Your Lie In April Characters : Our Top 12+

Your lie in april characters

Popular anime Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (“Your Lie In April”) is as much about its characters than the amazing music it produces.

This is a comprehensive look at the main characters in this anime for youth drama.

It’s not surprising that Shigatsu was so popular in 2015.

Each scene was captured by the perfect mix of visual and musical elements.

It didn’t go too far and kept the story straight until the end.

This was a sweet and short story of redemption and despair.

If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Make sure to bring your tissues.

Although the manga received mixed reviews, many critics were positive about its plot and characters. The anime adaptation was widely praised by critics for its animation and soundtracks.

It’s amazing!

Continue reading to learn more about my tribute to the characters who made this anime such a great opus.

Your Lie in April Story Plot

Your Lie in April Story Plot and characters

Your Lie in April

After winning many music competitions, Kosei Arima (14 years old) becomes a well-known child musician. He suffers a mental breakdown during a recital at the piano, even though his hearing is normal.

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Kosei spent two years not touching the piano again, and he also doesn’t focus on any activity. He instead spent his time with Tsubaki Sawabe (and Ryota Watari) most of the time. 

Your Lie in April Story Characters

He met Kaori Miyazono later, a free-spirited violinist whose playing style mirrors her caring personality. Kaori helps Kosei to return to playing the piano, and teaches him how his style can be innovative and free.

There are many characters in the series that you will love, and we are sure there are enough of them. These are the characters you might like from Your Lie in April, starting with our main characters.

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10 Best Your Lie in April Characters

10. Saki Arima

Although viewers may hate Kosei’s mother Kosei Arima because she pushes Kosei harder than ever, to the point that she sometimes abuses Kosei, she actually has the best intentions.

Saki is determined to help Kosei make a living after she passes away. In addition to her terminal illness, her desperate behavior makes her more angry. Saki shows us how far a mother will go in order to protect her children even if it causes harm.

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9. Watari Ryota

Watari Ryota

Watari is the show’s playboy character. As he follows Tsubaki, Kosei on the series, he is their best friend. He is used by Kaori to help her achieve greater goals, but he also has a very important message for us all. Watari is just one of many characters from the series with tragic histories.

We often believe that we are the hero and have to bear great weights. This is often false. We are an average human being who has normal daily problems. Watari supports his friends, lives each day with enthusiasm, and grieves when tragedy strikes. Watari is reminding us that it is perfectly normal to be normal.

8. Saitou


Many people may not be familiar with Saitou. Tsubaki is known to have dated Saitou for most of the series. As they began dating, she confessed to him. Tsubaki, however, is in fact in love with Kosei.

Saitou is the first character to discover the main theme of the series: letting it go. Tsubaki’s true feelings are recognized by Saitou, and he ends his relationship with her out of care, not love. He lets Tsubaki go, not because he wants to continue the relationship.

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7. Nagi Aiza

Nagi Aiza

Nagi is Takeshi Aiza’s younger sister. Because of her brother’s loyalty, Nagi initially dislikes Kosei. As the story progresses, Kosei becomes Nagi’s tutor. She protested constantly about her musical arrangement to Kosei.

In Addition, She keeps getting closer to Kosei each time she performs, even though it’s nerve-wracking for her schoolmates. 

Also, She puts aside all of her nerves when it comes to her performance and performs with her whole heart. Her message of growth is evident in her natural personality, which shows that everyone can become a better person each day.

6. Tsubaki Sawabe

Tsubaki Sawabe

Tsubaki is a support character in the series. She’s also one of the most popular Your Lie in April characters. Since their youth, she has been Kosei’s best friend. She has witnessed his rise and fall as an artist and has remained close to him throughout. Tsubaki has a crush upon Kosei, but she seems to deny it. She is now unsure if she will let Kosei continue to play music, as she fears music will take her away.

Tsubaki’s example shows us that she allowed Kosei to go in order for him to pursue his own happiness. She is still his best friend, and she doesn’t take any offense to his decisions.

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Sometimes, letting go does not only affect our happiness but also our love one’s.

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5. Takeshi Aiza

Takeshi Aiza

Takeshi, just like Kosei has been practicing every day since he was a child and has been playing piano ever since. Also, Takeshi was inspired by the masterful and methodical performances of Kosei and dreams of being as good as him. This dream is crushed when Kosei confronts his tragedy and decides to quit the piano.

Takeshi isn’t aware of the reasons why Kosei lost inspiration. He continues to follow his role model even though Kosei has moved on. His dedication is an example to all and should be emulated.

4. Emi Igawa

Emi Igawa

Takeshi and Emi have similar roots when it comes to Kosei. When she was younger, Emi saw a Kosei performance and was inspired by it. Takeshi views Kosei, while Emi regards him as an idol. Emi was struck by the passion and purity of Kosei’s performances, and is disturbed to see Kosei’s later performances become dull and monotonous.

She is always pushing Kosei to be more successful so that Kosei can perform on the stage again. Her perspective on Kosei is unique and unlike any other characters. Emi shows that sometimes a different perspective can be helpful when looking at our lives.

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3. Hiroko Seto

Hiroko Seto

Seto Hiroko, Kosei’s piano teacher, was the first to introduce Kosei the joy of the instrument. She encourages Kosei and his mother to have lessons with her when she first discovers their natural talent. It all works out well at first, even before Kosei’s mother died.

Hiroko felt guilty after Kosei fell into depression. Her decision to introduce Kosei into the world of music is something she constantly ponders. She continues to move forward despite this and does her best for Kosei and her daughter.

Although it is natural for people to give up when faced with these kinds of situations, Hiroko did not.

2. Kaori Miyazono – Most popular Among Your Lie In April Characters

Kaori Miyazono

Kaori, a violinist, was also inspired by Kosei as a child. She was originally a pianist. After seeing Kosei perform, she decided to give up the piano and learn how to play the violin. She had always wanted to be on the stage with Kosei.

In addition, She is however hindered by a slowly degrading illness that forces her to return to the hospital frequently. She learns that her illness could lead to her death at any time. Also, She doesn’t give in. 

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In addition, She begins to live each day as if it were her last, dress how she likes, and do everything in her power for Kosei to face the music once more.

Kaori teaches us how to live each day like it is our last. Anyone can easily get into an accident or suffer a sudden illness. So, like Kaori said:

We should live life to the fullest. We never know when we might be gone tomorrow.

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1. Kousei Arima

Kousei Arima

Since the series revolves around Kosei, Kosei is the main protagonist. His ability to hear the piano has been lost after his mother’s passing. Also, He has suffered from depression for years because he was unable to follow the dream he once loved. In Addition, He meets Kaori and learns that his fear is what holds him back.

Now He can sing beautiful songs when he faces his fear at the end. Kosei exemplifies courage by not being afraid, but facing your fear and continuing to do so under all circumstances.

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