Noel Noa Blue Lock : Everything You Need To Know

Noa Noel

Noel Noa is a 31-year old forward for French’s Nation Team, whom, Yoichi Isagi admires.

Apperance Noel Noa

Noel Noa

Noel Noa seems to be a long muscled and blond player. Until we have more information that’s all we can say

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Personality Noel Noa

Noa Noel Blue Lock

He seems to be a wise and passionate soccer player.

Noa is calm and serious, but he speaks clearly and candidly. He also maintains his manners. Because of his serious, non-expressive demeanor, he is often called a Cyborg by football colleagues. He doesn’t like it when his players act superior to other players and considers this childish. Noa acknowledges that he doesn’t consider intangible factors such as emotions or impressions when choosing his team. However, if a player is popular and has a contract he is bound to, he will abandon his earlier judgment.

Noa grew up in poverty in France’s slums and has always taken football seriously since he was a child. It was the only way to make a difference in his life.

Noa’s intransigence does not mean that he is unwilling to help his players, especially when asked for advice as with Isagi.

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History Noel Noa

We don’t know its history yet. However we have this informations




France ( National Team )

Bastard München ( Club )



Abilities Noa Noel

Noel Noa Abilities

Noa Noel is the best player in the world in Blue Lock. He has undeniably very high skills and must have outstanding finishing and vision qualities. Until we have more information, that’s all we can say.

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New Update !

Complete forward: 

Best Forward Noel Noa

Full Forwards are strikers who have great technical abilities, clinical finishing, and physical strength. They can fulfill multiple roles. They are able to work with others and create opportunities for themselves, as well as finish team moves and keep the ball up. Because of their versatility, these players can be free to play however they want, with no strict tactical instructions.

Noa has a well-balanced physicality that is strong and balanced, and the ability to be completely ambidextrous. This gives him a wide range of options. Noa can be a player who starts any play, connects with his teammates and finishes plays quickly even against other players with the same skill. His unlimited possibilities and hyper-efficient style of play make him the best striker in world.

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Ambidexterity Noel Noa

Noa’s feet are completely and evenly ambidextrous, allowing him to dribble and trap the ball, pass it, feint and shoot it with both his feet at any angle and with the same power and accuracy.

All-Powerful Shot: 

Shot Noel Noa

Noa’s ambidexterity combined with his top-tier physicality allow him to make any type of shot with either foot. He can switch between the feet while constantly shifting and is able finish a play with a shot without losing power or accuracy by using both feet simultaneously.


Many things suggest that Noa Noel is modeled after Lewandowski. This assumption has been confirmed since we were told that Noel Noa is from the Bundesliga.

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