Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich: It’s incredible how exciting it can be to see the main character in a story that becomes very rich but keeps its wealth hidden. It’s gratifying to see the main character look at everyone and then suddenly, they kneel to ask for forgiveness.

Better yet, they almost always surpass their opponents. These Manhwas are very rare, and the best even rarer. It is a list of Manhwa that the Mc Becomes Rich.

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Best Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich rated 10 to 1

10. Medical Return

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich

This is the story about a surgeon who lived a notorious life. He reincarnates in time and gets the chance to live again. He sets a single goal and decides to work hard to achieve his dream of becoming a dermatologist. He decides to make a change in his life and become a millionaire. You can read the “Medical Return” to see if he made it rich.

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9. Global Martial Arts

Global Martial Arts

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich: You need to have a lot of money if you want to achieve the highest level of martial arts. Talent and hard work won’t suffice.

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You have to be vigilant when the whole world is aware of your wealth. The MC was smart and decided to conceal his wealth until he reached the point where there is no turning back.

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8. Reverse Villain

Reverse Villain

Jung-woo loves the reincarnation loop and is trapped in it. Jung-woo’s life purpose is to conquer Murim and he would have done it many times if his archenemy didn’t reincarnate with him every time.

He lived eight lives and the experience adds up. He was smart enough to be a good student, but now he is smarter, more cunning, and more wit. It’s a manhwa where mc becomes rich.

He decided that he wanted a normal existence in modern times, but I doubt he even knows what normal looks like.

He “accidentally” reaches unexpected heights in martial arts and on the social stage, which results in influence as well as tons wealth.

To keep his secret, he conceals his strength and all the money he earned along the way to protect his friends and family.

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7. The Descent of the Demonic Master

The Descent of the Demonic Master

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich : He lost his family and his legs during his first life. He then committed suicide.

He was born in Murim during his second life. His martial arts achievements earned him the title of “Red Demonic Masters”.

He decided to go on to the third and final life. Bad habits are hard to break, and the Red Demonic Master’s habits are worse.

He is unable to conceal his incredible strength and ends up making tons. He is determined to live a life of luxury.

He lives a simple life, forgetting the fortune he has. Anyone who discovers what he has will be shocked.

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6. The End After the Beginning

The End After the Beginning

King Grey could have everything and nothing all at once. King Grey, the strongest man on Earth, was unrivaled for many years and died of boredom. The day of his death was his most happy moment.

Instead of falling into eternal sleep, he was reincarnated into a world where magic is a part of everyday life. He was thrilled to begin from scratch in a new environment with powerful enemies. He is a force for nature.

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He was able to use modern technology in an archaic world. The brain of a strategist, who had fought many battles, was found in the body of a child. He was not liked by anyone and used every opportunity to his advantage. It’s a Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich.

He had to protect his family, and even though he wanted to be the strongest man in the new world, he could not do it while protecting them. So he kept his identity secret as well as the accomplishments.

He is not only extremely wealthy, but he has enormous influence that can reach even the eyes of Gods.

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5. God Of Blackfield

God Of Blackfield

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich: Kang Chan, a war veteran, is known as “God of Blackfield”. One of his comrades betrayed him and he died with his men while on a mission.

He saw the body of a suicide victim, and he opened his eyes again.

He wanted to exact revenge on him and his soldiers. He became acquainted with many important figures. He was a student, so he had to conceal his achievements not only to avoid suspicion but also to protect his parents.

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The CEO of a company, shares at the most prestigious conglomerates and some well-remunerated shady jobs here and there. I believe he forgot all about his retaliation plans as he was drowning in gold.

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4. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich: Sung Jin-Woo, an E-Rank hunter, was the weakest of all hunters. It was difficult to make ends meet when a Crank dungeon became a trap of the highest rank.

He was certain to die after using his brain to solve the mysteries of the dungeon and by sacrificing himself for the safety of his party members,

He was instead given the chance to live. He was made a “Player” by the shadow monarch and received the dark heart of the black king. He was the only hunter on the planet with the ability of leveling up.

He went from E-rank to God in a flash and hid his power to raid dungeons alone to monopolize all the riches and the best drops.

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3. The Omniscient Reader’s Perspective

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich

Only one person had the chance to read this novel, which turned the world into the most horrific story ever written. This person has all the answers to the various scenarios, where the best artifacts are located and how to please the viewers.

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The constellation gives coins to any player that they like. These coins are the new currency for Earth. They were kept secretly by the MC of this Manhwa, who waited patiently for the right scenario to emerge.

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2. Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich : After being betrayed by his guild leader and the Hero of our world, the Webtoon’s MC dies. He learned that the traitor was planning to take over the world.

He was given a second chance, and he went back to the past. With the knowledge of the future in his hands, he plans to become the Hero.

While he was using his real identity to collect information, he disguised his identity as a Russian player and concealed his identity.

While the first identity was making a fortune clearing dungeons after dungeons, the second was trying to increase the influence of the first by manipulating guild leaders in his favor.

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1. Return of the Frozen Player

Return of the Frozen Player

When gates began appearing around the globe, chaos reigned. All people became players, but some were more skilled than others. This was the case with Specter.

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His group was the only hope for humanity, and they defeated the Frost Queen who terrorized the world. They were made into ice sculptures as a result.

25 years later, Specter awoke from cryogenic sleep to believe he would find the peaceful land his friends hoped for. This was when life reacted and he discovered that Frost Queen wasn’t the only boss of 10.

No one can tell what Specter looks exactly as he wore a mask. He removed the mask and started over. He still has all his wealth and all the artifacts of first-class quality that he acquired previously.

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Best Manhwa Where the Mc is Very Rich

Let’s finish with the Manhwa Where the Mc Is Very Rich

1. Past Life Regressor

Past Life Regressor

February 28th, 1985. This was the day I was born. Wealth, I will take all the money in this world. Monopoly, all the dungeons of the world will be mine. While the world is peaceful, I will seize all the dungeons in the world at this moment.

2. Return of the Legend

Return of the Legend

Jang Taesan, the security firm Jang Taesan was employed by, goes bankrupt and he is left wandering the streets of Noryangjin. He saves a child from being almost killed by a car and loses his life. He is able to go back 14 years in time thanks to his kindness and is now able to start a new life. The joy of being reborn is only temporary. I feel dizzy thinking about having to take the college entrance exam once again. However, I still remember the CSAT problems I faced while studying and the stock markets graph I saw as a stockbroker . Although my last life was tragic, I know that the next one will be a success.

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3. The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing?!

The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing?!

The Coin market beyond dimensions. A newcomer has remade the Dimensional Trading Center. Erun Steelguard is the enemy of all traders. After losing all his wealth to dimensional trading, he was actually living a second life and tragically dying.

4. The World Is Money and Power

The World Is Money and Power

Three chaebol members will arrive in general high schools to transform teachers and students into “brain fighting” schools that seek power through surrender to large capital. Dan-geon, a genius who inherited the school’s rules, was born.

5. Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-for-Nothing

Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-for-Nothing

After working several nights overtime, I fell asleep briefly. When I awoke, it seemed like I was the villain in the webnovel that I was reading. “Well, it’s a cliche… so much that I would die if I followed the predetermined fate. It’s so ridiculous. I must find a way for me to survive. To survive in the webnovel as a bad-for-nothing antagonist, you must convince as many people as possible that I am their side. The second way to survive in the webnovel as a bad-for-nothing antagonist is to “Become strong enough that I can protect myself.

” The third way to survive in the webnovel as a bad-for-nothing antagonist is “Never make friends with the proud and insane Summoned Masters’.” What should I do? The original owner of this body had already made an incident before I took possession. “Use your money and kill the ‘Summoned Masters’, who is yet to regain power. Are you crazy? Who will stop the Demon Kings?” This is the beginning to the modern-day survival+dungeon-raider fantasy tale of Choi Yu Seong, the possessed villain who desires to live a relaxed lifestyle.

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6. Lord Of Money

Lord Of Money

Cheon Joong Myung is the third child of Ji Gyoung Group’s CEO. Seong Chang Ook, his assistant. Seong Chang Ook attempted to kill Cheon JoongMyung and make it look like an accident but Seong Chang Ook and his boss were accidentally electrocuted. They find themselves trapped in each others bodies… “You want us to become a playboy conglomerate the world hasn’t seen before?” This is the beginning of the endless march Cheon Joong Myung, The Lord of Money.

7. Rich Player

 Rich Player

His hobby is acting pretentious! He is the ultimate wealthy player and has been known to spend “expenses” on others down-low. He also enjoys having the most expensive equipment and armor. There’s no problem in the gaming world that money can’t solve.

8. As the Richest Man in The World, I Do Not Want To Be Reborn

Manhwa Where Mc Becomes Rich

It doesn’t matter what you do in a world filled with wuxia, cultivation and sci-fi. Do you want to be rich? Are you the strongest person in the universe? Strongest in the universe? Wan Qiong is the richest man in the universe! You will be taken on a journey around all of the globe! Learn how to become rich! You can achieve your dream of being rich! You can make a lot of money! Learn more by reading this book.

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