The Top 20 Anime Characters with Special Puppils

Top 20 Anime Characters Who Have Special Pupils

Top 20 Anime characters who have Special pupils. When we think “powers”, our first reflex is to think of superheroes for their extraordinary abilities. A bit like in x-men where cyclops can project laser rays or superman who can melt everything thanks to the ray of his eyes. But manga offers so much more at eye level. In the Naruto universe alone, the powers of pupils are so precious that they are considered dangerous by others to the point of initiating conflicts between clans. Many other universes exploit the eyes of their characters with great reflection and accuracy. Powers, contracts, special abilities, which one will catch your eye?

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Who do you think has the most powerful look? With your votes, we will see more clearly.

Below, you will find 20 of our heroes with special pupils, they are probably missing so do not hesitate to leave us a comment with your proposals to make this top even more exciting 🥹! The update will be done on Wednesday, but until then, already vote to support your favorites!

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Watch your eyes, let’s go! NNTheBlog Article

20. Anime Fairy tail – Evergreen

Top 20 Anime Characters  Evergreen

If you dare to bother him, you will eventually be part of the decoration. You are notified…

Ever Green like the other members of the Raijin Unit, she uses eye magic. Its power is to petrify anyone who crosses his gaze. That’s why she started wearing glasses. She started wearing glasses. Glasses immunize against this fate, as well as artificial eyes.

19. Anime D.Gray-man: Allen Walker

Allen Walker pupils gif


The Cursed Eye Level 1: The left eye is black with a Pupil formed by concentric circles and allows it to see Akuma’s soul and locate them to destroy them.

Level 2: the eye is like level 1 but it is more powerful because it allows exorcists close to Allen to also see the soul of the Akuma and to spot the Akuma within a radius of 300 m regardless of the obstacles between them. The eye can regenerate if it is destroyed.

18. Naruto – Itachi Uchiha (The Uchiha clan)

Naruto - Itachi Uchiha (The Uchiha clan)

The eye that evolves like pokémon: “Oh your sharingan is evolving! ”

This pupil allows him to use three powerful techniques: Amaterasu (also called “celestial light”) to generate an unquenchable and devouring black light. She is able to consume anything and it is said that she can stay for a week.

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17. Date a live – Kurumi Tokisaki

Date a live - Kurumi Tokisaki

She has no excuse to arrive late.

Binoculars. Its right eye is tinged with red, while its left eye shows a shiny inorganic dial. This is hidden by its fringe and is only visible when it turns into the Spirit. The eye of the clock rests at 3 o’clock when the hands are still moving.

Kurumi used to wear an eye cover five years ago to hide his left eye in the shape of a clock. However, she now finds this embarrassing and covers her eyes with her hair. His left eye, after being sealed, is identical to his right as a human. Her hair is separated by a red ribbon and not covered by her left eye because she is a student. She also wears earrings.

16. Death parade – Decime

Death parade - Decime

His eyes have lighter parts that form a cross whose pupil is the center; when he receives memories, his eyes turn clockwise.

If you are bored, it organizes very nice games.

15. Fullmetal Alchemist – King Bradley

Fullmetal Alchemist - King Bradley

He has “the ultimate eye”, a Ouroboros instead of the pupil of the left eye, which he usually keeps hidden under a headband (he is believed to be blind at first). This eye allows him to see in advance the movements of his opponents, a valuable help for an outstanding swordsman. It is completed by Scar following a series of battles after the opening of the door of truth on the Promised Day.

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14. Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul - Ken Kaneki

Scarlet eye ghoul that can bring hope to the world of ghouls. He then becomes the new King with a scarlet eye.

13. Kekkai Sensen – Leonardo Watch

Kekkai Sensen - Leonardo Watch

Leo is a young man with ruffled brown hair, usually dressed in loose clothes and sneakers. He also wears a pair of yellow glasses to protect his eyes when riding on mopeds. The rest of the time, he wears them around his neck. His eyes are usually closed/picked, except when he uses his eyes that all see, where they turn out to be fluorescent blue and extraterrestrial/mechanical in appearance.

If someone manages to reproduce these motifs in the circle, I take my hat off to him!

12. Letter Bee – Lag Seeing

Letter Bee - Lag Seeing

His left eye is made of a red spirit amber, which gives him a stronger heart capacity, firepower and also allows him to shoot a heart ball from his own body, as well as from his palm.

So… he still knows how to blink?

11. Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Mukuro Rokudo

Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Mukuro Rokudo

Mukuro can create powerful 20-second illusions thanks to his left eye provided that his target is visible to his eye. And if he exceeds the 20-second deadline, a tear of blood will flow without counting the intense fatigue he will resent.

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10. Secret service – Sōshi Miketsukami

Secret service - Sōshi Miketsukami

Eyes: Turquoise for the right eye, dark gold for the left.

9. Black Butler – Ciel Phantomhive

His left eye is ocean blue and the right is purple decorated with a pentacle, symbol of his contract with Sebastian, which Sebastian wears identically on his left hand.

His close relatives very often say that he has his mother’s face. Ciel always wears a black eye cover to hide the mark of its contract.

8. Seven deadly sins – Elizabeth

Seven deadly sins - Elizabeth

She has long silvery white hair. One of his eyes is blue, while the other he is orange and bears the symbol of the goddesses.

7. Soul eater – Free

Soul eater - Free

Free is a wolf man with the eye of the devil who can regenerate. He is supposedly immortal, but he will eventually be killed by Zakarius, the most powerful of the great devourers

6. Kuroko no basketball – Seijūrō Akashi

Kuroko no basketball - Seijūrō Akashi

Akashi has heterochromatic eyes, with his red right eye and his amber left eye, a distinctive sign of Akashi’s second personality who woke up in college.

5. My hero academia – Aizawa

My hero academia - Aizawa

Aizawa’s eyes have a triangular shape. Its irises are black and small, its pupil cannot be distinguished. Aizawa suffers from chronic dry eyes because of her alter, and her eyes are surrounded by dark circles.

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4. Death Note – Misa Amane

Death Note - Misa Amane

She has rather light skin and brown eyes, which sometimes appear blue. she twice sacrifices half of her life expectancy to have the eyes of the god of death that allow her to know someone’s true name and life expectancy just by looking at him, she is madly in love with Light Yagami who manipulates her openly

A power a little bundles if you lose your notebook!

3. Code Geass – Lelouch vi Britannia

Code Geass - Lelouch vi Britannia

His Geass allows him to give any order to a person provided he has eye contact with him, he can only use it once per individual.

2. Hunter x Hunter – Kurapika

Hunter x Hunter - Kurapika

Kurapika figurine with scarlet red eyes

He is the survivor of the kuruta clan whose members are characterized by scarlet eyes. When he felt a strong emotion, Kurapika’s eyes turned to blood red and multiply his powers tenfold. He seeks revenge on the murderers of his decimated clan.

1. Densetsu no yuusha no Densetsu – Ryner Lute

Ryner Lute

His eyes allow him to learn any magic and reproduce it in much more powerful

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