Anime Characters That Start With W: Our Top 60

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W!. The W is a letter can be used for the names of anime characters but this does not mean that they are excluded many people are one day to have the same initials as their heroes while wondering who can be their homonyms in anime drawing matters without searching for hours on the net to be able to find a perfect anime character That’s why we have listed some names of manga heroes starting with the letter W I hope you’ll like it!!!

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60 Wakaba Shinohara

Wakaba Shinohara

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Wakaba Shinohara, a joyous girl, becomes Utena Tenjou her best friend. Wakaba has a tendency to dream of being special and seems to suffer from an inferiority complex.

59 Wally

Wally lightweight

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W Wally is a lightweight professional fighter and the “Last son” of the Miguel Zale world-renowned boxing trainer. In the Survival match of Asian Champions, he was the third and most difficult Asian champion Ippo Makutouchi.

58 Whitey Bay

Whitey Bay

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Whitey Bay, also known as “the Ice Witch”, is a pirate woman who works for Whitebeard. 3]

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57 Walken, Bear

Walken, Bear

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W Names of Anime Characters that Start with W! He’s being revived by the Raven Clan, and is returning in Gungrave.O.R.E to take revenge on Grave for the deaths of his son-in-law, and his child.

56 Wanda


Wanda is a Warrior Beast Tribe canine mink, a Kingsbird aide for both Inuarashi & Nekomamushi and a member the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad. She is similar to a dog and has a tendency to kiss the faces of others in order to show affection. This was evident when she did this twice with Luffy.

55 Wataru Kuon

Wataru Kuon

Kuon betrayed Team Z in the middle First Selection to ensure his survival. Later, he was a key factor in Team Z’s victory in the final game of the Selection. He abandoned his self-interest in favor of his team after he saw how strong they were against the strongest stratum team.

54 Wataru Takagi

Wataru Takagi

Wataru Takagi, a detective and police sergeant from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police District’s Criminal Investigation First Division, is Wataru Takagi. Although he’s initially self-conscious and bumbling at first, Takagi becomes a committed member of the Tokyo Police Force. He shows promise as an officer as the series progresses.

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53 Waddle Dee

Waddle Dee

Waddle Dee is the most common enemy in the original Kirby videogame series. It is also the most beloved and weakest character in the series. They are a common symbol. They are limited in their capacity, with the exception of Waddle Doo and Waddle Doo Parasol.

The Waddle Dees are similar to Kirby in that they have four limbs and a similar face. They have a yellow stomach and a brown or orange back. King DaDiDou leads them. Some of them, however, seem to not obey King DaDiDou’s orders in certain games because they hurt him.

52 Walter C. Dornez

Walter C. Dornez

Walter C. Dornez, a 69 year-old former member of the Hellsing organisation, is now retired. He was a belligerent, short-tempered and foul-mouthed youth. His love of battle made him almost sadistic.

51 White Star

White Star

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! White Star was both an assassin for the Star Clan and the father of Black Star. He was also killed by Death Weapon Meister Academy’s troops after their clan broke the organization’s rules. He was a Star Clan member and was known for being ruthless and willing to do anything for his money.

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50 Wabisuke


Names of Anime Characters That Start with W Wabisuke is Izuru Kira’s Zanpakuto’s manifested spirit in the Bleach anime. He is known for telling his enemies they are open to attack from behind and is merciless in battle. He incapacitates Izuru Kira, then prepares to decapitate him shortly thereafter.

49 Wyper


“Berserker,” Wyper was the leader of the Shandia warriors who fought to retake Upper Yard from Enel. He was an antagonist who became an ally in the Skypiea Arc. After the time skip, Wyper is now one of God’s Guards.

48 Warcry


Warcry is a Quatro Cerberus Guild Mage. Warcry uses Tear Magic to control his tears, as his name implies.

47 Walken, Felix

Walken, Felix

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Felix Walken, also known as The Rail Tracer and Claire Stanfield, was introduced as Young Conductor. He is the famous freelance assassin Vino and is considered one of the finest in his field.
He is known by his nickname Claire in this article.

46 Wally Buchanan

Wally Buchanan

Wally Buchanan, Erza’s old friend, has known him since childhood when they worked on the Tower of Heaven as slaves. Later, it was revealed that he is Richard’s younger brother. Wally and Richard lost their parents very young and lived on the cultivation of potatoes.

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45 Warren Rocko

Warren Rocko

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Warren Rocko is a Mage for the Fairy Tail Guild. Warren is a good friend to Max and cares a lot about his fellow comrades.

44 Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima, a third-year Shiratorizawa Academy student, is the captain of the boys volleyball team. He also plays as the team’s ace and wing spiker. He was the Miyagi Prefecture’s number one ace and ranked among the top three aces in the country.

43 Wallace, Barret

Wallace, Barret

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII published a playable version of this character. Tetsuya Namura created Barret. He also appeared in Final Fantasy: Advent Children and other media publications. Barret is subbed in Advent Children by Masahiro Kbayashi in Japanese, Michel Vigne (French version) and Beau Billingslea (English version).

42 White Fang

White Fang

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Sakumo Hatake was known as Konoha’s White Fang in the shinobi community. He was a jonin to Konohagakure’s Hatake and was hailed as a genius Shinobi. His talents in the ninja arts were praised even by Minato Namikaze (the future Fourth Hokage). Kakashi Hatake was his son and a genius just like Sakumo. He idolized Sakumo and aspired to be as great as his father.

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41 Walker, Allen

Walker, Allen

Allen is a young orphan who is adopted by Mana Walker, a saltimbanque. Allen grew up with him until Mana’s death. He is overwhelmed by grief and decides to listen the Count Millenaire, who offers to bring his adoptive dad back to life. Allen transforms Mana into Akuma without knowing it. But, despite all odds, Allen’s lefthand turns out to be an innocence and Allen is defeated by her. The young boy will have white hair and a cursed right eye from that terrible night. Cross Marian, a Marshal from the Shadow Congregation, found him and gave him instructions to become an Exorcist. This is a person who can destroy the Akumas and other works of the Millennium Count.

40 Wrath


Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Wrath, a Human-based Homunculus created and maintained by Father, is the last Homunculus to be created by Father. Under the name of King Bradley, he was appointed Commander-in-Chief for Amestris. Amestris has been at war with neighboring countries more than ever before and has made Alchemists state-sanctioned live weapons.

39 Wallace, Marlene

Wallace, Marlene

Marlene is Marret Wallace’s daughter, but she is actually Dayne, who is Dayne’s best friend and Eleonore’s wife.
Barret took responsibility for Corel’s tragic death and made it his own.
Marlene, now six years old, is now a Final Fantasy Advent Children member and lives in Midgar together with Tifa.
Marlene, Denzel’s best friend, has lost her parents and is a geostigmat.
Poor Marlene will be kidnapped and held captive by Loz. She will then witness the transformation of Denzel.

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38 Wave


Names of Anime Characters That Start with W Wave is an ex-member of the Jaegers, Imperial Navy and hails originally from a small coastal town. He is not aware of the Empire’s crime-ridden Capital or corruption. Tatsumi has acknowledged that Wave isn’t evil despite his willingness to kill him if necessary. In fact, he appears almost moral, something sorely lacking among Empire-affiliated individuals.

37 Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs

Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs

Teito, a 15-year-old boy, is Teito. He stands at only 156 cm tall and is the second-smallest of the recurring characters. His round, childlike face features a small, upturned, and full mouth. His small stature and round face make him seem younger than he really is.

36 Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell, a young Sky Dragon Slayer is a female Sky Dragon Slayer. She was chosen as one of four hundred year-old orphans to become a Dragon Slayer. Wendy served as her foster mother’s vessel for travel to X777 via the Eclipse Gate in the scheme to eradicate Acnologia. Wendy, a Dragon Slayer suffers from motion sickness while riding on any type of transportation. Her condition began during the one year period between Fairy Tail’s disbandment & re-establishment.

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35 Wagnard


Names of Anime Characters That Start with W Wagnard is tall and pale middle-aged man. He has short dark hair with a bowl cut, and a dark mustache. He has visible fangs after Kardis is resurrected. His ears are slightly pointed. He wears dark purple robes.

34 White Zetsu

White Zetsu

White Zetsu was a half of Akatsuki member Zetsu Naruto Schiffpuden. The other being Black Zetsu. He was also one of the first victims of Kaguya Oksutsuki’s Infinite Tsukuyomi. He was later pulled from the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and infused with the DNA of Madara Uchiha. White Zetsu was trustworthy, loyal, and obedient. He was given Akatsuki’s secrets, knowledge, and insight into Madara’s Eye of the Moon Plan. This was something he believed to be very beneficial.

33 Won


Won is described as a man who works in the country’s zoological agency. Kaito and his group, of amateur Hunters, make Won’s request and show that the agency did more work than they produced in two centuries. Kaito, modestly stating that it was nothing, said that he was happy to do it. Won said that he would recommend them to him to other countries and organizations in exchange for the biological investigation Kaito and his team of amateur Hunters conducted for Kakin.

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32 Wakaba Mine

Wakaba Mine

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Wakaba Mine, a veteran mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, is known as Wakaba Mine. He has been a friend and adviser to Macao Conbolt since his tenure as Fourth Guild Master.

31 Watari


Watari is actually Quillsh Wammy. He is the handyman for “L”. He is the handyman of “L”, and attends conferences instead of “L”.

30 West Kai

West Kai

West Kai is the king in the West Area and North Kai’s rival in the Dragon Ball Series. West Kai is rude, arrogant, and insulting. He is also very resentful of losing, refusing to accept any excuses when it is obvious that he has lost.

29 Wind


Names of Anime Characters That Start with W Uindo is a 37th-class ninja who joined the Association of Monsters along with Flame the Infernal Flame to become a monster. He can be classified as either a Demon or a human depending on how he looks. He is a Dragon as a monster. He is a class criminal.

28 Wilhelm Van Astrea

Wilhelm Van Astrea

Wilhelm Van Astrea is a Crusch Camp member, Theresia van Astrea’s husband and a supporting character on Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World. Wilhelm was a young soldier in the Demi-Human War. He earned the title Sword Demon and, after Bordeaux’s resignation, was made the new Captain of Zelgeff Squadron.

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27 Walker, Rinslet

Walker, Rinslet

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W Rinslet is flirtatious and sly, but she takes her job seriously. Rinslet is proud to be one of the most innovative and resourceful thieves in the entire world. Rinslet is willing to help others and even destroy the items she is hired to steal, if they are dangerous for humanity. She dislikes mentioning her age. She enjoys shopping and jewels, but hates to steal anything she can’t carry.

26 Wedy

Wedy cat burglar

Wedy is a cat burglar who works under the supervision of L.

25 War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan, one of the Nine Titans Attack of Titan, is able to construct any structure from hardened Titan flesh. It was kept in the Tybur family until 854, but it was taken into the care of Eren Jaeger, who has fused it with the Attack Titan as well as the Founding Titan.

24 Winry Rockbell

Winry Rockbell

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Winry Rockbell is a supporting character in Fullmetal Alchemist. Winry is a training surgeon and mechanical repair specialist/enthusiast as she is the daughter of Yuriy Rockbell and Sarah Rockbell, two surgeons that worked on the Ishval Civil War, and is the granddaughter of Pinako Rockbell, a well-known mechanic and surgeon in her youth.

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23 Whitebeard


Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, was the captain for the Whitebeard Pirates. He was also known as Gol D.Roger’s “Strongest Man” and the “Man Nearest to One-Piece”. He was a well-known pirate and was later a member of the Rocks Pirates.

22 Wakiya Komurasaki

Wakiya Komurasaki

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Wakiya Komurasaki, an anime and manga character, is featured in Beyblade Burst. Beyblade Burst Evolution sees him returning with Tempest Wyvron 4,Glaive Atomic, his new bey. He is also the owner of Sunbat United, the Spanish team, and leads them to the World Championships.

21 William James Moriarty

William James Moriarty

William James Moriarty is also known as simply Moriarty. He is the main character in Yuukoku No Moriarty. He is not known by his real name, as he assumed the name his adopted brother when he was young. Sherlock Holmes is his arch nemesis, a professor of mathematics who also works in crime consulting.

20 Weinheidt


Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Weinheidt is part of Dawn Roar’s group of Holy Knights and the marksman. Weinheidt, like the Dawn Roar members is open to killing anyone for the mission. He is also faithful to the mission assigned to him by his team and doesn’t care what the motivations are.

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19 Waraji


Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Waraji is one of Gato’s bodyguards from the Land of Waves. He teams up with Zori.

18 Wasabi Izuno

Wasabi Izuno

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Wasabi Izuno, a kunoichi of Konohagakure’s Izuno Clan as well as a chunin for Team 15, is Wasabi Izuno. Wasabi is direct and doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinion. She is also motivated and hyperactive and, despite her outgoing nature and passion, feels a lot of pressure from her clan who have high expectations.

17 Welfin


Welfin, a Chimera Ant wolf-like and former Squadron leader, was Zaiqahal. Welfin is ambitious and clever, but also careful. He planned to increase his status in the Royal Guards, while also gaining favor with Bizeff. He wanted to control Bizeff to become the Shadow King and exercise his power behind the scenes.

16 Wing


Names of Anime Characters That Start with W Wing is Zushi’s teacher. He was a former student in HunterxHunter and introduced Killua as well as Gon to Nen. Wing is somewhat detached and has a quiet, modest demeanor. He is a patient but strict teacher and seems to care deeply about his students.

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15 Waku, Mai

Waku, Mai

Mai Waku runs a consulting company outside of Tokyo. She is a pretty girl who specializes in helping men solve any problem, whether it be physical, mental, or sexual. But that last part only takes her so far. She is saving her self for marriage so she doesn’t lose her virtue (although she does indulge in some lesbian loveplay with Mii… but that doesn’t count).

14 Wonderweiss Margela

Wonderweiss Margela

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Wonderweiss Margela, the 77th Arrancar of Sosuke Aizen’s army, is the only modified Arrancar. Soul Society ranks his Spiritual Energies in the same class with theirs. Aizen claims that Wonderweiss was born with a very childlike personality because he had all his intelligence, memory retention, rationality, speech and speech removed in order to increase his power.

13 Wiley


Wiley enjoys his job as demolitions expert for the squad. He was inspired by Koko Shekmatyar to improve his skills after joining the team. Wiley can get excited about explosives and tries to make the squad look cooler. He is the only member who reads in his spare time.

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12 Whistler


Names of Anime Characters That Start with W Whis is both the Guide Angel Attendant for Universe 7’s God Of Destruction, Beerus and his martial arts teacher. He is also a child of Grand Minister and is usually accompanied by Beerus.

11 William Vangeance

William Vangeance

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! William Vangeance, the Clover Kingdom’s first captain of the Magic Knights’ Golden Dawn squad, is believed to be the closest person to the title of Magic Emperor. He is a cautious, observant individual who notices Asta’s athletic abilities during the exam. He also attempts to control Gueldre’s escape attempt by noting that one of his magic might have been influencing him.

10 Waddle Doo

Waddle Doo

Waddle Doos look similar to waddle dees. They are round, of light-coral color, with short arms and light orange feet. One large eye protrudes from their middles. Two strands of their hair are above their eyes. Their most popular color is red, but they can also appear green, yellow, or turquoise. They have no mouths, but in Kirby! Right Back at Ya! is King Dedede’s only Waddle Doo servant who can speak and can communicate with Waddle Dees.

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9 Watchdog Man

Watchdog Man

is responsible for Q-City. Watchdog Man is blunt and nonchalant. He also displays a calm and serene expression.

8 Weisz Steiner

Weisz Steiner

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Weisz Steiner is an Adventurer, a member the crew of Edens Zero and their mechanical engineer. He was also a former thief on Planet Norma, and is the younger version Professor Weisz in the year X442.

7 Windy


The Yu-Gi-Oh! character is the “Wind Ignis”, also known as Windy. VRAINS anime. He is the tertiary antagonist in Season 2. He is one of six Ignis, and he was modeled after an unidentified boy in the Hanoi Project.

6 Wicca


Wicca, a female dwarf hailing from Tontatta Kingdom under Green Bit, is often seen posing as Dressrosa’s fairies to receive their “offerings”. She is a member the Tontatta Pirates 5th Division of Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

5 Wadatsumi


“Anime Characters Names That Start with W!” “Anime Characters Names that Start with W” Large Monk Wadatsumi, a giant tiger blowfish fisherman and member of Sun Pirates, was previously a member under Captain Vander Decken IX of Flying Pirates. Wadatsumi is a more gentle and kind person than the bad reputation and conduct of his captain and crew. He destroyed two towns by sheer carelessness.

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4 Wapol


Tin-Plate Wapol, the former ruler of the Drum Kingdom, became a pirate after fleeing his country during Blackbeard’s attack on Drum Island. He was defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates and became the head his own toy company. He married Kinderella two years later.

3 Wakada Yori

Wakada SAYori

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Yori is petite and slim with long, light brown hair. She also has big eyes and a cute appearance. Her outfits are often very feminine and modest.
Sayori’s long, wavy hair is highlighted in the additional chapters of Vampire Knight. Takuma Ichijo notes that Sayori is beautiful.

2 Wet-Haired Caribou

Wet-Haired Caribou

The Wet-Haired Caribou was a notorious rookie pirate who was present at the Sabaody Archipelago during the Straw Hat Pirates reunion. He is now part of the new generation rookie pirates, with bounties exceeding 100,000,000 Beli.

1 Woop Slap

Woop Slap

Names of Anime Characters That Start with W! Woop Slap is Monkey D. Luffy’s mayor in Foosha Village. Woop Slap is, for the most part, a typical village elder. He is practical, disinterested in pirates (with the exception of Shanks), and is Foosha Village’s loudest critic against Luffy’s dreams of piracy. This has continued long after Luffy’s crew achieved worldwide fame.

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