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Jojo Characters

It has been some time since I made an anime listing plus I really like this collection with a ardour! JoJo’s Weird Journey is in regards to the Joestar household in separate generations, every with one thing that makes them particular in their very own approach. Here’s a Jojo characters Checklist from this 8 half collection.

Prime 25 Finest Characters In JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

Jojo Characters Age (Part 1-5)

Every half expands on the earlier ones, continuously referring itself to create an expertise not like another.

One of many collection’ biggest strengths are its jojo characters, all in a position to stand out and go away an impression. And for this listing I’ll be rating the 25 greatest ones, so some spoilers forward!

That is naturally going to be a subjective listing – and we’ll be going over the components but to be tailored, too – so please bear with me right here… I needed to slim this listing down from 70.

25. Noriaki Kakyoin

Noriaki Kakyoin - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Half 3: Stardust Crusaders.

After a go to to Egypt resulted in brainwashing by DIO, Kakyoin tries however fails to kill Jotaro Kujo. Following the affect, he dedicates himself to the Stardust Crusaders to hunt DIO down and kill him.

He’s a womanizer and a loyal companion for his teammates. The most effective JoBro’s on the market.

His friendship with Jotaro Kujo, and his advanced Stand – Hierophant Inexperienced – makes him a flexible greatest buddy character who leaves a big impression by the top.

24. Narancia Ghirga

Narancia Ghirga from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 5: Golden Wind

When his mom died and his father turned estranged to him, Narancia turned to the streets.

After being deceived by his buddy and spending a yar in a detention heart, he was saved from homeless hunger by Bruno and recruited to Passione.

His loyalty in the direction of his associates, illiterate and under-educated angle, and aggressive temperament, make him a constantly participating character.

His enthusiasm is contagious, infecting his group (and the viewers) on their travels throughout Italy.

His Stand, Aerosmith, is a small fighter airplane able to packing a punch and monitoring an individual’s breath.

23. Ringo Roadagain

Ringo Roadagain from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 7: Metal Ball Run

Ringo is a minor character who makes a big impression because of his muted persona, honor system, and attention-grabbing Stand.

As a baby, he was continuously ailing and weak till sooner or later when a person murdered his household, prompting Ringo to kill in self-defense.

Ever since, his structure has improved with every battle he engages with. Believing that battle betters his soul and physique.

He’s a gun wielding duelist who can use his stand, Mandom, to rewind time as much as 6-seconds.

Regardless of having so little presence, Ringo is an unforgettable a part of the general narrative that leaves an influence on our protagonists. I really like his click on, clear design, too.

22. Risotto Nero

Risotto Nero JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Half 5: Golden Wind

Risotto first acquired his palms soiled avenging his cousin on the age of 14, which shortly threw him into the skilled world of assassination.

In his late 20s, he’s given management of La Squadra Esecuzioni, a squad referred to as upon for hitman functions.

Nevertheless his group decides to revolt in opposition to the boss of Passione, making them core antagonists for Workforce Bucciarati to beat.

His stand, Metallica, permits him to control steel by way of magnetism.

That is highly effective by itself, however when compounded with the iron present in blood, permits him to actually type a pair of scissors in your physique. He’s a deadly, ruthless persona who’s all the time alert to any enemy he could encounter.

I really like his chilly, advanced conduct and flamboyant neo-Gothic design.

21. Kars

Kars JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime screenshot

From Half 2: Battle Tendency

The primary antagonist of Battle Tendency, Kars, is the chief of the mysterious Pillar Man.

Centuries in the past, he crafted the Stone Masks (that turned Dio right into a vampire).

His structure forbids him from being within the solar, and so he goals to assert the Pink Stone of Aja to grant him immunity and develop into an Final Being.

His presence may be felt all through your entire collection because of being an immortal historical being, setting off lots of the occasions from earlier than half 1.

20. Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 2: Battle Tendency

Identified for his cocky, dishonorable, and conman angle.

Joseph is a troublemaker who is aware of when to surrender, all the time prepared to unleash his final transfer of Operating Away.

He’s an integral half of the JoJoverse, showing in a number of components at completely different ages.

Joseph is a pure Ripple person, and finally will get his personal underpowered Stand – Hermit Purple – that permits him to trace folks by expertise.

19. Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Half 6: Stone Ocean

The antagonist of Stone Ocean, Enrico Pucci, is a religious chaplain priest overlooking Inexperienced Dolphin Avenue Jail. His purpose is to realize heaven, a purpose laid out to him by his lover DIO.

He’s a powerful believer of determinism and wields this perception with vanity and confidence.

He acquires three completely different Stands all through the collection. Whitesnake can take an individual’s soul and Stand means within the type of a disk; C-Moon makes him the middle of gravity, shifting the orientation of his enemies inside a big radius; and Made in Heaven, which may speed up the speed of time by universe gravity manipulation.

He’s a formidable, uniquely designed antagonist.

18. Jean Pierre Polnareff

Jean Pierre Polnareff from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 3: Stardust Crusaders

The boasting Frenchman Polnareff is on a quest to avenge his sister, killed by a person with two proper palms.

We’re first launched to him when he assaults our protagonists underneath the assumption one in every of them killed her.

When he discovers this was a lie made by DIO, who himself if harboring the assassin, he joins the Stardust Crusaders on searching him down.

Pushed by a powerful honor code and peculiar, exaggerated sensibilities, Polnareff is a standout character of JoJo’s. His Stand – Silver Chariot – is straightforward however efficient; it wields a pointy rapier lade and is among the quickest.

17. Jolyne Cujoh

Jolyne Cujoh JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Half 6: Stone Ocean

Our first introduction to Jolyne is when she’s being carted off to Inexperienced Dolphin Avenue Jail after being framed for driving underneath the affect and killing somebody.

Quickly, bizarre issues begin taking place round her and she or he realizes she wants to flee – besides she has a rating to settle with jail warden, Father Enrico Pucci.

We shortly uncover she’s the estranged daughter of a earlier protagonist, and inside no time she receives a Stand.

Stone Free permits Jolyne the power to unravel herself into string, making her a flexible and troublesome particular person to come across.

16. Sluggish Dancer

Slow Dancer from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 7: Metal Ball Run

An previous 11-year-old appaloosa recognized for its communicative issue.

Nevertheless as soon as bonded with, it’s a quick and dependable steed in a position to preserve nice speeds with stellar intelligence.

He turns into one in every of Johnny and Gyro’s biggest allies, all the time there after they want him and taking part in a key element of their battle in opposition to the President of the US of America.

15. Yasuho Hirose

Yasuho Hirose JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Half 8: JoJolion

Yasuho is an inquisitive college scholar dwelling within the quiet village of Morioh. Firstly, she discovers the protagonist of JoJolion and rescues him after discovering he has no reminiscence.

All through the collection she serves as his rock, all the time rooting him to actuality and reaffirming his new identification by his romantic connection to her.

Actually greatest lady.

Her stand, Paisley Park, can manipulate expertise to research – it’s like the final word Google.

14. Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna JoJo's Bizarre Adventure screenshot

From Half 5: Golden Wind

Giorno suffered from the abuse of his stepfather till befriending and saving a gangster within the streets.

From that day, he knew what his dream was: to develop into a prime gangster and use his energy for the great of the folks.

Calm, collected, composed.

Giorno Giovanna is the embodiment of resolve and willpower, not letting something cease him and his stand, Gold Expertise – which may embed life vitality into something.

13. Doppio Vinegar

Doppio Vinegar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 5: Golden Wind

The secondary antagonist, working instantly with the Boss, Doppio is an unassuming man with eccentric conduct.

He typically hears the Boss speaking with him by environmental object.

He possesses half of King Crimson – Epitaph – which supplies him a ten second glimpse into the long run.

One in every of my favourite characters for his uncommon angle and killer design.

The additional you get, the extra about Doppio is revealed.

12. Josuke Higashikata

Josuke Higashikata JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Half 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Josuke is nearly to begin his first yr of highschool when his nephew arrives to the quiet city of Morioh looking for a serial killer.

Very quickly in any respect, his humdrum life is circled when he begins encountering Stand customers threatening to disrupt the relationships made in his city.

He’s a carefree, although very caring soul who solely will get indignant once you insult his hair or hurt these he cares for.

His Stand, Loopy Diamond, can reverse harm and restore something, making him a improbable fight help.

11. Guido Mista

Guido Mista JoJo's Bizarre Adventure screenshot

From Half 5: Golden Wind

When he was a baby, a neighbor of Mista’s adopted a kitten from a litter of 4 that then proceeded to claw the proprietor’s eyes out.

This left him with a crippling feat of 4 (tetraphobia). Then, in his later teenage years, he rescued a lady from assault – solely to enter an altercation with the boys. He someway prevented each bullet earlier than returning fireplace with excellent accuracy.

He was sentenced to thirty years in jail, solely pardoned due to the sway of Bruno Bucciarata and requested for his energy.

His gunslinging expertise are amplified by his Stand, Intercourse Pistols, which makes his bullets autonomous and in a position to change route mid-shot.

10. Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Half 3: Stardust Crusaders

Many individuals’s favourite JoJo character, because of his stoic and calm angle that unravels over the course of the franchise and his repeated appearances.

We first meet him in a jail cell he refuses to go away as a result of ‘ghost’ possessing him.

When his grandfather Joseph reveals it as a Stand, and requests his assist in taking down DIO, he refuses.

Till his mom falls sick, and he decides to affix the Stardust Crusaders.

His stand is famous. Star Platinum is powerful – very, very robust – and quick.

It is because he distorts the notion of time when it punches, although its true energy had not but woken.

9. Jobin Higashikata

Jobin Higashikata JoJo's Bizarre Adventure screenshot

From Half 8: JoJolion

Jobin places his spouse, Mitsuba, and son, Tsurugi, above even himself.

He’s looking for a Locacaca fruit with a purpose to treatment Tsurugi of the ailment that has cursed the Higashikata household.

His design is basically cool, carrying a black hoodie beneath a thorned jacket.

He’s fascinated by beetles and collects them avidly. Regardless of his honorable, advanced facet – he’s thought-about a serious antagonist for the protagonists of JoJolion.

His Stand, Pace King, can produce and manipulate intense ranges of warmth with issues he’s in touch with.

8. Rohan Kishibe

Rohan Kishibe from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Rohan is a prolific, renown manga artist who holds the artwork within the highest regard.

He’s typically dragged into the mischief of the city in opposition to his will, however shortly grows a trusting relationship with the solid besides Josuke who he inherently distrusts.

His design is stellar; neat an distinctive, along with his layered hair nearly performing as a crown.

His Stand displays his profession and outlook on folks. Heaven’s Door lets him learn folks, and even alter their ‘story’ by writing or enhancing issues.

In the suitable palms, Heaven’s Door can be one of many strongest, had been it not owned by somebody who simply needs to attract.

7. Yoshikage Kira

Yoshikage Kira JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Half 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Kira is torn between his two instincts: to have a peaceable, lonesome life, and to homicide and salvage human palms.

Naturally, they’re opposing sides threatening to break down into each other.

When he by accident raises his infamy, he attracts Josuke and his associates. He makes use of his Stand, Killer Queen, to place an finish to anyone who will get in the best way of that peaceable life. It might probably explode something it touches, amongst different issues.

6. Dio Brando (DIO) (Diego Brando)

Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 1: Phantom Blood

The most effective antagonists of all time. Witty, utterly boastful, and unwilling to be perceived as something lower than a God.

I really like all of his designs, and he steals the present with every look.

Dio Brando is a commoner of grandiose ambition, adopted into the Joestar household the place he plots to usurp his new brother Jonathan.

Nevertheless, he turns into a vampire after encountering the Stone Masks.

DIO is a 100-year-old immortal vampire eager to overcome the world and rule supreme, wielding his highly effective Stand, The World, which allows him to cease time for as much as 9 seconds (which may lower / enhance primarily based on coaching).

Diego Brando is a egocentric genius jockey with guardian points eager to compete and win the Metal Ball Run race.

He quickly enters an intense, violent rivalry with Gyro and Johnny. He achieves dominance of the Stand Scary Monsters, permitting him to remodel himself – and different organic entities – into dinosaurs, enhancing his already superior senses.

5. Humorous Valentine

Funny Valentine JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 7: Metal Ball Run

The primary antagonist of half 7, and the twenty third President of the US.

He observes the occasions of the Metal Ball Run race from the sidelines, hoping to creep ever nearer to his ulterior purpose.

His Stand, Soiled Deeds Completed Grime Low-cost (D4C) permit him to adventure throughout the multiverse, bringing alternate variations of himself and others into his unique timeline.

As such, his energy is near-immeasurable in its potential – particularly when it evolves to achieve the power, Love Practice.

4. Johnny Joestar

Johnny Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Half 7: Metal Ball Run

Johnny Joestar misplaced using his legs when he was shot within the backbone on the top of his jockey profession.

His life subsequently went downhill after he triggered the loss of life of his pricey brother, finally succumbing to a deep and intense melancholy.

When he meets Gyro Zeppeli earlier than the start of the Metal Ball Run, he sees hope for the primary time and decides to comply with the person into the race to beat himself and enhance his resolve. I really like his willpower and depth, so he shortly turned a favourite for me.

His Stand manifests later, so he primarily revolves on the enigmatic energy of the Spin taught to him by Gyro. Nevertheless, his Stand known as Tusk.

It might probably spin his fingernails into bullets and evolve into three completely different kinds.

3. Gyro Zeppeli

Gyro Zeppeli JoJo's Bizarre Adventure screenshot

From Half 7: Metal Ball Run

The Zeppeli household are masters of the Spin – a mysterious means reliant on rotation and the Golden Ratio – and Gyro is its youngest member.

The Zeppelis are executioners of the Kingdom of Naples, and he enters the Metal Ball Run to pardon a baby he was unable to kill.

Gyro is among the most fleshed out, endearing characters within the franchise.

His design – the hat, the goggles, the grills! – function wholly distinctive parts to him, making him stand out in an already vibrant solid. He’s an honorable warrior and serves as a instructor for Johnny Joestar.

His Stand is determined by him executing an extremely uncommon Golden Spin. Ball Breaker can adventure dimensional obstacles and quickly speed up growing older.

2. Bruno Bucciarati

Bruno Bucciarati from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Half 5: Golden Wind

Bruno is a Mafioso of Passione, working instantly underneath Polpo as a pacesetter of his personal group.

He’s despatched out to seek out the killer of Leaky-Eye Luca, and shortly discovers and befriends the aspiring Giorno Giovanna. He’s tasked with defending Trish, the daughter of the boss, although him and Giorno have ulterior motives.

His calm, motherly demeanor, and affected person but intense angle, makes him stand out. Fabulous in his design, with varied zips adorning his beautiful go well with, Bruno steals the present to develop into the true Finest Lady.

His stand, Sticky Fingers, permits him to open zips in any floor to then enter or emerge from. This makes him a flexible, acrobatic, and unpredictable opponent.

1. Gappy (Josuke Higashikata)

Gappy JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime screenshot

From Half 8: JoJolion

Gappy (as followers name him primarily based on his diastema) is my favourite JoJo’s character to date. He begins the story with retrograde amnesia – actually a clean slate – and goals to rekindle his true self.

However alongside the best way he develops a brand new identification and sense of self, growing new associates, and even coming into a brand new household, making him wonder if he ought to.

He has 4 split-irises, 4 testicles, and a tongue made from two distinct shades and textures.

His good sailor uniform design finally ends up changing into an enormous defining a part of his character, and the best way he doesn’t correctly match within the city of Morioh.

Nonetheless, he’s maybe probably the most sympathetic JoJo but.

He feels human, weak and frail at instances but by no means missing in that hallmark Joestar resolve.

His Stand is Smooth & Moist; it may possibly steal properties (eyesight of the eyes, mild from a bulb) and redirect or extinguish them by way of small cleaning soap bubbles that pop to seize the focused side.

The Finest Feminine Characters in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

10 Jojo Waifu Characters

Although there are actually girls within the JoJo’s universe which are essential and individualistic. Whether or not they be an antagonistic feminine character to Stone Ocean’s JoJo, Jolyne Cujoh, or fulfill a special function, every half has its feminine characters which are price mentioning, even when they could play a small half within the grand scheme of issues. An enormous chunk of the women I’m about to say are girls of shade, too!  

Contemplating solely a portion of half 6: Stone Ocean anime has come out, I gained’t be mentioning any girls that seem previous the Flash Flood Warning story arc. 

Lisa Lisa (Half 2: Battle Tendency)

Lisa Lisa standing near the water in Battle Tendency
(Warner Bros. Dwelling Leisure and Viz Media)

For a lady within the ‘30s, Lisa Lisa had such company that it makes you neglect she was current in that point interval. She held her personal round males and was revered by them (for probably the most half). She additionally occurs to be the mom of Joseph, half 2’s JoJo. In case you’re a fan of the collection, you already know the essential function she performs in him realizing his full potential as a Hamon person. And her total persona completely falls into the unhealthy bitch class, okay! She’s actually the principle girl you concentrate on the place half 2 is anxious. 

Anne (Half 3: Stardust Crusaders)

Anne from part 3:Stardust Crusaders staring at something
(Warner Bros. Dwelling Leisure and Viz Media)

Possibly a smart-mouthed child isn’t your favourite kind of character. Regardless, Anne is a type of children that’s entertaining. She doesn’t serve an enormous goal to Jotaro (half 3’s JoJo), his grandfather Joseph, or the remainder of the group. She’s only a character that you just want would stick round for comedic functions. No, she’s not tremendous layered as a personality, however Anne’s one of many higher feminine characters partially 3. Due to this fact she simply needed to make the listing!

Reimi Sugimoto (Half 4:  Diamond is Unbreakable)

Reimi touching her ghostdog Arnold in part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable
(Warner Bros. Dwelling Leisure and Viz Media)

Candy-looking girls who don’t take anybody’s shit make for some glorious characters. They flip your expectations proper on their head. Reimi could be very a lot that kind of character, and she or he’s an essential one all through Diamond is Unbreakable. She lingered round as a spirit alongside her canine (who can be a spirit), relatively than transitioning to the opposite facet, with a purpose to assist save others from dying by Kira’s palms, which is a large a part of why she makes this listing within the first place!

Tomoko Higashikata (Half 4: Diamond is Unbreakable)

Tomoko with her family in part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable
(Warner Bros. Dwelling Leisure and Viz Media)

Mothers aren’t all the time characters we go onerous for in reveals. However who wouldn’t go onerous for Tomoko? She had an affair with Joseph earlier than the occasions of Stardust Crusaders, however that led to her getting pregnant with Josuke. Whereas she is probably not a personality that has a number of screentime, you actually bear in mind her—particularly since, throughout her introduction, she kicks some creep’s ass. Finally she does her greatest to lift her son, take care of the grief of her father’s loss of life, and grapple together with her lingering love for Joseph. She’s imperfect and really actual, which contributes to the slice of life nature of half 4. 

Honorable mentions for Half 4: 

  • Yukako Yamagishi
  • Shinobu Kawajiri

Trish Una (Half 5: Golden Wind)

Trish and her stand in part 5: Golden Wind
(Warner Bros. Dwelling Leisure and Viz Media)

Having a guardian (who’s extremely advanced because of having dissociative identification dysfunction) who’s head of the mafia that desires to kill you is actually one thing else. To say Trish went by it throughout the occasions of Golden Wind is placing it frivolously. She endured fairly a little bit of violence, trauma, and main developments (akin to realizing she has a stand means) in a brief period of time, I’d add. And nonetheless maintained who she was all through all of it. The realizations about her parentage didn’t destroy her. Plus, she is aware of what she needs. What number of teenage characters are you able to say that about?  Ultimately, Trish is the one likable feminine character in Golden Wind, so there was no selection however to incorporate her. 

Jolyne Cujoh (Half 6: Stone Ocean)

Jolyne and her stand in part 6: Stone Ocean

It’s fairly impactful to the JoJo’s universe that Jolyne is the one feminine JoJo as of proper now. She serves as an attention-grabbing pivot in focus, and fairly frankly, half 6: Stone Ocean is when every little thing modifications. Instantly, her persona is recognizable, as a result of she’s a lot like her dad, Jotaro. She’s additionally simply as brave as the remainder of her lineage. Whereas the discharge of Stone Ocean anime sensible has been a multitude, it’s secure to say that Jolyne’s not a forgettable feminine character. Virtually every little thing she does has a goal, even her most flawed or imperfect of actions, and you may’t assist however love her as a important protagonist. She pulls on the strings (that is completely a very good joke that includes her stand) of many hearts. 

Ermes Costello (Half 6: Stone Ocean)

Ermes and her stand in part 6: Stone Ocean

It’s not every single day you’ll be able to speak about a feminine character who cleverly hides cash of their breast implants. Ermes is quirky, outspoken, and has 0 qualms about letting you recognize what she doesn’t like. She has an entire episode virtually devoted to her coping with her buying  a stand means, and by the top of the episode, she will get the dangle of it. Her character is simply an total badass that has a softness to her. The anime hasn’t totally dipped into her character, however from what I’ve seen (together with spoilers), she continues to be nice. 

Honorable point out for Half 6: 

  • Gwess

Prime 30 Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Characters 

10 Mostt Powerful Stands Of Jojo Characters

On this article, I’ll present you my private prime 30 Jojo characters within the collection. There are a number of notable characters within the anime and the manga, however I solely listed 30 to get the best ones on the roster. However do notice that some followers would possibly want to arrange for a little bit of salt, since all of us have completely different opinions with regards to the characters that we love within the collection. 

Additionally, some spoilers are talked about within the collection – you may have been warned! So, with out additional ado, listed below are the highest 30 characters in Jojo’s Weird Journey:

30. Jonathan Joestar (Phantom Blood)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Jonathan Joestar is the principle protagonist of Jojo’s Weird Journey: Phantom Blood. He’s the primary Jojo of the collection. The son of George Joestar I, Jonathan is an trustworthy, variety, and constructive man whose life is fraught with tragedy after assembly his adopted older brother, Dio Brando. As an toddler, Jonathan was concerned in a carriage accident, ensuing within the loss of life of his mom, Mary Joestar. 

That very same accident not directly introduced Dio Brando into his life as a result of his father, George Joestar I, assumed Dio’s thieving father saved his life and vowed to repay that debt. He met his soon-to-be spouse Erina Pendleton after he observed that she was being bullied by different children and went to her rescue although he lacked the power to battle. Although after the looks of Dio, Jojo’s life went right into a spiral of isolation and despair. 

At age 20, he misplaced every little thing when Dio gained the stone masks that turns him right into a vampire, killed his father, and burned their home to the bottom. With the assistance of Erina, his Ripple grasp Will A. Zeppeli, and his buddy Robert E.O. Speedwagon, he was profitable in beating Dio and his vampiric disciples. 

Although he would quickly die on the finish of Phantom Blood throughout the couple’s adventure to America when Dio’s remaining disciple Wang Chan introduced Dio’s severed head to the ship. Solely Erina survived carrying their unborn youngster and the newborn she rescued throughout the fireplace.

29. Muhammad Avdol (Stardust Crusaders)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

The Egyptian buddy of Joseph Joestar joins the group on their adventure to defeat Dio, offering data and steering about enemy Stand Customers and native cultures alongside the best way. He wields the Stand Magician’s Pink. Avdol is a superb fighter who manages to outlive their adventure to Egypt from Japan. 

Although he would meet his premature demise when he sacrifices himself to avoid wasting Polnareff and Iggy from Vanilla Ice. His loss of life was so fast that even Polnareff and Iggy had been shocked. After Ice’s defeat, Avdol, together with Iggy, who additionally died after sustaining grievous accidents from Ice, had been seen as souls transcending into heaven. 

28. Koichi Hirose (Diamond is Unbreakable)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Koichi is a timid high-school first-year who befriends Josuke Higashikata after which finds himself entangled on the planet of Stand customers. Although small in stature and doesn’t Stand out an excessive amount of, he has an enormous coronary heart as he was prepared to assist his associates battle in opposition to an unknown assassin within the city of Morioh. He wields the Stand Echoes that tackle 3 kinds referred to as ACTs. He’s final seen within the collection initially of Vento Aureo whereby his baggage was stolen by Giorno Giovanna.

27. Okuyasu Nijimura (Diamond is Unbreakable)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

First launched as an enemy Stand person, Okuyasu would be part of Josuke and Koichi in stopping the unknown murders taking place within the city of Morioh. He would assist his brother in hitting folks with the arrow to bestow them with Stands if their our bodies can deal with it as a result of they’re looking for an individual that may achieve a Stand with the power to repair their father. 

He would ally himself with Josuke to get revenge on the Stand person who wields Pink Scorching Chili Peppers that killed his brother. He wields the Stand referred to as The Hand.

26. Rohan Kishibe (Diamond is Unbreakable)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Knowledgeable mangaka that wields the Stand Heaven’s Door and makes use of it to show folks into books and reads them for inspiration. Though initially launched as an antagonist, he would later assist Josuke within the seek for the killer within the city of Morioh. 

He would later develop into the protagonist on the spinoffs to the principle Jojo story, together with the collection Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan; Rohan on the Louvre, and Rohan Kishibe Go to Gucci.

25. Narancia Ghirga (Vento Aureo)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

He’s a member of Workforce Bucciarati and, by extension, Passione. Narancia follows Giorno and Bucciarati of their mission to guard Trish Una because of sharing the same tragedy as her. He’s most recognized as a result of Torture Dance. 

He would make it to the battle in opposition to Diavolo however dies throughout the switching of our bodies of each particular person close to the coliseum as a result of energy of the Chariot Requiem. He was killed throughout the confusion due to the radar skills of his Stand “Aerosmith”. 

24. Guido Mista (Vento Aureo)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Mista is a member of Passione and by extension Bucciarati’s group, who follows Giorno and Bucciarati of their mission to bodyguard Trish Una. He’s a gunslinger and Stands Person who shoots down his opponents with the assistance of his Intercourse Pistols. Mista’s Stand Intercourse Pistols permits him to redirect bullets shot from his revolver. He alongside Trish, Polnareff, and Giorno would survive within the battle in opposition to Diavolo. 

On the finish of Vento Aureo, Mista is proven working for Giorno, The brand new Boss of Passione who wished to assist folks the identical approach that the mysterious gang member helped him when he was a baby. He sees changing into the boss of Passione and stopping the unfold of medicine as one of the simplest ways to make that dream actuality. Mista shared this ideally suited alongside Bucciarati and the remainder of the group, which turned their driving power in overthrowing the unique Boss of Passione. 

23. Lisa Lisa (Battle Tendency)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Elizabeth Joestar is the spouse of George Joestar II and the mom of Joseph Joestar. A strong Ripple grasp, she acts as a mentor to each Joseph and Caesar Zeppeli. Adopted by Straizo and taught the best way to use Ripple, she would kill her husband’s killer, A serious squad chief within the Royal Air Drive. To keep away from retaliation upon being seen by one other officer throughout the homicide, she together with the assistance of the Speedwagon basis faked her loss of life and she or he leads to Venice. 

She survived the battle in opposition to the Pillar Males and would consider that she misplaced her son within the battle in opposition to Kars. She would reveal throughout Joseph’s “funeral” that she was his mom, although was shocked by Joseph lastly showing alive and properly after the battle with Kars. Though young-looking, she is 50 years previous throughout Battle Tendency and would remarry a Hollywood screenwriter in 1948 when she is 60.

22. Josuke Higashikata (Jojolion)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Josuke is a younger man stricken with retrograde amnesia, missing any recollections earlier than being found by Yasuho Hirose close to the Wall Eyes in Morioh City. He dedicates himself to discovering his former identification and people initially related to him. Josuke’s unique identification was that of Josefumi Kujo and have become his present self after fusing with the person Yoshikage Kira. 

Josuke is a Stand Person and retains his unique identification’s Smooth & Moist. Josuke has a diastema between his higher incisors and like all Jojo’s within the collection, bears a star-shaped birthmark on his left shoulder. He has two units of irises, 4 testicles, and two tongues, all joined as one, differing in texture and shade.

21. Vanilla Ice (Stardust Crusaders)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Vanilla Ice is the final Vampire created by DIO and one of many penultimate Stand Customers the Joestar Group faces upon infiltrating DIO’s Mansion. After the group is cut up up, he’s despatched to take out the group consisting of Avdol, Polnareff, and Iggy. Vanilla Ice is a Stand Person controlling his void-based Stand means, Cream, to battle. 

Though he’s proven close to the conclusion of the collection, He left an impression on followers and an enormous one at that as a result of he killed Avdol in however a single second, killed Iggy, and closely injuring Polnareff.

20. Pet Store (Stardust Crusaders)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

This vicious falcon is a member of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods, the guardian of DIO’s Mansion, and is a Stand person wielding the ice Stand, Horus. When Iggy inadvertently stumbles upon DIO’s Mansion, Pet Store assaults him. This falcon is so vicious that when he was launched, he ate two canine and nearly killed a child if Iggy didn’t intervene. 

He’s relentless as he’s ruthless as when proven that he even assaults Iggy whereas underwater. Pet store met his finish when Iggy bites his beak and crushes it when he makes an attempt to shoot ice from shut vary.  

19. Iggy (Stardust Crusaders)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Iggy is a Boston Terrier from the streets of New York. He begrudgingly aids the protagonists on their ultimate expedition to Cairo, Egypt to defeat DIO. Iggy is a Stand person who wields The Idiot. He’s an delinquent canine with a nasty persona. He enjoys chewing on human hair and farting in human faces. His favourite deal with is coffee-flavored chewing gum. 

He reveals excessive intelligence for a canine particularly throughout the battle with Pet store and N’Doul. His adventure would finish in Dio’s mansion as each he and Avdol can be killed by Vanilla Ice and his Stand Cream. After Ice’s defeat, Iggy’s soul, together with Avdol’s, are seen transcending into heaven.

18. Risotto Nero (Vento Aureo)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Risotto Nero is the chief of La Squadra Esecuzioni and sends his squad-mates to battle Workforce Bucciarati; all to kidnap the Boss’ daughter, Trish Una, as a part of their plans to find her father’s true identification. In any case of his squad-mates fall in the midst of their mission, Risotto pursues Workforce Bucciarati himself to the island of Sardinia. 

Nevertheless, there he turns into wound up in a confrontation with Vinegar Doppio on a seaside in Costa Smeralda. Risotto is a Stand Person and makes use of the harmful magnetic skills of Metallica current inside his blood to control the metals in his environment. Upon studying that Doppio is a Stand person primarily based on his response to the sound of Aerosmith, he assaults him, solely to be killed by Narancia’s Aerosmith after utilizing King Crimson.

17. Jolyne Cujoh (Stone Ocean)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Jolyne is the one feminine “Jojo” thus far and the daughter of Jotaro Kujo. Initially an odd lady, Jolyne shortly awakens her string-based Stand, Stone Free, throughout her time in jail.‎ Because of what seems to be to be an accident, She was despatched to Inexperienced Dolphin Avenue Jail not figuring out the occasions that may fall upon her. Jotaro provides her an amulet which had shards of the Stand creating an arrow. 

In the course of the occasions of Stone Ocean, the readers would study that the “accident” was orchestrated by the Prisons’ very personal priest, Enrico Pucci. After the awakening of her Stand, she alongside together with her associates in jail fights to outlive in Jail they name an Ocean of stone. 

16. Jean Pierre Polnareff (Stardust Crusaders)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

The Frenchman Polnareff travels with Jotaro and Joseph to avenge his sister, who was murdered by a person with two proper palms. He, like Kakyoin, was launched as an enemy Stand person as a result of they had been underneath the affect of Dio’s vampiric flesh buds. 

After the preliminary conflict, he finally ends up becoming a member of the group though most of his adventures had been on the comedic facet. His Stand known as Silver Chariot, one of many quickest Stands in Stardust crusaders, wielding a rapier. He avenges the loss of life of his associates Avdol and Iggy by the hands of Vanilla Ice. He tearfully mourns as he sees each their souls going to heaven after the battle. He additionally survives the battle in opposition to Dio and can be serving to Jotaro and the Speedwagon basis sooner or later.

Earlier than Vento Aureo he went to Italy to seek out the Stand creating arrows and begins his investigation the place he attracts the eye of Diavolo. He tried to assassinate Diavolo however finally failed and sustained vital accidents. He would show pivotal in Giorno’s battle in opposition to Diavolo due to his data of the enemy and the consequences of the arrow on a Stand. On the finish of Vento Aureo, his soul continues to be in Coco Jumbo the turtle as a result of his unique physique died and is with Giorno and Passione.

15. Noriaki Kakyoin (Stardust Crusaders)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Kakyoin is a Japanese scholar who was brainwashed by DIO throughout an earlier adventure to Egypt and is distributed to kill Jotaro Kujo. After being free of DIO’s affect, he decides to affix Jotaro on his quest to Egypt to avoid wasting Jotaro’s mom, Holy Kujo, and discover redemption. He wields the long-ranged Stand Hierophant Inexperienced with the power Emerald Splash. 

He’s proven to be extraordinarily sensible in his fights. He left an impression on followers because of his fast pondering throughout the battle with Dio. He finally met his finish by the hands of Dio and his Stand “The World”. Earlier than dying, he would relay The World’s means to cease time to Joseph by utilizing his emerald splash one final time on the large clock. 

14. Bruno Bucciarati (Vento Aureo)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

He’s a mobster and the chief of his squad inside the highly effective Neapolitan gang, Passione. Despatched out to trace whoever attacked Leaky-Eye Luca and debuting as Giorno Giovanna’s opponent, Bucciarati turns into the primary to lend significant help to Giorno in his ascension in Passione’s ranks. Bucciarati can be a Stand Person who wields Sticky Fingers in battle. 

He finally ends up recruiting Giorno to his group due to their shared view of stopping the drug commerce in Italy. He was initially killed by Diavolo throughout the supposed “return” of Trish Una however continued within the collection as an undead with the assistance of Giorno’s Stand Golden Expertise. He would lastly move on to the afterlife throughout the battle with Diavolo within the Coliseum and can be instrumental in returning all people to their our bodies and getting the arrow to Giorno.    

13. Josuke Higashikata (Diamond is Unbreakable)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Josuke is the Fundamental protagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable. He’s a highschool first-year residing within the city of Morioh. He quickly meets Jotaro Kujo, who informs him that he’s Joseph Joestar’s illegitimate son. After his grandfather dies, Josuke takes it upon himself to guard his beloved city from malevolent Stand customers. 

Josuke wields Loopy Diamond, a strong Stand with the facility to restore nearly something. His story finally earns him associates, met his father and saved the city from the killer Yoshikage Kira. Because of an incident when he was younger, he was helped by a highschool scholar sporting a pompadour coiffure and can be sporting one himself as he acquired older. He hates it when folks speak badly about his coiffure.

12. Yoshikage Kira (Diamond is Unbreakable)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Yoshikage Kira is the principle antagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable. Unnoticed in Morioh for years and undisturbed all his life, Yoshikage Kira is an irregular and paraphilic serial killer whose routine is shaken when the ghost of his first sufferer, Reimi Sugimoto, begs the Joestar Group to search for him and he attracts undesirable consideration by killing Shigekiyo Yangu. 

Kira is a Stand Person and wields the highly effective Killer Queen to create lethal bombs. He’s an excessive Hand fetishist whereby he would hold a hand of a sufferer that he finds lovely and would solely get rid of it if it begins to decompose and he would discover one other sufferer.

11. Diavolo (Vento Aureo)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Diavolo is the principle antagonist of Vento Aureo. He’s the boss of Passione and the daddy of Trish Una. He instructions Workforce Bucciarati to convey her to him while maintaining her secure from the traitorous Squadra Esecuzioni. It’s finally revealed that he tasked group Bucciarati to convey Trish to him in order that he can get rid of his daughter to maintain his secrecy. 

Diavolo is secretly the alternate persona of Vinegar Doppio and is a Stand Person who wields King Crimson in battle.‎ Diavolo’s Stand is King Crimson, an especially highly effective Stand with super bodily power and the power to erase time as much as a ten seconds timeframe in addition to predict something that occurs over the next 10 seconds. 

Though it has some limitations, King Crimson renders him basically invincible in a battle as he can both foresee and counter the enemy’s actions or render them meaningless by erasing the timeframe wherein they occur. He’s killed by Giorno (or extra like he’s caught in an infinite loop of loss of life) after his Stand awakens a brand new energy, calling it Gold Expertise Requiem.

10. Caesar Zeppeli (Battle Tendency) 

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Caesar is an Italian Ripple person and disciple of Lisa Lisa. He’s the grаndson of Will Anthonio Zeppeli and battles the Pillar Males alongside his allies and academics to honor his heritage as a Zeppeli. Caesar initially hated Joseph Joestar, discovering him uncivilized however throughout the adventure would earn one another’s respect of their tenacity in studying the ripple means from Lisa Lisa to defeat the Pillar Males. 

Caesar Zeppeli was a hot-blooded however centered man, devoted to the battle in opposition to the Pillar Males. Ultimately, his hot-bloodedness acquired him killed. He went forward of the others throughout the pursuit of Kars and he was ambushed by Wamuu. Although he nearly gained, throughout the battle he made a small mistake and was dealt a loss of life blow by the Holy Sandstorm. 

Earlier than bleeding out he manages to get Wamuu’s lip piercing which contained the antidote for Joseph’s remaining Wedding ceremony ring. Earlier than dying, he used his ripple means to make a bubble out of his blood containing the Lip piercing alongside along with his headband for Joseph to take earlier than being crushed by a cross-shaped rock.

9. Joseph Joestar (Battle Tendency)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Joseph Joestar is the principle protagonist of Battle Tendency, the story that focuses on the origins of the stone masks that ruined the Joestar household in Phantom Blood by way of Dio. Though he resembles his grandfather Jonathan Joestar, his angle is completely completely different. Whereas Jonathan is extra gentlemanly and faces trials head-on, Joseph acts extra like a idiot to carry out methods and catch his enemies off guard. 

He additionally tends to foretell what his enemy will say to him throughout a battle. I can solely clarify that after Kars turned the final word being, Joseph solely gained as a result of sheer luck of occasions that led to Kars being launched into area the place he’ll stay frozen however aware for all the time. He was recognized to battle with out pondering an excessive amount of and simply to behave in the intervening time. He would additionally lose his arm within the battle with Kars. He would later crash his funeral and shock everybody that he married Suzie Q, Lisa’s maid.

In Stardust Crusaders he was pivotal in monitoring down Dio to cease him and save his daughter Holy Kujo from her Stand. Though very a lot older, he additionally beneficial properties a Stand named Hermit Purple. He’s nonetheless referred to as a trickster as when he pranked the Speedwagon workers and Jotaro that he turned a vampire on the finish of Stardust Crusader although everybody was scared that he died.

In Diamond is Unbreakable, Joseph is far older and in addition had a son with a university scholar named Tomoko Higashikata when he was 62. Although he would solely study in regards to the youngster when Josuke is 16. He would arrive in Morioh to satisfy Josuke and assist him. Ultimately, he adopts a child discovered on the roadside and is a Stand person with the power to show invisible named Achtung Child.

8. Kars (Battle Tendency)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Kars is the chief of the Pillar Males and the designer of the Stone Masks. His purpose is to evolve additional to develop into proof against the solar’s rays, and thus he seeks the Pink Stone of Aja to empower his Masks, battling the Ripple customers for its possession. He’s ranked 1st out of all of the Pillar Males. Not like Wamuu who fought and revered warriors who battle him, Kars is proven to don’t have any honor even dishonest on the battle in opposition to Lisa Lisa although he has the benefit of being a Pillar Man. He’s defeated by Joseph Joestar on the finish of Battle Tendency to stay space-conscious however frozen.

7. Dio Brando (Stardust Crusaders)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Essentially the most well-known villain of the collection, Dio has terrorized the Joestar bloodline since Phantom Blood to Stardust Crusaders. Although he died, Enrico Pucci was decided to realize Dio’s model of heaven. Beginning as a child who was adopted by the Joestar household, he tormented Jonathan Joestar’s life by killing his canine, getting different children to bully him, and even stole Erina’s first kiss (the lady whom Jonathan likes). 

He would additionally develop into a vampire as a result of stone masks, killing George Joestar, and burning their residence. On the finish of Phantom Blood, He was profitable in killing Jonathan even taking his physique although he can be buried underneath the ocean for years till…

In Stardust Crusaders, a bunch of fishermen by accident launched him from his watery grave. After his launch, he would find yourself getting a Japanese girl pregnant (Giorno), discover Enya the Hag (who gave him the Stand with the arrow), and meet Enrico Pucci. He’s defeated by Jotaro in Egypt and his stays can be disintegrated by the rising solar within the Sahara desert. His Stand is The World which may cease time for 9 seconds. 

6. Humorous Valentine (Metal Ball Run)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

He’s the Fundamental antagonist of Metal Ball Run. Humorous Valentine is the twenty third President of the US and the true mastermind behind the Metal Ball Run race. He watches the competitors from behind the curtains and hopes to assemble the Saint’s Corpse to make use of the holy relic to additional the US of America’s pursuits. Valentine is a Stand Person, wielding his Soiled Deeds Completed Grime Low-cost and its dimensional skills to adventure throughout parallel universes. 

5. Gyro Zeppeli (Metal Ball Run)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Gyro is a grasp of the Spin hailing from the Kingdom of Naples. He joins the Metal Ball Run race to win amnesty for a kid he’s assigned to execute. His mastery of the Spin later permits him entry to Ball Breaker. He’s befriended by the paraplegic Johnny Joestar earlier than the race begins. He would later educate Johnny the spin giving him entry to his Stand Tusk. 

His Stand, Ball Breaker, proved to be highly effective sufficient to injure Humorous Valentine although not sufficient to kill him as he died from his accidents sustained within the battle. Earlier than dying, Gyro provides his final lesson to Johnny permitting Tusk to succeed in ACT 4 that allowed him to beat Valentine. His spirit then seems and says farewell to his buddy and ascends to heaven. 

4. Johnny Joestar (Metal Ball Run)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

A former horse-racing prodigy turned paraplegic, Johnny joins the SBR race to seek out out the key behind Gyro Zeppeli’s Metal Balls as they’re the one factor able to therapeutic his legs. All through the race, Johnny turns into each a Spin Person and a Stand Person when he acquires Tusk. 

Though he didn’t get to complete the race, he stopped Humorous Valentine from utilizing the Saint’s Corpse, a holy relic to additional the US of America’s pursuits. He would meet his spouse on a ship to Naples when he was to honor his buddy by delivering his corpse to his household. 

3. Jotaro Kujo (Stardust Crusaders)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Initially, I apologize for not inserting Jotaro on the highest listing. However, prime 1 and a couple of have overpowered Stands which are approach stronger, and cooler, than Jotaro’s. Jotaro Kujo is the principle protagonist of Stardust Crusaders and is the preferred character ever since his debut. Jotaro’s story began when went on a adventure to Egypt along with his grandfather to avoid wasting his mom Holy Kujo. 

Proven to be a delinquent and really delinquent. 

He beneficial properties the Stand Star, Platinum which is a super-strong, quick, and exact close-range Stand. Throughout his adventure, he would develop extra keen on his allies and would even mourn those that died. That is extra evident in Diamond is Unbreakable as he nonetheless carries round and appears on the picture of his group. He’s profitable in lastly killing DIO on the finish of Stardust Crusaders. Jotaro would then end his research and earn a Ph.D. in Marine Biology, marry an Italian-American girl and have a daughter named Jolyne.

He would later seem in Diamond is Unbreakable as a Marine Biologist in search of an uncle he by no means knew he had (Josuke). He can be instrumental in defeating Yoshikage Kira, The killer within the city of Morioh. He was additionally the one who despatched Koichi to seek for Haruno Shiobana (later modified his identify to Giorno Giovanna) in Vento Aureo.

He’s final seen in Stone Ocean the place he was the goal of Enrico Pucci who imprisoned his daughter to lure him out. It seems that Pucci’s Stand means may pull out his reminiscence disc that contained Dio’s Journal in creating his model of heaven. He and most of Jolyne’s allies had been killed by Enrico along with his developed Stand, Made in Heaven. He and DIO Brando are probably the most well-known character of the JoJo franchise.

2. Enrico Pucci (Stone Ocean)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

A loyal follower and buddy of DIO, he implements a plan lengthy formulated by DIO to “obtain heaven”. Pucci is a Stand Person and manipulates the thoughts and soul by his Stand, Whitesnake. He’s the principle antagonist of Stone Ocean and the mastermind behind Jolyne’s Imprisonment. 

When his Stand evolves into Made in Heaven, he killed many of the characters apart from Emporio. He’s killed by Emporio by Oxygen Poisoning. His Stand made in Heaven is so highly effective that he can speed up time and even Reset the universe. 

1. Giorno Giovanna (Vento Aureo)

Top 30 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (RANKED)

Giorno is the illegitimate son of DIO, conceived with Jonathan Joestar’s stolen physique. He’s launched as Haruno Shiobana. He speaks of his intention to affix the highly effective gang Passione and his dream of changing into a “Gang-Star”. Giorno is a natural-born Stand Person wielding the life-giving Gold Expertise in battle. He joins Bucciarati’s group in Passione to cease the drug commerce. 

His Stand is the Gold Expertise Requiem. It’s by far the strongest Stand in collection, with its overpowered means to return to “zero”, like nothing. The Stand can be proven to have a consciousness of its personal and acts as a passive Stand, which signifies that it may possibly activate its skills even with out Giorno’s data. This in flip would imply that he’s past invincible and isn’t affected by any assaults as a result of his Stand returns every little thing to zero. On the finish of the collection, he’s now the boss of Passione and is performing to cease the drug commerce of the group that he acquired into.

Prime 15 Strongest Jojo Characters – Fans Rating

120 Strongest Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Characters Part 1-8

In that regard, your entire Joestar household itself consists of robust characters in each the bodily and mystical sense. However there are additionally different highly effective characters all through your entire JoJo storyline.

From the start, JoJo’s Weird Journey was by no means brief on comedy, flamboyance, and motion as a result of it is stuffed with a number of the most original characters. After all, some JoJo’s Bizzare adventure characters are additionally fairly highly effective. That stated, let’s have a look at the strongest characters in your entire JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure storyline.

15. Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar is the second JoJo in your entire storyline and is the star of the Battle Tendency arc. Throughout his youthful years, he was a brash troublemaker that mastered Hamon, which is basically life vitality that’s channeled by the particular person’s assaults. Joseph’s grasp of Hamon allowed him to defeat extremely highly effective beings just like the Pillar Males, who’re a number of the strongest characters in your entire JoJo storyline.

Even after Hamon turned out of date, Joseph was in a position to develop a Stand referred to as Hermit Purple. His Stand isn’t efficient in battle, however he’s able to channeling his Hamon by it and utilizing it for strategic functions. However whereas he is a superb fighter and was simply in a position to overpower highly effective foes by his bodily capabilities throughout his youthful years, it was finally Joseph’s unimaginable wit and intelligence that allowed him to develop into one of many strongest characters in JoJo’s Weird Journey.

14. Risotto Nero

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Risotto Nero is the chief of an assassination group referred to as La Squadra Esecuzioni, as he’s an individual who’s prepared to do something to see his objectives succeed. That’s why he’s prepared to tackle any type of job as an murderer, and he additionally seems to be the a part of a real murderer due to his creepy look. After all, the villain’s energy and look are accompanied by his Stand referred to as Metallica, which was in a position to give him unimaginable powers.

Metallica is able to manipulating iron utilizing magnetism. The Stand itself isn’t completely highly effective, however the truth that Risotto has unimaginable skills as an murderer allowed him to learn to use his Stand in the best means attainable. That’s why he belongs on this listing, although Metallica isn’t as highly effective as the opposite Stands in JoJo.

13. Johnny Joestar

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Jonathan Joestar, who can be referred to as Johnny, is the seventh JoJo in your entire collection and is definitely the alternate model of the unique JoJo named Jonathan. He’s the protagonist of the Metal Ball Run storyline, which takes place in an alternate universe. Johnny was once a racing prodigy however ended up changing into a paraplegic. Nonetheless, he joined the Metal Ball Run when he realized that he may use the metal balls to heal his legs.

What makes Johnny so highly effective is the truth that he has a Stand referred to as Tusk, which permits him to shoot spinning nails which are basically bullets. The nails are able to a lot power that they will open the D4C Love Practice’s dimensional wall. And there are even moments when the vitality from the spinning nails is so nice that point itself is stopped.

12. Yoshikage Kira

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Yoshikage Kira was the villain of the Diamon Is Unbreakable arc of JoJo, as he’s the enemy that Josuke wanted to confront. He’s a serial killer that lurks within the shadows to focus on girls and steal their palms. And whereas he isn’t probably the most highly effective opponent in a straight-up battle, his true energy lies in the truth that he is aware of the best way to use the factor of shock to his benefit. 

Kira’s Stand, which known as Killer Bee, permits him to show something into a strong bomb the second he touches them, and which means he may additionally flip dwelling folks into weapons. He typically makes use of his Stand for laying traps, and this permits him to catch his opponents without warning. Nonetheless, Killer Bee may additionally carry out close-range assaults that may be fairly stunning as properly.

11. Vanilla Ice 

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Vanilla Ice was a relatively minor opponent that solely appeared throughout the ultimate a part of Stardust Crusaders. Nevertheless, he proved to be DIO’s strongest servant as this vampire was in a position to showcase one of many strongest Stands in your entire JoJo storyline. And it was by this Stand that he was in a position to defeat Muhammad Avdol, who was immediately killed the second Vanilla Ice used his Stand in opposition to him.

Known as Cream, Vanilla Ice’s Stand allowed him to enter alternate dimensions and assault out of nowhere. This makes this Stand so unpredictable as it may possibly merely seem out of nowhere and teleport anybody to a special dimension. That was what killed Avdol, because the character was dragged into an alternate dimension and was immediately vaporized, with solely his palms left in the true world.

10. Josuke Higashikata

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Josuke Higashikata is the fourth JoJo and is the star of Diamond Is Unbreakable. He’s additionally the illegitimate son of Joseph, which makes him the youthful uncle of Jotaro. Nevertheless, he’s a bit completely different in comparison with each Joseph and Jotaro within the sense that he’s not the identical bodily beast as they’re. As a substitute, he’s extra of a versatile fighter that makes use of completely different methods that Loopy Diamond is able to.

Loopy Diamond is like Star Platinum within the sense that it’s able to preventing properly sufficient with its melee capabilities. However its true power lies in the truth that it may possibly immediately heal and restore something and anybody. This allowed Josuke to heal his allies and even lure his enemies inside issues by damaging them after which repairing them after. There are additionally different intelligent methods wherein Josuke used his Stand, and which means that he’s a extra versatile character in comparison with the opposite offense-oriented names on this listing.

9. Wamuu

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Previously, there have been a bunch of highly effective superhumans referred to as the Pillar Males, who had been so highly effective that they possessed unbelievable ranges of power. Wammu was one in every of them and is among the strongest Pillar Males round. He’s one in every of Kars’s loyal followers and is able to defeating anybody utilizing his uncooked power and management over the wind.

Wammu’s energy revolves round his means to regulate the wind, and that was what he was in a position to do in opposition to nearly anybody he confronted as a result of he may merely use winds to shred his opponents to bits. On prime of that, like all the different Pillar Males, he possesses immense bodily capabilities. Wammu can be a wise tactician which solely made him deadlier in his battle in opposition to Joseph Joestar.

8. Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo is probably the most iconic character in your entire JoJo collection as a result of he has appeared in additional episodes than another character. He was additionally the one who severed the ties between the Joestar household and DIO when he defeated the vampire throughout the occasions of Stardust Crusaders when he teamed up along with his grandfather Joseph Joestar on a adventure from Japan all the best way to Egypt.

Essentially the most highly effective weapon that Jotaro has in his arsenal is his Stand, which known as Star Platinum. At first, Star Platinum’s energy gave the impression to be bodily in nature as a result of it had the power to punch at fast speeds and hit opponents with unimaginable precision. Nevertheless, as Jotaro fought DIO, he realized that Star Platinum additionally had the power to freeze time for a short period, though not on the similar degree as The World’s means to freeze time. Nonetheless, this was greater than sufficient for him to defeat DIO.

7. Esidisi

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Esidisi is among the Pillar Males that labored along with Kars, and which means that he’s additionally extremely highly effective. He’s leagues forward of any regular human being when it comes to his energy, and he has some of the highly effective skills amongst all the completely different Pillar Males all through your entire JoJo storyline.

In battle, Esidisi is able to utilizing his means to lift his physique temperature as much as 500 levels Celsius and utilizing his blood as a weapon. As such, he may simply soften and burn something that his blood touches. Esidisi can be able to manipulating his physique construction and altering his mind and nervous system in order that he can proceed to outlive. That is how harmful this Pillar Man is.

6. Humorous Valentine

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Humorous Valentine has some of the distinctive and strongest Stands in your entire JoJo’s Weird Journey franchise. The Stand’s energy depends on the truth that it’s able to truly tampering with the multiverse. Sure, that’s proper. This Stand has extra-dimensional capabilities that permit Humorous Valentine to develop into an extremely highly effective character.

Known as Soiled Deeds Completed Grime Low-cost, Humorous’s Stand permits it to hop from one dimension to a different, as it may be utilized in a number of artistic methods. Humorous typically makes use of the ability to work together with completely different objects in several dimensions in order that he can shock his opponents. He may even use completely different dimensions to lure his opponents and even defend himself by teleporting assaults to completely different dimensions. And when he’s badly injured, he can use his different variations within the different dimensions to his benefit by transferring his consciousness and Stand to them.

5. Dio Brando

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Dio Brando was the unique villain of the JoJo franchise as a result of he was the one who made life a dwelling hell for Jonathan Joestar throughout the early a part of the storyline. He finally turned a vampire by making use of the masks that was, in a while, revealed to be the creation of Kars. Utilizing his vampire powers, he was so menacing throughout the first arc of the storyline.

Finally, Dio took Jonathan’s physique and gained the powers of the Joestar household. As such, he returned in Stardust Crusaders as the principle villain and was now referred to as DIO, whose Stand was revealed to be the strongest at the moment. DIO possessed The World, which had the power to cease time for properly over eight seconds. Mixed along with his unimaginable powers as a vampire, he may simply slaughter his enemies earlier than they might even blink.

4. Enrico Pucci

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Enrico Pucci is among the most notable and strongest villains in your entire JoJo storyline as a result of he was the one one to ever kill Jotaro Kujo, who everyone knows is among the strongest JoJo characters in existence. And Enrico was in a position to take action by using the facility of his Whitesnake Stand, which has some of the unimaginable skills in your entire storyline.

The Whitesnake Stand is able to producing digestive acids that may power an individual to enter a dream-like state that makes it onerous for them to distinguish what’s actual and what’s not. This Stand may additionally extract discs or recollections from folks and Stands, making it a flexible energy as a result of the discs may very well be used to regulate the folks. Nevertheless, the Whitesnake additional developed into the C-Moon Stand, which allowed it to regulate and shift gravity. Lastly, the Stand evolves into Made In Heaven, which may management time, and that was what allowed Enrico to defeat Jotaro’s Star Platinum.

3. Diavolo

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Diavolo is little question an iconic villain that followers liked as a lot as they liked Giorno due to the truth that he’s merely cool and badass. He’s the chief of the Passione crime household however ended up working issues from behind the shadows as a result of he by no means liked preventing in particular person. Nonetheless, when he does must battle in particular person, that’s when he unleashes King Crimson, a Stand with an extremely highly effective means that trumps nearly another Stand in JoJo.

King Crimson is a melee fighter that’s able to defeating anybody in shut fight. But it surely additionally has the insane means to control time and dodge all the assaults that its enemies launched. He may additionally launch a counterattack throughout that point, as Diavolo’s Stand erases what occurred throughout that timeline however nonetheless retains the consequences of his assaults. In that regard, every little thing that occurred in that timeline, apart from King Crimson’s assaults, will likely be erased, as Diavolo has used this Stand. To nice impact in a number of completely different conditions.

2. Giorno Giovanna

15 Strongest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Characters (Ranked)

Because of the truth that he was the son of DIO when he was in possession of Jonathan Joestar’s physique, Giorno Giovanna possesses each the genetics of DIO and the Joestar household. He’s the fifth JoJo within the collection and is among the strongest characters in your entire collection. Giorno, due to the evolution of his Stand, could even be the strongest JoJo of all time, particularly after Gold Expertise Requiem was unlocked.

The facility of Gold Expertise Requiem allowed Giorno to utilize his means to return every little thing to zero. In a way, it’s like doing “undo” in your laptop as a result of the Stand allowed him to undo the consequences of any assault. On prime of that, Gold Expertise Requiem’s means additionally allowed Giorno to lure his opponents in infinite loops after their loss of life. That was what occurred when he trapped Diavolo in an infinite loop whereby he died over and over.

1. Kars

Kars is the principle antagonist of Battle Tendency and is the chief of the Pillar Males, who’re a number of the strongest beings in your entire JoJo universe. Earlier than he attained his Final Lifeform state, Kars was already so highly effective that he was on the degree of a god. However when he used the Pink Stone of Aja to be probably the most highly effective being ever, there was no stopping him in any respect as a result of he turned the embodiment of all life in your entire universe.

Earlier than he turned the Final Lifeform, Kars may manipulate mild and create blades utilizing this energy. He was already practically unstoppable with this energy and his immense bodily power. Nonetheless, he turned the embodiment of life itself when he obtained Final Lifeform standing, as not even lava may kill him. Joseph Joestar and his associates wanted to launch him to area, the place he was frozen and drifting endlessly all through the universe however was nonetheless very a lot alive as a result of he may by no means die.

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