Anime Bowl Cut : Our Top 15+

anime bowl cut hair

There are many representations of the bowl cut in popular media and anime isn’t exception, from Mandark in Dexter’s Lab to Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

Innocent bowl was a popular style for men in the 1990s. The style, also known as the mushroom cut or ‘buckethead’, is very easy to achieve.

You can ask your mom to place a bowl on top of your head and give it some attention.

This idea is turned on its head in anime, like a lot of things.

There are normal kids with bowl cuts.¬†There are many characters who are not normal.¬†They’re beautiful, so here’s my list of the top bowl cuts in anime.

14. Sachiya Yoshida from DIVE! !

Sachiya Yoshida from DIVE! ! Anime Bowl Cut cute
by Anisearch

Sachiya Yoshida belongs to the Mizuki Diving Club. He is an elementary school pupil.

With the nickname “Sacchin”

He has a beautiful, shaved-off look that is refreshing throughout the series.

13. Nobita from Doraemon

Nobita from Doraemon Anime Bowl Cut

This is the iconic anime that everyone grew up with and it’s one of my favorite shows.

He is a student and the main character in the Anime.

His terrible, bland hairstyle is a big part of his personality.

12. Tomohito Kimura From Nodame Cantabile

Tomohito Kimura From Nodame Cantabile

He is part of the Rising Star Orchestra. He plays the role of a supporting character in the series.

Despite not having the best looks, they are talented! !

He looks like an intelligent student with his small eyes and bow cut. He is also a violinist.

11. Leon Elliot from Black Cat

Leon Elliot from Black Cat

Leon Elliot, a member of the Apostles of the Stars, was defeated by Eve.

His bright, blue hair is short and he looks cool. However, he doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t like people around him.

10. Marlo Freudenberg from Attack on Titan

Marlo Freudenberg from Attack on Titan

Marlo was a tall, young man with dark, bowl-cut hair and grey eyes. His cold, stoic look made him stand out among the rest.

Marlo was a great believer. Marlo joined the Military Police Regiment because he believed in doing what was right.

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9. Dr. Kuseno From One Punch Man

Dr. Kuseno From One Punch Man

It’s true, it’s old but not gold! One Punch Man’s Dr. Kuseno, a Genos caretaker is the character of Dr. Kuseno.

His ridiculously large nose and bowl contrast sharply with his intelligence which is always able warn Genos about impending disasters.

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8. Maruko-Chan from Chibi Maruko Chan

Maruko-Chan from Chibi Maruko Chan

Are you cute or are you dumbo?

Maruko’s hair is short, but she does it for a very short time. She looks adorable with her bang.

This anime, like Nobita, also covers a lot of childhood times. I enjoyed it a lot.

7.¬†Bruno Buccellati From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Bruno Buccellati From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Every character in the JoJo series is unique, just like Bruno, an intelligent member of Passione’s mafia gang. Bruno, despite being part of Passione has remained loyal and steadfast towards him.

Why? Because his father was murdered by the drug trade

He is a genius for his perfectly straight, stylish bowl cut.

6. Hinata from Naruto

Hinata from Naruto

She is Naruto’s spouse, so this character doesn’t need introduction. Her style is adorable and cute as a teenager, with blue hair and bangs on both ends.

However, her hair grew longer by the time she was pregnant with Naruto and Boruto.

Despite this, her signature look is her bowl-haired face.

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5. Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh

Seto Kaiba is more commonly known as Kaiba. He is also one of the deuteragonists along with Joey Wheeler from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

Kaiba’s hair is green in the series, which was based upon the manga. However, he has brown hair everywhere else, including the manga.

His bowl-cut enhances his appearance a little more.

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4. Mob from Mob Psycho 100

The mob is a series that focuses on teens who possess physic powers. Shigeo, the main character, is a student.

His extraordinary power can cause havoc in the world, if it is not controlled.

Shigeo has a charming and decent appearance that matches his dark eyes and black hairstyle. As a child, he learned that his psychic powers were linked to his emotions.

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3. Mako Mankanshoku from Kill La Kill

Anime Bowl Cut

She can fight like any other human and she will win. Mako, our character is a high school student and lives in poverty.

Her kind, loyal personality makes her charming. Her bowl cut hair is my favorite. It has a simple style with a bow at the top.

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2. Rock Lee from Naruto

Rock Lee from Naruto Anime Bowl Cut

Rock is a very well-known character from popular anime. He was taught Martial arts by the great man.

He also picked up the same fashion sense and hairstyles as his personality.

He has kept his hairstyle the same throughout his entire life. He likes to stand out.

1. Gohan from Dragon Ball (Namek Saga)

Gohan from Dragon Ball (Namek Saga) Anime Bowl Cut

Are you a believer that this character should be introduced?

Another well-known Dragon Ball Z character is Goku. He is the son Goku and Chi Chi.

He looks cuter with his bowl hairstyle. His hairstyle is extremely popular and is also on the “Gohan Bowl Cut” search by fans.


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