Isagi Yoichi : Everything You Need To Know

Isagi Yoichi

Isagi Yoichi is the main lead character of Blue Lock. Isagi is a young forward who is a second-year pupil and also previously played as an onward for the Ichinan Senior high school football team. When initially arriving at Blue Lock he belonged to Group Z during First Option. His major goal is to become the world’s ideal striker. After the Blue Lock Eleven played against the Japan U-20, Isagi is ranked as one of the leading players in Blue Lock.

Appearance Of Isagi Yoichi

In Blue Lock, Isagi Yoichi is a tall teenager, with a physique, however over time his body gets more defined and more imposing body. He is a short, deep blue hair that is featured in the manga, but his hair is black in anime. The hair has an elongated fringe that is tucked between his blue eyes.

When he attended Ichinan High School in China, he wore a unbuttoned blazer with an unbuttoned white shirt and a tie with stripes. The Ichinan High jersey and gym uniforms are light colored with black stripes.

The team at Blue Lock, Isagi wears the body suit that is standard for Blue Lock (black that has blue stripes) and tracksuit.¬†In the First Selection, he wore the blue jersey of Team Z and wore the gray-capped cleats that Team Z wears.¬†In the second selection, he was wearing the #15 jersey of Team White and then switched into Team A’s dark #15 jersey at the Blue Lock Eleven tryouts.¬†lsagi wears the official blue Blue Lock uniform, sporting the number #11, which looks like the ones found on the cover spread, but without the Japan flag that was displayed during the Japan U-20 game.

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Personality Of Isagi Yoichi

Personality Of Isagi Yoichi

In Blue Lock Yoichi Isagi is a jolly guy and generally has a pleasant and cheerful personality, however, his innocent and simple manner of living can get him off the rails of those who are around him. He avoids any unkind squabbles between the other Blue Lock competitors. In the beginning of Blue Lock, Isagi is extremely unsure of himself and his abilities because he is the lowest-ranked player in Blue Lock initially and his inconsistent views on football. 

As time passes Isagi becomes more assertive in his presence both on as well off, strengthening the core of Team Z and garnering the admiration of some of Blue Lock’s top athletes within Blue Lock who mostly have strong, assertive personalities.¬†In the Third Selection, Isagi has the charisma, confidence and reputation to speak about his feelings with Rin Itoshi, who is one of the most gifted but difficult players within Blue Lock. Blue Lock Project.

At first, Isagi was unsure on what to do within Blue Lock due to the opposing ideologies being promoted by the show, as well as being uneasy about how to behave egotistical. But after the first victory of Team Z, Isagi becomes more okay with being cold and uncompromising. 

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Isagi Blue Lock
By Nuno Cd

As time goes by, Isagi is more willing to take over the goals and ambitions of his teammates and opponents in pursuit of an assist and progress to the next level in Blue Lock.¬†When it involves football, he’s ambitious and calculating, able to adapt and change to create the proper “chemical reactions” from his teammates, so that they stay one step ahead of his adversaries, and eventually be the top athlete on the pitch. He is committed to be the most effective striker.

Since meeting and falling to Rin, Isagi has been trying to beat his abilities each and every time.¬†He will go beyond his means to be closer to Rin and tries to emulate his cooldown routines as well as changing his approach to attempt to be closer to Rin’s level.¬†Isagi believes that if his ability to exceed Rin and become the best striker in the world, He will be closer than ever before to achieving his goal to become the best striker on the planet.¬†

Isagi Yoichi is still susceptible to be nervous prior to big games, such as the closing of First Selection, the beginning of Third Selection or the Japan U-20 game, and was a bit anxious when he was interviewed following the decisive strike. But, in all three instances Isagi was capable of fully embracing his self-confidence and confidently declare his place as one of the top players in Blue Lock, declaring that Isagi would be the one to lead the Japan U-20 team to victory at the World Cup.

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Abilities Of Isagi Yoichi



isagi Playmaker

A person who directs offensive play of the team and often plays a role in passing movements that result in goals, thanks to their technique, vision and ball control, as well as their creativity and ability to pass.

In Blue Lock, Yoichi Isagi creates ideal chances and plays through his spatial perception to look at the entire field as well as the players that play on the field. By gaining a thorough understanding of all players, and his superb skill in passing, footwork and teamwork to design perfect games that benefit his fellow players, create chance opportunities for his teammates and also to score high-level scores for himself. 

Because of his connections and time spent with many of the most prominent Blue Lock players, Isagi is able to get the best from his teammates either by forcing players to play in a way that they can attack, or pushing them to surpass Isagi’s growing ability.¬†He is said as the core for Blue Lock by Sae Itoshi and is believed to be the heart of Blue Lock by Ego.¬†His skills as a playmaker are acknowledged and appreciated by the large majority members of Blue Lock, even Jinpachi Ego has publicly praised his abilities.

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Physical Stats

Physical Stats Isagi Blue Lock

The ability to sense spatial patterns:

In Blue Lock, Isagi naturally begins to look over the entire field, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the game, which includes his teammates’ and opponents weaponry.¬†Based on this knowledge, Isagi can make accurate predictions about the pace that the match will take.¬†The predictions then enable him to visualize a ideal playing style mid-game and to carry it out.¬†His spatial perception is among the top of the players in Blue Lock, often rivaling and sometimes exceeding other players’ own perceptions, like Niko Rin and Rin.

Goal Scent:

Goal Scent Isagi

Utilizing the spatial sense, Isagi instinctively recognizes the “scent of goals” that emanates by key players in his predictions and is capable of sending the ball to them so that they can score.

The ability to adapt was noted in the book Naruhaya in the past that Isagi is an expert in the field of adaptability. In understanding the essence of his teammate’s as well as the opponent’s football game, Isagi can alter his play to either counter or devour their talents. The most effective example is when Isagi “devoured” Naruhaya’s off-the ball movements and the ability to take advantage of blind spots. This was evident when he changed his strategy to devour Baro and take advantage of his weaknesses to score. Perhaps the most impressive achievement in adapting was his ability adapt his strategy to beat Rin by taking into account his physical advantage, and anticipating the actions Rin would perform to stop his shot.

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Off the ball movements is a term that refers to the times that players are not possessing the ball.¬†Isagi could use these times to put himself in opponent’s blind spots, to position himself in a spot that he can fool opponents and serve as a decoy to his teammates shots, or even to place close enough to his teammate to perform a super close back-to-back passes which can break through an opponent’s defense.

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Positioning Reflecting

Positioning Reflecting  Yoichi Isagi

Isagi is able to make use of his position to capitalize on luck in the course of a game.¬†If he is aware that the ball isn’t going to be handed his way, Isagi is likely to move his body to an ideal spot, which is the position of blindness for his opponent, and could score immediately off of an unintentional shot.¬†This was the way he scored the goal that was decisive during the game in the match against U-20.

Direct Shot

Direct Shot

Isagi initially evaluates defensive positions and direction of the ball. He and then launches a powerful kick at the ball’s strike point so that he can score a clear goal.¬†By doing that, Isagi avoids having to be concerned about his positioning and the subsequent move and can simply hit the ball cleanly without any interference.¬†Nagi noted Nagi that Isagi doesn’t waste any movement during his shot and that suggests that Isagi executes the shot with perfect technique and precision.

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Back Heel Shot

Isagi initially assesses position of the defenders before he tries an aggressive shot to wait of his opponent’s block.¬†He then lands a strong backwards kick to the ball’s point of impact for an accurate shot.¬†This technique was first utilized against Itoshi Rin during their second match of The Second Selection, which surprised everyone in the field.

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Isagi has, since the game against Japan U-20 has started to integrate reflex into his game-play.¬†Isagi can make use of his understanding of the environment on the pitch to spot opportunities to strike at the goal of his opponent or to defend his own.¬†He utilized this technique to instinctively move into a position that the Direct Shot after passing to Nagi but being stopped from Sae Itoshi.¬†Furthermore, he employed this technique to determine the direction of Sae’s corner kick making use of Sae’s passing, as the position of Shidou and Rin’s position.¬†This allowed him to get to the goal-line prior to Shidou and catch the ball.

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The Flow state (Incomplete)

Isagi Blue Lock The Flow state (Incomplete)

The term “flow,” according to Ego refers to the condition of “total complete immersion” also known as “being at ease”.¬†It’s the state where a person engaged in any activity is totally involved in the experience with an focused energy, complete engagement, and joy during the task.

Isagi has accidentally been a part of Flow State numerous times during Blue Lock, even as early as the first Selection. His most notable feat during Flow was when he scored the goal in front of Rin and Shidou and executing an exact shot that was between them. Prior towards this goal, he employed his off-the-ball movements to cross and feint Karasu as well as get into Otoya’s blind position. The goal would have been impossible given the strength and physical attributes of Isagi however he was able to achieve it due to the combination of and using his weapons efficiently while at the same time.

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