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Kokoro one piece

In One Piece, Kokoro is an icefish-like mermaid that lives close to Water Seven and is the main machinist for the Puffing Tom. She was in the past served as secretary to Tom’s Workers.

APPEARANCE Kokoro One Piece

APPEARANCE Kokoro One Piece

Kokoro always has an effervescent smile on her face. is extremely swollen and also her neck. The smile, in conjunction with her body, makes her appear like the fish. Her hair is long and green which she tucks back in two braids. She is wearing white shirts and a tie that is burgundy, that has yellow dots an orange vest, beige pants that have a an edgy red tulip at the knees and a pink jacket that is slung over her shoulders like she were wearing a cape white shoes and the usual cape worn by those who work with the maritime train.
At age forty-eight she was wearing a white T-shirt that had an fuchsia collar as well as an elongated tulip on her chest, which was the same hue. She was slimmer and had a slender neck.

When she was a young girl, she was gorgeous and thin like all mermaids. She covered her breasts with two shells her breasts. She also was a mermaid wearing a necklace and bracelet. As time passed, her alcohol addiction led to her appearance.

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PERSONALITY Kokoro one piece

PERSONALITY Kokoro one piece

She’s a frequent drinker and that is evident when she speaks, as her speeches have a specific tone. Additionally, with a smile that is always across her faces, Kokoro never loses her humor, regardless of what the circumstance. This is evident when he smiles while the passengers aboard The Rocket Man that the vehicle has gone out of control , and when he announces his Buster Call that has been programmed to kill everyone in Enies Lobby Island.

He immediately shows a receptive towards Rufy and as a result Rufy is referred to as the future King of Pirates. He believes that If Tom was still alive, He would have given to him his full support the way Roger did Roger.

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RELATIONSHIPS Kokoro one piece

RELATIONSHIPS Kokoro one piece


Kokoro Kokoro is Chimney’s maternal grandmother and grandmother to whom she is extremely close and takes care for her.

Strength and Skill Kokoro One Piece

Kokoro has been an experienced conductor for sea trains who has operated it for many years and being there all the time it took to create it. Like the other mermaids she is also able of swimming quick and communicate with fish.

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When she was a young Mermaid, she left the fish-men’s island and travelled to Water Seven, which was where she joined Tom’s group when he formed Tom’s Workers, becoming his secretary. She then came across several members of Roger’s Pirates who asked Tom to construct a vessel.

Just 24 years before the beginning of the story She became an adoptive mom to Iceburg along with Cutty Flam the apprentices of Tom. They as well as Iceburg also were drinking buddies. In the is the year she also saw Roger’s Pirates again on Scrap Island, at which time she commented that they’d remained loud.

A few days ago, Franky admitted that he was planning to build the vessel of his dreams. This was to be completed only after he’d traveled across the oceans as well as overcome challenges and battles and finally reached the top of the earth. He also stated that on when he was done with it, he would get on board as a carpenter and assist the ship until it was broken and crumble and shine brighter than any other vessel. Kokoro stated that the boy was bloody of pirates.

A few years after, Tom was accuse by Giorgi of building the pirate king’s vessel. But the sentence was later revoked to permit him to construct an ocean train. Kokoro, Iceburg, Cutty Flam and Yokozuna assisted him in achieving his vision, which became an actuality twelve years prior to the start of the story following the initial prototype was an unreachable success. In the following years, Kokoro also had the possibility of visiting Enies Lobby in Enies Lobby and learned a lot of details.

A few years later, after tracks were also improved The judge came back planning to give Tom an amnesty. However, he became being a subject of the Spandam plot. Tom’s Workers members Tom’s Workers were charged with the crime and Kokoro had to prevent Cutty Flam from reacting to the incident and could have made the situation even worse. Tom however asked for the pardon to forget the incident that occurred, and avoid problems with Kokoro, Yokozuna, Iceburg and Cutty Flam..

He later discovered that Puffing Tom had attempted at stopping Puffing Tom however, he was shattered with grief and was declared dead in the eyes of authorities of the World Government. In the course of in a bar, Kokoro told Iceburg the information and assured him that he had the power to change the city since Kokoro was the son of the most skilled Carpenter in the World. Iceburg said that they’d be drinking sake with Kokoro that day.

Following the events of these days, Kokoro started being the station manager for Shift Station. shift station. In a time that is not known, she got married to a man who was from Water Seven and was blessed with a son. was later able to gift her his daughter, who later left her.

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Eight years after, Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe meet their fellow Straw Hat Pirates when they arrive at their Shift Station. When he discovers that the crew wants to repair the ship, Kokoro writes a message to Iceburg and then delivers the message to Nami and tells her that he will resolve their problems this way.

A few days later , she arrives at Water Seven in anticipation of the arrival of Water Lagoon and is which is followed by her niece and Gonbe. In Blueno’s Tavern she gets to know Franky and speaks to him about a group that claims to be hidden The C9.

In the evening, when you know that Lagoon Water has arrived or is just about to be released, Kokoro drinks and declares that the more spectacular it is the volume of water receds, the more powerful it will get. Then she tells her daughter to be watching, and pointing out that it’s as if ocean is drying up, and adds that she’s not seen anything like this in the time she’s been living in the area for a long time. Chimney tells her that there’s something in between two buildings, and she then sees Nami approaching. Kokoro examines the scene and notices that in between the two buildings are Rufy who she recognizes from his straw cap. When the pirateess is running toward Rufy, Kokoro insists that she go back, as soon as she can because it is clear that Lagoon is coming. is about to come. As he watches her jump from rooftop to rooftop Kokoro says she’s fooling herself because she’ll not make it to the water in time. After that, he yells to her, and Chopper who are also heading to the town’s lower reaches and then back to the lower part of town, in order to get away.

He observes Rufy, Nami, Zoro and Chopper escape the waves shortly thereafter due to Pauly’s aid. She informs the group that she gave them an experience, but they were able to survive. As Rufy asks him why she was at shift station and she explains to her that if she’d been there all day, she would have drowned. Then, he hears her request an ocean train or ship by Pauly who says there aren’t any other sea trains and that with an actual ship they will end up dying. The pirate plans to capture an entire ship and the carpenter plans to fight back. Kokoro advises the carpenters to stop and Pauly is right, however, the fact is that if they decide to risk their lives , they must comply with her, as she’ll put another sea train in their hands.

She guides them to the place in which there is a Rocket Man is and tells them it is locked however upon approaching it, she discovers it’s opened. Then she reveals to the people who are present, the names of the train and says that it’s in control. Iceburg is taken out of the car and Kokoro after noting that he’s completely intact, inquires of him about what is he doing in there. He responds that they had the same concept, and they couldn’t let the pirates on their own, and Kokoro smiles.

Then she enters the train and Iceburg informs her that hopping onto the rails via the water pipe isn’t straightforward. Kokoro says to her she’ll be there because she’s an experienced in sea trains. She also tells him to her strength and watch out for Chimney as he’s playing close by.

As you see the Franky Family arrives to ask Rufy to take them to the Enies Lobby and also, Kokoro points out to them that the adversary comes from that of the World Government, but they respond that they are prepared to sacrifice their lives to help save Franky too.

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After they depart, he instructs the passengers via intercom to dress up since they’re about quit the tunnel: shortly after, the train lands and crashes into the ocean.

When Rufy is aware of that the Franky family following the Franky Family, he reveals they’ve got two massive Yagaras. Kokoro informs them that they’re King Bulls which are the fastest Bulls there are. Then, he realizes that the waves are moving the rails quite a bit however this doesn’t frighten her. When she notices the waves, she grabs the intercom and instructs people who are in the carriage to hold onto something. Her niece, who’s at in front of the locomotive advises her to move slightly to the left and Kokoro is aware of her and Gonbe’s presence. Once they’ve set the train on tracks, she advises the train to speed up and go inside, otherwise the wind could blow away the train. The two return and they discover that they are in the Water Lagoon so they warn her. Nami says to Kokoro her that she needs to stay inside the control cabin but she says that she’d previously told her that this train was not controllable, and that her task was to to put it on tracks because the acceleration valve was ineffective.

She finds out that three carpenters belonging to The Galley-La company had sneakily boarded the ship. Kokoro is then able to see Rufy, Zanbai and Pauly joining forces.

As Tilestone along with The Franky Family are firing cannons to create a gap in the incoming storm, Kokoro laughs and drinks in her chair. Kokoro reveals to Chopper, Chimney and Gonbe that the rails are floating however they are not able to traverse the Lagoon Water: if the waves hit them directly the rails would be destroyed. Not even Rocket Man would be able to cross. She laughs, while the other are terrified. She’s shocked when they manage to get over the waves because of the Rufy as well as Zoro.

After speaking to Sanji, Straw Hat is asked to speed up her speed. She is astonished by the request and is able to reveal that they’re already at full speed , and they are so fast that they won’t stop.

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As they Franky Family and carpenters of Galley-La’s Galley-La company were fighting Oimo after having beat Karsee, Kokoro helps them by throwing the train at Oimo who knocks him out. In this instance the train gets damaged, and Kokoro remains forced to watch the fight go on.

With nothing else left to accomplish, Rufy begins fixing The Rocket Man and gets it back in its place and moving. By doing this, he gets to the drawbridge before jumping into the void before landing in the justice tower carrying the Rufy’s team with him. If Chimney discovers that there is an underground passageway that will lead into the courtrooms Kokoro leads her mother and a few of Rufy’s fellows through the tunnel however Lucci overflows it to keep any other intruders following Franky to entering through. The entire group is at risk of drowning, but Kokoro is able to save them all by revealing herself as an emermaid and then swimming swiftly before bringing everyone safely on the World Government ship.

Kokoro, Chimney, Gonbe and Chopper remain on the ship as Zoro, Franky, Usop, Robin and Nami face 200 marines who have arrived to conduct their island’s Buster Call. The Marines are aware that the group would like to get off their World Government ship which is why they attack the ship, causing it to sink; Kokoro and the other gang members get saved by Sanji who just completed controlling the controls that shut the gates to justice. The entire group is stranded on the top of the pylon that held up the bridge. When they hear the voice of Going Merry They jump into the water , and when they return to the ship, they escape from Enies Lobby.

On the way back from Water Seven, the ship comes across Iceburg as well as the other carpenters belonging to the Galley-La corporation. In that moment, the Merry is finally defeated and Kokoro is invited to the Viking-themed funeral Rufy offers her.

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A few days after an incident at the Enies Lobby incident Frog is spotted with pirates along with Chimney, Gonbe and Yokozuna at the Galley-La headquarters of the company. Frog isn’t able to enter the quarters of the crew due to the size of his body, and he shouts on them not to go out. He informs the pirates that they have finally woken up and are exhausted from having slept for two days. He notices Rufy eating a lot and when Sanji informs him that he’s been eating it while sleeping, Kokoro can’t believe it. When he turns to Nami and revealing Nami that Log Pose requires at least two or three days to sign up and asks what they’ll do. The navigator, who is clearly down, says that Lagoon Water has wiped out all their possessions and they’re trapped as Sanji states that they put everything away in the hotel in slums. Kokoro is able to sip a cup of tea and declares that he recognizes where these people are from: shortly after, some villager’s bring their belongings to the team and explain that they confiscated them because they believed they had been the people who attempted to take over Iceburg’s life. Kokoro then observes Chopper and Robin come back, and then Franky, Mozu and Kiwi arrive in the room. Cyborg announces that he’ll build a ship for the crew. Kokoro declares that Tom and Tom are made from the same cloth. Then, he laughs.

Then, he sees an officer tearing down the wall and striking a savage blow at Rufy to awake him. He is stunned when he discovers that it’s that boy’s grandpa. He also observes the dialogue between Zoro and Rufy. When Rufy as well as Zoro meet with two old acquaintances, she watches the Marines fix the wall that was knocked down and then hears Garp declare the truth about Rufy was Monkey D. Dragon’s son that shocks her. If the Vice Admiral demands to pretend that she didn’t say something, she is shocked by the bizarre request.

Then she finds the pool towards the rear of the building. when she’s in the water the swimmer can hear Chimney shout at Nami repeatedly to persuade her to go swimming, but the navigator gets angry and orders her to remain still because she’s caught in the middle of an intercept. Kokoro says she isn’t interested in being a conduit for him to four winds. When Sanji declares that he’s hungry to have a bite, he climbs off the river and begins walking toward the food. Then he sees the giants, the carpenters, and members from the Franky Family joining in celebration with them.

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He then lands on the scrap island along with her niece as well as Gonbe who drink while watching carpenters construct the new vessel in The Straw Cape Pirates.

A few days later, being with them at the Galley-La business Headquarters, Nami states that the Log Pose has changed its position. Kokoro is curious about which island it’s pointed towards, and , since the navigator says she doesn’t know, she says it’s the home that the fishermen call home. So, he sees Sanji start to dream about mermaids. However, she becomes down when he looks at her, and Kokoro is irritated and states the existence of young female mermaids in the area too. He continues to tell however that it’s hard to reach the island, and Robin says her intention to go there was trying to figure out how as it’s submerged. Kokoro says that they’ll discover the answer, but the issue is a different one. She advises that they should read on the first page of newspaper. The article relates to fourteen ships that disappeared over the last month within the Florian Triangle, which is a stretch ocean that the crew must cross. She says that every year, over 100 ships vanish into the night, then reappear later , with no crew and that a lot of people claim to have witnessed ghost ships that carry dead bodies. Chopper and Rufy inquire if they are seeing ghosts or living bones, to which she responds that she’s not sure because nobody has ever come back alive from the sea to inform them. She also says that it’s an extremely dark and foggy ocean and, given the dangers it’s a good idea for the crew to get ready for the voyage before embarking. When Robin declares that the ships may contain treasures, Nami and Rufy become excited, leaving her speechless. She offers them a wishing well.

At this point Mozu, Kiwi, Chimney and Gonbe arrive and tell pirates that Franky has come to their aid as the ship is now ready. Then it is revealed that people from Franky’s family Franky Family also join them to show pirates the bounty and ask Rufy to take the cyborg in addition to the fact that he’s now wanted also. After that, she sees the crew leaving the Galley-La corporate headquarters, and she also reaches the island of scrap along with her niece Gonbe, Mozu and Kiwi.

She then observes Franky getting thrown into the air and observes his conversation with Rufy and then observes Robin squeeze the cyborg’s testicles in order to convince him to allow him enter the ship. He is then able to listen to Iceburg’s speech in front of Franky then then shortly after , Zanbai’s words. Smiley, he observes the cyborg’s departure , along together with pirates.

The boat is struck by a hail of cannonballs hurled at the ship by Monkey D. Garp who chases it on his vessel. Then, he spots Usop coming in, asking forgiveness from his crew and Rufy is able to grab him and get him aboard his ship, the Thousand Sunny.

He then listens to Chimney believe the Rufy is talking to them but he does not hear anything. When the pirates finally manage to escape their ship, Navy, Kokoro tells his niece and Gonbe to go back with she to shift station.

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What are they doing now?

Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe are enjoying themselves together with Yokozuna who is seated in front of the train that runs along the coast.

From the SHORES OF The World

Two years after, Kokoro swims under the sea with Yokozuna.

From the oceans of the world The story of five hundred million people
After the loss of Do Flamingo, Kokoro reads the stories in the paper and is amused to see the picture of General Franky.


Oda initially planned to develop a male character. However, he changed his mind and came up with a character that had a well-built physique, before he came up with the final version.



In the beginning in the manga his ankles have no scales.


Chimney as well as Gonbe encounter Kokoro, and inform her that they’ve discovered the passageway that is secret and have marked it according to the request by Franky to ensure that pirates will be able to find it.


  • Kokoro is “heart” In Japanese It is not a physical organ, but rather as the place where emotions are expressed.
  • His usual laughter is “nagagaga! “.
  • Her mermaid-like appearance was the reason for an amusing moment in the moment that her crew first encounters Kayme an emermaid that is older and prettier than Kokoro. Actually the two Sanji along with Zoro appear to have forgotten any memories associated with Kokoro in the past, and claimed they had no memory of Kokoro. Kayme is the only mermaid they’ve ever met.
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