lina’s mother died a few months ago. Her last wish was for Lina to spend the summer in Rome before she goes to college.

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Her mother wishes her to live life the same way as her. It’s better to live your life than read about it. Lina is greeted by Howie, her maternal aunt, and Francesca her cousin. Lina receives her mother’s last wish, a diary. The journal is not the only thing that the trip is about. It’s about meeting people. Lina meets two people she loves: Alessandro (Saul Nanni), a dreamy-eyed man from a wealthy family. Lorenzo (Tobia de Angelis), a sweet chef who dreams of being a professional chef, is the other.

Love & gelato: Lina will choose Alessandro over Lorenzo?

This is not the only drama. She discovers that she was pregnant with Lina while reading her mother’s journal! Her mother refuses to identify the father but she says “X” and she is devastated. As we watch this, it seems that Howie, judging by the way he looked at Lina and the fact that she looks exactly like her mother, is the father. When she confronts him, he tells her all about what happened.

Lina’s mother was his first love, but he was too old to tell her. She felt that it was wrong for him to step up and be the father. Howie tells her that her mother wasn’t right to tell her who her father was, and she would be better off not knowing. When she is feeling down, he will fly her best friend home.

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Love & gelato ending : Lina will choose Alessandro over Lorenzo?

Alessandro is the one Lina actually kisses at the waterfall. He manipulated Lina by telling her he wanted to be alone, but then he started dating a girl the following day. Lina discovers her father’s name and takes a trip to visit her birth father, a well-known photographer. Lorenzo is the first person she sees on the train. He’s off to take the test to be admitted to a top-rated Italian culinary school. 

Because it makes everything better, he shares his grandmother’s famous gelato recipe with her. Both of them are encouraging and spend the afternoon together. Lina tries to meet her father when they leave, but Lina sees a photo of her mother in the gallery. She refuses to meet him and takes the photo with her. Lorenzo fails her test later when she finally sees him. They share joint pain and then they kiss.

Netflix movie Love & Gelato ending explained

Netflix movie Love & Gelato ending explained
Netflix movie Love & Gelato ending explained

Lina informs Lorenzo when they return home that it was a mistake. Alessandro meets Lina for a date and learns that Lorenzo has a girlfriend but is now going to France to study culinary school. She follows him to the airport, and informs him that it was not a mistake. She’s just making a choice for herself.

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Later, Howie sits next to her while she watches the sunset. They discuss Lina’s mother and the reasons she wanted them both to meet. They come to the conclusion that Lina’s mother wanted her a father figure in her lives. Howie then asks Lina whether he would be her adoptive father. Lina and Lorenzo finally meet at the secret bakery later in their lives. After they say their farewells, she trips and he follows her to her side. She laughs and drives him on her Vespa for dinner.

FAQ About Love & Gelato Ending

What happened to Ale and Lorenzo, Was Ale a cheater on Lina ?

What happened to Ale and Lorenzo, Was Ale a cheater on Lina ?

Answering the second question first is no. Ale didn’t cheat on Lina. He explained to Lina that the girl he saw at lunch at Lorenzo was an old friend. Ale was too soft for her to cancel, as she had already made plans.

It would be dangerous to speculate further than that, as the film does not depict Ale in a negative light. It actually confirms that Ale’s feelings for Lina were genuine. However, cosmic meetings can be a challenge to timing and it didn’t work out in the end.

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We felt animosity towards Ale and Lorenzo when Lina was first dropped off by him on his “deathbike” from La Nuvola. We learn the truth in Florence, when Lorenzo is competing in his baking contest.

What happened to Ale and Lorenzo, Was Ale a cheater on Lina ?

They were close friends in middle school. Lorenzo’s mother worked in the school cafeteria at the time. Ale’s friend called Lorenzo’s mother an insulting and offensive word that begins with a “d” and is slang to refer to gay women.

Ale didn’t do anything, despite being right next to Lorenzo. Lorenzo was outraged when he stared blankly at Ale. Ale didn’t value Lorenzo’s friendship and instead chose to not offend his “chic”, friends group by standing for Lorenzo’s mother.

Who is Lina’s biological dad? Why did Lorenzo travel to Florence?

Howard revealed that Lina’s biological dad is Matteo Rossi. He was a former professor of photography at the university. She explained that the meeting happened at the wrong moment for her in the book.

Rossi, too, left the city to manage the situation. Rossi is the “X”, Lina’s mother was so intrigued about the diaries. Although it seemed as though Howard was the biological dad, the clarification came at lunch.

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Concerning the second question, Lorenzo traveled to Florence to compete in an Italian Masterchef competition. Lorenzo always wanted to become a chef, so we watched him cook in his own kitchen and at parties to perfect his skills. He fails, but learns valuable lessons about being more expressive.

Lina’s mother wanted Lina to call Howard her “father”

Lina’s mother described Howard as sweet, caring, intelligent, and kind. Although she never had physical relations with Rossi, she realized that she had made a mistake with Rossi.

Although Howie was in love with Lina’s mom, he didn’t reciprocate the affection and he did not reveal it to her. Her assessment of the men was correct. Rossi made an excuse for Lina, who was brave enough to travel to Florence to see her biological father.

Lina stormed into Howard’s office, looking him in the eyes and then walked away. Howard was there for Lina every moment. Howard was there for Lina every step of the way. He talked to her, helped her settle down, encouraged her when she was feeling discouraged, and fulfilled all his responsibilities as a father. Lina’s mother asked Howard to be her father.

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‘Love & Gelato Ending: Who does Lina end up? What is the secret ingredient in Nonna’s gelato recipe?

The second question is only vaguely related to the answer to the first. Lina was left with nothing. Boom. Boom. In her diary, her mother tried to tell her this.

Lina was not sent to Italy by her to meet a man or to get married. She wanted Lina to choose her own path and to not be afraid of making bold decisions. Lina wasn’t following her mother’s footsteps, she was creating her own.

Lina did not choose Lorenzo or Ale, but she maintained her love for Howard’s companionship with him because he stayed around.

Ale, who was too busy to notice Rossi and cared less about Lina, even though they were in the same place, lost touch with Lina. The film’s special theme was Nonna’s gelato. Why is it so delicious? Is there a fifth ingredient we don’t know about? It is you,the creator of gelato that makes it unique.

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