Lycoris Recoil: Who Is Chisato?

Chisato, everyone’s favorite character. Popular anime poll site Anime Corner has seen Lycoris and Chisato at or near the top of polls almost every week. This anime has no source material or manga and is completely original, so it’s no surprise that people are fascinated by Chisato. This is evident in the long-awaited sequels and adaptations. But who is Chisato?

Chisato’s personality

Chisato's personality

We can’t understand why Chisato is so beloved without first stating her personality. She is charming from the outside. She is bubbly and caring. She does everything she can to make everyone happy. Even at her own expense. She is resilient and doesn’t let down even in stressful situations. You’ve seen her play the innocent, happy protagonist trope in anime such as My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer. Despite her tragic upbringing, she refuses to kill anyone and instead opts for rubber bullets.

However, this is not her only personality. As she is when she speaks with Kusunoki or at the DA, she can be a bit numbingly cold. She can alter her demeanor at the flick of a switch to match that of her rival. She’s overbearing, sweet, and kind to yakuza members, until they break their agreement; then it’s all war. We’ll get to that point in the next section.

Chisato’s Talent

Chisato's Talent

We can conclude that Chisato excels at three main categories based on the above point. She is able to see every detail and her brain can compute it all in seconds. This allows her to predict the opponent’s actions and then decide the best course of action. She is also a speedy, athletic, and power-user who can execute these responses.

Shinji Yoshimatsu from the Alan Institute noticed these remarkable abilities and determined that Chisato is a natural talent for one thing: to become a hitman or assassin. How can the Alan Institute help Chisato, and guide her to her rightful path? It’s a good thing Chisato is not suffering from a congenital cardiac disease.

Chisato was able to harness her talent from a young age. Her weak heart meant that she would collapse immediately after each training season. Yoshimatsu learned about this information from Mika, a Lycoris agent. She used Alan Institute’s influence to obtain a state of the art artificial heart for Chisato. Yoshi offered Mika the opportunity to make Chisato the greatest hitman the world had ever seen. He hopes to see his talent as a killer blossom .

This is the sad truth about Chisato’s talent, and the fate the Alan Institute considers the best for her. As we have seen, Chisato prefers using her abilities to help others, as you can see from the series so far. To avoid being killed, she even used rubber bullets. Only time will tell how her life will unfold from now on.

Chisato: His mysterious abilities.

Chisato: His mysterious abilities.

Chisato’s incredible abilities are always at the forefront in every encounter. She can avoid bullets. Literally. We don’t know why, but we are learning more about her heart, and her ties with the Alan Institute. In episode 9, we found out that these abilities were what attracted Yoshimatsu’s attention. This is not her only talent.

She can predict the future and anticipate people’s actions. We’ve seen it in a game with rock-paper-scissors but we also saw it in Majima’s conversations. She anticipates what another person will say, and uses that information to guide the conversation in her favor. Chisato is a master manipulator who has used her skills to manipulate conversations and situations in her favor or the benefit of those she loves. She may not want to kill anyone but her ability to predict the future means she can aim with deadly accuracy.

Chisato: Her Tragic Past

Chisato: Her Tragic Past

This section contains most of the spoilers for Episodes 8 and 9. She discovers that Chisato has only two months to live after her artificial heart was electrocuted. She appears to be at peace with this realization, but Mika is having flashbacks to when Chisato received her artificial hearts in the first place . Mika then explains Chisato’s backstory to Kurumi and finally reveals to the audience why Yoshimatsu was so invested in Chisato all through the series.

Chisato was born with a congenital cardiac disease. She was already well-known for her Radio Tower incident. But she was slowly dying. When she was still in Lycoris Training, she didn’t have long to live. Mika and Yoshimatsu were close friends at the time. Yoshimatsu was impressed by Chisato , who was being trained at the time by Mika. Yoshimatsu suggests a artificial heart, which was developed by Yoshimatsu at the Alan Institute. However, Yoshimatsu warns that Chisato might not live past adulthood. Mika replies that Lycorises don’t live very long.

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Chisato is having surgery to repair her heart. But, just before she goes, Yoshimatsu walks into the hallways. He tries to convince her that he’s not the one who provided her with the heart, but he prefers to remain anonymous. Chisato realizes he is lying and calls him her Savior. She also promises that she will be a savior just like Yoshimatsu in her entire life. This is what makes Chisato vow to never kill anyone, no matter who is threatening or threatening her life. She won’t take another life because of the very thing that ties Chisato to the mysterious Alan Institute.


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