Manhwa Where Mc Loses Weight

Manhwa Where Mc Loses Weight

These titles might be of interest to you if you are looking for manhwa where Mc Loses Weight. Manhwa, the Korean term for comics, is also used to describe Korean comics. Manhwa, an important part of Korean culture is dynamic. It comes in many forms, including paper, internet, and mobile phone.

Best Manhwa where Mc loses weight

9/ Tenseisaki ga Shoujo Manga no Shirobuta Reijou datta

Tenseisaki ga Shoujo Manga no Shirobuta Reijou datta

Vol: 3+; Ch: 23+ 2020 – ?

After Grandfather had told me that my engagement was null, I remembered my past lives. This world reminded me of the world in my favorite shoujo manga. I was the villainess who tried every trick to bully the heroine. When I thought of the future she had in store for me, I was shaken. Britney was the one who pinned all of the evil deeds of the villainess on her. I was a character who gets executed.

Both MC’s transmigrated in ancient times in bodies of chuby noble ladies from different backgrounds. Both work hard at slimming down, but Tenseidaki ga Shoujo has more freedom and is happy to live in the current world. His Highness, don’t leave, however, has a clear goal to return to the present. This is my opinion and they share many similarities.

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8/ Brother’s sick love

Manhwa where mc loses weight

Ch: 70+ 2021 – ?

Manhwa where mc loses weight: Yu Xiang is unfortunately made a merchant’s girl and was wrongly adopted to the marquis manor. She becomes immediately disabled and is known as the ‘disasterstar’. In her helplessness, she can only hold on to her older brother, Yu Xiang, in the hopes of survival, and wait for the true master’s return to give her the chance to surrender. Yu Xiang plans to leave the manor years later when the true master returns. However, her marquis brother refuses to let her go, as she discovers her clinging skills are too strong.

7/ Crown Prince has a sweetheart

Crown Prince has a sweetheart

Ch: 66+ 2021 – ?

My name is Shen Yao. Because I was raised in the royal family, and am the future crown princess, all the girls in the city envy me. In reality, however, the Crown Prince is one of the most irritating people ever! I have always wanted to end the engagement. The fifth and moody prince is a man who has been playing with me since childhood. The truth is that the Crown Prince looked great at first and I loved him very much. As we grew up, he began to act differently from what we knew. He wanted to end the engagement out of nowhere! Fine, but I don’t want the palace to remain! This place is full a variety of schemes.

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6/ The story of Hua Yan

Manhwa where mc loses weight

Ch: 69+ 2018 – ?

Manhwa where mc loses weight: Who would have thought that the Crown Prince would decide to marry the first Hua Family miss, a woman with “easy virtue” but a bad reputation.

It broke the hearts of many ladies in the capital when the news spread. What?! What? Miss Hua: I am a vulgar girl with street smarts. You are my match! The Crown Prince: I will make sure that you, out of all the people on the planet, are with me and have no choice but to choose.

5/ This Prince is Lovesick

This Prince is Lovesick

Ch: 171 2018 – 2021

Yuer was determined to be a bride, but inadvertently led four fiances to premature deaths. Fine, if she didn’t want anyone, she could just settle for being single forever. We must talk about this, Imperial Uncle. If you come to my room next time, please open the door. It’s your secret rendezvous. “No, this rendezvous is for us. It’s more romantic to come in through the window …”

4/ Empresses at the Palace

Manhwa Where Mc Loses Weight

Ch: 18 2016

Manhwa where mc loses weight: A collection of short chapters of the consorts and concubines from the original work “Empresses in the Palace” – famous for its original novel and TV drama adaptation.

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3/ Miss Fairy, The Emperor Tamer

Miss Fairy The Emperor Tamer

Ch: 195 2020 – 2022

Canary Yun Mian the Fairy of Fertility who is responsible for reproduction and pregnancy…has been given an impossible mission. According to legend, Emperor Feng Xiao’s son will become the ruler of the mortal realm. Yu Mian must ensure the birth of this child. She discovers that Emperor Feng Xiao is not interested in his concubines, as he is impoverished. Emperor Feng Xiao notices Yun Mian’s maid and finds her very attractive.

2/ 9000 Year Old Empress

Manhwa where mc loses weight

Ch: 102+ 2019 – ?

Manhwa where mc loses weight: A traitor killed the invincible commander for the Ye Jiajun and he died on the battlefield. The Heaven is merciful, I was reborn, but it was not what I expected to become. Then, the crippled prince almost killed me!

Is there a reason this prince loves to hug me? Even wants to kiss me! One is a servant that is lost, the other is a prince who is treated harshly and is looked down upon by all. They meet and begin to work together to eradicate corruption and bring prosperity to the imperial reign.

1/ Your Prince isn’t sick!

Your Prince isn't sick!

Ch: 57 2019

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Liu Ling was the forgotten prince of Dai kingdom. He had lived his entire life in the cold palace. One day, Liu Ling suddenly opened the “heaven’s eye” and saw a group supernatural beings from the modern era! They foretold his coronation to be an emperor! He was thought to be mad by everyone, but his “unlucky concubines”, also kept in the cold palace, believed him.

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They saw the sign of the next Emperor, the “madness and royalty” in him. They taught him how read, to use martial arts, how he could defend himself, and how they would contend with each other. They showed him how to ascend to the throne. But Liu Ling didn’t want power, riches or glory. He wanted virtue. All this was done to see Yao Ji, a certain deity…

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Manhwa With a Female Protagonist

Manhwa With a Female Protagonist

These include stories that have a female protagonist reincarnated/bonded/awakened in time in a historical setting (or the story may simply be set in a historical setting). If you like “Who Made Me a Princess” or these stories about reincarnated villains, you should consider checking out this list.

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1) 50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess

50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess

Ch: 143 2019 – 2022

The girl is reincarnated as this other girl who was a doormat. Now this girl uses her new life to start a tea business and create revolutionary snacks. A great story

2) A Common Story of a Lady’s New Life

A Common Story of a Lady's New Life

Ch: 106 2020 – 2022

So this girl is reincarnated as this other girl and she is the fiancée of this duke. So the duke has a good friend and the MC thinks she’s his girlfriend or something. (Obviously, it’s just a misunderstanding, and the girl is super badass too). This manhwa has some nice artwork, but it’s a little slow for me right now.

3) Adelaide

Manhwa where mc loses weight

The girl is reincarnated as a baby. After 17 years, she meets this duke and becomes his fake fiancé so he can keep this gold digger away from him. But yes, they become more than just “fake” partners.

4) A Divorced Evil Lady Bakes Cakes

A Divorced Evil Lady Bakes Cakes

So our MC is a girl who got married to this Duke who seems very nice, but lol no. Duke actually has a little friend who lived with them during the 9 years of our MC’S marriage.

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Obviously, our MC is tired of her husband’s bullshit and she remembers her love for her late mother’s baked goods. So she decides to sell everything she has, divorce her husband, take her beloved maid and open a bakery!

The characters are all idiots except for our MC and ML, and honestly, our MC is a bit of an idiot at times too, but whatever, a cute story I guess.

5) Aidin

Aidin Manhwa

Ch: 82+ 2020 – ?

I avoided this manhwa for a long time because, well, it’s pretty boring at first, but it gets better. So we have this girl who is the daughter of a duke, she is also an assassin (not a fan). She served a lord faithfully, but was betrayed (and killed). Amazingly, she wakes up in the body of her 17-year-old self and decides to betray her country. It was the prince of the enemy country who sent the order to have our daughter executed in the first place. But somehow they develop a love relationship.

6) All Hail Lady Blanche!

All Hail Lady Blanche!

I feel like I wasted my time with this manhwa for many reasons. The story direction is not present, the villains are predictable and annoyingly evil, and even the main character herself is just a Mary Sue. The synopsis of this manhwa is about 4 sentences, which gives you all the information you need: this story is boring.

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Our main character discovers that she is Blanche, a secondary character in a dating simulation she created. Blanche jumps off a balcony to avoid getting married to a crusty old man. When she wakes up, she realizes she’s in a game. And then she becomes incredibly controlled, and somehow everyone in this story is a duke except her. Balanced game mechanics, right?

7) Am I Your Daughter?

Am I Your Daughter?

So this girl has spent her entire life being abused and confined to her adoptive father’s house. Now she’s going back in time when she’s adopted for the first time and she’s going to change her future! Apparently, she has found her real father somewhere…

8) Angel or Villainess

Angel or Villainess

Ch: 123+ 2020 – ?

Very very fresh Manhwa (at the time of writing this), I decided to read this and it sounds pretty good so far. There’s this girl who was best friends with another girl named Angela. The girl wanted to give Angela everything (bummer, she looked very angelic and all that).

Eventually, she turned Angela from a humble aristocrat into the flower of capital society. It all sounds nice and cute, right? Wrong. Angela betrayed the girl and practically ended her life. Apparently, Angela didn’t love the girl for some reason (even though she literally gave her everything). So the girl goes back in time to the day she first meets Angela. She will see to it that Angela gets a proper ending.

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