Mitotic Regeneration Tsunade : Everything You Need To Know 

Mitotic Regeneration

Information About Mitotic Regeneration Tsunade

Information Mitotic Regeneration

Mitotic Regeneration It’s an Jutsu that allows the user to speed up the process of duplication of their cells. This helps the process of mitosis immediately. This way every organ or injury can be healed instantly. To accomplish it, the ninja utilizes the chakra that is stored for a specific amount of time within the Force of a Hundred seal of his forehead. It has medical benefits, by stimulating creation of protein that regulate dieosis of his cells.

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This practice permits the user to recover (literally, “create”) vital organs, tissues, and other injuries. This is the reason the Tsunade as well as Sakura the two who are the only known practitioners of this method, claim being immortal combat. When the technique is utilized to heal, the duration of the person’s life is decreased, because the cells of our body can only divide a specific amount of times

Information Mitotic Regeneration

. This method is akin to the regeneration capability of the first Hokage who was able to heal without any seals due to the immense number of chakra the Hokage had.

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Creation Rebirth does not heal the cells of the past rather, it accelerates the formation of new cells through division. Since the body’s cells are able to split only at a specific quantity of times the user reduces the lifespan of their cells when the method is utilized.

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  • This Jutsu is considered to be the absolute highest level of Medical Ninjutsu.
  • Because of the shortening of the ninja’s lifespan the jutsu has been deemed an Kinjutsu.
  • The technique is so powerful that it has been admired by Orochimaru as he proclaimed during his battle against Jiraiya as well as Tsunade.
  • On episode 323 in the anime seriesNaruto Shippuden, in episode 323, Tsunade is shown using this method However, the marks are blue in contrast to the black color used the first time the technique was utilized.
  • The word Saisei (Zai Sheng , Rebirth) is also able to be translated as resuscitation regeneration, or regeneration to life.
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