Most Handsome Antagonists : Our Top 20+

This article will be a list the Most Handsome Antagonists. These characters will be drawn from various narrative arcs. You will learn some basic information about them that will allow you to understand why they are positioned as we do.

FASCINATING Most Handsome Antagonists

23. Reiner

Reiner is a bad guy, but he has our hearts. Reiner’s face is extraordinary. He is a blonde man with hazel eyes. He is also very fit and smart. He is a reserved and serious man. Nobody can understand what’s happening inside of his head. As a child, he was shy but grew to be assertive in later series. He created a false persona of someone loyal, passionate and honest. In reality, he hated the Eldians and didn’t have any sympathy for them. He led a double life, and it was hard on his body.

22. Askeladd


Askeladd is the leader of a group of Vikings. He is a leader of a band of Vikings. He has thick eyebrows and a great facial feature. He is charismatic and can manipulateothers to do what he wants. He is a skilled fighter and has incredible sword skills. His highly functioning brain is what makes him so formidable. He is a master strategist and everyone fears him. He plans and thinks ahead. To achieve his goals, he also uses subtlymethods.

21. Dabi


Dabi is the antagonist of My Hero Academia. Dabi is a tall, lanky man. I think he is most girls’ type. When he was young, Dabi was a happy boy and a good-natured boy. His father’s neglect made him evil. He was a villain. Dabi is a villain. He is brutal and ruthless. Dabi will kill anyone who stands in his way.

20. Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch is both the antagonist and the protagonist in Code Geass. He is very attractive and thin. His eyes are violet, and his hair is black. He seems calm, collected, and polite. He is raging from the inside. It was his charisma that he was able gain trust from others. Lelouch is cold and calculated while he fights. He is a fierce fighter and doesn’t take any pity on his enemies.

19. Geten


We think Geten is an attractive villain from My Hero Academia. His hair is white and his eyebrows as well as his lashes and eyebrows are also white. His body is covered in a perka, which is why we don’t know what his body looks like. He is a member the Meta Liberation Army, and he is extremely loyal to Restro and his cause. Because it was Re-Destro that gave Geten his powers, he respectsRestro. He is a strong supporter of Re-Destro and will do his best to help him. When someone attempts to attack Re-Destro, he gets aggressive. Geten is proud of his abilities.

18. Gilgamesh

 Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night).

The visuals of Gilgamesh are amazing. From the beginning, he had all he needed. Why? Because he was willing to sacrifice himself for his nation. His muscular body is highlighted by his golden hair, which looks like it’s blazing. He believes in treating both good and bad equally. He is passionate about findingdifferent treasures, and protecting them. He will exterminate anyone who gets in his way of enjoying the fun.

17. Zenon Zogratris

Zenon Zogratris,

Zenon Zogratis belongs to the Dark Triad in the Spade Kingdom. He is tall and pale with a messy, black hair. He is cold and reserved. He isn’t interested in talking excessively. Zogratis prefers to use force over talking when settling disputes. He believes that power is more important than emotions. Zogratis, unlike his comrades, keeps his fights brief.

16. Shogo Makishima

Shogo Makishima

Shogo Makishima may appear to be a humanist but he is actually a dark one. He is tall and pale with silver hair. He enjoys watching people suffer and pointing out their worst traits. He is a manipulator, just like most antagonists. To get his desired results, he uses subtlymethods. He isn’t happy that humans depend on the Sibyl system. He would like humans to be free from the Sibyl System and to be able to make decisions for themselves .

15. Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji, a Demon from Demon Slayer, is cold and ruthless. Muzan appears in many roles throughout the series, but his most memorable appearance is his “Michael Jackson look”. He has long, curly hair and a hat. His eyes are very attractive and red. He is charming and has exceptional intelligence. He is selfish and vain. Muzan is not a compassionate man. He doesn’t even spare children. He doesn’t treat his employees well. Muzan has a huge ego and tends not to treat his subordinates well.

14. Hisoka


Hisoka is one the most well-known antagonists. He is tall and has a light complexion. His hair is red. He is self-absorbed, selfish, and free-spirited. He can do anything he wants, and no one can stop him. He is obsessed with defeating powerful opponents. He is both sadistic. Hisoka is truly the worst of all evil.

13. Sesshomaru


Sesshomaru, the evil half-brother to Inuyasha, is Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru is a handsome man with long, silvery hair and beautiful golden eyes. He didn’t care to increasehis power through the Shikon Jewel. He thought that relying on the jewel was weak and pathetic. He has shown calmness and composure throughout his life. He was proud of his heritage. Sesshomaru was cold and indifferent. He was not interested in anything or anyone. After meeting Inuyasha, however, he began to modify slowly.

12. Tagasuki Shinsuke

Tagasuki Shinsuke

Tagasuki Shinsuke, an antagonist in the anime Gintama. He is tall with purple hair. He has half of his face covered in bandage. He has a very twistedgoal: to destroy the world. He is passionate about his goal. This is quite scary. His charisma is infectious and people are drawn to him. His soldiers respecthim greatly and listen to what he has to say. His anger motivates him. Tagasuki has been shown to be reserved and meticulous . He is reserved and doesn’t like to speak unnecessarily. He gives off a mysterious aura.

11. Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo is calm, intelligent, and smart. He is tall and pale with a cross-shaped mark at his forehead. We all fell in love with his attractive features. His leadershipskills are so natural that others follow him without questioning. He is a skilled fighter. Chrollo is very confident in his abilities and capabilities. he can’t be stopped by anything in the world. He will remain calm in stressful situations.

10. William James Moriarity

William James Moriarity

William is truly a genius. His brain is a mystery to us. He is short, blonde and tall. He is very knowledgeable in many areas. He was an exceptional intelligent child. His ability to make adults scream when he was young made it difficult for him to be a speechless adult. Since he was young, he loved to read books. He grew up to be a gentleman. He had hidden his cold and calculatingpersonality under his gentlemanly demeanor. His charisma allows him to influence many people and keep them on board.

9. Garou


Garou is irresistible. He is a muscularman, with very attractive facial features and silver hair. He is proud, cold, and aggressive. Garou would like all heroes to be destroyed. Garou hates being insulted, and will attack anyone who attempts to insult him. He prefers to be alone, and does not like being involved with other villains. He is a bit cruelto adults but he does have a soft spot in his heart for children.

8. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi is one the most beloved villains in anime. He is tall, fit and fair. He is very similar to Sasuke. He was calm and knowledgeable. From a young age, he had accomplished a lot. He didn’t let this get to him. He became a pacifist as he grew older, refusing to fightwithout cause. He changed drastically after the Uchiha Clan’s downfall. He was violent and cruel and wanted to kill everyone who stopped him from achievinghis goal.

7. Griffith


Griffith is one the most bizarre antagonists in the history of anime. He’s pale with long, wavy silver hair. He is very attractive with his pair of enchanting blue eyes. At first, he appeared to be a kind and decent man. But he became a very vile person later. He played with his friends’ emotions and torturedthem too. He is extremely secretive and won’t reveal his plans to anyone. Nobody can see what’s happening inside his head. By the end of the series, he had become cruel and cold and made his loved ones feel a lot.

6. Grimmjow


Grimmjow is an Arrancar, a powerfulvillain and a Bleach Arrancar. His handsome face is tall and muscular. He seems to be an easygoing and laid back individual. He’s also very violent and aggressive. He can be very angry and has a bad temper. He does not respect Aizen. He doesn’t bowinfront of anyone and isn’t afraid to speak up.

5. Dio Brando

Dio Brando

Dio is cold, ruthless and charismatic. His dark, roughblonde eyes and hair color change throughout the series. His charisma is what enables him to convert a lot of people against Joestar and turn them into bloodthirsty, evil villains. He is extremely determined and will not give up, no matter what. For decades, he has been hauntingthe Joestars family. The ill-treatment his father gave him is what led to his rotten personality. He was uncaring about others. He evenhis father to death and didn’t feel any regret.

4. Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuuna is a strong villain from Jujutsu. Ryomen Sukuuna is Itadori, but more attractive. His face is also marked. He is self-centered and laid-back. He doesn’t feel attached to Itadori even though he took over his body. He is ruthless towards anyone who bother him. We still love him, despite him being an terribledemon.

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3. Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen

Aizen appears to be a gentleman with slender features and dark brown hair. Although he appears to be a gentleman, he is a cold and ruthless guy. He is a very calculated man who sees the big picture and can outthink anyone. He’s never surprised and he stays calm regardless of what happens. He is respected by his subordinates and fearsome because he emits an intimidating aura.

2. Light Yagami

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the smartest antagonist in the history of animation. He is a brown-eyed man with light brown hair. He is also very tall and well-built. He is a fake student, polite, and friendly. He’s cruel, calculated and cold under his friendly-guy facade. He used the Death Note first for a noble cause, but he began to use his power to kill innocent people.

1. Eren Jaeger


Eren Jaeger began as a hero, but he became a villainby series’ end. He tied his brown hair in a ponytail when he became a bad guy. As a child, he was energetic and cheerful. He was also very protective of his family members. His anger was fueled by the death of his mother at hands of the Titans. He joined the Survey Corps. He was ready to eliminateeverything outside the walls by the end the series. He made his friends suffer a lot and stopped listening to them.

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