Sai One Piece : Everything You Need To Know

Sai One Piece

Sai Also known under the name Don Sai is a martial artist who is a part of the Chinjao Family and the 13th leader of the Happo Navy. The third division is his commanding officer in the Great Straw Hat Fleet and the spouse of Baby 5 once she defected from the Donquixote Pirates due to her affection for Sai. He was a participant in his fellow competitors in the Coliseum Corrida tournament to get his hands on the Mera Mera fruit.



Sai has dark hair and sideburns. Her lower eyelashes are long and wears her cape with a ruffled neck. He is wearing puffy pants that have stripes of white and black and also has black shoes. Sai is tattooed with an “13” on the left side of his abdomen , and his entrance badge on his right side.

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He believes in fairness and honesty He was able to help Luffy as he was about to be exempted. If he’s expected to be acknowledged for something the person asks him to not do it repeatedly, and insists that there’s no reason for him to offer them an explanation, then becomes aggressive at the person in question, claiming that since he believes you shouldn’t be rewarded for anything, they shouldn’t even bother. According Boo, according to Boo he is among those who get furious over every single thing.

Sai has also demonstrated that they are a person of respect, even their foes. As when Baby 5 attempted at suicide (due to his suggestion) He immediately attempted to stop her, while claiming it was just not the way he intended to be able to win. His respect for his family was also displayed by his anger at Lao G’s insults towards Baby 5, and his grandfather.

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CHINJAO And Sai One Piece

Sai is devoted to his grandfather, and he was furious with the medical staff of the Colosseum for not informing him of the story of Chinjao’s disappearance. Sai is also an advisor of Chinjao and stopped the pirate’s elderly in his tracks from combating Luffy or Cavendish could ruin Sai’s “mission”. Chinjao shouted when his grandson was taken by Trebol However, when Sai and Boo became toy animals, Chinjao was completely unaware of them due to the effects that the change had on his beloved children.

When Doflamingo was in the birdcage, and Sai attempted to convince Baby 5 about the possibility of taking his own life, Chinjao became angry at Sai in his attempt to assist the enemy. He then tried to defame him by accusing him of bringing shame. Sai was able to respond with a kick , which bowed his famous head. Instead of becoming angry, Chinjao declared that he was satisfied with Sai’s skills declaring that he was an excellent candidate for the status ” Don” and has since surpassed his predecessor. Following the brutal assault of his grandfather, attacked with a hammer by Lao G. Sai honored his father and beat the official.

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Sai is extremely attached to his brother. He was present in the moment that Boo lost to Boo was defeated by the Funk brothers. Because of his hasshoken training, Sai is not supposed to be a close friend to Boo while in combat to prevent Boo from getting distracted, however, they do have enough pride to take revenge on any lost comrades, which includes Boo, his brother. Boo is also an advisor to Sai in a similar way like the friendship that exists between Sai Chinjao and Chinjao since Boo was required to stop his brother from engaging in a fight with Luffy.



Sai is a fervent snob against Doflamingo for providing weapons to the enemies of his country and inciting conflicts. He has made a vow to stop this illicit trade and exact his revenge upon Doflamingo for his actions. Sea Warrior.


Following Sai was confined to an underground dungeon Trebol took him hostage and Sugar transformed him into a plaything. Trebol was hypnotized Sai and took over Sai and took control of him. Happo, the Army’s commander Happo was irritated and confused because he was physically coerced to obey Trebol’s orders , but could not take control of his body.

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In the event that Luffy was set to be disqualified after knocking Spartan out before the fight started, Sai defended him, declaring the fact that Spartan is the person who initiated the fight. Afterward, Luffy thanked Sai for protecting him, but only to cause Sai to get angry. After Luffy defeated him, Sai became enraged. Luffy. Sai seems to not have an animus towards Luffy for the victory in Block C. Sai even tried to win Luffy’s attention so that his father could be grateful to Luffy for his support.

In this the Torikago contest, Sai and his family were allied together with Luffy instead of pursuing the reward on his head. They also allowed Luffy to pursue Doflamingo. When Doflamingo lost, Sai as well as the rest of the captains pledged to wear straw hats. While he was grateful to Luffy Sai was, however, annoyed at first for refusing to join the alliance, and then even thought of imposing on him their offer.


While Sai does not have a real beef with Funk Brothers in the battle at the Running Coliseum, he defeats the group in battle in order to take revenge for his lost brother.

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Sai is a friend who has a reverence with Ideo as a wrestler, as evident during their fight at Block C The two went as that they joined Luffy in the fight against Doflamingo.


Sai is adamant about Riku Doldo III for allowing Doflamingo take over. Sai’s opinion about him could be tempered after discovering his innocence.


Even though Sai battled with Baby 5 at Dressrosa and fell in love with the boy. After having said goodbye to her she was determined to start her own life. However, Sai stopped her, and after beating Lao G, and declared that he was going to marry her in her own way. Baby 5 was thrilled with this news and, after Sai’s victory began calling Sai by the name of ” dear” to the chagrin of Sai.



The 13th Commander of the Happo Army, Sai is most likely a top combatant. Sai was able to take on his foes, the Funk brothers who can defeat pirates with more than 100 million, in just one strike.

He fought in the battle with Baby 5 and later was defeated by Lao G, an officer of the Donquixote Pirates who made use of all his strength to beat his grandfather by a single Haki imbued kick that broke the ground surrounding him. In fact, Chinjao acknowledged that Sai has now outshined him as a former pirate who has an estimated bounty of more than 500 million.

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Main article: Hasshoken

Sai’s talents are not widely recognized, yet he’s known as a martial arts expert who utilizes a technique which produces vibrations. Along along with Boo the two were in a position to stop his grandfather who was angered.

The only thing that is certain is that Sai is robust enough to withstand the hazards that come with the New World and even until he was appointed as the 13th commander of Happo Navy in succession to Chinjao’s legendary command. The Battle Royale of Block C of the Coliseum Corrida, he demonstrated the strength to fight. In fact, he was able to escape the attack from the just-conquered Funk Brothers and defeat them in one blow and he was able to match Ideo who is a boxer powerful sufficient to knock huge out of the arena with one blow. While Luffy could easily struck him with a kick during his second gear state, the punch was unexpected one that caught him by surprise and he’s proved that he is conscious and in good health shortly following the incident.

Sai’s strength is evident in the following moments when Sai was able to easily bend the head of Chinjao’s Haki-coated (an amazing feat that was only accomplished previously by Garp as well as Luffy before Sai) and also during his battle against Lao G when he was in a position to easily beat him and also split the entire hill into two. After witnessing the destructive power of Sai, even Roronoa Zoro claimed to have taken note of his strength and decided to preserve his name in the future.

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Sai can utilize two of the three kinds of the haki. Sai is able to use one of three varieties of haki.


Sai may use kenbunshoku-haki however the extent of use is unclear.


Sai is skilled in busoshoku haki, as demonstrated when Sai infuses the leg of his opponent with haki his battle against Chinjao as well as Lao G.

in the animated series, after the defeat of the Lao G Sai’s haki emits an orange-colored flame around his feet, which is accompanied by the normal black skin appearance of busoshoku the haki.


He was seen with an axe to attack Luffy. However, it’s not clear how skilled he is using this kind of weapon. The Battle Royale in Block C, Sai uses a bisento.



Sai along with his household along with Sai and his family, as well as Happo Naval are all from Kano. Country of Kano The king of Kano took them to Dressrosa because their country was in war and Doflamingo was the one responsible for stopping the trade of arms coming from Dressrosa.

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Dressrosa Arc

The Colosseum Tournament Corrida

Sai together with Sai and the Chinjao Family enter the Corrida Coliseum tournament to win the Mera Mera fruit as well as a secret task to find out about the arms trade is the Donquixote Family is involved in. After Luffy beat Spartan prior to the start of the tournament One member of Coliseum employees was set to disqualify Luffy. Sai as well as the remaining members in the Chinjao Family intervened and spoke on behalf of Luffy, stating they believed it was Spartan who initiated the contest. After Luffy thanked his family, Sai rejects them, but then becomes more hostile towards Luffy until he is stopped by Boo who claims that he’s one those who get annoyed over every thing. Chinjao Family Chinjao family is told to thank Luffy.

Then, as Chinjao tried to murder Luffy to get revenge on Garp, Sai and Boo stop him before his rage is out of hand. Sai Boo and Boo then inform Chinjao that he will only be killed Luffy in Block C’s Battle Royale in Block C and remind him of his main purpose.

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In during the Battle Royale in Block C, Sai confronts the gladiators and displays his style of fighting. Following Boo’s defeat before his fellow Funk Brothers, Kelly Funk tells Sai that he’s ineffective because he’s not able to defend his brother, but he counters that Boo isn’t trained enough and that through training the hasshoken, he’s lost all love to his little brother. Sai avoids the Kelly’s attack and responds by using his hasshoken to defeat Boo, defeating the Funk Brothers and telling him that as the commander of the Happo Army he must guard his troops.

After the loss of Jean Ango Sai is now fighting extremely evenly against Ideo however, the fight is delayed when Luffy along with his father, who beat them both in one strike.

Afterward, he’s found outside the ring alongside his brother who was conscious again and they were awestruck by their grandfather’s fight, until they were stunned by the way Lucy beat Chinjao.

Following an epic Battle Royale in Block C He and his brother Boo visit their grandfather’s advice to talk to Luffy who they thank for restoring their head to his former form.

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In the Battle Royale in Block D in the Battle Royale of Block D grandfather, and brother are taken to the junkyard beneath the Corrida Coliseum, where the other fighters that have been defeated are. He is then kidnapped by Trebol in order that Sugar could turn him into the form of a toy.

Sai was later found at the clandestine trading port, relocating boxes but in awe of the instructions issued to Sai.

After Sugar was unconscious, Sai transformed back into an human being.


After Doflamingo caught Dressrosa within his torikago The Chinjao Family escaped to the surface by escaping through an opening made by Pica after he altered the earth using his power.

In the event that the Chinjao Family came together with Luffy, Zoro, and Law They declared they would beat Doflamingo. So, they teamed up together with Luffy’s band, as well as Hajrudin, Ideo, Suleiman, Fighting Bull, Blue Gilly, Cavendish, Abdullah, Jeet, Orlumbus, Elizabello II and Dagama. As some of the previous toys swarmed over Luffy’s head, Zoro and Law Luffy, Zoro and Law The coliseum fighters from the same group defeated them. They then left for the royal palace . They began to fight Pica which was huge stone massive.

When Pica was attacked, Chinjao and Elizabello II broke his hand with stones, allowing the group to continue their march. Sai and other fighters from the alliance fought Doflamingo’s army. Pica then engaged with his second arm and caused Sai and a few of his other allies to be thrown down. After escaping the Pica’s attack and escaping, they were surprised to find Luffy, Zoro, Law, Abdullah, Jeet, and Brave Bull on Pica’s arm. They were also shocked by the way Luffy hit Pica’s head with his hammer. As Pica’s huge stone body was still in motion, Sai and his companions continued their assault.

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In the battle between Zoro combating Pica as well as Sabo fighting marines, the colosseum fighters were able to get past to the The New King’s Plateau in order to quickly beat those Donquixote Pirate troops that stood in their way. They eventually got to the first stage and surpassed Luffy.

When they had reached the second level in the coliseum, the fighters were confronted by all four Donquixote Pirates officers. The coliseum fighters then teamed together to open an opening, and then assist Luffy as well as Cavendish.

These events are not canon and thus are not as part of the canon story.

Only during the anime during the anime, he fights Gladius and stops him from shooting blasts of explosives towards Luffy, Law, Kyros and Cavendish and then he holds an unending battle against him during the battle, Ideo appears behind Gladius with the intent of catching him , but Lao G intervenes by hitting Ideo. After an exchange of punches between the three of them, Gladius explodes some explosives on the ground , which repel Sai along with Ideo.

Non-canon section concludes.

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Sai later was confronted by Baby 5. The baby mistakenly believed Sai’s words were fear and believed that Sai had been proposing to her.

Sai tried to emphasize that he was not in the process of getting married. Baby 5. Chinjao is quick to remind Sai that Baby 5 is the Niho Army leader’s daughter was supposed to be his wife, to establish an alliance among the two navy. Baby 5 was determined to satisfy Sai since she believed she was needed by him. He refused to help her and joked that she should take her own life.

As Baby 5 was close to suicide, Sai rushed to stop her. Chinjao, furious by the fact that Sai was helping an adversary attempted to assault as well Sai along with Baby 5 using the head-drill. Sai was able to knock Chinjao off his head with a strong kick, and then hit Baby 5 with a slap for trying to commit suicide. Chinjao was impressed by Sai’s power and awarded Sai his title as Don and gave him the complete control for Happo Army. Happo Army. In that moment, Lao G attacked Chinjao with an attack that was unexpected.

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Sai also offered Baby five that he’d get married to her after he defeated Lao G. While his opponent was yelling towards him Sai beat Lao G by kicking him in the head.

He then tends to the wounds of his grandfather and encouraging him to not be buried, while Baby 5 counters saying that he must perform two ceremonies: the marriage ceremony as well as a funeral service, which upsets Sai because his grandfather is alive.

Then Baby 5 is then assaulted by Pica because she has sinned against the family, however Sai intervenesand receives the attack in the opposite direction which is a source of concern for her. She is then horrified as Pica who betrayed the grandfather of her, gets slain in the face by baby 5.

She is then horrified at the moment Pica which is a huge stone golem, makes his way towards those on the plateau of the former king to smash them. She then asks Orlumbus as well as Zoro what their plan was to stop them. When Orlumbus throws Zoro toward Pica and then he beats Pica, the ultimate officer he looks in horror as the stone debris left by Pica’s golem slams into the people who live on the plateau. But it is saved through Elizabello II’s King Punch who hurls the debris away and he is grateful. He appears next with other gladiators.

Sai is seen with other gladiators who haven’t been defeated on the second plateau , listening at King Riku’s messages of praise. Then, Sai attacks several Donquixote Pirates criminals along with all the gladiators of The Corrida Coliseum who had been treated by Mansherry. He then gives all the citizens who have the ability to fight to join Sai to join him. Sai is one of the many gladiators at the Coliseum however Sai is among the gladiators who are in the Coliseum.

Luffy is among the gladiators who are in the coliseum. He pushes the barriers created by Bartholomew and being in a position to stop the torikago aswell in giving Luffy the time he requires to recuperate.

Mansherry is later told by the people to gather more people in order to stop the torikago since there are gladiators who were knocked unconscious by Mansherry’s power being lost.

He then appears content to be able to see Luffy recuperating, and telling him to win his battle against Doflamingo quickly, as the cage shrinks very quickly Later, he watches Luffy win the battle. Luffy wins over Doflamingo.

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After Doflamingo’s defeat was seen falling down with the gladiators who were still standing, while the barrier was toppled due to the fact that the Torikago disappeared. Then, he hears Gatz claim Luffy is Luffy is the winner of Luffy’s fight against Doflamingo is Luffy to his delight and amazement.

In the following days, he’s found in the palace of the royal family resting and recuperating from his injuries, along with the other gladiators, and baby 5 sitting on his lap.

When he’s recovered, he’s together with the other gladiators to the Marine soldiers that were following Bellamy, the Straw Hat Kanjuro and the Kin’emon as well as Bellamy in a plea to abandon the enemy to them. He waits to see Luffy Law and Luffy Law to go to the Dressrosa.

In the meantime, he’s resisted the Marine’s assaults as well as the gladiators of the Colosseum and, with some difficulty, they are waiting until Luffy and Law to be able to depart from Dressrosa. After the event the man is amazed witness the strength of Admiral Fujitora taking away the entire rubble from the entire country. When Luffy arrives with Law He talks with them and tells them to go to the port on the east.

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Following Luffy’s decision to not form an alliance between father and son, Sai is impressed by his attitudeand tells Sai that if they do join Sai, they’ll follow his every instruction. When Luffy declared that he didn’t wish to be a person of importance, Sai narrated a little speech that Luffy ignored. In the end, and completely disregarding Luffy Sai, he offers the captains of the other six the sake bottle and ties his knot with Luffy. In the immediate aftermath, Luffy will begin the celebration.

Following the celebration, Sai and the other allies were presented with Luffy’s The Vivre Card and they parted ways.


The tales that make up the self-declared Great Straw Hat Fleet.

After the breakup with members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sai and the Happo Armada traveled to Kano Country. When they returned home, Sai spoke with Uhoricia and told her that there was something important to share with her. Sai ended up breaking up with his promise to marry her to get married Baby 5, and took the punishment of beating. Then the couple got married, Sai was Baby 5 in front of his father and brother celebrations of the union. They were later married.

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Sai went towards Mary Geoise in the role of her King’s chauffeur on the Levely which was where she was returned to Rebecca along with Leo. Sai made a comment at Leo that he had plans to cut off all ties with his nation following the event. Sai was also informed that by Leo that he planned to cut off relationships with the country following the event.

After a few days after that, when the world noble Charlos tried to abduct Shirahoshi, Sai prevented Rebecca from helping her, advising Rebecca of what consequences she might eventually bring on the Dressrosa. But, when Leo was able to escape the nobles of the world, Sai ended up going after him, to help Leo but was swiftly stopped by the CP-0. The two were later arrested by the CP-0.



  • Sai against. Funk Brothers
  • Sai against. Ideo
  • Sai vs. Monkey D. Luffy
  • Sai against. Baby 5
  • Chinjao vs. Sai
  • Sai vs. Lao G


  • Sai was the 3rd person to perform manga cuts on someone with the other two being Trafalgar D. Water Law and Sanji.
  • Sai is an ancient Japanese weapons of martial arts.
  • It is interesting to note that he has a facial resemblance with the Krieg.
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