Hood My Hero Academia : Everything You Need To Know


In My Hero Academia, Hood Also known as High-End was a High End Nomu of Dr. Kyudai garaki. He is the main antagonist of the Pro Hero Arc.



Hood My Hero Academia was a muscular, dark Nomu who had elongated muscles. His neck, shoulders, and neck were exposed. Hood’s hood covered his head, thus his English name Hood, which means “hood”.

Hood’s head was entirely exposed beneath his organic hood. It consisted of a misshapen brain with yellow sclera, pupils with red eyes, and a large mouth that had many long and sharp teeth.

Hood was a muscular, deformed man before becoming a Nomu. He had long, straight teeth and had wavy, black hair. There was also a visible tattoo on his shoulder.

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In My Hero Academia, Hood was a High-End Nomu who was intellectually gifted. He also had the same personality as a human and spoke ungrammatically. Also, Hood seemed to be obsessed with the idea of defeating strong enemies and becoming bored once he had defeated the Hero. Hood seemed to have defeated Endeavor. Hood was still wondering if there were any stronger opponents after he thought he had won. Hood’s love for fighting was a result of his human personality. He was a Villain who used to fight in fight clubs.

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Overall Skills. Hood was extremely powerful and could outmaneuver Endeavor, the current Number One Hero. Endeavor acknowledged that Hood’s speed and strength far exceeded his own. Hood was a remarkable athlete with great stamina. He had even been able to hold a building with his naked hands once and he didn’t sustain any injuries.

  • Incredible Strength: Hood was able to use his Quirks and break down a skyscraper with his arms, pulling its top down, and was even more powerful than ordinary Nomu. Hood was able to push Endeavor into walls several times, putting him out of his way. Hood was able to overcome Endeavor’s resistance by using a combination three Quirks: Mutant Arms, Muscle Enhancement and Power. These Quirks unleash very powerful elastic attacks and create enhanced muscle fibers.
  • Flight Hood was able, using a combination of the Quirk Mutant Arms which transforms the arms into wings and Dorsal jets which uses organic jets on his back, to alter the structure of his body so that he could fly at incredible speed.
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Tactical Intellect. Hood had a low intelligence level, but as a High End, he could think and communicate sensibly, something that an ordinary Nomu can’t do. Hood displayed exceptional intuition and planning instincts. He quickly realized that Endeavor wanted him to be extinguished with its own flames, and he came up with the idea for self-decapitation and throwing his head in a safe area where Super Regeneration’s Quirk could recreate his body.


  • Jet Dorsali (Jian Bu nozietsutoJi Gou Katabu no Jetto Kiko? Hood’s first Quirk enabled him to use actual organic jets that were placed on his shoulders. Hood was able to harness his jets and fly with a strong propulsion.
  • Mutant Arms (Bian Rong suruWan Hen’yo Suru Ude? Hood’s second Quirk gave him the ability to shape-shift his arms. These allowed Hood to unleash powerful elastic attacks, and also helped him fly.
  • Muscle Enhancement (Jin Rou Zeng Qiang Kin’niku Zokyo? Hood’s third Quirk enabled him to increase the strength and speed of his movement by increasing his muscle fibers.
  • Power (pawa Pawa? Hood’s fourth Quirk gave him incredible physical strength. Hood’s attacks became stronger with this power.
  • Super Regeneration (Chao Zai Sheng Chosaisei? Hood’s fifth Quirk enabled him to heal any injuries, even burnt cells. Hood was able to regenerate his whole body as long as his head was intact.
  • Storage Hood’s sixth Quirk enabled him to store living things in his body and then release them whenever he wanted. Hood’s current maximum limit was nine Inferior Nomu.
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In My Hero Academia, Hood was an illegal fighter who lived as a human Villain before he became a High End. He was then subject to major surgeries and transplants. This transformed him into a High End, a sentient Nomu that can use many Quirks.

The Pro Hero
Hood is immediately activated and placed in for ten hour to stabilize himself. A mysterious man informs the High-End at the Hidamari Kindergarten that there are more demands of him. Hood tells his master that he will do the job given to him.

Hood flew to the restaurant where Endeavor had met Hawks and broke the window. Then he asked which one is stronger. Endeavor discovers that the rumors are true and is pleased that Nomu has arrived. Hood is ready to attack but is unable to make it in the time allowed by Endeavor, who knocks Hood out of the building with one punch. Hood’s right arm, which was still clinging on to a wall, tears away and Endeavor takes off to fight the creature.


Hood mocks Endeavor’s attempts to injure his hand. Hood shows Endeavor how his Super Regeneration is already rebuilding the right side of his hand and other burn injuries. Endeavor attempts to attack Hood, but Hood dodges him with a quick propulsion through the air. Hood grabs the Pro Hero and throws him into the restaurant. Mutant Arms allows him to stretch his arms. Hood continues his assault by waving both of his arms and collapsing top floors. Hawks appears to have saved the civilians injured and hit Hood with his feathers. Endeavor then strikes Hood with his feathers, fracturing him into many pieces. Hood says that the battle is becoming more interesting and shows no concern for his injuries.

Hood is not hurt by Endeavor’s attack, so Endeavor flew away. However, the attack manages to destroy most of the building. Hood is not bothered when Endeavor is aided by two heroes from the street below. The High-End displays his latest Quirk Storage, which allows him to release Nomu from his body on the street. Hood questions Endeavor about whether he will continue fighting or not. He decides to make his first move to test his opponent’s power. Endeavor unleashes a Prominence Burn that chars Hood’s head but not his body. Hood quickly regenerates and attacks Endeavor. He injures Endeavor in the eye, and causes him to fall to his death. Hood immediately wonders if there is another Hero.

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Hood is standing over his fallen opponent. A conscious Endeavor uses the flames of his flames to attack the High-End. Hood manages to avoid the blow and hurls Hood onto a building. Endeavor resists surrendering and protects himself from Nomu with his flames. Hood relates how Hawks used his feathers to increase Endeavor’s speed and throw him at Villain.

Endeavor, aided by Hawks feathers attacks High-End sending both of them into space. Hood’s regenerative powers allow him to heal his wounds, but at that point Hood loses control. Hawks boosts Endeavor’s speed to send Hood and Hawks out of town. Endeavor is able to defeat all obstacles. Endeavor triumphs over Hood’s burnt corpse and emerges victorious in the end, looking similar to All Might.


Dabi takes over and, revealing himself as the mysterious man who led Hood’s attack on Hood, attempts to attack Endeavor, Hawks and Nomu’s body using the Heroes’ fatigue. Mirko stops this, and Dabi is teleported away, unable to accomplish his objective. The High-End’s corpse is taken into custody by police.

Saga of the Liberation Army
The flashback shows the Dr. Garaki meeting with the Villain Union before Hood attacks. Dabi is shocked to see the High-Ends still in stasis in their pods. Dr. Garaki compliments Dabi and suggests that he examine one of the High Ends. Hood is the Nomu who will be defeated in Fukuoka by Endeavor.

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