Moon Knight Ending explained

Marvel’s Moon Knight is one of the most complicated series Disney+ have ever produced. The series, which is based on Dough Mench’s comic books, tells a unique superhero origin story. It uses an Egyptian mythology and a caped crusader to talk about mental health.

The series stars Oscar Isaac. It explores Marc Spector’s two alter egos, Marc Spector/Steven Grant. Marc suffers from dissociative personality disorder. He discovers that one of his alternate egos was moonlighting (pun intended), and is Moon Knight, a super-powered being channeling power of the Egyptian moon God Khonshu. The series follows a series of amazing adventures that tests Marc’s willpower and fills us in — along with Steven — on how he became a vessel through which the Egyptian moon god Khonshu is now enacting justice in the world. While the final scene ends with Marc and Spector blending together in perfect harmony, and seeming to be free from Khonshu at the end, the credits show that Marc’s struggle for autonomy isn’t over.

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Marc & Steven

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Six episodes gave us a glimpse into the inner workings Marc Spector/Steven Grant. The show’s first season begins with Steven realizing that he is not the only resident of his mind. He is also the avatar for an Egyptian god. He is on a mission to stop Arthur Harrow ( Ethan Hawke), who is a religious zealot, and summon the Egyptian goddess Ammit. The goddess will punish people based on their future sins and not any past acts. It was also revealed that Arthur was Khonshu’s avatar before Marc. Marc’s wife Layla ( May Calamawy), is also aware of his Steven persona, but knows his status as Moon Knight.

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Steven is the entry point to the show. It’s through him that we discover how disorienting his dissociative personality disorder (DPD) can be. Steven, a miserable employee at the British Museum, London, hopes to one day become a tour guide because of his vast knowledge and passion for Egyptian culture. He wakes up one night to discover that he is in the Austrian Alps, on the run from Harrow and his hitmen. Marc and Steven struggle to regain control over their bodies from each other, while simultaneously serving Khonshu.

Steven and the audience soon realize that Khonshu isn’t the best guy, even though he plans to stop Arthur. Khonshu blackmails Marc and threatens to take over Layla if Marc fails his mission. This sets up their difficult relationship. In the final episode, it is made clear that Marc created Steven to deal with his abusive mother who was responsible for her second child’s death. This episode is crucial because it helps us understand why Marc might have subconsciously created another alter.

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Ammit and Scarlet Scarab Revealed

Moon Knight delivered the promised jam-packed finale. There were many resolutions to the story arcs and characters. Layla’s transformation from second in command to Marc was brought to an end in the finale when she allowed Taweret use her as an avatar. Layla was granted her own superpowers with Wonder Woman-esque golden wings. She was able use her newfound agility to defeat Harrow and his men. Harrow was defeated by Layla and Moon Knight, aka the Scarlet Scarab.

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This is all happening while Khonshu, Ammit and Moon Knight engage in a Kaiju-inspired battle near the pyramids. Marc’s third alter Jake Lockley arrived as a deus ex Machina to save the day. We don’t know where this leaves Layla and Marc. Layla’s new power skills also bring with them the cool name Scarlet Scarab. Scarlet Scarab is an Egyptian superhero as seen in comics. Although the series does not use her name for address, there is a sweet moment when a child asks her if she’s an Egyptian superhero. To which she responds yes. The scarab is also part of her costume. This indicates that her female superheroes are gender-bent versions of the character.

Who is Jake Lockley, you ask?

Who is Jake Lockley exactly? Fans have been waiting with great anticipation for Marc’s third alter Jake Lockley to arrive. However, the manner he was introduced was shocking. After defeating Moon Knight, Harrow is taken to a mental hospital. Harrow is quickly escorted by a man in a flat cap to a limousine. Harrow discovers that Khonshu is still having people do his bidding. Surprisingly, however, Marc is being used as a conduit by Khonshu.

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Marc Spector’s version seems more violent than Marc Spector’s. This is a significant distinction since Marc is the real mercenary, while Jake is a cab driver in comics. Jake is the one who appears in the Disney+ series when Marc must commit a brutal act that is completely against the morals and ethics of Steven. He is in a sense the opposite of Steven. He represents the evil in Marc just as Steven represents all the good. Marc decided not to kill Harrow after capturing Jake. Jake appears to enjoy almost killing Harrow. Moon Knight’s version of Harrow speaks Spanish. This is a nice touch that links Oscar Isaac’s Guatemalan heritage. Khonshu informs Harrow that Marc isn’t aware of Jake Lockley’s existence, and that he doesn’t know how troubled he really is.

Fans have been speculating that Jake is coming soon since the series dropped clues throughout. Episode 5 shows Marc creating Steven to help him cope with his anger and find some peace in a home where he was constantly abused. This logic suggests that Jake could be Marc’s solution to his anger at the world. He has shown up at times of extreme duress, and unlike the other alters, he has kept himself completely hidden from the world. Khonshu is happy for Steven and Marc to go, even though Steven asks for their freedom from the god.

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He knows that Marc will always be there for him at the end of each day. It is worth noting that Layla has seen Jake Lockley and was our sole witness to Lockley. Given that Steven has Mr. Knight, and Marc has Moon Knight, there is a high chance Jake will have his own costume and skills. It is highly unlikely that Lockley was not transformed into Lockley during their fight against Harrow and his goons.

Marvel would be remiss if they didn’t continue Marc’s story. They will explain Jake’s emergence and how Steven and Marc will deal with it. Layla will also be sharing her budding superhero adventure.

Moon Knight’s End explained (in detail)

Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ latest show is over. Moon Knight‘s finale delivers a surprising conclusion and teases the future. Starring Oscar Isaac (Marc Spector) and Steven Grant (Steven Grant), the Moon Knight’s alters have been serving Khonshu in pursuit of stopping Arthur Harrow, Ethan Hawke, from releasing Ammit’s judgment upon the Earth. The series explored Moon Knight’s mental state, multiple identities and tragic backstory, giving a surprising twist to the quest to defeat the Egyptian god.

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Moon Knight episode 5, which focuses on Marc’s past, and the Egyptian underworld, ends with Moon Knight episode 6. This surprising conclusion captures all of the story’s moving parts. Marc Spector struggles with Steven Grant’s death and whether or not he would like to live in the afterlife. Layla (May Calamawy), who is presumed to have died, is able to free Khonshu from prison and save the world. Arthur Harrow releases Ammit, and brings justice upon the Egyptian gods and humanity that kept Ammit captive so long.

Moon Knight‘s end will combine the exploration of Marc’s and Steven’s relationships with an action-packed fight of the gods. The show’s main focus is on the end of its story, not the beginning of a larger piece of the MCU Phase 4 future. Moon Knight episode 6, in this respect, is the same as its predecessor episodes. The MCU series has very few connections to the wider universe. This is Moon Knight’s ending. It includes a post-credits scene as well as potential set up for Moon Knight’s next adventure.

Marc Spector’s Return To Life

Episode 4 was the pivotal moment in Moon Knight season 1. After Khonshu’s release, Arthur Harrow allegedly killed Marc Spector. Steven Grant and he explored a psychiatric facility that was the portal to the Egyptian afterlife. Moon Knight episode 5, confirmed Marc Spector’s death (again), and was now on the road to potentially entering the Fields of Reeds. He is granted access only after Steven Grant passes away in the sands at Duat. When Moon Knight episode 6 starts, viewers find Marc. However, he soon realizes that he doesn’t want to live in peace without Steven. Marc decides to leave this afterlife to find Steven, in hopes of bringing him home. They are only freed when they are both frozen in the sands and duat, their hands touching each other’s hearts. Marc Spector and Marc Spector can leave Egypt’s afterlife, and they can return to the real world. Layla’s release of Khonshu means that Marc can once again become Moon Knight, but he and Steven now live in harmony and serve the Egyptian moon god equally.

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Layla becomes The MCU’s second Egyptian Superhero

Moon Knight returns to action and Layla helps him. Layla becomes the MCU’s second Egyptian super hero in Moon Knight‘s end. Layla is able to free Khonshu after he refuses to be Moon Knight’s Avatar. She realizes that Ammit needs more help. She eventually reunites with Taweret, and becomes her Avatar. Layla’s connection with Taweret gives her new superpowers, and she appears to be the MCU’s Scarlet Scarab. The name of the character is from Marvel Comics. Moon Knight reimagines it through Layla. She receives a gold suit that has bulletproof wings and grants her the ability of flying. Layla, as Scarlet Scarab assists Moon Knight in fighting Ammit. Although she previously stated that it was a temporary arrangement with Taweret and that Layla is now a superhero in MCU, there isn’t any definitive proof that Layla is done.

Ammit’s Release and Defeat by Moon Knight Explained

After five episodes of building up, Moon Knight episode six finally sees Arthur Harrow achieve his goal of releasing Ammit. The Egyptian goddess tells us that she was held captive for almost 2,000 years. Arthur Harrow is her official Avatar. His scales are distorted by what he will do in the future for her. Ammit’s release at the Moon Knight end kicks off a fight with Khonshu and her potential killing of the other Ennead Avatars. Ammit and Khonshu battle outside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Layla and Moon Knight fight Arthur Harrow, who has given his followers the ability to judge human beings. Ammit can grow in size and power with each imbalanced soul.

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Layla and Moon Knight may be on the brink of defeat, but Moon Knight teases a third alt when Marc Spector blacks and regains control. Marc grabs Arthur Harrow and takes him back to The Ennead to perform a ritual to trap Ammit. Khonshu orders Moon Knight and Arthur Knight to kill Arthur/Ammit in order to prevent them from doing any further harm.

Marc Spector and Steven Grant Serve Khonshu

Moon Knight‘s end includes an unexpected moment on the surface. Steven Grant and Marc Spector have stopped serving Khonshu. Marc sees Arthur Harrow as a hypocrite after he calls for his death. Khonshu has them killed to make way for something else. Marc has ceased to be Khonshu’s fist for vengeance, even though Ammit and Arthur have already done great harm. Steven and Marc are granted permission by Khonshu to renounce their servitude to the moon god. They are forced to relinquish their Moon Knight powers .

Moon Knight episode 6, adds confusion to the matter, by showing Marc and Steven back at the psychiatric facility that they don’t know is real and then getting up in Steven’s UK home. Marc and Steven can live harmoniously with their two goldfish, and they have no problem balancing who is in charge.

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Moon Knight’s post-credits introduce Jake Lockley

Moon Knight Episode 6 features a post-credits scene which introduces Jake Lockley, a first for this series. Marc Spector has been teased repeatedly by the show about the existence of another alter. Moon Knight episode 6, the post-credits scene, shows Jake Lockley rescuing Arthur Harrow from a mental hospital. To save Arthur, Jake kills several people and then throws him into a fancy cab with Khonshu in the back. Khonshu confirms Jake Lockley as his Avatar and the reason he wanted Marc Spector. Jake appears to not hesitate to shoot multiple shots in the cab when Arthur Harrow is allowed by the moon god. Although the actual shots and aftermath of the shooting are not shown, it is clear that Jake Lockley’s ruthlessness has been a benefit to Khonshu in settling any remaining issues.

Is Moon Knight’s Hospital Real or Fake?

Some might find the Moon Knight after-credits scene confusing due to its hospital setting. The fact that Arthur Harrow is a patient at a psychiatric facility could suggest that Arthur Harrow is also experiencing the Egyptian afterlife. The fake hospital’s crisp white exterior is gone. This is one sign that Moon Knight’s hospital may be real. Jake Lockley takes Arthur Harrow outside the building, and then sees a city surrounding them. This further proves that this is part the normal world. This indicates that Marc Spector, Steven Grant took Harrow outside of the building and admitted him to the hospital after the end of Moon Knight. Khonshu was not ready to give up on Harrow.

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How Moon Knight Plans His MCU Future (& Season 2)

It is now that Moon Knight has ended, it’s understandable to wonder about his MCU future. Marc and Steven will be further complicated by Jake Lockley’s introduction as Moon Knight’s third alter. This also points to another trauma in their lives which led to the creation of Jake Lockley. This could be explored in different MCU projects but Moon Knight Season 2 seems like a stronger possibility. This character is well-suited to the long-form storytelling provided by Disney+. Moon Knight’s future in the MCU is still open beyond Jake Lockley’s tease. Marc isn’t currently serving Khonshu so it could mean that it won’t be long before the superhero crosses over to other properties and characters.

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