Nanaba Aot : Everything You Need To Know

Nanaba was a member of the reconnaissance team until her death at Utgard Castle fortress. Utgard Castle.
nanaba aot

In Aot, Nanaba was a member of the reconnaissance team until her death at Utgard Castle fortress. Utgard Castle.

Personality Nanaba Aot

Personality Nanaba Aot

In Aot, Nanaba is extremely insular and only speaks when she is spoken to. If the Wall rose collapsed, she’s devastated, but she quickly recovers all her strength.
She is very trustworthy and is willing to risk her life to ensure the safety of her recruits. She doesn’t even waste an opportunity to save her fellow soldiers. She as well as Mike Zakarius encourage each other to act as an example to the new recruits. This way she radiates determination.

As per Eld Jinn Nanaba was one of only a handful of survivors from Nanaba is one of the few survivors from “incident five years ago,” together with Hanji Zoe Erwin Smith, Levi as well as Mike. This is why she understands the actual motives behind the 57th expedition and assumes responsibilities like protecting the new members of the group. Erwin is a person she trusts greatly.

Appearance Nanaba Aot

Appearance Nanaba Aot

Her eyes are golden and she has shorter blonde hair. Because of her hair’s shortness the public is mistaking her as a male.

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Storyline Nanaba Aot


In Season 1 Aot, Nanaba is seen at first in the 57th Expedition, Beyond the Walls as the leader of the team which includes Christa. Christa is worried because the Titans begin climbing trees. Nanaba responds that, with her 3D equipment for maneuvering it is just a matter of time to continue climbing up.She herself shifts her position in a different tree to inform the anxious Christa that she only should wait a bit longer, and concentrate on the issue of Titans that are female. Titan.



She is also a member of leader Mike Zakarius’ team (alongside Gelgar, Henning and Lynne) and is accountable for overseeing a group of suspect soldiers from the squad for reconnaissance. The group was positioned near the wall of of Sina to be on guard for the unarmed soldiers which is believed to be supporters to the woman Titan.

Before the first questioning can even begin Titans are spotted inside the walls of Rose. In a short time, Nanaba gives up her determination and concludes that the world is over. But, Mike reminds her that humanity can only be lost by those who stop fighting and show their resolve every time by fighting. Soon after, Mike orders his team to divide into four groups and notify the villages in the vicinity. Nanaba’s team explores the Rose wall in search of a hole. They meet Gelgar’s groupwho has been looking for an opening from the other side. The two group has discovered any evidence. As night begins to fall both groups take refuge in the castle fortress in Utgard Castle.

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In a short period of time the fortress comes under siege by Titans which are able to move about in the night. Because the soldiers he’s supposed to supervise and interrogate are disarmed and aren’t possessing their weapons, Nanaba, GelgarHenning and Rene are required to defend the unarmed group as well as themselves. But, Henning and Rene die due to the impact of a boulder thrown by an Ape-like Titan and has in turn instructed his fellow Titans to strike the fortress. Nanaba is furious when she realises she is correct in assuming that they’ve been playing with since the beginning.

In the absence of other alternatives, Nanaba and Gelgar continue fighting until they exhaust their fuel and blades. Head injured and unable to engage in combat Gelgar gets swept off of the shield. This causes Nanaba chases him in an attempt to help him. But she runs out of gas shortly thereafter and is then confronted by Titans. In a state of panic, the protectors are forced to observe Nanaba being devoured by the Titans.

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Skills Nanaba Aot

Skills Nanaba Aot

Nanaba’s skills in combat are acknowledged by Gelgar. Her and her teammates were able finish off eight Titans in just a few minutes and impress Ymir significantly. Her many years of experience with the reconnaissance squad has resulted in her becoming a tough and skilled fighter.

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