Why read my hero academia

read my hero academia

My Hero Academia is an excellent anime and manga, but for those who are new to the medium, which one should they choose? read my hero academia ? or watch my hero academia ?

It’s a great time to enter Japan’s unique media world. The modern age of technology has made it possible for more people to become otaku, whether they are interested in the booming music industry or reading the classics by Akira Kurosawa. Manga and anime are two of Japan’s most nerdy exports.

Shonen Jump is currently undergoing a new generation of series. Its leading publication is Shonen Jump. My Hero Academia has become a beloved Shonen series that is loved by both casual and hardcore fans. This list will give you four reasons to continue with the anime, as well as four other reasons for why manga is the best starting point.

8. READ MY HERO ACADEMIA MANGA: The details of the style art.

read my hero academia

Manga will always have a better art style than anime. While anime offers many artistic possibilities, strict production schedules and artistic standards often force staff to simplify their skills.

Mangaka are able to add more detail to the drawings. This is also true for Kohei Horikoshi. Manga fans have the privilege of seeing the dynamic, vibrant visuals that make the series so special.

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7. WATCH MY HERO ACADEMIA ANIME: The stunning animation

watch my hero academia

These streamlined art styles offer a huge opportunity. Studio Bones is still the leader in anime action, despite Shonen anime being slowed down by poor animation.

Their adaptation of My Hero Academia is one of the most memorable and faithful in the modern era. It also provides the series with the level of particle effects and lighting that a superhero world demands.


read my hero academia

While animation offers many opportunities for spectacle and shock, they are also subject to local standards. Studio Bones has had to censor some My Hero Academia parts that depict violence and gore, which is a problem in Japan.

However, the manga has done an excellent job making the villains of the manga look as demented and brutal as possible. Midoriya’s skin looks as brittle as it would in real life. If you are looking for a more edgy My Hero Academia experience, it is already available.

5. WATCH MY HERO ACADEMIA ANIME: Amazing voice work

 Watch My Hero Academia - Voice Hero: Present Mic HD wallpaper download

Although the anime has a difficult time maintaining a dark tone, its voice acting is exceptional and it adds some depth to the story. My Hero Academia boasts some of the best voices in the business.

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The voices make anime an entirely new experience, whether they are listening to the long list of Japanese seiyuus or Funimation’s English-speaking team.


read my hero academia

The manga may be the best anime, but the anime can never surpass the manga in being the first to reach the attention of the fans. My Hero Academia will always be the reference material and is, right now, dozens upon dozens ahead of the anime.

The My Hero Academia anime is more frequently released than other series. However, the My Hero Academia fan will always be curious about what happens next. The anime will always be second in this regard.

3. WATCH MY HERO ACADEMIA ANIME: Scenes of fighting.

my hero academia best fight scene

My Hero Academia is known for its excellent fight scenes, regardless of where they are consumed. The manga’s beautiful paneling and art style have a lot of impact, but it is hard to compare it with the animation. The anime gives you more options for intricate choreography and explosions to help sell a fight.

Action scenes such as the Sports Festival war between Deku and Todoroki, or the explosive raid against the Shie Hassaikai are best captured in motion.

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2. READ MHA MANGA: No spoilers

read my hero academia

The manga, as mentioned above, is the most current content. This is a great way to keep the story alive for the most active fans, but it also limits spoilers. The anime has enjoyed great mainstream success but has also created a dangerous web for those who are new to the medium and want to find out more details online.

They are putting themselves at risk of becoming spoiled, regardless of whether they are searching Twitter or if they have one friend who can’t be taken to the movies. Stick with manga if you want to enjoy the content in the most secure way possible.

1. WATCH MHA ANIME: These Opening Badass

watch my hero academia opening

This list includes one of the most iconic elements in anime and anime generally. These opening sequences are not only popular with new viewers but also have become some of the most virally shared content on the internet. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure may provide new fans with lots of meme content. My Hero Academia, however, has the power and music video quality to make it a popular choice.

My Hero Academia‘s opening theme is a consistent one.

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If my hero academia is one of your favorite manga, you may be interested in anime like my hero academia or one for all vs all for one.

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