Vermeil In Gold Characters: All Characters Ranked & Personnality Explained

Vermeil In Gold Characters: All Characters Ranked & Personnality Explained

Vermeil In Gold Characters. Vermeil in gold: The Failing Student, and the Strongest Scourge Take a Plunge Into Magic is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kota Amana. Since August 2018, it has been serialized by Square Enix’s shonen magazine Monthly Shonen Gangan. Its chapters have been collected into six tankobon volumes, as of June 2022. Staple Entertainment produced an anime TV series adaptation. It premiered July 2022.

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We will give you basic information about each character as well as their Personalities. There will be a part dedicated to the Main characters, everything that is important to know


Main Characters

The main characters are Alto Goldfield, Vermeil and Lilia Kudelfelt:

I- Alto Goldfield (アルト・ゴールドフィルド, Aruto Gōrudofirudo)

Alto Goldfield (アルト・ゴールドフィルド, Aruto Gōrudofirudo)

He is an A-grade student in his first year at Ortigia Academy of Magic. He had previously failed the summoning spell, but he found an old book and performed the spell inside, summoning Vermeil, a naked demon girl. He used blood to summon her. He has incredible mana and can summon Vermeil to submit to him.

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II- Vermeil (ヴェルメイ, Verumei)

Vermeil (ヴェルメイ, Verumei)

A female demon who appears to be a succubus type and very powerful. With a single finger flick, she can knock out a rampaging dragon. Vermeil appears to have been sealed in a grimoire before Alto broke her out. To drain Alto’s mana, she must kiss him. She can also amplify the mana and transfer it to her contractor. She enjoys to tease Alto.

III- Lilia Kudelfeyt (リリア・クーデルフェイト, Riria Kūderufeito)

Lilia Kudelfeyt (リリア・クーデルフェイト, Riria Kūderufeito)

Alto’s childhood friend and lover, who falls in love with him when Vermeil shows up and surrounds Alto. Sylphid, a high-class wind spirit of high class, was her contract.


IV- Marx Parston (マルクス・パールストン, Marukusu Pārusuton)

Marx Parston (マルクス・パールストン, Marukusu Pārusuton)

Alto is Alto’s classmate and rival.

V- Cheryl Iridescence (シャロル・イリデッセンス, Sharoru Iridessensu)

Cheryl Iridescence (シャロル・イリデッセンス, Sharoru Iridessensu)

Alto was Marx’s classmate, and Alto was Marx’s personal attendant.

VI- Francois (フランソワ, Furansowa)

Francois (フランソワ, Furansowa)

Marx’s familiar. A rhinoceros beetle.

Tertiary Sexual Characteristics. The pink ribbon that surrounds her mandibles is all that is needed to identify Francois as a female. Her true appearance is that of a male rhinoceros Beetle

VII- Elena Kimberlight (エレナ・キンバーライト, Erena Kinbāraito)

Elena Kimberlight (エレナ・キンバーライト, Erena Kinbāraito)

The Student Council president. According to some, she is the most powerful student currently in school and on track to become a Platinum mage.

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VIII- Shinōji Ryūga (シンオウジ・リューガ)

 Shinōji Ryūga (シンオウジ・リューガ)

Member of the Student Council

VIIII- Jessica Schwartz (ジェシカ・シュバルツ, Jeshika Shubarutsu)

Jessica Schwartz (ジェシカ・シュバルツ, Jeshika Shubarutsu)

Member of the Student Council

X- Chris Westland (クリス・ウェストランド, Kurisu Wesutorando)

Chris Westland (クリス・ウェストランド, Kurisu Wesutorando)

Member of the Student Council. Leader of the Dragon Riders

XI- Obsidian (オブシディアン, Obushidian)

Obsidian (オブシディアン, Obushidian)

An instructor at the academy.

Main Characters Important to know

Alto Goldfield Vermeil In Gold

Alto Goldfield

Above the Influence

Vermeil is attracted to him, but his moral standards of not wanting to harm their current master/familial relationship show how gentlemanly he is, regardless of how many they have in their make-out sessions.

Accidental Pervert

This is a common occurrence for ecchi characters. However, it has not been punished. The Student Council girls even forgive him for going in on them changing, since they forgot to lock the door.

Amazon Chaser

Vermeil attracts more people to her for her beauty and super strength. 

Alto Goldfield And Vermeil

Beware the Nice Ones

Alto is a kind and honest person, but he will go to great lengths to harm those he loves.

Back from the dead

Nearly killed by Vermeil, a rampaging demon-like Vermeil. His heart was crushed. He is saved by her giving him a part of her heart. This keeps them both connected to each other in the event that one dies.

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He can’t live without you

Vermeil takes over as his caregiver from chapter 9.1. Vermeil transfers a portion of her essence and her heart to his body in order to save him from the devastating blow she makes to his heart. His heart is technically still hers but in a different body. Alto can be brought back to normal, but she states that it could take many decades before she is able to restore his original heart.

Alto Goldfield and Vermeil

Character Development

Alto was unable summon a Familiar and therefore lost his confidence in himself. He gradually becomes more confident in himself after Vermeil enters his life. He was nervous about having to kiss Vermeil, especially in an erotic manner. But as he gets to know Vermeil, he is more open to the idea of kissing her and not her.

Chick Magnet

He has Lilia obsessed towards him. Vermeil falls in love with him after spending so much time together.

Childhood Friend

Lilia and he have been best friends ever since childhood. They even studied magic together.

Deal with Devil

In an attempt to not be held back for a year, he uses an obscure book from the library and summons the Horny Devil to serve as his Familiar.

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Vermeil Iand Alto Goldfield

A Declaration of Protection

Alto has made Vermeil aware that Vermeil is a Demon and that killing him would kill her. He has also declared to Vermeil that he wants to be stronger to protect her.

Freshman Fears

Alto, a first year student at the Wizarding School, is in his second year. He’s not a great student at other subjects and will be delayed a year if his summoning skills aren’t improved. This is why he summons Vermeil.

Gag Penis

Implied. Vermeil entered the shower with Vermeil and took note of his body. She seemed quite pleased with what she saw below.

Alto Goldfield and Lilia

Gemstone Assault

He is a specialist in creating crystal structures to trap, cut or impale foes.

Height Anxiety

He’s downplayed, but he implies that he fears height. Vermeil asks Vermeil why he keeps a measuring device for his height in his bedroom and he becomes defensive.

Don’t ignore the Fanservice

Although it clearly affects him, Vermeil is always resisting Vermeil’s advances. He often begs Vermeil to please put some clothes on whenever she’s not dressed. He will often make out with Vermeil alone, and get his mana depleted.

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Vermeil Iinvocation

Mage Born of Muggles

Vermeil believes he is the son of powerful mages because his mana can handle a Devil. But he says that his parents were normal people with no magic talent.

A nice guy

Is always polite and respectful of others. He doesn’t get mad at anyone if you don’t threaten his family.

Blind to Love

He is completely unaware or in denial of Lilia’s obvious crush on Vermeil and views her as a friend. Vermeil tells him that Vermeil told him about the crush, but Lilia’s rudeness (and Tsundere behavior) would be the reason. He is much less aware of his growing love for Vermeil as well as her love for him.

Lilia Vermeil In Gold Character

OOC is serious business

Alto gets pissed at Vermeil when she was trying to distance herself from him for almost killing him. This was remarkable considering his usual timidity when it comes to their make-out sessions.

Please Put Some Clothes on

Vermeil often tells Vermeil that Vermeil is tired of her sleeping naked or in her nude. After living with her for a while, he has become more comfortable around her and his feelings for her.

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Second Year Protagonist

He starts the series as a freshman and is threatened with losing a grade if he fails to get a Familiar. After summoning Vermeil in Chapter 1, he passes the exam and is a second-year student.

Vermeil In Gold Characters

Shower of Awkward

Vermeil follows Alto everywhere, even to the showers. He is mortified that she does not make it a secret that she is checking him out. His small stature might suggest that he’s a lot more robust than he actually is.

Tiny Guy, Big Girl

Alto is not very short but is paired with Vermeil, a Statuesque Stunner Horny Devil and Gag Boobs. Alto is a little bit anxious about his height. Vermeil suggests that they should check their height differences.

To be a Master

Alto’s aim is to reach Platinum Square, the highest level possible of mage. 

Vermeil, Vermeil In Gold Character

Vermeil In Gold Characters

Absolute Cleavage

After her outfit with Obsidian was destroyed, she was forced into wearing a school uniform until she found a new one. However, because of her large breasts, she had to remove the front. She also showed a lot of her cleavage to the delight and amusement of Alto’s male classmates.

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Absurdly Sharp Claws

Her demonic form displays large, menacing claws that can penetrate the chest of a mature man.

Action Girl

Although she doesn’t fight as much, her abilities in spells and strength make her an action girl.

Action Girl Vermeil In Gold Characters

All Women are Lustful

A Horny Devils Vermeil is interested in all things sexy with Alto, including kissing, groping, and hugging him. It’s a plus that she can absorb more mana via sex. She holds her own, but she is willing to let Alto take the initiative if they want to go further.

Ambiguously Evil

Vermeil was a Demon that had been kept away for centuries. It was not clear if Vermeil was truly evil or if she chose to turn a new page after Alto released her. The Good All Along trope is used to show that Vermeil, while a powerful Demon, could lose control if anything happens to her. However, she cares deeply for Alto and wants the best for him. She can attribute her newfound love for Alto to the fact that she is more than she seems.

Amazonian Beauty

Although not as muscular as other examples of this trope but with curvaceous gag boobs, Vermeil, the tallest and most powerful person at the school, has the physical strength and magical abilities to defeat small dragons with just a flick of her fingers. Her stunning beauty still makes almost everyone stop in their tracks.

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Amazonian Beauty Vermeil In Gold Characters

Barbie Doll Anatomy

Even naked in the bath, Alto’s manga blocks the naughty areas of her body.

Show Your Midriff

Alto’s older sister gave her the virgin killer sweater to cover her midriff.

Because You Were Nice To Me

Vermeil could have killed Alto, but she was so grateful to be released from the book that kept her captive that she is willing to serve him outright. His kindness towards her as an individual and not as a monster is what makes her slowly develop romantic feelings for him.

Vermeil In Gold Characters Because You Were Nice To Me

Bewarethe Silly People

Alto is friendly and flirty, and she’s a complete Cuddle Bug towards her. However, it would be wise to not piss her off. Her fights with Lilia, Chris and Chris are proof of this. She is a powerful demon because of it.

Big Breast Pride

She is very proud of her large breasts, especially because she uses them to tease Alto.

Boobs of Steel

As a high ranking demon, she has amazing spells and is strong despite not having much muscle mass. She is without doubt the strongest female in the school. With a few flicks of her fingers she can defeat small dragons.

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Boobs of Steel Vermeil In Gold Characters

Buxom is Better

Many students are impressed by her Gag Boobs.

She can’t act pervertedly towards a love interest

This is downplayed because while she shows off her body and kisses him for his mana (even having an affair for hours), her feelings for Alto grow, which causes her to become more anxious about the idea of engaging in other activities with him. These are usually things that have to do with emotional intimacy.

Card-Carrying Villain

Played with. Alto is unapologetically told by her that she’s an evil Devil and was deservingly sealed in the book. She doesn’t go into detail about her evil acts, other than to say that they were “naughty”. She doesn’t elaborate on her evil actions and does not want to do any evil after she is freed. This raises questions about how evil she really was.

Vermeil In Gold Characters

Combat Stilettos

She doesn’t have to wear heels at all for combat or casual, but they do not hinder her fighting. 

Curb-Stomp Battle

Lilia was defeated by Vermeil without even breaking a sweat.

Lilia Kudelf Vermeil In Gold

Lilia Kudelf Vermeil In Gold Characters

All Love is Unrequited

Lilia seems to think that Alto views her as a friend, not realizing her feelings for him. This is in addition to his growing romance with Vermeil.

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All Women are Lustful

Lilia, who is so hungry for Alto, makes Vermeil look half-tame.

Blow you Away

Sylph, her familiar, is a wind spirit.

Vermeil In Gold Characters

Bunny Ears Lawyer Lilia

Despite being obsessed with Alto, and the subject of many jokes, Lilia has a natural talent as a mage, with a high-class wind spirt as her familiar. Vermeil points out. It is also a sign that Lilia was chosen by the Headmaster to be a Class Representative candidate.


She has been humiliated by various story events. This is called Played for Laughs, as these are often the consequences of her ill-conceived behavior.

Vermeil In Gold Characters

Childhood Friend

Alto and Sheri have been best friends ever since childhood and have even studied magic together.

  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: She has feelings for Alto but her inability to recognize them (due largely to her Tsundere nature), and her growing bond with Vermeil make it unlikely that they will ever be reunited.

Lilia is a clingy jealous girl

Alto, Vermeil or any other girl makes Lilia very jealous.

Lilia is a clingy jealous girl

Covert Pervert

Sometimes she lets slip that she isn’t as innocent as her appearance suggests. For example, she may have prepared an invisible potion to sneak into Alto’s room or had lewd fantasies about the man. It’s possible that her “covert” part is a bit disputed because she lets her true desires slip in her words and actions so often.

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The Hopeless Suitor archetype and Tsundere tropes are deconstructed

Lilia clearly loves Alto and wants to be there, but her growing relationship with Vermeil and Lilia as his Familiar combined with Lilia’s stubbornness and inability talk to him properly and without being rude make it her fault that she cannot get him to see Lilia the same way he sees Vermeil. Alto doesn’t care for her as a friend, even though he clearly loves her. This is evident from the way she treats Alto half of the time. It would be obvious that he wouldn’t appreciate her feelings.

Everyone Has Standards

She can be a bitty at times, but she doesn’t discriminate. She regards Vermeil as both a person, and her rival, even though she learned that Vermeil was a Demon.

Vermeil In Gold Characters

Fiery Redhead

Her fiery red hair goes with her competitive and feisty personality.

Green-Eyed Monster

Vermeil and any other girl interested in Alto are enough to send Vermeil into a fit of vendictive rage.

Hidden Buxom

Lilia is a visible bust when she’s naked or wearing her underwear.

Vermeil, Alto and Lilia

The Hopeless Suitor

Deconstructed. It’s clear that she is crushing on Alto, and she wants to be his girlfriend. However, her inability to communicate with him properly due to her Tsundere behavior and Alto and Vermeil becoming closer makes it impossible for her to have a meaningful relationship with him. Worse, he refuses to believe that she likes Alto. This is due to her behavior around him and makes it difficult for him to see what she thinks about him.

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In the Blood

She is not Alto. She comes from a family full of high-ranking mages.

Invisible Streaker

Her potion can make her invisible but not her clothes. She ends up naked before Alto after the potion wears off. The second time, she isn’t caught and Alto accidentally touches her nipple.

Vermeil In Gold Characters

A Jerk with a Heart of Gold

Lilia is a hardened and jealous Tsundere towards Alto, and she doesn’t hide her jealousy toward Vermeil. However, Lilia is a kind and caring person and shows that she cares about those around her. Vermeil is able to see her gold side when she helps Vermeil get over her depression after the Obsidian incident. Vermeil also notes that Lilia is nicer than she appears.

Murder is the Best Solution

Played For Laughs. She will grab a rock or rip out a brick from the ground if she is really angry, but a friend will stop her.

Pet the Dog

She talks Vermeil out of her depression, reminding Alto she needs her and reassuring that she’s stronger than she thinks. 

Vermeil In Gold Characters

Reluctant Fanservice girl

She is not like Vermeil and her clothing and embarrassing situations are often against her will. However, she is a Covert Pervert who wants to have sex.

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Shoo out the Clowns

Lilia can be serious when necessary, but she is primarily a source of humor, Fanservice and (reluctantly) Fanservice. She’s therefore not available for Rex’s demonic-magic-induced attack. Later, she will be able to witness Vermeil’s true form while Obsidian controls her.

Stalker with an Affection

Lilia is obsessed with Alto, and accidentally confessed to making invisibility potion with the intent of sneaking into his bedroom (which she does). It turned out that she had also somehow gotten a key for his room.

Vermeil In Gold Characters

Teeth-Clenched teamwork

Alto orders Lilia and Vermeil to get along after beating Lilia in a Wizard Duel. The two women are forced to tolerate each other.


She is clearly attracted to Alto but also yells at him routinely out of embarrassment and jealousy. However, she avoids using violence against Alto and uses threats of violence instead.


Her jealousy towards Alto and Vermeil often gets the best of her. She throws tantrums or tries to spy on him using her invisibility potion.

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