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Monjiro is a resident of Wa Nation and an ally of the Kozuki household.


He’s a brief man with a big nostril, a mustache overlaying his mouth, and petrol inexperienced hair with lengthy sideburns. He wears a inexperienced kimono that tends to grey on the high and blue on the backside. He additionally wears a big purple pearl necklace, a black wide-brimmed hat and a field tied behind his again. She has a tattoo of a crescent moon on her ankle.


He’s affected person and constant to the Kozuki household, having waited twenty years for his or her return, however was puzzled when he acquired the message asserting the rebel.

Power and Ability


He wields a katana and is expert in its use.

Historical past


Eighteen years earlier than the narrative, he heard Kozuki Toki’s prophecy that 9 samurai would come twenty years later to kill Kurozumi Orochi and open the borders of the Land of Wa.

Saga of the Land of Wa

He receives the message asserting the return of the Kozuki household and is puzzled by it.

He’s arrested together with different allies and imprisoned in Rasetsu Jail, the place he receives the brand new message from Shimotsuki Yasuie, witnesses the latter’s execution and the rescue of Toko by the Straw Hat Pirates.

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On the day of the fireplace competition, Denjiro frees him and the opposite prisoners; they then attain Tokage Harbor to reunite with the opposite allies.

He then disembarks on Onigashima. Right here, the samurai sink their very own ships to forestall them from being found after which get hold of garments much like these of their enemies because of the ability of Kin’emon, to be able to mix in. Monjiro then joins the samurai’s troop, which proceeds on the jap street and plans to separate in two to encompass the enemy: one facet will proceed, the opposite will climb the mountain. Unexpectedly, nonetheless, they arrive throughout the brothel run by Black Maria and Sanji rushes there, popping out instantly as a result of it’s empty. The group decides to make the most of the truth that nobody is there and walks throughout the bridge to the facet of the construction and will get separated. Nevertheless, when Kin’emon hears a voice approaching, he orders everybody to leap into the water. Shortly after, they infiltrate the principle corridor and, when Rufy declares the beginning of the warfare, they drop their disguises and conflict with the enemy pirates.

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  • Mon means “coat of arms” in Japanese.

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