Bachira Meguru Blue Lock : Everything You Need To Know

bachira Meguru Blue lock

Meguru Bachira is the main supporting character in the Blue Lock (Manga)

Bachira is a fun forward who plays according to his intuition. When first joining Blue Lock he was a player on Team Z during the First Selection. His primary goal was finding soccer players to play with. They also possess the characteristics of a “monster” within the player, which later evolves to become the top striker of all time as he recovers from the trauma of his childhood.

He currently ranks 7 among the 300 forwards selected to participate in the Blue Lock Project and is playing as a sideback in Blue Lock Eleven. Blue Lock Eleven against the Japan U-20.

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Appearance Bachira Meguru

Appearance Bachira Meguru

In Blue Lock, Meguru Bachira is a tall man who has slim frame and an oval-shaped face with hair cut in a bob.¬†His eyes are bright yellow which were first seen on his official artwork. He has black hair that’s chin-length that curls at the ends and has golden under-lights.¬†In the days when Bachira was younger, his hair was ear-length and playing in a junior football league, he was wearing the number #8.¬†At Chiba Prefecture Tournament Chiba Prefecture Tournament Bachira wore the number 8 jersey of Namikaze High, which had an exclusive bird design within the middle.

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Then, at Blue Lock, Bachira wears the standard body suit (black that has grey stripes) and tracksuit.¬†For the First Selection, he wore the blue #8 jersey of Team Z and, during the Second Selection the team was wearing Team White’s #16 jersey which was later changed to red.¬†In Third Selection Third Selection he switched between the black #7 jersey of Team A and Team C’s blue and white #7 jersey. He also wore the gray-capped cleats worn by Team Z.

When playing in the Japan U-20 game, Bachira dons an official Blue Lock player uniform with the number 8. It appears very similar to uniforms featured in the previous cover spread, but without any Japan flag. When she plays in the Neo Egotist League on FC Barcha, Bachira dons one of their uniforms.

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Personality Bachira Blue Lock

Personality Bachira Blue Lock

In Blue Lock, Bachira Meguru has an unusual manner of speaking and a personality.¬†He’s generally very active and cheerful in matches, and never loses his cool or desire to play. He describes soccer as something enjoyable to play with other people.¬†Bachira immediately connects his character to Ravinho Lavinho who is also enthusiastic and eccentric, and is influenced by his style of playing soccer.¬†Meguru Bachira is known to fall asleep at random times like the one in the beginning, at the beginning of the test for tag, Bachira was found asleep.¬†He tends to oversleep and ends having to rely to Isagi and Kuon to get him up. He then sleeps during team meetings. He’s often fallen asleep in the middle of meals.¬†As it comes to the Neo Egoist League starts, Bachira will take his football practice more seriously as he strives to become the world-class self-described egoist that he envisions himself to be and get towards becoming the top player in the world.¬†Bachira currently weight trains and also mediates

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BAchira Kid

As a child and teenage years, he was frequently victimized due to his unique personality and extraordinary skill in football. This resulted in a kind of trauma that makes him afraid of being in a room by himself.

This trauma triggers Meguru Bachira to imagine a friend that is the definition of a “monster” In particular, a football monster , as it inspires Bachira and his actions during the game.¬†After he arrives at Blue Lock does Bachira start dealing with his grief because it is then that he meets people he’s like and considers friends, such as Yoichi Isagi.¬†Bachira is seen engaging with a wide range of people despite his bizarre manner of behavior, which includes Isagi, Rin, Chigiri and Kunigami.

Bachira Demon

Following the replay of Isagi’s Team White and Rin’s Team Red, Bachira has moved beyond his previous adversity and has made a decision to become more competent and powerful in the field. He is determined to become the best striker in the world and also is only scoring for himself and will only give someone the ball if they possess the potential to inspire him and assist him in playing the style of football he would like to play. Bachira has also strengthened his determination to continue moving further through the Blue Lock; no matter the situation Bachira is optimistic about the scenario, determined to grow stronger and get to the top of every test ahead of him.

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Abilities Meguru Bachira Blue Lock



Dribble Bachira Blue Lock

These are the players recognized for their close-ball control, which is utilized to get past defenders with a abrupt changes in direction and acceleration , sometimes with speed.¬†This skill can be used to open up chances for other attackers to score themselves after breaking through the defense of an opponent using the technique known by the term “trickery”.¬†One of the most impressive spectacles for football fans is watching a player on”a “mazy run” with their ball, twirling and turning to avoid tackles from opponents as well as beating other players.

Bachira’s dribbling ability lets him break through the majority of defenses, with only high standard players able to stop him . However, it’s uncommon to witness the ball taken away from his hands.¬†Team Z heavily relied on his dribbling abilities to move the ball across the field during the First Selection.¬†His dribbling skills are matched by a small group of players from Blue Lock and mixed with his ability to pass, his dribbling has proved to be a vital player on any team.¬†After his initial training in the Neo Egoist League, Bachira has improved his dribbling skills by shifting away from a more proactive approach to defensive dribbling. He prefers to study his opponent’s moves before advancing in his movement down the field.

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Physical Abilities3/5

Elastic Dribbling 

Elastic Dribble Bachira Meguru

Bachira’s dribbling style is based on his innate ability and skills to break past the defenses of other players.¬†His dribbling abilities are so sophisticated that Isagi has previously stated that it is difficult for him completely get the ball one-on-one.

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A egoistic style: 

Egoistic Style

During the Second Selection, Meguru Bachira evolved his dribbling to a more egoistic style that he does not pass the ball, preferring to get the ball moving quickly past opponents by himself.¬†If his team does not meet his expectations, then the player doesn’t care to incorporate them into his game.¬†The evidence was clear in a shocking manner as he dribbled over Isagi and proceeded to attack the trio from Chigiri, Baro and Nagi and smashed through the trio to score in the goal, and then in the same manner when he beat his entire Japan U-20 defence.¬†After working under Lavinho and working with FC Barcha, Bachira has chosen to combine his energetic and explosive dribbling style with the fluid way from FC Barcha creating a whole new style of egotism.

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Hyperspeed Scissors Bachira performs scissor feints at a staggering speed, making it difficult to follow.

Marseille Turn To overcome the opponent Bachira does a turn of the roulette shortly after his scissor maneuvers.

Midair Elastico Bachira is able to perform the complicated elastico dribble when the ball is floating in air attracting his adversaries to attempt at stealing the ball before bouncing past them.

Rabona: Bachira kicks the ball when his foot is crossed behind to the rear of his leg standing. He managed to throw the ball over an intruder while doing this.

Nutmeg In the second Selection, Bachira was able to execute the triple nutmeg of Isagi, Chigiri and Baro at the same time and demonstrate his technical skill.

Double Touch Feint Bachira performs hyper-speed cutting and then flows into the one-two-touch feint.

Aerial Rush turn After an attempted double touch, Bachira moves towards the opponent, and at the same time maintains top speed , turns the ball, then rotates around the opponent, easily infiltrating their defense.

Key Passing Bachira can also be an extremely skilled passer, allowing him to help with a variety of goals. He has, on numerous occasions, received an assist from the wings and also passing through the midfield. He has also demonstrated the various ways to pass.

  • High Speed Ground Pass: An quick pass that has incredible top spin that bounces off the ground.
  • No-Look Passage: Bachira uses the Rabona method to pass without looking.
  • Long-Range Backspin pass: Bachira is able to perform an extended range pass covering a distance of 60 meters using backspin to allow the ball to touch the ground and then rise up. This technique is best utilized in a chemical reaction tall players, who can catch the ball on the path of flight instead of on the ground.
  • Quick Cross Utilizing the movement of a different player as a prelude, Bachira fires a quick cross into the box that must be completed with great speed. This was used to help Rin’s goal in the match against Team World Five.
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The Flow State The term “flow,” as defined by Ego refers to the condition of “total complete immersion” which is also known as “being completely in the moment”. It’s the state where a person engaged in any activity is totally engaged in an experience of intense focus, total participation, and pleasure during the task.

  • Monster x Ginga: After joining the Lavinho Ginga Style with Monstertrance style, Bachira alters his dribbling to become even more explosive, flowing and unpredictable.
    • Trick Break Following a period of waiting, and understanding his opponent Bachira is able to lunge at an opponent, performing an impromptu chop dribble with his legs and then hugging the defender with their posture in order to minimize their reaction and then push forward using the ball. If the defender tries to counter, Bachira is able to move away from the defender without difficulty but still keeping the ball in his sights and preventing any further stopping.
  • Monster Lift Bachira has the ability to do a soaring lift, first by lifting the ball, then changing into a shooting motion prior to throwing the ball down with the force of a topspin. After bouncing, the ball is thrown over the head of the defender, which allows Bachira to chase it down. Bachira utilized this technique to her advantage against Aiku.
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Trivia Bachira Blue Lock

  • He began playing football when he was six.
  • The season he loves the most is summer.
  • The food he loves the most is canned pineapple. He dislikes Mozuku.
  • The dolphin is his favorite animal.
  • The city he grew up in is Chiba.
  • The size of his foot is 27.5 centimeters.
  • His jersey numbers are nearly always 8 or 16.
  • He is devastated when his freedom is taken away.
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