Piccolo’s New Form Explained : Everything You Need To Know

Piccolo’s New Form Explained

Dragon Ball has provided powerups for Saiyans since the end of Super Saiyan Saga. It’s almost as if other characters disappear and become punching bags for people. As if all that weren’t enough, the series focuses solely on Vegeta or Goku. While we love to cheer on one or the other, some people (or many) prefer other characters to shine. Gohan was also pretty useless after the end of Cell. His fans had been trying to get him screen time, which led to him being left out. Piccolo, another fan, has also been forgotten. Piccolo, once the main antagonist of the story, has now been reduced to being a babysitter for Gohan. We wouldn’t be talking about Piccolo’s new form if that was true.

Piccolo’s new form was rumored for some time before the movie even came out. Now that the movie has been released, we can finally see the Namek achieve a level comparable to Rivals Goku or Vegeta. What is the secret to his ability to do this in form? It is discussed in the section below.

Piccolo’s new form is very strong

Explaining Orange Piccolo, What You Need To Know About Piccolo’s GODLY New Form – Dragon Ball Super

The spoiler for Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie is below. Please read it at your own risk.

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Piccolo’s new body gave him power and some physical changes. Piccolo grows in stature and has the power to rival Vegeta’s Ultra Ego and Rivals Goku’s Ultra Instinct. This is a huge feat! How did he get this new body? He did not undergo a super Saiyan transformation. He chose a more straightforward route to get there. Piccolo made a wish for Shenron when things became dire for the newly formed Super Cell and asked him to unleash all of his potential.

What is Potential Unleashed? – Piccolo New Form Explained

What is Potential Unleashed? - Piccolo New Form Explained

To fully comprehend Piccolo’s Orange form we must explain what the Potential Unleashed is. After performing the Old Kai’s Unlock Ability, one can reach the Potential Unleashed state. This ability is used by Gohan. This form is known as Ultimate Gohan. This Gohan form is different from the Super Saiyan ones because his eyes and hair are the same color.

Gohan’s most noticeable changes include a large black lock on his forehead, his eyes that are marked and accentuated musculature. It emits a similar aura to its base form, but the aura remains unchanged. Although this appearance is not permanent, Gohan can activate it whenever he wants.

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What is Potential Unleashed? - Piccolo New Form Explained

In the case of Gohan, the fundamental point of this state is the release all the forces that a Saiyan could provide to the Super Saiyan Transformation. Therefore, Gohan does not need to transform to achieve a certain level in fortress. It is a natural state but it requires regular mental and physical training in order to perform at its best. Otherwise, the person will lose their ability to access the state.

Once he has reached this state, Gosen Zosama tells Son Gohan to use the same process that he used to transform into a Super Saiyan (feeling an intense sensation in his back after concentrating his energy on that part of the body), and to throw a Kiai.

This state increases the user’s power to an exponentially greater and unimaginable extent. This unlocks all the potential of the warrior that he could not use without resorting in anger. In the case Son Gohan’s case, it gives him incredible powers that exceed the level of Super Saiyan 2 which is his maximum transformation up to that point. Even with a strength that surpasses Goku’s Super Saiyan 3.

What is Potential Unleashed? - Piccolo New Form Explained

Gosen Zosama has completed the potential unlocking ritual on Sacred Planet. The Kaioshin tells Gohan that he can test his power by trying transform into a Super Saiyan. After a ki expulsion, Gohan is granted the Potential Unleashed. Gohan is thus teleported to Earth via Kibito, and he fights Super-Boo in a rematch.

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Super-Boo is about to win a battle against him. The latter absorbs Gotenkss and Piccolo. This greatly increases his power and surpasses Gohan’s. Gohan, despite being able to acquire the final form, is unable to use it because he left the training. Piccolo is preparing for the Tournament of Power and Gohan trains with him to be able to beat him as Super Saiyan. However, Gohan forces himself to awaken Piccolo’s Potential Unleashed.

What is Potential Unleashed? - Piccolo New Form Explained

Gohan was able to quickly get the upper hand over his teacher by doing this, but he loses his guard and is defeated later. After training, he goes against his father and fights him in Super Saiyan Blue. (Just like Krillin with No. 18 and No. 17 in their respective fights), after which he insistently requests Goku to show his power. It is then that Gohan uses the Kaioken, and Gohan is clearly defeated.

It was a blessing that he was able to regain his fighting spirit and desire to improve. Son Gohan is a different person in this state than usual. He fights against his enemies with no mercy, but he also becomes confident. This confidence is evident in the battle against Super Boo.

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What is Potential Unleashed? - Piccolo New Form Explained

This is very similar in nature to his transformation into a Super Saiyan 2 during the Cell Game. He underestimated Cell and nearly lost the battle. He can transform into a Super Saiyan 2 in this state but his power doesn’t increase, which causes an unnecessary energy drain.

From Dragon Ball Super to before the Tournament of Power, and from Dragon Ball GT onwards, you can see that Gohan’s power has decreased and he decides to transform into Super Saiyan. This implies that he has lost his Ultimate Status. After unlocking his power, Gohan’s aura in Dragon Ball Super upon releasing it after a long period of time can be seen surrounding by white luminous particles that are emitted by the flashes of energy. This element was not seen again in their subsequent encounters.

Piccolo’s new form: How did it come about?

Piccolo's new form: How did it come about?

The transformation that followed was unlike anything else. Piccolo does not have any hair so he cannot have his hair changed. Instead, he grew to the size of Super Cell (he was strong and big) and received a symbol behind him. The symbol is a circular representation of the trees on Namek planet. Piccolo’s True potential is Piccolo’s new form.

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He not only grows in stature but also has slim arms and green-yellowish complexion. It is unclear if this was possible for Piccolo, or if it is also possible for other Nameks. We don’t know because we only have one Namek fighter. Perhaps a future Namek would be able to explain this?

What’s the Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie All About?

What's the Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie All About?

Dragon Ball Super is twenty-first movie of the series. This movie is the second to take part in the Dragon Ball Super period. The first was Dragon Ball Super: Brolly. Akira Toriyama, who is returning to the franchise as the film’s scriptwriter, makes it the fourth Dragon Ball movie that he has written. Dragon Ball movies were animated using 2D drawings.

Dragon Ball Super Hero uses 3D graphics for the first time. The movie featured Commander Red, an old antagonist. Many familiar faces returned to the movie, as well as new faces that have connections to those who were there before. Piccolo and Gohan, who were in a similar rut to Vegeta and Goku, are the focus of the movie. Piccolo and Gohan rise to a new level, which puts them on the same level with the duo.

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