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Rico aot

In Aot, Rico Bretzenska is an elite Soldier in the Garrison. She was the only survivor of the elite squads which were tasked with protecting Eren Jager in the aftermath of liberation for the Trost District in the Battle of Trost. However, she doesn’t have faith in Eren and is still adamant about him being an armed threat.

Appearance Rico Aot

Appearance Rico Aot

In Aot, Rico is an average-sized woman maybe a bit smaller than her female colleagues, yet she is a very muscular and a soldier with a high rank. Rico has short, grayish-blond hair that is long enough to reach halfway up her neck. Her glasses are small and oval that are not frames and conceal her stunning blue-grey eyes.

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Personality Rico Aot

Personality Rico Aot

In Aot, Rico is a shrewd person at first glance, wanting only the best for humanity. Rico has demonstrated this in numerous instances, including at the time Eren was able to emerge from the neck of the Titan Assailant. Without further questions, or doubting the young man who was now a threat to the human race to her She was determined to take advantage of the possibility that he was no anymore as he was in form of Titan form.

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However, she can also be extremely caring, particularly when she provides water to Historia, who appears to be suffering from heat, to stop her from becoming dehydrated and comforting her, reassuring she that nothing to be worried about in the face of Titans. She also was concerned about Conny Springer who was deeply emotionalally wounded from the events in The Clash of the Titans arc.

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History Rico Aot


In Aot, Rico was first seen along with Kitz Wehrman and Kitz Wehrman, as Rico accuses Eren Jager that she is an Titan after seeing Eren rise from his neck in the Assaulting Titan. She is extremely scared and, like Kitts as Eren changes into an incomplet Titan to defend his two closest friends, Armin and Mikasa from the first gunfire that is fired by his garrison troops.

History Rico Aot Trost arc

A few days later the plan to allow Eren to make use of his formidable power to fill the hole inside the wall has been put into place. A number of other soldiers from the Garrison are also assigned to this task. More specifically, Rico, Ian Dietrich and Mitabi Jarnach are responsible for the safety of this new human being who is a beacon of hope. Prior to leaving, she is photographed in conversation with Eren and tells Eren that in this mission, the soldiers would perish in his honor. Soldiers who had names and a family and emotions. In short, they also were living a full life. His duty was to not let them die without a cause.

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During the mission, things don’t take place exactly as it was expected. Eren is unable to control himself and he falls out of the way as he attempts to hit Mikasa which was on the back. It is then that the titans taking advantage of the opportunity, begin to approach him with a risky manner. Mitabi And Rico request their soldiers to leave and ask Ian to follow suit. They both refuse and commands the troops under his command to guard Eren. Rico is trying to convince him to withdraw however Ian remains determined, and asks her to suggest an alternative method to take Trost with out Eren. In a state of confusion about what to say the two Mitabi must be made to follow his instructions.

As the soldiers fight bravely however, they become more overwhelmed as the titans return mass within the district. Then Rico commands the rest of the soldiers to leave however to their delight, Eren manages to take the rock and placing it where they would expect. This was due to Armin who, sitting near his ear was able to give an address to him, and only he knew the secret. When the rock is set, Rico launches a second smoke, this time in green. A few tears spill out as she contemplates the soldiers whose deaths would not have been in wasted.

But they also let they also see that the titans profit from this opportunity to sneak extremely closer to their soldiers. The soldier of the elite orders the entire world to scale the wall. Eren becomes unconscious, his body melting in the neck of the titan and Rico is forced to cut his body with her knife to free him. The two new recruits aren’t sufficient fast enough they are saved in the midst of a crisis from members of the Battalion of Exploration and, more specifically Livai Ackerman and Erwin Smith.

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rico attack on titan female titan arc

After the heroic rescue, Rico will compose a comprehensive report about Eren and his extraordinary performances and his sudden losing control.

She will also go to Eren’s infamous trial the following day. Daris Zackley will be referring to Rico’s report, specifically the section about the chaos caused by him after he lost control, which shows that he is not an honest person. Mikasa does not like the idea, however Rico is convinced that lying isn’t a good idea and encourages her to share all the facts about the task that nearly failed due to her friend.


In this arc, Rico can be seen on The Pink Wall, as the Garrison is deployed to deter from the Titan attack. She is the head of the line that runs through the East. The strategy is that her team lures titans with cannons . She makes use of the 3D Maneuvering equipment to slice their necks and kill them as they’re distracted. Her colleagues congratulate her on the killing. of her coworkers after she has killed an emperor, and the soldier exclaiming with enthusiasm the defense of their team is impossible to penetrate. Rico insists that a more horde of titans could quickly undermine their mission. She is aware that this attack is different from the earlier ones, but she can not pinpoint exactly what’s wrong.

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As it was the time that Exploration Battalion returned from the massacre that came to Eren’s rescue mission, she could be described as a kind and thoughtful person. In fact she poured water on the Historia Reiss who was beginning to feel the effects of the heat and then reassured her like a mother. Additionally, she was worried over Conny Springer who seemed extremely emotional by recent incidents.


When Armin is laying out his plan for recapturing his Colossal TitanRico is standing with others Garrison soldiers on top of the Pink Wall. She is extremely concerned with the likelihood that the mission to retrieve this part of the Maria Wall will fail.


Being a part among the officer members who joined Pro-Jagers, she was present during the celebration marking the formation from the brand new Army of Paradise that she cheers along with Zulma along with Hitch Doris.

Equipment And Skills Rico Aot

Equipment And Skills Rico Aot


As with any soldier, Rico has a three-dimensional equipment as well as two scabbards that have 3 blades , which is six in all.

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She is considered one of the most skilled members of the Garrison, earning her a place on the Elite Squad during the mission in Trost.

Rico Brzenska’s statistics :



  • Brzenska her surname is a name that has Polish roots, mostly used in Germany currently, but somewhat less often in Poland.
  • They, Mitabi Jarnach and Ian Dietrich were members of the same training brigade. This could be the reason behind their intense bond to each other.
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