One Piece: All Of Luffy’s Gears EVERYTHING NEED TO KNOW

Luffy's Gears

What is the strength of Luffy’s Gears In One Piece?

By SP Senpai

Luffy’s Gears. Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga. Luffy, a native of East Blue, leads the Straw Hat Pirate Crew and strives to be the King among the Pirates. Luffy is one of the most powerful people in the world, and a lot of that is due to his Devil Fruit ability.

Luffy is a rubber person who uses the Gomu Gomu and Mi powers to become a rubber person. His body also allows him to access certain powers known as Gears when he requires them. Luffy’s Gears have become stronger over time and allow him to compete with the best verses.

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Luffy’s Gears: Gear Second

Luffy's Gears: Gear Second

Monkey D. Luffy created Gear Second during the Water Seven Saga One Piece. It was also the first gear he invented. It was first introduced during Luffy’s fight against Blueno at the Tower of Law. Luffy was inspired to create this after watching the CP9 members use their feet to move very fast.

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Although CP9 was trained for this feat for years, Luffy used his Devil Fruit power to pump blood more quickly and dope his body. This power makes his sweat evaporate, giving the appearance of steam leaving his body. Although this power is extremely fast and powerful, it is not the strongest Luffy currently has in terms of strength.

Luffy’s Gears: Gear Third

Luffy's Gears: Gear Third

Another technique that Luffy learned during the same saga is Gear Third. It dramatically increases Luffy’s power. Luffy uses this gear by biting his thumb to pump air into his bones. This makes his limbs look like Giants of the one Piece world. As you would expect, Luffy’s Gear Third attacks are much more powerful than average attacks.

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Instead, he sacrifices his speed. Luffy was able to overcome this problem by learning how Gear Third can be controlled better. He also managed to keep his shrinkage from occurring after using this power. Although Gear Third is a powerful weapon, it’s not Luffy’s best.

Gear Fourth: Tankman

 Luffy's Gears Fourth: Tankman

Gear Four is the strongest Gear of Luffy he created during his time on Ruskaina (an island of 48 seasons). Rayleigh guided Luffy to develop a stronger technique called Gear Fourth. Luffy’s Gear Fourth creations include Tankman.

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This form of Luffy focuses on defense and can take a lot of damage. Luffy, however, must sacrifice his mobility because he can’t move as much due to the mass. Tankman is not yet featured in the story. However, Gear Fourth: Tankman Stuffed Version debuted during Whole Cake Island.

Gear Fourth: Tankman – Stuffed Version

 Luffy's Gear Fourth: Tankman - Stuffed Version

Monkey D. Luffy used this form of Gear Fourth to defeat Charlotte Cracker, one of Three Sweet Commanders from the Big Mom Pirates. Nami helped Luffy to eat a lot of biscuits during the fight and he grew enormously in size.

Luffy did not let this power go to waste and used Gear Fourth to enter the Stuffed Version Tankman. This form had a greater defense capability than Luffy’s larger size. It was strong enough for Charlotte Cracker’s direct attack to be repelled and it one-shot him with his counterattack called Gomu Gomu nu Cannonball. He was sent far away and knocked unconscious for several days.

Snakeman: Gear Fourth

Snakeman:  Gear Fourth

Gear Fourth: Snakeman, one of the most powerful forms of Luffy used in his fight against the villain Charlotte Katakuri. He was also one of the Sweet Commands of Big Mom Pirates. This form, unlike Tankman’s, focuses more speed and was created to combat people with amazing Observation Haki.

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Even Charlotte Katakuri, who was able to see the future using his Observation Haki had difficulty keeping up with its speed. Snakeman’s attacks are all ranged and strike the target in unpredictable ways. This form has a weakness: it loses Gear Fourth’s extra defense for speed.

Bounceman: Gear Fourth

Bounceman: Gear Fourth

Bounceman is Luffy’s strongest Gear Fourth form. This technique was first used during the Dressrosa episode when Luffy faced Doflamingo. It has been his favorite Gear Fourth form. It isn’t quite as fast or tanky as Snakeman but it still manages to strike the right balance.

Bounceman uses the elasticity due to Haki’s heavy rubber contraction and launches powerful attacks. This allows Luffy to fly with the same principle, giving him an additional dimension during fights. Bounceman is extremely powerful, and even Kaido flew with it using a Kong Organ. However, the Yonko was not damaged by Luffy’s weak Haki.

Gear Fifth

Gear Fifth

Luffy’s rubbery body, which aligns with the Mythical Zan nature of his new form, gains strength, freedom, and durability that exceeds what he would get from his previous forms. Kaidou compares it to “something out a picture book”. This is evident when Luffy was hit by one of Kaidou’s BoloBREath attacks. He only suffered minor injuries and his body was charred, before he ran back to face Kaido.

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Another example is when he activated Gear 5 and took a hit on the head from Kaidou’s Hassaikai. However, his head warped and wrapped around the weapon’s spikes or when Kaidou attempted to smash him into a ground, his body was just squished and returned to its original form.

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